Huna Vistas Bulletin #11

HV09-headerJuly, 1960

Spirits, Seances, P.A. & Taro



Many of you who have been receiving the HUNA VISTAS have, quite evidently, been throwing them into the wastebasket unread. Later, happening to think of something, you sit down and write to Ye Editor asking questions about books which have been reviewed earlier in the H.V. Or the questions may cover other items, showing that the H.V. was not read. When the Taro Card symbology study project was announced and all HRAs on the mailing list were asked to let me know if they wanted to go along, all those who did not reply (or who had not made a recent contribution to Cigbo’s work fund) were dropped from the list EXCEPT those in places outside of the U.S.A. The result was that many HRAs who had no interest at all in the Taro Cards or anything relating to them continued to receive the H.V. Some were indignant at having the Taro studies forced upon them. With this issue of H.V. we are finishing the work with the Taro. As we have not found a new research or study project agreeable to all, we will have to content ourselves with a mixture of things bearing on Huna, either directly or in a general way.

DO YOU WANT TO GO ALONG ON THIS BASIS? If you do, will you simply drop me a line? The mailing list for H.V. 12 will be made up of those who reply and of those who have recently showed their interest by contributing to the work fund. If we are to have an issue each month, it will be necessary to have about $3 a year from each of you. Many have considered a dollar a year all the H.V. is worth to them, and it may well be that it is worth less than nothing to quite a number. But, aside from interest, or objections concerning the things put into the H.V., it costs money and an expenditure of time to get the issues out. (I agree heartily that, writing the material as I do for the H.V., there is a most distressing amount of Max Long and his egotism and pet ideas involved, often antagonizing the reader or causing his “teeth to curl.” I often feel that I can’t bear the rantings of the old boy myself, but someone has to carry on if there is to be an H.V. In any event, here is an easy way to escape the wastebasket this issue and remain silent. I will do the rest.)

It is quite possible that the H.V. will vacation for a month or two in order to give Cigbo a chance to rest up, and resume later.


(This is presented with due apologies to all of you who do not believe that the spirits of the dead return to communicate. Perhaps I should also apologize to all of those feeling like a dead friend who was hunted up and asked if he would please come and speak to his living friend on earth. He replied, “No. I don’t believe in ghosts.”)

The past month has seen us draw an almost complete blank in so far as information of value to us is concerned. In a long tape from a Canadian HRA, his father is  an amateur medium, was put to bed late at night and asked to try, when asleep, to get a kahuna spirit to take over and speak through him in a Polynesian dialect, telling about Huna and giving information which we of the HRA may still lack in our investigation. The tape recorder was made ready and the HRA son sat by to wait. In a short time the father was taken over and soon began to lecture rapidly in a strange tongue. This lecture went on and on, but it was NOT in a Polynesian dialect, as I soon realized after listening to it via the tape. There were “d” sounds and others entirely foreign to the Polynesian. What language it may have been, I was unable to say, but some of the words sounded as if they might be from the Malay, which is distantly related to some Polynesian dialects. Next, a spirit gave a long lecture in broken English. It was certainly NOT broken Hawaiian-English, no matter what else it may have been. Also, in this lecture it was stated that it had been the great former kahuna named “Horidace” who had been divulging secrets. It was stated that he had come originally from India to teach the Polynesians and that their na kahuna had accepted him as an authority. He had performed instant healing. He had made contact with other planets. He could heal or kill. He used “Universal Power,” and there were many things he dared not mention because they were “too sacred.”

