Huna Vistas Bulletin #5

HV03-header01aJanuary, 1960

Psychometric Analysis &  Taro Readings


“THE MEN WHO RIDE IN SAUCERS” article by Max B. Miller in the February, 1960, issue of FATE magazine, will supply us with the pictures this month on which to make psychometric analysis practice and comparison readings. The article in question is on page 32 for the start, and runs through page 38. Allowing for the transfer of aka threads and the possible psychometric contact with the wrong person when using the photo reproductions as the basis for the reading, check tests may be made. It must always be kept in mind that the reading I give is possibly wrong and for this reason calls for checking by all hands, and reports on variations. Recently, by the way, I  made a reading on two people who crashed in a small plane and were, no one seems to doubt, killed a few months back. I could get no counterclockwise circle of the pendulum over the picture of the woman, although I got one at once over the picture of the man. In all honesty I had to report what my Aunihipili gave me, but ventured the opinion that my “George” was feeling too gallant to report such a tragic happening where a lady was concerned. Not only had you HRAs who are making P.A. readings better watch your step, BUT you had better help me watch mine as well.

THE FIRST reading to check is for Mr. Daniel W. Fry, who is described as the vice president of an engineering and manufacturing company in El Monte, California. He reports that he made contact in 1950 with saucer people who took him for a ride to New York and back in about thirty minutes. He has written a book about his experiences and lectures on Flying Saucers betimes. His reading, as I get it, is:

Pictured also on the same page is Kelvin Rowe, described as a “contactee” who operates a bulldozer and claims to have been to outer space more than 350 times. He says most of the others who report such experiences are liars. For his reading I get:

THE NEXT READING is for the gentleman on page 35, Orfeo Angelucci, who also writes and lectures about his experiences with saucer people and their saucers. I make his reading:

GOING BACK TO PAGE 33, we find the organizer of a Saucer Study group, Richard T. Miller, said to distribute tapes of messages from the saucer people received from various “contactees.” I read:

ON PAGE 37 we find a young woman, Angel McCall, who attended the saucer convention as “Miss Venus.” Just to what extent she goes in for saucers and space travel was not stated. At any rate she was given a P.A. reading, and the outcome was surprising:  (no circle reading at all!)

To sum up and compare the readings, the first thing that stands out is the trident “will pattern” for all but the lady. In our code, this indicates probable response to spirits of the Auhane level. This influence could be anything from good to bad or show great “will” and determination in sticking with a story despite all doubters.

The second similarity is to be found in a comparison of the personality circle or reading for the Aunihipili. Daniel Frey gives me a circle which slowly changes its axis and which is not normally round, however, it is clockwise and so indicates constructive or good drives. I would expect him to be a man of many changes of moods.

Kelvin Rowe, in sharp contrast with Mr. Fry, has a very small and weak “personality circle” which is counter clockwise and, if we follow our code, this would indicate a destructive tendency on the part of the Aunihipili. In accusing others of being liars, his reading would indicate that he may not have his own skirts clean.

Orfeo Angelucci has a “personality circle” which, like that of Mr. Fry, changes axis during my reading, but remains clockwise and so constructive.

Richard T. Miller gives a “personality circle” which is also very small and weak, but it is clockwise and constructive.

Angel McCall gives no “personality circle” at all and her “will pattern” is not a trident, just a very wide “V” indicating one very easily influenced for either good or evil. With such a strange reading, she would seem the most likely one to be from Venus. She is to appear in a musical called “From Venus With Love” we are told in the article. It will be interesting to follow her career and see what she accomplishes.

The degree readings are most interesting, ranging from 294 for Mr Angelucci to 326 for Mr. Rowe, 325 for Mr. Fry, 321 for Mr. Miller and 312 for “Miss Venus.” It would seem that this gives us the general degree range or level for those who ride in saucers, make contacts with saucer people or otherwise take part in the fun and write and lecture about their experiences. On the other hand, the readings I have made of a few of the writers who have claimed no actual meetings with the saucer folk, but who studiously try to analyze the current reports and make some sense of the many contradictory claims, have all been much higher, usually of the degree level of the good reporters, from 360 to 370.

My general conclusion is that there may be spirits(or saucer entities) strongly influencing (at least at times) the people who claim contacts with the visitors from outer space or to have ridden in saucers. What do you get in your readings?

