Huna Bulletin 124

HRA Takes a New Direction

November 1, 1957


IT IS WITH GREAT PLEASURE that I am able to announce with this Bulletin a radical change and a fine step forward. As we all know, the Bulletins have not been keeping up a high standard of interest or importance. That is partly my fault and partly the fault of the increased distractions around us, what with atom-bomb-enforced peace trying to bring in a new age and T.V. shouting for our attention while inflation demands ever greater efforts to make income keep up with outgo, taxes and the desire for the latest model of endless things.

Cigbo’s box has become increasingly empty as HRAs turn their attention to more interesting or pressing matters, and the faithful few are carrying the full Cigbo load for the many. Once more the deadwood has to be cleaned from the list which has always meant dropping about half the members from the list after issuing such a warning as this. (At such times Cigbo weeps and boss is very sad for several days.)

Prayer and the resultant Guidance have indicated a better way of handling the HRA work. Any little publication, such as our Bulletin, usually goes under in time when it must be supported by small gifts. So, now we will begin to move in another direction. We will let the Bulletin go the way of all flesh, and replace it with small books or booklets which will give enough length to deal properly with a variety of Huna angles. These will be sold at set prices, and the members can send for them or not, as the spirit moves them. This will put things on a straight business basis and relieve everyone of the feeling that the cigar box is begging when they no longer wish to feed the kitty or receive the Bulletins.

SO, PLEASE DISCONTINUE GIFTS FOR CIGBO. I will see that those of you who have recently fed the old kat get a few more Bulletins or releases to fill out the period, and in the meantime, I will get on with work on the new plans.


The new books and booklets are a thing I have thought about for sometime but which seemed too expensive to produce to fit our purpose. To get out a regular book costs over $5 a page to have the type set and a plate made to be used for future printings. This cost can only be absorbed when at least 5,000 books are printed and sold in a first edition. Also, the costs of printing and binding rise steadily, and soon the postal rates promise to be doubled. To meet this situation I have at last wangled a fabulous new I.B.M. typewriter that makes book copy almost exactly like that printed from type. It uses a carbon paper ribbon and prints on special paper. This copy is then printed by the “offset” process. If one makes one’s own copy in this way, it is possible to have as few as 500 copies in a first edition and still keep the composition costs within reach. No plates are needed for future printings as the negatives are saved after the first press run.

HUNA RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS will handle the advertising and sale of the new books or booklets, along with the three books already offered, and it is hoped that in time the smaller books or booklets, which may first appear in paper covered editions, can come out combined in a hard cover so that the material can be preserved in libraries.

THE FIRST NEW BOOK is already in the hands of the printers and will be ready by January 1st or soon thereafter. It will be 120 pages and cloth covered because it is going to be one of the most important yet. It is the result of our testing in the field of concentration, meditation and auto-suggestion. It will give the Huna theories of mesmerism and hypnosis, and will present the last word on the new and wonderful tool of auto-conditioning. The title is to be SELF-SUGGESTION. The binding is to be gray cloth and it is to have a gray dust jacket. The price will be $3 post paid, plus sales tax in California of 4% (or so we think at this time, although the printers’ estimates are still not here). Announcements will be sent to all on the mailing list soon after Christmas. Please do not order your copy yet.

OTHER BOOKS AND BOOKLETS will get into the writing stage soon. Just what these will be, or which will come first, remains to be decided. Several subjects need to be studied and presented from the Huna point of view and with the light Huna can shed on them. We need a book on the symbols of the old Tarot cards and a set of instructions for their use as an aid to the use of psychic powers in making predictions. The secret key-order of the cards should be given to the world.  As there is now a new Hawaiian-English dictionary again in print and as one can buy the New Testament in both languages, we need a book to direct those who wish to delve into the mystery or Huna teachings hidden in the basic teachings of Christianity.  (The dictionary may be obtained from the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, T.H. The price is $15 plus about 20¢ postage. My copy is expected to arrive daily. Please order direct, not from me.)

THE BIO CLUB should eventually furnish material for at least a pamphlet, although at present the Club progress is not fast and a new release is due to the members to send some of the many sets of 45 names which have arrived for test readings. So far the degree of agreement between us on readings is conspicuous by its absence. I will read names and send them out for practice readings. (I had expected but a small response from HRAs when asking in the last Bulletin that a few friends would write their signatures 45 times and send them in for practice use. To my amazement, about a hundred responded, making it all but impossible to use so many sets. Thanks to all of you who gave so much time to helping out, even if your reading may be long in coming back to you.)