In the Polynesian, the letter “d” is not found. The name given as “Horidace” could not be that of a kahuna. The lecturing spirit pronounced “mana” with a short “a” thus showing that he was not at all familiar with the language of Huna and na kahuna. He spoke with impressive pretense, using the words “positive” and “negative” and the phrase, “Natural Law” all completely foreign to the mode of thinking of na kahuna. The spirit had, in an earlier seance, mentioned a book in a New York library which had in it a complete account of the kahuna lore. When pressed to give the information which would identify the title and the author or authors of the book as well as its location, he hedged with the usual skill of the pretenders on “the other side.” Ho remarked, as so many have done before him, “You are not yet ready for the contact with these things which you cannot use.” In departing he said, “goodbye,” NOT “aloha,” as a kahuna spirit might have done. Score: 0.

IN FODOR’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE, pages 51 on, will be found a good discussion of the problem of spirits who pretend to be what they are not and who lie to such an extent that they have all but discredited the whole of the subject of spirit communication. The article discusses the poltergeist type of meaningless “play with the living who try to communicate.” The “twaddle” given in messages transmitted by mediums comes next, then the lies and elaborate deceptions. “THE PLAY OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS” is a heading in part of the article on “COMMUNICATION.” On page 282 will be found a good account of IMPERSONATIONS of the living and dead by supposed spirits and by the subconscious of subjects in experiments with hypnosis. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell:

  1. whether a real spirit is making a pretense of being what it is not and is telling lies for some reason or other,
  2. whether the Aunihipili of the medium is making the pretense,
  3. or whether the medium is either faking a message, or is letting her imagination run and accepting it as a set of pictures shown by spirits, or a set of statements from the same source.

In a single seance we may have elements of all four deceptions mingled with some genuine spirit communication, much as real apports may appear in the same seance in which the medium is caught palming off articles as apports.

Even the living are sometimes given to lies and elaborate pretense. One has but to remember the many who have come year after year claiming to be “masters” and the like. Once I had the opportunity of sitting at the feet of none less than Jesus, the Christ, in his second coming, and hearing the new laws and rules of the present reformed dispensation. This was in Barstow, Calif., many years ago. The man was small and bewhiskered and very eager to impress. He traveled from town to town with a burro pulling a large tin wagon to which was attached a smaller one as a trailer. A lady who had interestedly joined me the day I was given the new rules for living, remarked after we were leaving the little camp in the desert to return to the town, “Isn’t it too bad that Jesus never washes his ears.” In modern times the pretenders frequently include the ladies. I was scolded a few years back by “The World Mother,” whom I understood came to take over more or less where God the Father left the job unfinished. But now the flying saucers are apt to drop a Great Avatar from Mars or Venus or the invisible planet Gulla Gula at any moment, night or day. I fear that, even if a genuine Whoosit should arrive with the rolling back of the heavens as a scroll, I will be unable to believe.

So many of us are so gullible, and so few of us know enough to be able to recognize the genuine when set beside the fraudulent. I am reminded of the little girl placed in the upper berth above her parents on her first journey by train. She was hardly tucked in before she called, “Mama! Mama! Are you there?” The mother said, “Yes dear, I am here. Everything is all right. Now go to sleep.” In a few minutes a similar call was made to the father, and soon again to the mother. Eventually a deep male voice from farther along the car answered the anxious call with, “Yes, dear. Your mother is there and your father is there and I am here. Now shut up for Pete’s sake and go to sleep.” After a long silence the little girl called in an awed and agitated whisper, “Mother! Mother! Was that God?”

Some pretense is, fortunately, very transparent and we can all spot it, like the case of the Swede who was being chased by the country marshal for stealing a pint of gin. He rushed into the harness shop of his friend Anderson and hid under a work bench, pulling a burlap cloth over himself. The marshal arrived, looking for Ole. He prodded packages of leather and padding, and came to Ole. What’s this?” he demanded, kicking the hidden Ole  hard. The shop keeper replied, “Old leather cuttings and sleigh bells.” From under the burlap, Ole piped up “Yingle, yingle, yingle” to make the deception complete. (The “capper” line so often is the giveaway of the pretender.)

