Huna Bulletins


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Published Dates: 1948-1971-1976

Complimentary Huna Bulletins by Max Freedom Long
& HRA Newsletters edited by Otha Wingo and Dolly Ware


Max Freedom Long wrote and mailed monthly bulletins to the Huna Research Associates (HRA) and the Huna Fellowship Church for 23 years. We are pleased to offer you copies of these Bulletins.

These Bulletins were mailed all over the world, many long before I was born. We gathered the entire set of Huna Bulletins and have an ongoing project to digitize the original Huna Bulletins so you can read them online here. What you have here is very rich and we hope you enjoy reading them.

Huna was different in 1949 than it was when Dr. William Tufts Brigham initiated Max Freedom Long into Huna around 1920. Huna in 1971 was different than it was in 1949. And still today, Huna has continued to evolve, but the fundamentals remain the same.

Max received feedback to every Bulletin and he answered peoples’ questions in subsequent issues. Huna has been enriched by the results of the original HRA research, which you can now read for yourself.

Mahalo, Kahuna Manawanui

Extra Bulletin:
Huna: The Workable Psycho-Religious System of the Polynesians

This article is very long and thorough. It concludes with a strong case for Huna as organized religion with Huna Priests rooted in the principles of Huna.


The Heiau Institute of Huna Studies (HIHS) graciously allowed us to borrow their original edition of the Huna Bulletins. Without this contribution, these writings would still be inaccessible to most of us. HIHS offers courses on many of the Huna Lores discussed in these Bulletins.

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