Huna Vistas Bulletin #7

HV03-header01aMarch, 1960

Psychometric Analysis & Instant Healing


THANKS FOR THE HELP in checking my readings using the methods of Psychometric Analysis. Three HRAs have made readings of T. Lobsang Rampa from reproductions of photos of the gentleman, and while the readings are not quite identical, we all find him with the will pattern indicating the possible influence of spirit entities, while the personality circle is counterclockwise. We differ but eight degrees on the progression reading, all placing him between 342 and 350, the “mediumistic range.” Those of you who are practicing at making the readings, please HELP ME FURTHER. We need to have at least a dozen readers so that the chances will be greater that two or three of us can agree more perfectly. I may be badly off in my readings. There is always the danger that one’s own opinion, hope or fear may cause the Aunihipili to give the wrong reading. (This is especially to be guarded against when reading for one to whom one may be emotionally attached by love, hate or fear. To make a reading of oneself is always difficult owing to the chance that the Aunihipili may have complexes or fixed ideas of inferiority.)

, perhaps the best known inmate of a “death row” in recent times, having spent over 11 years under a death sentence, makes a valuable study for our research purposes. A good picture of him is to be found on page 21 of the February 29, 1960 issue of TIME magazine, also a full account of his life where crime and punishment have played a lurid part. He is described as arrogant, and proud of his ability to write best seller accounts of his experiences while using legal maneuvers to put off the evil day.

In the interest of better understanding of what goes into the making of a criminal and of ways and means of protecting ourselves against people criminally inclined, we need to do all we can to put forward the use of the Psychometric Analysis theories and methods. While we must leave the trial of those accused of crimes to the law, we, as citizens, may have a certain grave responsibility in playing a part in “public reactions.” The recent delay in sending Chessman to the gas chamber may have been prompted, at least in part, by the people in our own country as well as in foreign lands who parade with placards demanding that the death sentence be changed to life imprisonment. We also need to get behind the administration of the laws and do what we can to hold up the hands of those whom we select to prevent and to punish where criminal activities are concerned.

I have before me a reading for Chessman of  and 334 degrees. It will be noted that the “will” swing of the pendulum of the biometer is that of the “perfect will” as named by Dr. Brunler, and as we often find it with trained hypnotists and a few others. This has so often appeared in readings made of criminals that it seems to indicate a strange fixity of purpose which nothing will change once a course has been determined upon. Perhaps it is a natural mental characteristic which marks the “spoiled boy” in early life. In the case of Chessman, he seems to have been changed in no way by the corrective measures of the reform schools through which he passed. On page 94 of my book PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS, I have given my reading from a picture of Joseph Stalin, in which there was the “perfect will” pattern at 12 o’clock on the chart, but no Aunihipili circle at all. With his degree reading of only 285, which is very low for a leader, we can only conclude that this type of “will” reading indicates the man who, by his determination alone (and perhaps with the aid of a natural hypnotic power), can rise to dominate those in his circle. Stalin, as we know, had no compunction showing when he purged his enemies and even friends who stood in his way. Nothing was bad if he did it. He seemed to lack entirely any “conscience” and to feel neither pity nor remorse.

As we study the readings of known criminals and see the records of what they did to others, we begin to watch for this will pattern and to associate it with the counterclockwise personality circle, or, with the lack of such a circle. In Chessman’s case we find his circle very small and weak, also badly warped so that it is an elongated circle with its axis lying to the counterclockwise side. As both the will and personality pendulum swings remain unchanged during the reading, the possibility of spirit obsession is ruled out and one concludes (if the theory is as good as it seems to be) that this man is acting for himself at all times, never under the influence of obsessing or prompting spirits. The excuse of temporary insanity during the moment of crime is discarded. (Not, so far as I know, that Chessman ever admitted committing any of the long list of crimes of which he is accused, or has ever made a plea of temporary insanity.)

The study of law books and the writing of legal papers to use in his own defense is interesting in view of the fact that his degree reading is 334, slightly above the mark at which Dr. Brunler found that people could take and use a college education. He is still in the unfortunate level between 310 and 335 where so many misguided individuals are to be found, but smarter than most.