THE “PRINCESS” ALSO IS OFFERED A “CAPPER” LINE, at the end of a seance in Chicago, taped June 9, 1960 by HRA Dr. O. The medium either imagined a series of scenes and things to fit them, or a communicating spirit (some would say her subconscious) obliged by pretending to be a former kahuna and by impressively giving information supposedly bearing on ancient Huna beliefs and healing methods.

The seance began with the “seeing” of an ancient “savage” type of temple in a tropical setting with a sacrificial stone and altar. In answer to what is the best way to accumulate mana for healing use, it was said that

  1. a considerable cleansing process came first, and much depended on a good character.
  2. One left the body and became one with the “natural force” which appeared almost as a “vapor” around a kahuna in the scene. One worked then from the astral body. A spirit can help greatly.
  3. You deal with the Aumakua.
  4. To remove complexes and drive away obsessing or hurtful spirits, fire was to be visualized by the kahuna and seen burning and driving away the entities. The statement was made that all spirits feared fire. Also, one can cleanse oneself with the visualized fire, then be able to do what one wishes. One puts a mental “fire world” around oneself as a protection. One must use determination, concentration and faith in oneself. God “cares for people collectively, not individually,” so the kahuna heals the individual.
  5. The power comes from the earth. (Nothing said about the use of the breath or the use of “water” as the symbol of mana by na kahuna who did not believe that mana could be obtained from the earth or anything not alive.)
  6. Once mana is collected from the earth, the hands are laid on the patient and a call for spirit helpers is made. The helpers come. (It was not specified that the Aumakua was one of the “helpers” called upon.)

At the end of the impressive series of statements, the spirit (or whoever was responsible for the statements) offered a “capper.” “I am Kamehameha,” divulges the spirit most impressively. “We, as a group of hundreds, stepped off high places (in Hawaii) rather than be conquered. This was a dead give away. It showed to a certainty that the famous chief, Kamehameha I, who conquered all the islands of Hawaii and brought them under his rule, was NOT the communicating spirit. He was always the one who conquered the other native forces. It was his army which forced the men of an opposing army on the island of Oahu over the Pali cliff. Kamehameha was never at war with the whites. He had the help of two white sailors who manned the several brass cannon obtained from Capt. Vancouver. Someone must have misread a bit of tourist literature in order to make such an amusing statement. Score 0.

STILL ANOTHER SEANCE was held by a Los Angeles group recently. This group specializes in treating the mentally ill. One of the HRAs presented the name and some of the writing of a young woman who has been ill at various times in the past few years. Recently she had been quite normal, but one day she drew $1,400 from the family bank account and disappeared. At the seance, the medium, as is the practice, made contact with her at a distance and talked to her subconscious (and perhaps to obsessing entities). She was, supposedly, won over by arguments and promised to return home at once. But nothing happened. Days have passed and she has not returned. Neither has she been found. Score 0.

THE “ASTARA FOUNDATION” SCORED 0 some months ago when I challenged the claim of the founders, Robert and Earlyne Chaney, to prove the validity of their supposed spirit kahuna by having him say something in a Polynesian dialect about Huna for my listening. The letters I had in reply to mine were masterpieces of hedging, and never a word of proof came from the spirit. However, the Chaneys continue to claim that they have in their group of “guides” every spirit known to the literature of Theosophy and “occultism.” You name him, they have him to come to give a message. In their advertising literature they state that in their healing work they use kahuna methods. Just what these methods may be, I have not learned. I doubt very much that they can offer anything to remove complexes or drive away obsessing spirits. I doubt that they make any of the efforts common to old na kahuna to cleanse or kala the patient before treatment, or that the mesmeric or suggestive phase of mana manipulation is understood. If they accumulate mana and call on the Aumakua to help use it in the healing, I doubt that the pendulum test for the validity of the surcharge is ever used if even known. They sell a “course” in which Huna is discussed to a slight extent. But they did not write the course. It is from the pen of a former HRA and the illustrations are done by his HRA daughter, who is also authoring a course of her own in which Huna is hardly mentioned.