FATE magazine, which we will use for our check P.A. readings of photo reproductions, is seldom found on smaller news stands, but may be subscribed to at the rate of $3.50 the year for U.S.A. or $4.00 for other countries. The address is, Clark Publishing Co., 845 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Ill., U.S.A. Several have written to object to the use of TIME magazine as a source of test pictures. The main objection is that the writers do not read TIME because they dislike its political slant. FATE may not be perfect, but so far as I can see, it has no political ax to grind. It is a very interesting journal and one of the chief outlets for information which the Press of the land does not consider as having news value. I particularly like the monthly report headed “I SEE BY THE PAPERS,” in which items from far and wide are passed on to the reader. In the February issue, for example, I find a very interesting report on experiments being conducted to see if hypnotic suggestion can really cause warts to vanish. At the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, subjects were hunted out who had similar warts on both sides of the body. One side was treated with suggestion, but not the other. The warts on the treated side vanished while the ones on the opposite side remained as they were. These tests are most significant, and had it not been for FATE, I might never have learned of them. If, as is believed, a virus causes warts, then the next step is to see what other diseases caused in a similar way may be cured by suggestion.

The next item was a comment on an article in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, in which a recognized authority on tidal waves has reported finding that down the years, about once each century, a great tidal wave strikes at some place in the world and kills a large number of people. He does not say what he thinks causes such waves, but suspects movements in the ocean floor. The last such tidal wave came in 1876 and killed some 200,000 persons on the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

Next is a report that our newest nuclear submarine, the SEA DRAGON, hit some unidentified object on her trial run and caused considerable damage to the propeller and possibly the hull. It seems that the first guess that a whale had been hit was later given up. The damage was too great to be caused by any known kind of whale.

A study is reported of the effects of certain mushrooms which cause mental disturbances. (There is a growing list of drugs and chemicals which produce conditions which resemble in some ways the various conditions which have come to be associated with different types of insanity.)

A Catholic church is mentioned in Warsaw where a halo was said to have appeared around the head of a statue of the Virgin and a strange glow of light now appears around the steeple. Gov. Williams of Michigan was traveling there and went with his wife to see what might be seen. In a letter he reported that the glow was easy to see but not to explain.

Three most interesting and provocative items have to do with what appears to be Aunihipili spirit activities — that of “poltergeists.” In one instance, long investigation failed to show a reason for the explosion of milk bottles in a home refrigerator. If the paper milk bottles were used to replace those of glass, they were ripped explosively from top to bottom. One investigator saw a temperature rise of five degrees in a bottle of milk in five minutes, when the rise should have been nil. The temperature then dropped to normal. (Reminds one of fire immunity.)

IT SEEMS that PREDICTION is the order of the day, now that a new year has arrived. Several of the HRAs have written in to comment upon the prediction made in the last issue of HUNA VISTAS accomplished via a laying out of the Tarot Cards in my special manner. I appear to have competition. My card reading indicated that all would be rather good for U.S.A. in 1960, and that business activities were to be to the fore, while many of the past fears and difficulties would cease to worry us so much. I have been reminded:

THAT WITHIN FIVE YEARS all would go to the demnation bow wows on planet Earth and that the Saucer People would have to come in great swarms to pick up those of us worth the saving and take us to some safer place, supposedly on some planet with an exact duplication of our temperature, atmosphere and atmospheric pressures, to say nothing of gravitational pull. While I would not think of contradicting all the great prophets of the day who tell us these things, I may be excused if I mutter “Nuts!” in my beard and wonder why in Sam Hill the all-knowing prophets and profits do not get together on their predictions instead of contradicting what the other fellow writes.

THAT BY 1962 the Millennium or its equal will be here.

THAT BY 1961 we will have a revolution in U.S.A in which Big Business will have the final battle with Big Labor, and all the unorganized “little people” will get it in the neck as bystanders.

THAT RED RUSSIA will soon take over and that we will see a dictatorship in U.S.A. which will last three years. (What Russia could possibly want that would cause her to shoulder our political and economic mess, even for three years, no one seems to have said out loud.) THAT SOMEONE UNNAMED will suddenly become dictator in U.S.A. and begin a strange effort to get the nation to unite for one great effort to survive.