If this reading is fairly close to being correct, we may well ask what should be done with Chessman. Whether or not we should approve of sending him (or any criminal) to the gas chamber, is a matter of personal opinion. But of one thing we should be very sure, and this is that we have here a man who is dangerous and who should never be allowed to prey on the defenseless again. Whether, as some seem to think, his eleven years on Death Row have punished him sufficiently for all his crimes, is not to be argued. What we need to conclude after the consideration of all evidence and of the possible reform of the prisoner in the light of his P.A. reading, is what improvements can be made in criminal law and criminal detention to protect the public? One conclusion should gradually become obvious: that P.A. readings should be used and advantage be taken of this method of testing to learn more about the criminally inclined. True, the readings are, as yet, not too dependable in the matter of close accuracy, but enough has been accomplished to prove the general value of using psychometry here. (It has been used in Europe to locate and identify criminals in a number of famous cases.)

were recently requested by one of the HRAs who called attention to the pictures and article in the READER’S DIGEST for February, 1960, beginning on page 249. This makes a very good case to study and allows an opportunity to check the readings of several convicted individuals, as well as the reading of the then Secretary of War, Edward M. Stanton, who was strongly suspected of having a hand in the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln as well as the Vice President and Secretary of State.

Below is the list of readings taken from reproduced photos. It is very interesting, in the light of the reading made for Chessman, to see how many had the “perfect will pattern” which indicates the inability to consider the desires of others, and focuses the will of the individual on doing or getting a certain desired thing. It will also be noted that the 315 to 335 degree level is again stressed as one most often producing criminals of the dangerous type. (At this rather low level, the plans made by criminals are seldom good enough to insure success.)

John Wilkes Booth (page 252) the actual murderer and probably second in command in the ring of plotters. (The head of the plotters may well have been Stanton, if we are to judge by what he later did and failed to do, and by his reading. Booth was the only one of the plotters well above the 335 level, and seems to have been motivated by a vastly egotistical hope of fame and public approval. He was convinced that by killing Lincoln, he would cause the South to rise again and to count him one of the great men of all time. His will pattern is the one so often associated with criminals of the violent type. His reading:  also shows the typical counterclockwise personality circle. He was easily influenced to evil. He had courage born of his very set “will.”

Mrs. Mary Eugenia Surratt, keeper of a boarding house in which the plotters met (page 254), was hanged, but many doubted that she had a part in the plot. Her son, John, who was thought to have had a part in the plot, escaped into Canada, then on into England and Italy, from which places Stanton refused to bring him back to stand trial for his life. Trickery was used to get Mrs. Surratt hanged, and some think that Stanton was anxious to have the captured plotters silenced once and for all before they told who headed the ring. Her reading shows the dangerous “will to have one’s way” pattern, accompanied by a counterclockwise, personality circle, and this very badly flattened. From all of this we may judge that she had no very deep sympathy with the South and was convinced that she was to gain much through helping along the plot. Her reading.

George Atzerodt
, (page 260) was given the job of assassinating Vice President Andrew Johnson, but drank so much to build up his courage that he failed to try to carry out his part of the plot. His “will” pattern is the typical one of the dangerous criminal who can be influenced toward evil. Like Booth, he had a counterclockwise personality circle (making for natural destructive badness). His 337 degree level places him in the danger zone. Had he been accompanied by a fellow plotter, he might have carried out his part of the plot. His reading

David E. Herold (page 260) was assigned to go with Lewis Paine to kill Secretary of State William H. Seward, who was helpless in bed after a foot and jaw injury resulting from a runaway carriage accident. Herold craftily sent Paine into the home to do the killing while he mounted his horse and set off on a planned escape route, over a certain Potomac bridge to Maryland. The same bridge was used by Booth and the two of them were together when hunted down. Herold’s reading:

Lewis Paine, (page 261), who entered the home of the Secretary of State, was a very large man, said to be a preacher, and not very bright. He wounded five in his attack, but failed to kill his intended victim. He seemed unable to remember the plan for escape and later turned up at the boarding house of Mrs. Mary Surratt, who said he had come only to dig out a drain. But he was identified by a servant from the house he had invaded, and was one of those hanged. His degree reading was high enough to make him capable of understanding and carrying out a plan, so he must be taken for a man of little wit. His reading:

SECRETARY OF WAR EDWIN M. STANTON (page 263) is the man long suspected of being implicated in the plot. He took over command immediately after Lincoln was laid low and ordered all of the bridges over the routes south closed except the one over which Booth and Herold were allowed to pass by the soldier guarding the military gate which closed the bridge nightly at a set hour. Many other things threw suspicion on this member of the Cabinet, but for our study, his reading is the particular point of interest, no other cabinet member being of such a reading that such plotting might be expected of him. His reading:  Here again we have the “perfect will” pattern and the warped and counterclockwise personality circle. The degree reading is surprisingly low and still can be considered in the crime belt because of the other two elements in his reading. Such a man, only because of his will pattern and great determination could have reached the high position he held in the government at the time. If he was the brains of the plot, he was far too low in degree to be able to make a successful plan.


[This] might well be the title of an article in FATE magazine for April, 1960. The unidentified spirit, working through Eleuterio Terte, a Filipino farmer, is reported to perform many other healing feats. For our P.A. reading tests and comparison of readings, the picture of this Spiritualistic medium and healer is to be found on page 38. I would very much like to have reports on readings on this man as my own reading is most unusual and provocative. If it is at all correct, it will help verify the reading resulting from the tests made on a photograph of a known kahuna of high order.

FOR SOME YEARS we have been getting scattered reports in the various Spiritualist magazines concerning healing of this type. It has usually been done in the dark, but the spirit healer, in addition to ordinary healing of ills, has also removed an appendix now and then, placing the removed part in a container for all to see. Of course, there has always been the loud cry of “Fake!” just as has been the case with the Filipino healer. He has been driven out of the cities, stoned and threatened with arrest. His offer to perform his healing before medical and other experts was scorned. On the other hand, many professional and business people are convinced that the healer is all that is claimed for him. A number of these people know at first hand of his work, some having had kidney or gall stones removed by the bloodless operations.

In this article we have at last something very important. The two men, bent on making program movies of strange things for the television screen, visited the healer, observed him while at work, and made photographs, both still and moving. One of the men has been a professional magician and hypnotist, so his observations are of a sort far removed from those of the ordinary man in the audience.

Fortunately, this medium can work in bright light. He allowed the table on which his patients are laid for an operation to be carried out into the sunshine and took out the appendix while the cameras purred and a shutter clicked for color stills. He pressed a thumb and finger into the abdomen of a suffering woman and soon took them away carrying what appeared to be the diseased appendage. The woman, who had been in much pain, was instantly back to normal. It was instant healing in a most emphatic way. If we can believe this excellent report, the method used can be explained by saying that a dematerialized appendix was removed and made to materialize when outside the body. The passage through the skin would have to be made by ectoplasmic hands or dematerialized instruments, if the latter came into use. The place where the organ was taken off must have been healed over in the same way.

The removal of a kidney stone or the instant healing of a broken bone may be explained in the same way: dematerialization and later re-materialization. As we, the living, do not know how to use the forces necessary to cause such changes in living tissues, we must postulate a higher form of intelligence, and this takes us at once to the Aumakua.

The mana or unidentified force used through the medium is well described in the article in terms of what could be seen. The hands of the healer seemed to swell with some strange force or substance. The hands and arms seemed to become enlarged and the muscles rose in knots. The same thing was seen when the hands were held above containers of water which had been brought to be blessed so that the water could be taken home to the sick to drink. The observer says that with no chance for chemicals to be added, the water turned a slight pinkish shade while being blessed. He tasted samples of the water before the ceremony and noted no particular or unusual taste, but aften the ceremony the taste was sufficiently changed and bitterish to be impressive.