MY “GEORGE” has gone on strike I fear, in the matter of making readings on the Biometer from signatures. I pressed him too hard and too long on readings, and now he refuses to read. I do hope that he will get rested and back into the work again soon.


If at all possible, a few of the more dedicated of us must try to hang together to keep a hard little core around which individual experimentation, testing and study can revolve. It is not enough that one person may succeed in opening one of the many closed doors of Huna or Psychic Science. We must keep a way of some kind to spread the news of the findings, even if the spread is not great. There are so many things which are yet to be uncovered and some very pressing problems to be solved. In a moment I will report on the urgent problem of the “nightmare deaths” which are spreading. But before we go into that, I wish to call attention to the helplessness of the professional men to whom we should be able to look for help in solving these many problems, but who are so held back by the backwardness of their professional surroundings and organizations that they are forced to resist all progress, even when they may have the urge to reach outside the narrow taboos of their “authorities” who have trained and fenced in their minds. For example:

EYELESS SIGHT DEMONSTRATION AGAIN REJECTED. You will recall that, some years ago, Kuda Bux demonstrated fire-walking and eyeless sight successfully and under most rigid test conditions before men of scientific pretensions in various parts of the civilized world. He proved beyond a shadow of doubt that these things were possible and that the “authorities” on the subject of human consciousness could give not the slightest explanation of them.

Now some twenty years or more later, we find that our “men of science’ made not a single step toward opening their minds or toward understanding the things which they continue to deny a hearing. Recently, in “The Washington Merry Go Round,” Jack Anderson (for Drew Pearson) told an alarming story of scientific blindness which is preventing thousands of blind veterans and others from being given a chance to learn to see without eyes.

William Foos, a railroad man of Ellerson, Va., who has long had an interest in E.S.P. research, had successfully taught his daughter, Margaret, as her chum, to use eyeless sight. Knowing how very useful such sight would be to the blind, he applied for a hearing to the heads of the Veterans Administration and was allowed to have his daughter demonstrate. Twenty-five top men of the V.A., under the leadership of the chief of psychiatry, Dr. J.F. Casey, tested the girl’s ability under the most rigid conditions with no chance left that she could see through or around the “foolproof” blindfold. She read passages from the Bible, traced crooked lines and played checkers, identifying the pieces and other random objects. The chum, Jo Anne Ostergren, who had accompanied her to Washington, took her turn and read easily from journals handed to her, all the while wearing the special blindfold. The tests lasted three hours and were a complete success. Neither girl received signals, as was proved when working alone while her friends went into another room.

The doctors and others refused to admit that the demonstrations could have been less than trickery. They were afraid that they would be laughed at by their fellows… so they refused to have more to do with the matter and the veterans continued on without hope.

It is interesting to note how Mr. Foos went about training his teenage daughter. Going from experiments with telepathy to the subject of eyeless sight, he began working with children playing the game of blind man’s bluff. He claims that several of the local children picked up the rudiments of seeing with closed eyes. He specialized on the training of his daughter, however, and brought her psychic ability up to a high point of training. He has no theory to explain how this form of “seeing” is accomplished, but he can prove it to be a learnable thing, and he is determined to help the blind with his findings if it is at all possible. Once more, the amateur with the open mind puts the professionals to shame. In Huna we are in the same amateur position, but we must not give up. The world is too badly in need of what we may find. Also, the world is in need of having the truth about Huna and consciousness and psychic abilities told over and over and over so that the leaven may begin to work in the masses and eventually force the stubbornly reluctant professionals to open their minds.

THE “NIGHTMARE DEATHS” in the Philippines, occurring for years, and the more recent death in Hawaii of 130 strong young men of Filipino blood, furnishes part of another very disturbing example of the stubborn blindness of men entrusted with the task of guarding the health of the minds and bodies of the People. This cause of death has now come to the region near San Francisco, and threatens to continue to spread. But here on the mainland of the U.S.A., it is the strong, young, single Mexican laborer who awakens screaming in fear before dawn and apparently dies of fright. The natives in the Philippines have long said that this was spirit attack. It has all the earmarks of it and resembles in many ways the obsessional attacks by spirits which fill our hospitals with the insane. But, even while the doctors resort to “shock” therapy to drive out the obsessing entities by making the stolen bodies too tortured for comfort, no doctor dares openly breathe the word “obsession” lest he “be laughed at.” In the face of this “nightmare death” and its spread, all they can say is that they only know what it is NOT in the way of known diseases. It may not have occurred to any of the doctors that it is high time that serious consideration be given to obsession as the answer. The night is very deep over the “Science of Mind” of which we are prone to boast in many official quarters. We need more and more work on restoring Huna and on spreading the light of the knowledge which we have inherited in it. We need more studies, more tests, and, especially, more books on Huna in our libraries where people will come across them.