ETC., ETC. and ETC. I refuse to give an inch. Others may stick to their guns, but I will stick to my cards, even if some of my good friends make no bones about NOT liking Tarot Cards or much of anything connected with them. One thing about ME and MY predictions via the cards, which gives me the edge on all of the other predictors is that I always have it understood before I even make the first shuffle of the pack that if what I predict does not come true, I WILL RUN THE CARDS AND PREDICT ALL OVER AGAIN. Ever hear of any of those other predictors taking back a prediction or offering to refund on them as defective in material or workmanship? By the way, perhaps some of you who do not like the Tarot might like the ancient Chinese “I King” (or Ging or Ching, or however you prefer). I have it in two books, each filled with double talk type of passages. One tosses the sticks or three pennies to calculate from the fall which of the many passages must be turned to and read to give a basis for interpreting the message relating to the future. For instance, one takes a passage like the following to work out the answer to a question, “contemplation of my life decides my choice between advance and retreat.” Or you might get this one, “His feet are fastened in the stocks so that his toes disappear. No blame.” (Gazing into a crystal ball may have more appeal. Simplest approach is to carry a rabbit’s foot.)


The prediction you made when reading the end of the preceding page came true almost instantly! Cigbo DID discover almost at once that “predictor” was not right. He lectures me and says, “All Peedictions has gota be and/or, not and/er, not even and/if.” Now we are all prophets in our own rights. Cigbo takes the blame as usual, and takes this opportunity to make his New Years prediction, which is, “A kat will be the frist to land on the moon and be able to live there because there will be milk in his saucer every time the COW JUMPS OVER THE MOON.” He bases his prediction on probabilities, the “COW” being a proven fact that even the children accept, regardless of the fact that we adults refuse to believe anything that comes from behind the Iron Curtain about such silly ideas as rockets reaching the moon.


asks an Australian HRA who has just come into the Huna fold and who has been going through a set of the bound books of the HRA Bulletins, (which have been re-run and are again available, all 128 of them).

I must confess that I really do not know. Dianetics became tied up when a financial backer took over, so the originator, L. Ron Hubbard, invented a new set of “techniques” and changed the name to “SCIENTOLOGY.” This was at least five years back. Every year or so Mr. Hubbard announced a new and vital discovery which would change the methods used to “clear” subjects or patients, and offered to teach the new “techniques” to all and sundry who would pay a fee ranging from $450 to $500. He gave degrees to those who took his new courses of instruction, and then, at a later time, seems to have canceled the degrees and disowned the former students when they did not take the new courses.

A December 11, 1959 circular letter (copyrighted) is on my desk announcing still another “technique” and course, this time to be had at the bargain price of $450.00. The course seems to be offered in England and Australia as well as at Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. Where L. Ron is not present to give the lectures to accompany the new instructions, tapes of his lectures are run.

Frankly, I have not kept up with all the changes in the invented vocabulary used to tell one how to get to be a “clear” or to make one, or to rise to the great heights at which one does something important about the “Thetan.” I do not know whether or not something of practical value has come out of the years of “fuss and feathers.” In the sheet before me, L. Ron says that he has taken nearly ten years to build this “bridge” and that now he is sure that it will stand all loads and stresses.

What do I think? I think that next year we will see a brand new set of “techniques” announced and offered at the usual price of around $450 to all who have the money and are willing to go along. From the Huna point of view, L. Ron’s basic theories are partly right and partly absurd, as to a kahuna his “Thetan” would certainly appear in trying to take the place of the Father Mother Aumakua.

COSMOPOLITAN magazine for January is largely given over to articles covering all facets of “the UNKNOWN.” Most entertaining discussions of spirits, dreams, ghosts, ESP, astrology, the effect of drugs on the mind, Lost Atlantis, mysterious monsters and modern searchers into the tangled field. The issue makes a good introduction to the “occult” when handed to a doubting friend.

TARO CARD SYMBOLOGY – Initiatory Units Five & Six

THE LODGE OF A.O. HRA TARO WILL NOW BE OPENED. The pack is laid upon the central altar. The Lighter of the Lamp has given up trying. All members in good standing have managed to get through the door by whispering the password to the Doorkeeper, who is Cigbo, and who responds proudly with a meow. Only a few seats are vacant. The costumes which the members have put on for the session are very colorful and many a robe is decorated by a set of symbols so ancient and mysteriously mystical that no one now living has the slightest idea of their meaning. The Exalted, Worshipful, Rev. Dr. Ph.D., Grand Past and Present and Future Master for the evening is again Old High Card. He is resplendent in a silvery robe trimmed with plastic moonbeams. He comes to stand before the altar and bows deeply in reverence before the pack, hands clasped low before him, his lips moving silently as he whispers the unspeakable Word.