My P.A. reading was from the picture showing the healer holding his outstretched hands over the water containers. His eyes are wide open and his face wears an intent expression. My reading was the simple and usual one of  and 351 degrees, placing the man in the mediumistic psychic level. But there was no V pattern of the “will” and no flattening of the personality circle so that its axis might change directions, as is often the case with those taken over by the spirits. I tried again, and    suddenly found the pendulum giving a very different reading. It was  (large) and 554. This duplicates to a degree the reading taken from the photo of the great kahuna. Was I reading the man in the first test and his spirit guide in the test which followed? Please try your hand on a reading and let me know.

INSTANT HEALING HAS BEEN OUR GOAL from the very beginning of the long study of the beliefs and activities of na kahuna. We tried to learn all we could of the matter, and the early members of the HRA worked long and faithfully to try to learn how to use the Huna methods. As if by accident, some contact was made at long intervals and an instant healing reported. Some excellent evidence of instant healing was accumulated and studied. But now, twelve years after the formation of the HRA, we are still indefinite in our conclusions.

This new evidence, backed up by photos and careful observation, begins to throw a new light on the mechanism of instant healing. We have thought that na kahuna of at least a P.A degree reading of 550 were able to use the forces (whatever they were) to produce instant healing. But at this point I am beginning to wonder if it has not ALWAYS been necessary for the living to have the aid of a spirit of high level development. If this fresh guess should be the right one, as it appears at the moment to be, we are thrown back at once to Spiritualism and mediumistic healing.

Mediumistic healing is presently in poor repute. In the small Spiritualistic churches I have watched many times while mediums went through the healing motions with those who came forward to be healed. The results were so poor, on the whole, that there seemed little to be found in following that clue.

However, with this Filipino medium at work and treating numbers of patients daily with a success ratio far greater than anything we have observed in the West, the hope revives that we may, if we go about it in the right way, be able to find a method of developing mediumistic ability fine enough to allow the superior spirits to use living mana and physical bodies to produce instant healing. If only we had some way of getting over to find this Filipino farmer, hire a good interpreter, and set about learning just what is needed to produce the medium and to make the contact with the high level spirits, we might begin to progress once more toward the goal.

Unfortunately, the great foundations with money to spend on various types of study will have nothing to do with off the beaten track religious or psychological matters. No spark of interest has ever been aroused in any of the foundations where our Huna studies have been concerned. Also, unfortunately, the old adage that “All occultists are poor,” holds painfully true in HRA circles. People who are concentrating successfully on accumulating wealth simply are not interested in things like Huna. We seem blocked rather completely. But, perhaps if we asked na Aumakua to find a way for the contact to be made with the Filipino medium, that way may open. Shall we begin asking? Meantime I shall write at once to the author of the article in FATE to see if I can make contact with the two men whose experiences are related. Through them it might even now be possible to get the answers, or partial answers, to the many questions which need to be asked. For instance, we need to know whether the Filipino medium treats the insane or partly obsessed. We need to know whether, like na kahuna, he has any ritual to use to cleanse (kala) his patients ahead of time. Does he have them make amends for hurts done others before he tries to heal them with blessed water or by contact through his hands? What was his training? Who are his spirit “guides” and how did he find them? So many things we need to know.

TARO CARD SYMBOLOGY – Initiatory Unit Eight


The Lodge Members have taken whatever chairs of office they fancy, and it is noted with much satisfaction that there are no chairs which are not those of an official of one sort or another. The costumes tonight are magnificent and hardly a man fails to wear shining armor and dangle a sword with jeweled hilt and blunted tip. The ladies are so dazzlingly beautiful that Cigbo wears his dark glasses as he continues picketing the Lodge by marching around and around carrying a placard reading: UNFARE TO CIGBO! Two much yak, NOT ENOUGH CATNIP!