FIRE-IMMUNITY HAS AGAIN BEEN EXPLAINED AWAY, and so gets Dr. Coe plaudits in quarter page A.P. dispatches and illustrated magazine articles like the one in August “TRUE” (of which several HRAs have sent me copies). Even some of the HRAs wrote happily that Huna had been proven wrong and that all it took, as Dr. Coe has shown, is natural moisture on hand or foot to protect the fire-handler or fire-walker. Did not Dr. Coe demonstrate by licking red hot iron bars while being photographed in color? Did he not dip his fingers into molten iron before the camera? And does his explanation not sound logical when he says that water dropped on a hot stove in droplets will bounce and not make direct contact with the stove – therefore a blanket of insulation will form from moisture between hot iron and fingers, or between feet and hot rocks or live coals?

The only discordant note in the loud shouting down of all fire-walkers comes when Dr. Coe (Ph. D.) is asked whether anyone can perform the same feats. One expects him to reply, “Of course, if your hands or feet are slightly moist by normal perspiration.” But he does not say that. He warns sternly against trying and says that it took him over six months to learn to do what he does. In other words, it isn’t the film of moisture but is something else. Then what is it that took six months to come by and learn to use? It is interesting to note that his warning is given in “TRUE” magazine, but not a word of it was breathed in the A.P. dispatch of the six months training period and that the only hint that anyone cannot demonstrate fire-immunity is in the quoted words of Dr. Coe. “It is extremely dangerous if one makes a mistake and does not do it correctly.” One wonders what “correctly” can be taken to mean. Does he have to wet his tongue or hands or feet just right, or could it be that he must reach a certain mental attitude or even make a certain little invocation?

THE MUCH SOUGHT AND DESIRED SANSKRIT DICTIONARY is finally in hand, a new edition having been printed by Oxford Press. I have not yet had time to learn to find my way around in it, but hope eventually to be able, with its help, to determine whether or not the earliest Yoga writings in Sanskrit contained a root-code Huna meaning. I suspect already that this was not the case, and that Huna was hidden in word symbols in the writings. However, by being able to see all possible translations for any given word, the covering word symbols may he seen more clearly. I will do a booklet on this fascinating subject if all goes well. My warm thanks to those of you who helped get the needed dictionary.

GIFTS OF BOOKS TO HELP ALONG MY PERSONAL STUDIES have been most gratefully received for several years, and often books arrive of which I have never heard. Books published in other countries are especially valued. HRA George Stone of Wales, England has sent me one priceless book treasure after another as he sees from the Bulletins what may be needed. He is a remarkable student and the soul of generosity. Many other HRAs should be mentioned as well, but the list is long for inclusion here. Even with Cigbo put out to pasture (catnip pasture, of course), and the Bulletin folded away, the sending of books will be the greatest help in carrying on further Huna delving. If in doubt, drop a card to ask if I have any certain books. Often I have copies of books sent in, and must return them with thanks. Practically all the books which I have reviewed in the Bulletin since coming to Vista have been sent as gifts or on loan from HRAs, many of them in England, Australia and Africa. I do hope that the help through books will continue and that some plan can be worked out for reviews in pamphlet form. I would also love to put out some booklets to use in making a study of certain writings on subjects which are better explained by a knowledge of Huna. I am thinking particularly of the works of G.R.S. Meade discussing Gnostic literature. Some out of print books deserve a condensed presentation to go with a comment from Huna angles, but can you imagine condensing the six, root volumes on Egypt and the one of religious thought from the pen of Gerald Massey?


Dear Max:

I have found a way to start the inflow of mana. I stand erect and lift my arms from the side up above my head as I draw in my breath, and let them down as I exhale. I do this 10 or 12 times and then start the deep, quiet breathing. It helps a lot so I thought I’d pass it on for what it is worth.
The Bulletins are like a breath of fresh air to me and I thank you for them.
Best to you always,B.M. (New York City).