THE HRA IN THE CHAIR OF TREMENDOUS GRAND MISTRESS rises with a frown. “WHAT did you say?” she demands. “Aren’t we all being initiated, and aren’t we all entitled to know what the unspeakable Word is? I think we should be told.”

Ol’ High Card looks worried. “I quite agree,” he admits.

T.G.M. “Then out with it! What are you hesitating for?”

O.H.C. “As a matter of fact, I don’t know the unspeakable Word. But every Lodge and Religion is supposed to have one, I am sure of that. When you saw my lips move, I was, really just saying to myself, “I wonder where the HRAs are who went off to become chelas last month under the guidance of the ‘Council of Masters!'”

THERE IS A COMMOTION at the outer door. Cigbo is heard answering as the password is given. The missing members march somberly in.

Cigbo grabs his box and begins rushing around to make a quick collection, explaining that a fatted calf must be supplied instantly before the Prodigal Sons and Daughters can be properly welcomed home to the Lodge. His project meets a cool reception. He inspects a button and three Green Trading Stamps as he retreats, muttering in his beard.

The HRA who is filling the chair of THISANDTHAT for the evening, rises. “I move that we toss them out as Huna heretics instead of treating them as Prodigal Sons.”

The HRA filling the chair of GRAND UNDER AND OVER DOG, rises. “Just a moment. Isn’t Huna a religion? At least, wasn’t it the only religion they had in Polynesia? Sure it was and is. And, I wish to ask, HOW CAN ANY RELIGION be given proper respect unless it has at least a few heretics? I vote that we welcome them back.”

There is a glad murmur of agreement. Hands are shaken and the seats are filled. One of the Heretics explains, “Something went wrong. The ads have stopped running and I imagine none of us was sincere enough to meet the qualifications.”

Another HRA rises and holds up a copy of the January FATE. “I saw this ad for a book all about the GREAT FLOOD which is about to come when the poles flip. I answered and my letter came back stamped by the postal inspector or someone, ‘out of business.’ In the ad it said some government people had been asking a lot of questions, but that the author of the book thought he had them quieted. Perhaps the Council of Masters had that happen to them. A letter from the ABERREE suggests they might have even suffered demise.”

THE FIFTH AND SIXTH DEGREE of the Taro presentation is now undertaken by Ol’ High Card, no one else being in the mood for the task at the moment. He produces a small sign and hangs it on the front of the central altar. It reads, YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE.” A member rises and says, “I can’t accept the dogma you promulgated without authority that kalo, in Hawaiian, equates with Tarot — that is, the name of the cards. I feel rather certain that the Polynesians, even if they once did live in North Africa, never knew about the Tarot Cards or had anything to do with the pictures or symbols.”

O.H.C. “We’ll never get anywhere in creating a Lodge if we are not allowed a few dogmas. However, we cannot get along without having members who will make the careful and suspicious examination which is needed as every smallest item of possible information is offered. I suggest that beside the Heretics we place chairs for any who wish to join what we might call, THE A.O. HRA TARO LOYAL OPPOSITION. I further suggest that the Heretics be awarded sole possession of the 33rd degree, and these of the Opposition the possession of the 34th degree, with authority to add to their official signatures their degree in order to identify themselves.”


C.H.C. “As we are all agreed, so be it. And now, as Cigbo gave us all the 5th Degree as a Christmas present, let us consider its work as a part of the 6th Degree. If all members will produce the illustrations of the cards, we will consider the possible initiatory significance of the symbols of the last row of three cards as they fall when the majors are spread according to the secret numerical addition of values method. It will be remembered that this method and this way of laying out the majors was part of the work of the earlier degrees. All members who have forgotten, or who failed to read their copies of HUNA VISTAS, may have their choice of pretending to remember or of going to the foot of the class.” (No one moves, but several members seem to be struggling to recall where they had placed their copies of the official organ of the Lodge, planning to take time to read them when several had accumulated.)


He holds them up for all to see. “These cards are from the pack designed by Waite and drawn by Pamela Smith. We have elected to use this pack for the time being. Please note that the numbers of these cards, when changed to Arabic, and when the figures of each number are added together, give us the number 3, causing us to lay these cards together in the order of their added number values. This close association of the three cards suggests a sequence of secret meanings and, as we read usually from left to right, we expect the EMPRESS to start the parade of meanings as from the low point of growth and the HANGED MAN to carry the progress a step farther, while the WORLD should give us the end of the growth or evolution in terms of wider knowledge, and of the sequence. We also watch to see whether or not the originators of the symbols, as they are placed together on these cards, are repeating truths or such dogmas as they believed to embody truths.