He has not been at his post as Door Keeper and suspects several of those seated before him of having come in without giving the password. Not knowing which these may be, he glares at all and sundry. Suddenly deciding the time is ripe, he drops his placard, seizes his cigar box and begins to perform the mystic ritual of passing the hat, without which no Lodge is official. In his box he has $4.10, mostly in small change, an assortment of straps of three kinds, and over a dozen green trading stamps. The members happily select either a coin or a stamp as the box is presented, and give Cigbo a warm nod and “Thanks.” He is delighted when, after the box has become completely empty, his friends still pretend they are extracting fine gifts from it and still nod and thank him. Much puffed up, and purring loudly, he finishes his round, tucks his empty box under one leg and starts to take up his official place as Keeper of the Door.

As he arrives at his post and removes his dark glasses, he has a sudden realization of disaster. He opens his box and peers into it. His greatest treasure, a 1,000 dollar bill printed for the use of the Japanese Army of Occupation after capturing America, and given him as a nest egg by HRA Charles Pitts, is GONE. He begins to wail in anguish. A belated Lodge member arrives running. “Cigbo!” he shouts to be sure the Door Keeper will let him in. To make doubly sure, he drops three silver dollars into the cigar box. Cigbo stops wailing and inspects the REAL money breathlessly. His purrrrrs resume so loudly that Ol’ High Card, who has been laying out two Taro Card packs on the central altar, pauses to go over and shut the door. Behind it the delighted purring continues, but less audibly. Ol’ H.C. is about to clear his throat when the door opens slightly and Cigbo thrusts in his placard. Penciled largely on the back of it are the words, “Ray For Las Vegas!” All eyes turn wonderingly to the Late Arrival. He is not in costume and, as he walks, he jingles delightfully. Several members clap approvingly. He bows east, west, north and south, then turns to take the empty chair of the “Holy and Sacred Keeper of the Nameless Treasure.’ Beyond the door there is a loud scurrying sound as Cigbo, box under leg, sets off in all haste with his three silver dollars for Las Vegas. The members shout after him, “Luck, old boy. No end of luck!” The flushed donor of the three silver dollars rushes to the door and shouts after Cigbo, “Don’t bet on the games. Wait until after hours and shoot craps with the dealers!” From the distance come back a faint, “Meow!”

Ol’ High Card looks around hopefully for someone to take his post as lecturer, but everyone is busy visiting with a neighbor and no one notices his appealing look. He lets out a hole in the belt of his shining armor absently, clears his throat thrice, and, seeing that he is not going to get the attention of the Lodge, begins speaking, keeping his voice down lest he interfere with the happy visiting. (It is apparent that members have mistaken the Lodge meeting for one of the old HRA Group meetings.)

O.H.C.: Tonight I lay two decks of Taro Cards on the altar. One is the fine deck in color which is published by the Mystic Arts Book Club and is sold to members for $3.95, but to outsiders for $5. They also sell the Waite book on the Tarot for $4.95 to members and  for $7.50 to outsiders. They have changed their address, and one must now write them at 161 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, N.Y. The same pack of cards and book are offered to anyone as a combination deal for $10 by Fate Magazine’s UNIVERSITY BOOKS, 845 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Ill. (Neither the book nor the cards are listed separately.) A less expensive deal is offered by HEALTH RESEARCH, Calaveras County, Mokeluime Hill, Calif. They have the cards in black and white for $2.50 a pack, and the Waite book, mimeographed and in paper covers for $3.00. (Postpaid, but 4% sales tax must be added by those living in California.) These cards are the pack we use in the Lodge, but the Waite book, of course, does not give the secret order we use to lay out the cards to show the hidden symbolic meanings.

“WE HAVE ALL BUT FINISHED WITH THE PRESENTATION of the meanings of the symbols on the major cards of the pack,” continues O.H.C. doggedly. “However, one item of greatest importance remains to be taken up at this time. It is by way of being the promulgation of a new HRA Taro dogma.