One of the good HRAs who recently moved to Los Angeles and who has time and loves to go to all the lectures and meetings, wrote last week that he is now attending the ASTARA meetings and enjoys them very much. Apparently he accepts all claims on their face value and without question  as do so very many. In a letter from an HRA in Florida a bit of news rather startled me. The news was that the small boy of the family was taking to Huna very nicely and prayed to the Aumakua as well as to “Zoster” (one of the chief spirit “guides” of the Chaneys) whose picture he owns and values.

Sometimes I get discouraged.

Should you wish to write to Astara Foundation, the address is 261 So. Mariposa, Los Angeles 4, Calif. If you ask for details of just exactly HOW and to what extent they use the methods of na kahuna to heal, you might stress your interest in the kala of the prospective patient and inquire whether or not the patient is made in any way to make amends for hurts done others before the healing is offered. Na kahuna made a psychic examination to determine whether illness or bad luck was being caused by spirits in part or in toto, or whether some living person who had been hurt was doing what was known as e kinaunau, and so causing the difficulty. Ask them what their idea of the meaning of that act is, and how they, as users of kahuna methods, translate e kinaunau. If the spirit na kahuna they say help them do not know the word, then they do not know one of the simplest and most common things in the healing art.

Ask them to give you, in Hawaiian, the prayer used by na kahuna to heal a broken bone instantly, and if they should send a prayer in response, let me check it for you with the original in my files. I believe David Bray, self admitted kahuna, lectured for them not many months ago while he and his son were speaking at various places in California, explaining his idea of kahuna lore and doing some excellent chanting in Hawaiian. (I had a visit from him at the time and reported it in a Bulletin. At that time he was NOT doing healing work here except for chanting a blessing on individuals.) Anyone really doing kahuna type healing could, of course, use the methods of any one of the 52 different kinds of na kahuna or, should we say, the methods of those among na kahuna who engaged in healing body, mind or circumstances. They might like to name the type of kahuna which they may have come to be, and to show their validity by stating just what methods their particular type uses. Some na kahuna gave medicines. All the healers used cleansing rites involving salt water and ki leaves. That point might be inquired into. Na kahuna who were worth their salt could frequently see into the future and predict events before they were experienced by their patients. The Kahuna Chaneys or their kahuna spirits might enjoy furnishing a set of such predictions which are of a nature which would allow a check to be run for accuracy as events transpired. It would perhaps be enlightening if an answer could be had to the question of just how they learned to use the methods of na kahuna which they say they use, and from whom and where and when.

And, by the way, if you take CHIMES magazine, which carries their ad and pictures, you might be as interested, as I was, in what you get when you run a P.A. reading for each of them. (Chimes is a very excellent Spiritualistic magazine, friendly to Huna, and carrying the best available in the line of articles on Spiritualism and related psychic activities. ($2 the year. Address CHIMES, Brea, California. $2.50 outside U.S.A. and Canada.)


YOUR PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS CHECK material comes this issue from pictures of people in the news in TIME magazine for June 20, 1960. On page 22 is a good picture of the famous Nazi, Adolf Eichmann, said to have been largely responsible for the extermination of thousands of helpless Jews in Nazi Germany. I get for him  and 342 degrees. His “will” pattern has one leg clockwise leaning and this would indicate a part of him which was constructive. Perhaps he thought he was doing the world a favor by killing Jews. The shorter leg of his will pattern is counterclockwise and shows the natural inclination to take orders and to be guided into evil by others. His personality circle is round and strong, but counterclockwise, showing the Aunihipili to be naturally evil. It is a combination that fits many of our worst criminals. His degree standing at 342 is almost a hundred degrees above the average, and allowed him to make and carry out plans under orders from those above him.