“AS YOU ALL SHOULD NOW KNOW, this sequence or order of these three cards does not seem to be known by any of the many writers of books who try to explain what the symbolic meaning of the majors may be. A study of the layout indicated by the numbering of the cards with the Roman numerals, will show no sequence of hidden meaning,  although such a sequence has often been pulled and hauled into a semblance of form and order by relating the several cards to Astrology, Numerology and the Cabala of the Jews. For instance, there is, on the face of the association, no relationship between the HIGH PRIESTESS II, and the EMPRESS III, which follows. The very natural and apparent relationship of the Empress and the following Emperor IV, on the other hand, seems what one would expect to find. But, following the Emperor IV, comes THE HIEROPHANT V who is the high priest one would expect to be placed following the High Priestess II. In the order as given in the card numbering, there is no sequence to be seen. But in the secret order which we use in our Lodge, the sequence is not only a repetition of the evolutionary progress of the top line of three cards, (The Magician I, the Wheel of Fortune X and The Sun XIX) but is a clear presentation which seems to have been planned to prevent initiates (such as we hope to become) from missing the hidden meaning. Let us now look for the hidden meanings in relation to the sequence.

“The EMPRESS III: Here we have a woman wearing a crown of stars and holding a scepter said to embody the symbol of Venus, the Goddess of Love. The symbol is unmistakably duplicated in the heart by the side of her throne, the heart enclosing the symbol of Venus, which is also one of the union of the sexes for creative purposes on the PHYSICAL LEVEL ONLY. On the robe of the woman we see pictured fruit, and at her feet we see ripe grain. This gives us the symbol of the creative activity of the human being on the physical level, the picture of it in its highest and most perfect physical stage of growth or evolution. The Empress insures the fact that this is the highest growth level for this stage.

“The HANGED MAN XII (giving a 3 value): “To the uninitiated there would seem no possible relation between the idea of an empress and a man oddly suspended on a strange “T” cross by one foot. In the outer or natural numerical order of the cards, the Hanged Man follows the card of JUSTICE XI, and this appears to be a placing planned by the Taro originators to fool the outsider. In all truth, it has fooled practically every writer on the meanings of the card. They happily decide that Justice is the judge who has tried the culprit and had him hung up by one foot to punish him. As the following card is DEATH XIII, many conclude that the association of the three cards in the ordinary order indicates that death must result from the punishment unless the culprit reforms and comes to realize the necessity of developing a sense of spiritual values.

“Much has been said and written about the crossed legs of the Hanged Man forming a triangle point down, and standing, supposedly for the culprit’s deep immersion in sinful physical level matter. The triangle formed by the arms, of his own volition, is point up, and this, together with the halo of light around the head, is said to indicate that the punished man has awakened to spiritual values. Oddly enough, this explanation of the symbols fits very nicely the version we budding initiates must give if we consider the card one of a sequence or series in which orderly evolution is depicted. We see in the Empress the stage in which physical perfection is reached. In Huna terms we would say that in this stage the man is not yet aware of the existence of the Aumakua. He may have his many gods and saviors, but he does not yet know the Aumakua as a very part of his composition. He functions under Mother Nature as a good Aunihipili-Auhane unit. But, in the course of growth, he finds that physical things are not enough. His mind begins to function, as the halo around the head in the symbol suggests, and he realizes that there must be something higher and very much worth finding out about. He begins to grow, and in the second stage of the upward journey on the ‘path’ (la or ala, in the Hawaiian) at last, perhaps at the cost of sacrifice of some physical pleasures (such as might be found in indulging in hates and doing hurts to others, greedily taking from others, and the like), he comes to be fully aware of the verity of the Aumakua.

“The ‘T’ shaped cross or tree from which the Hanged Man is suspended has come in for much learned discussion and much leading of the blind by the blind leaders of their choice. The Cabala is dragged in by picturing several knots or hacked off branches on the ‘tree.’ The leaves on the tree are likewise numbered and used, and some say the leaves are of a vine, indicating the fact that the man suspended by the foot must overcome, first of all, the urges of sex, these often being considered as the very essence of sin. The Huna explanation of the ‘cross’ as a symbol used in secret orders, is that one is hampered in his growth by the complex or by inviting the influence of  ‘eating companions.’ One is symbolically crucified by the complexes and by tolerated evil spirits. One must come to recognize these hampering things before one can come down from the cross. If he dies while not yet freed, he must be ‘resurrected’ in a new body to continue the process of growth in which more and more insight is gained, until full contact is made with the Aumakua.