“On our illustration sheet which shows the pairs of cards when laid out in the secret order, you will notice that in every case we have an ideal condition of progress symbolized by the first card of each pair while the second card shows what appears to be the evil resulting from lack of proper progress. This holds good for all of the six pairs except for the second pair where the Hierophant is paired with Temperance. The number values force this pairing, but as the Temperance symbology is good and shows proper progress, it is NOT in keeping with the secret system. It is wrongly numbered and it is NOW DECREED as SACRED AND HOLY HRA TARO DOGMA that it trade numbers and places with The Hanged Man, the latter card being out of place on the other sheet of illustrations in the “three number value” line, although we, like all the others, can stretch its symbology to fit into the line, we may find it better for use as a negative opposite the Hierophant V card. As we change the number to XIV opposite the Hierophant, it shows the sad effect on progress of not living as the V card indicates — in keeping with the Huna lore and knowledge of the three selves. On the other hand, Temperance, now numbered XII to replace the Hanged Man, shows nicely the progression from earthly success (the Empress) to interchange of mana with na Aumakua, which enables one to grow toward the final state of union of male and female and the graduation into the Aumakua level, symbolized by the card of the WORLD XXI. Please change the card numbering on your illustration sheets and also on any deck of cards you may now have or which you may later get. And let this be the sign to all who may see it that you are an initiated, Eighth Degree, HRA Taro.

Ol’ High Card sighs heavily and continues, almost under his breath. “Being human and so of carnal minds, it is inevitable that we turn next to that sinful, degrading, superstitious and entirely disreputable practice of using the Holy and Sacred Taro to insure ITS preservation in the hands of the wicked …. by telling fortunes.” He pauses for a sad moment, but someone has caught his last words.

“WHEE! NOW WE ARE GOING TO LEARN HOW TO TELL FORTUNES,” cries one of the new initiates of the 8th Degree HRA Taro. A sudden hush comes to the Lodge. Conversations are dropped in mid word, and all eyes turn to Ol’ High Card. He raises his voice slightly, puts on his most sinful expression of guilt, and proceeds to lead the easy way to Taro perdition.

YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN INITIATED INTO THE SECRET and terrible method of prying into the forbidden past, present and future. You all know that we shuffle the cards and spread them with a sweep of the hand over the deck, then select five cards at random and turn them face up. The same is done for the three parts of time with which we sinfully deal, the PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE.

FOR A “QUICKIE” I will initiate you now into the fastest possible way of telling a fortune. Select the MAJOR TARO CARDS and take them from the pack. Shuffle them, keeping in mind that you are to see in the “run” the past, and to check it. If it checks out as the past really was, then shuffle again and try for the present. If that comes up accurately in the five cards you draw from the spread, hold your breath and try in the same way for the future. Keep in mind the sad fact that as most of us do not know what we want, na Aumakua do not know either, and so they try to make for us a future, but with having to change “wants” so often, it is bound to be a very muddled future at best. If one “tells” it and it is not desirable, the thing to do is to correct the wants and aims drastically so that something reasonable and good can be brought about by the blessed and ever patient and loving na Aumakua.

If there is a definite question in your mind or that of the paying customer, think about it. Shuffle the majors, and cut the cards. Turn up the top and bottom cards of the cut and if either of them seem to have symbols which by any far stretch of the imagination can be said to be related to such a question, announce somberly.

“The cards are running true. Then shuffle again and spread and draw five cards (let the customer do this if he has crossed your palm with silver). Turn the cards face up, disregard shudders on the part of any spectator, and use the following list of meanings to say what the PAST has held. If the customer says this fits fairly well, go on to the present. If it hits close, try the FUTURE. If it does not, then announce, “The cards have stopped running true, and your future is probably in a frightful mess and impossible to foresee.” Pocket the silver, throw out the customer and retire to keep an eye out for the minions of the law. If the PRESENT matches facts rather well, go into the FUTURE hopefully and hesitantly. (Try your best to explain away all indications of sickness, death and disaster as, even if seen, they should not be made to worry a soul, particularly a happy one who expects the best and fears the worst.)

(On the following page is a short list of meanings of majors which Ol’ High Card has wickedly used for about 50 years. Use them at your own risk. If good comes, thank O.H.C. If not, blame Cigbo.)