Dear Max:

Your fine Bulletins deserve more tangible thanks than they have received from me lately, but perhaps my silence is better for you than words. There were numerous helpful points in the last Bulletin, as usual. I liked especially what you said about breathing, mana and prayer. I find that needs are often met almost before they arise. Now my testimony about prayer results: One eye of my nephew is miraculously better. The oculist who several years ago predicted total blindness within two years has called the change unbelievable. He said that Bob had made a fool of him, so he would not hazard any more predictions. Many, many thanks for your part in this (in the TMHG work), also to Dr. Biddle’s (HRA) skillful hands. He is also now taking less insulin. I myself am feeling better than in many years, especially in ease in back and hip although intestinal functioning and nose-throat sensitivity still need help. I am truly thankful.
Yours loyally, H.M.S. (California)
P.S. A beautiful young woman of our W.W. group is now receiving ‘dictation’ of fine material avowedly not from a ‘spirit teacher’ but from her own Aumakua. It is all in Huna terms, which shows, I think, that she has drunk deep from your books.

(Note from Max: The news of the material from perhaps Aumakua which uses Huna terms is too exciting to keep secret. One day we may have a burst of light from sone such source, via spirit or Aunihipili, but authentic in its dictation by an Aumakua.)

Dear Max:

I would like to tell you of my first experience with ‘almost instant’ healing, while it is fresh in my mind.

I service the sound equipment on passenger ships from the Orient, and am in contact with people who have been or are victims of the Asiatic flu which is going the rounds. Two days ago it hit me suddenly. I worked on through the day but became worse, and around 4 o’clock came home and went to bed. Between 9 and 11 I was so miserable with fever and weakness that my wife called the doctor (to ask if there was anything to be done). She learned that no medicine was available and that one should rest and allow the flu to run its course.

Sometime after 11 P.M. I made contact with my Aumakua, as I do every night. I usually wait until I feel a mild electrical sensation before presenting my prayer. My intention was to ask the Aumakua for strength in recovering. But this time I clearly felt an intense presence, and the request to “ask it in my name.” I immediately questioned, “Is it proper for me to use the first person singular?” I felt an almost violent physical shock. I immediately presented my prayer for complete recovery by the first thing in the morning. I must have gone to sleep or have become unconscious because, when I awoke it was after midnight. I was cold from the dampness of perspiration. I arose and went to the kitchen, put water on for a cup of tea, and then changed the damp sheets on my bed. After my tea I returned to bed and slept soundly the remainder of the night, and in the morning found myself completely recovered and ready to go to work.

Please believe me, Max. I know that HUNA works. As I know you are as busy as a complex, there is no need to answer.
Cordially yours, E.O. (California)

(Note: The signature of the above HRA, written during a prayer period with good contact, showed the personality circle three times as large as normal, but little change in the will pattern, and only a slight increase in the degree number. This test was run in May.)

Dear Mr. Long:
I find working with my ‘Betty’ (Aunihipili) better all the time. I have made some very interesting friends thru the Biometer Club – very helpful and different types of friends.
Thanks, A. L. (California)

(The following letter was recently received from Dr. Raynor C. Johnson, Queen’s College, University of Melbourne, N.3, Victoria, Australia. He is the author of the book, Nurslings of Immortality, reviewed with delighted and excited appreciation in Bulletin No. 123. A set of the Huna books was dispatched to him so that he could know of our work and findings. I quote part of his letter because some of you might have mystical experiences to relate to him for use in his forthcoming book which he is now writing.)

Dear Mr. Long:
I am at present trying to collect material for a book which I hope to write sometime on ‘Mystical Experience.’ I differentiate this, as you know, from psychical experience. For everyone who has had some mystical experience there are scores who can tell of psychical experiences. I feel however that it is in the sphere of mystical experience that we must look for clues to the highest levels of the world. The difficulty of course is to find words in which to express what is experienced. In spite of this I have a few accounts which are moving and impressive, and it is good to know that these point to a Source of Infinite Love and Goodness in whom we can trust. If you should come across those who have had such supreme moments I should be grateful to be put in touch with them.
With all good wishes for your work,
Yours Sincerely, (Signed) Raynor C. Johnson

Dear Max:
I have given some thought and some time to experiments in the matter of the ‘energy patterns’ on photographs and their detection by means of psychometric reading. The reality of the energy pattern has been established beyond a doubt, as far as I am concerned, as I have found a means whereby I can distort or ‘kill’ or ‘deaden’ it so that a psychometrist (also one doing a biometric type of reading) can no longer ‘get anything.’ That is, they cannot get the vibration any more.

CARBON ‘kills’ the vibrational pattern, be it graphite, activated charcoal, plain charcoal or even coal (in dust form) when sprinkled over the photograph (or signature written with fluid ink). The vibration returns to normal when the powder is wiped off and a magnet is passed over the photograph. The magnet is also used by radionists to remove unwanted vibrations from the rubbing plates of their radionic (diagnosing and treating) instruments.

