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How you can help with the Huna Bulletins and Newsletters


Our commitment is that the Huna Bulletins by Max Freedom Long and the final volume of HRA Newsletters edited by Otha Wingo and Dolly Ware (and other interesting bits & pieces) will always be available to you for no cost.

It took hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars out of pocket to acquire and digitize MFL’s Bulletins for the Internet and now we’re moving ahead with the final volume of Newsletters that kept the HRAs informed and connected until 1976, when it ceased publication.

When this phase is complete, there will be 222 Huna Bulletins written over a 23 year period, and 28 Huna Vistas Newsletters covering 4 years, totaling over 3000 pages.

These writings were previously unavailable except to a handful of people. Since these Bulletins and Newsletters required an entire bookshelf, even if you were one of the lucky few who had an entire set, finding the information you were looking for was challenging and the results were probably incomplete.

When we are done, the digitized version of the Huna Bulletins will be easy to browse and quick to search using the latest technology. That being said, we are also hoping to publish Otha Wingo’s Index of the first 2 volumes, in case the latest technology doesn’t cut the mustard!

This collection of writings is very important for this stage in the development of Huna. Many people originally thought that Huna would die when Max Freedom Long died. As you know Huna survived and has branched into new areas.

Very few people involved with Huna now actually knew Max Freedom Long. Other than the students who knew him and had created courses, all that remained was his published books. The books didn’t include everything however, and additional discoveries were reported in the Huna Bulletins after the books were published. These Bulletins about Huna provide more in-depth explanation and help us rediscover important teachings and practices that may have been lost.

Your donation today will help us digitize the remaining Huna Vistas Newsletters, the final volume of HRA Newsletters edited by Otha Wingo and Dolly Ware, as well as other interesting material. We’ve published the entire first 2 volumes and have recently begun working on the Huna Vistas Newsletters. WE WANT TO THANK all who made the completion of the first part of the project possible.

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Each of the Huna Vistas Newsletters requires around $25 and 4 hours to scan, digitize, edit for errors, and reformat for the Internet. For just $25 you can make the next Huna Vistas Newsletter available on the Internet for all to read. How many Newsletters would you like to help us make available?

Any Amount is Appreciated =>

Your donation is greatly appreciated. We will gladly generate a receipt if you need it to track education or business expenses.

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