O. THE FOOL: Beginning something. It may be good or bad start, as indicated by the cards which follow. Not well planned out.
I. MAGICIAN: Planned new beginning of something. Is apt to be successful if good cards follow. Aumakua may guide.
II. HIGH PRIESTESS: Womanly planned beginnings, with something hidden. Religious takings element. Intuition used. Higher guidance.
III. EMPRESS: Material success in undertakings in woman’s sphere of work, arts, family affairs. All needs filled.
IV. EMPEROR: Success in sphere of men and their masculine works. Money, power and position. Material good fortune. A friend.
V. HIEROPHANT: Externals of religion but may offer secrets to the worthy. Shows Aumakua guidance to be had for asking.
VI. THE LOVERS: Augurs well for all of the things having to do with the love of man and woman, and for Higher guidance.
VII. CHARIOT: Success under guidance in matters where man and woman work to accomplish something. Good traveling.
VIII. STRENGTH: Strong, planned effort to overcome something in oneself or also to overcome under guidance material blocks.
IX. THE HERMIT: Guidance by the Aumakua, recognized or not. Success in the inner or religious activities of life.
X. WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Plans for material progress will work out well, but especially if Aumakua guidance is obtained.
XI. JUSTICE: One will obtain justice and wrongs will be righted. One will right wrongs done others. Aumakua will help.
XII. TEMPERANCE (was XIV): Contact will be established with the Aumakua and good on inner and outer levels will come.
XIII. DEATH: Reverses the good thing of card IV, the Emperor. Guidance lacking. Death in family if followed by Tower. Augers drastic change. Bad news. Trouble.
XIV. HANGED MAN (was XII): Reverse of the good things of the Hierophant card V. Troubles which have come because the Aumakua is not recognized or its help asked.
XV. THE DEVIL: Reverse of card The Lovers. Troubles through evil love or through lack of it. Man and wife trouble. Hates.
XVI. THE TOWER: Reverse of the good things of the Chariot card. Plans go wrong for lack of guidance. Accidents. Illness. If with other bad cards, deepens trouble. With Death, warns of danger of grave sort.
XVII. THE STAR: Wasted effort and much putting off of doing what should be done. Aumakua not recognized and allowed to guide. Danger of spirit trouble – obsession or mental illness. Psychic upsets.
XVIII. THE MOON: Reverse of the good as augured by the Hermit. Efforts to progress without Aumakua guidance. False starts. Predicts a mixture of troubles. Worries.
XIX. THE SUN: Highest success in all things done two-by-two. Highest satisfaction in love and man-woman relations. Greatest success in inner life progress.
XX. JUDGEMENT: Good chance for starting all over. May augur taking up again a project dropped in the past. Opens way.
XXI. THE WORLD: Most fortunate card in pack.Top success in both material things and in love, inner growth and progress.


KEEP IN MIND the fact that in the secret order in which we lay out the cards according to their number values, half of the TWELVE PAIRED CARDS show BAD things in the life or circumstances, and the opposite half, good things. Keep the illustration sheets beside you and do not forget to trade places and numbers with cards XII, The HANGED MAN, and XIV, TEMPERANCE (numbered as they now stand in your Waite pack). On the other illustration sheet, all of the cards will be good, but will show different stages of progress toward successful living and the point of graduation into the level of na Aumakua.

If one’s future shows bad cards and trouble, compare the bad cards with their opposites which are good, and try to learn in what way there has been a failure to invite the Aumakua to take its part in living the life. A bad future can be changed by doing one’s best to draw up plans for living in which the Aumakua is asked to take the guiding part, then continually asking the Aumakua to give the guidance and help. The old future, which is already present in aka forms, will be broken down (and this may be a painful process), but when finished, the good things can begin to take form and be materialized. If working to reconstruct the future, run the cards now and then to check on how you are doing. Keep a record, if you wish, of your runs so that you can see your progress. Blessings of O.H.C.

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