I am convinced that the ‘vibrations’ have true objective qualities, even though we need a sensitive to detect them. Thus, if we can turn these energies ON and OFF, as it were, we are getting closer to an actual control of the energies involved, which makes atoms or molecules, perhaps, vibrate in a set pattern.

My studies are now centering around the problem of the nature of this energy, how it is related to odic, etc. How is the energy transferred from the object photographed to the film emulsion? Is light really necessary? Is development of the film necessary? – and a million other questions that arise to be answered.
Yours, C.

It is no violation of confidence to spread the word that some substances seem to prevent psychometric reading and some to make it stronger. Dr. Brunler and others have tried the effects of powdered substances and chemical combinations long since. The use of the magnet to clear unwanted vibrations is very old. Salt, Dr. Brunler said, increased the vibrations, and a bit of salt placed in contact for a time with a signature on an old painting would then give the same reading as the signature.

The effort to isolate the vibrational or energy pattern, if successful would question the Huna theory of the aka thread as a something which the Aunihipili can follow to get to the original at the other end, and to read directly from it, whether the man is dead or man alive.

In my experiments I have found that if one writes his signature and commands it not to allow contact for psychometric reading, it cannot be read. The same holds good for a photograph or an article. The Aunihipili in some way breaks the connecting aka thread, I would guess. The mechanics of transferring the vibration when a photo is made, from person through lens to film and from film to print, and later from print to a photo engraving plate for the printer, become too complicated to answer in terms of present day physics. But, while one cannot say how the Aunihipili takes a fourth-hand photo and through it finds and follows an aka thread to the original of the picture is also hard to explain but it can be done.

On the other hand, if an energy pattern is identified on signatures, photographs or objects to be psychometrized, this would hardly disprove the ancient Huna belief in the connecting aka thread. Instead, it would call attention to the fact that such invisible ectoplasmic substance has its own ability to take and hold an energy or vibrational pattern or perhaps to have its own “field.”

The subject cannot be considered long without including the question of thought-forms made of aka substance, their passage in telepathy without the use of signature or photograph, and the duplication of something very like psychometry, even if two persons are engaged in telepathic exchange.

This is a very large field in which to scurry around looking for pay dirt in terms of modern physics or of psychic science.

It would be a wonderful thing were someone to establish a fund to support work in this direction, and dowsing and similar things could each have a place on the research program.

It boils down to the basic question of whether things radiate outward like a broadcasting station, sending out energy waves that can be picked up by a human mechanism in the sensitive or, whether the psychometrist radiates in a fashion by doing what the kahuna called “sticking out an aka finger,” and thus finding and touching the thing to be read. The finger, for guidance, would have the “sticky” aka thread attached like a strand of spider’s web to anything which can act as a point of contact for psychometric work.

This, of course, over-simplifies the problem. We may in time discover that we are confronted by a maze of aka threads, projected radiations, projected or impressed energy patterns, ‘fields’ or something not yet postulated. There might even be a bit of the soul (whatever that will be found to be in the end) engaged in manipulating these material things.

Take eyeless sight, for instance, and try to imagine all the vibrational patterns being radiated from a book, from a page, or from objects which can be identified around the room. Imagine the radiations shooting out in all directions, and how they would be crossing and recrossing, perhaps mingling and changing. The picture is one of confusion to say the least. In contrast, consider Aunihipili of the sensitive demonstrating eyeless sight as it “sticks out an aka finger” at will to find and make reading contact with the book, the page, the words, or with people and objects. The Huna theory is that of a simple mechanism, and if we are to ask what one of the “selves” of the sensitive is smart enough to work with the great complications of the radiated pattern energies, we would have to hesitate in saying that it might be the illogical Aunihipili. We would also hesitate to say that the Aumakua is called in to meet the challenge of the radiation complications. Aunihipili would best fit into the mechanism of projection of the aka finger and in all research the simpler explanations are to be preferred if they will hold water.

The radiating of energy patterns calls for an expenditure of power while the following of an aka thread does not. This is a very important point to keep in mind.

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  1. I like Mr. Long’s discussion of the lower self’s involvement in psychometric perception. I am pretty sure animals have been measured sending off “waves” of electromagnetic energy when sensing danger and of course bats ‘echo-locate”, though perhaps there is more than just sound wave perception going on. Chaos theory might be a missing “causation’ that researchers at this time did not have access to in their arsenal of thought.

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