“As to the repetition of information already given by the cards as laid out above in our illustration, the most striking example is probably that of the meaning of reincarnation in the JUDGMENT XX card on the line preceding. Less striking is the repetition in the card, JUSTICE XI, in which a balancing of good and evil can very well stand for the bad complexed or spirit-influenced state as against the good condition in which the individual is able to see clearly and act in keeping with the rational decisions he may reach. Only when such a ‘saved’ condition has been attained, can one become ready to meet and blend with the ‘soul mate’ to form an Aumakua PARENTAL PAIR,  a state symbolized in the black and white pillars behind the HIGH PRIESTESS II, and in the SUN XIX of the top line where the sun has the male and female rays and the child on the white horse (of the freed lesser selves) is often depicted as a pair of children. In the MAGICIAN I, we see the candle which is lighted at both ends held high, and this symbolizes the conjoined male and female units of consciousness united in the guiding Aumakua who stands as guardian over the Aunihipili-Auhane pair to help and to wait as they evolve and grow in experience and understanding. The WHEEL OF FORTUNE X, in the top line lays stress on the whole of the evolutionary process from the animal world of the Aunihipili through the growth of the Auhane and the final step upward to the Aumakua level. It is check and double check.

THE WORLD XXI. “This last of the three cards in the third line of threes of our secret layout is also the last card of the majors of the pack when we follow the order indicated by the Roman numbers. Most writers tend to feel that it must indicate a finishing point for a series of symbolized teachings, but they do a very poor job of making the card sum up and round off a great body of truths. Many are content to give it an astrological meaning and to let it go at that. Others stretch the necessary points to make it fit their idea of the Cabala. A.E. Waite, who originated this design, either purposely quotes a jumble of contradictory ideas from earlier French writers to hide the real secret meaning from the uninitiated, or he shows that he was not, himself, an initiate as we of our Lodge would describe one. He makes one wonder just how he could have designed this pack and kept the symbols so nearly correct. (At least correct to those of us who have a knowledge of the ancient Huna system to bring to bear on the matter.)

“The four animal or bird or human heads around the oval wreath, supposedly standing for the final and ultimate victory of growth, have been given no end of explanations. Some say they are the four symbols of the Apocalypse and Ezekiel’s vision. Some try to fit them in with signs of the zodiac and an astrological significance. Some count the card as numbered XXII and give the FOOL the place of Number XXI, explaining that this makes the card meaning fit the Cabalistic scheme much better. A few look upon the figure of the woman inside the wreath as Mother Nature at her best, and some assign to the symbol the meaning of a higher spiritual development. The older cards showed but one double-flamed candle in the left hand of the woman, and that would do very well to stand for the combination of male and female elements which we learn via Huna is the final step in making an Aumakua Pair. But our pack gives us the candle symbol in both hands suggesting that a multiple union of males and females takes place which is not so clear. If we look to Huna, we find the evolution of the Aunihipili makes of it, given time, a Auhane. It is only the Auhane which steps up a level to become an Aumakua. Perhaps Mr. Waite did not see this clearly, if at all, in designing the deck.

“In any event, the female figure floating in air in the center of the great wreath of triumph should be neither male nor female to fit the deeper significance. The two small children with hands joined in union of the early SUN XIX card would better give the symbol of the union of male and female to make the Aumakua Pair. The crossed legs of the figure on old and new cards alike, may be the symbol of a mixing of the two selves, but it is a poor one. The winding scarf dressing the figure in our cards can stand for the spiral of growth which has three stages, one for each step upward taken by the Aunihipili as it becomes a Auhane and, finally, one half of a Aumakua.

For our purposes, we have here the deep significance of the Huna belief that each of us must grow to be ready, eventually, to qualify as an ‘utterly trustworthy’ half of a Parental Pair. We are allowed to glimpse the shining goal in which can be seen the perfect and ideal love for which all yearn, and which we must learn to offer if we are to receive it in turn. On the long upward path of growth we strive so often to find and to express this perfect love which allows no sword to lie between to cause a cutting apart into separateness. We suffer and give up the quest, only to find that it never dies within us. We must go on.”

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