Cuba and Castro are in the news almost daily, with nothing which is being said or done seeming to make either economic or political sense. On page 30 of TIME, Castro is pictured with Che Guevara, who is said to head the effort to bring about Agrarian Reform and boss the banking of the country. Castro reads for me  and 322. A strong and constructive “will” shows him as the determined leader. His flattened clockwise personality circle would indicate warped and complexed Aunihipili nature. His degree is not very high when it comes to intelligence such as a man in his position would have to have to do a good job. Guevara reads [image] and 332. His “will” is exceptional. His circle strong and constructive. He is a little more intelligent than Castro. That he will be one of the “powers behind the throne” is to be expected. He will get things done, and will try to do what he thinks is good for all concerned if Castro will give him a free hand. Neither man is a match for the top leaders of Russia who will probably try to help them toward Communism as much as possible. What readings do the pictures give you? I may be wrong, do not forget. In passing, I am happy to report that an increasing number of check readings which match mine rather well are coming in.


I WILL NOW RUN THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE WITH THE TARO CARDS for Cuba. It will be interesting to see how the cards run in relation to the P.A. for Castro.

I get for the past:
First: V. Hierophant, the one major for the draw. This is CHURCH on its more material side, and fits well the powerful place of the Catholic Church in Cuba in the past.
Next: Knight of Swords, which indicates the effort to correct abuses. This fits Castro’s successful overthrow of the former dictator.
Next, IX of Swords, showing the awakening from a period likened to a long and bad dream.
Next: III of Swords, and the indication of small disappointments.
Last: III of Wands, which shows a new start based on business or agricultural plans.
Note that we have two “three” cards here together which shows that plans are in the beginning stage. The two Sword cards, on the other hand are near or past the 10 numbering, showing the end of the second part of the war effort or revolt.

THE PRESENT draw gives:
First: IX of Swords again, indicating the continuing awakening and removal from the period when all were helpless in the grip of the dictator.
Next: Ace of Wands, showing new plans and beginnings which seem well augured.
Next: IX THE HERMIT, indicating wise spiritual guidance. The Church may now be a guiding and conservative influence.
Next: X WHEEL OF FORTUNE, a card of rapid changes and success which would say, “All well so far.”
Last: XIII DEATH, indicating a dividing of the ways with good to come only if the spiritual values are recognized. The Church is in an uneasy position and change is in the air.
Note that the last three cards are majors, indicating the power of the elements now at work making major changes in Cuba.

THE FUTURE draw gives:
First: IV of Wands, this being still a card of beginnings, but indicating success for the new plans and general satisfaction.
Next, II of Pentacles, indicating the poor start being made in money matters and the troubles to be met in meeting economic problems.
Next: King of Pentacles, showing friendly money powers, coming to the rescue.
Next: XVI THE (falling) TOWER, always an indication of sudden trouble, often because morals were not as good as they might have been.
Next: Knight of Pentacles and as so many Pentacle cards are in the draw, it is indicated that more and more money help will be needed as time passes. There may be a militant element in the money help brought by the Knight. A special shuffle and cut and a one card draw was made here to see how the Church would fare in the general outcome of changes. The card that came up was III of Pentacles, which I read as one of little change and of “tending to one’s knitting.” This seems to fit the situation as it now stands and promises to stand. Cuba is strongly Catholic and if the Church was attacked on a large scale there would be no schools and no place to turn to find teachers for such secular schools as might be established. I judge that there will be economic reform and change, but closer ties with U.S.A. in time.

THE SYMBOLIC TARO – Initiatory Unit 11

THE LODGE OF THE ANCIENT ORDER OF HRA TARO, is found to be in very secret session. All members keep one finger on their lips and keep one eye and one ear covered to show that the information being divulged in a loud stage whisper by Ol’ High Card is completely “classified.”

O.H.C. says: “WE HAVE TAKEN ENDLESS DEGREES AND TITLES OF HONOR. We are now ‘Masters of Taro,’ and have the privilege of eating poi (which is made of taro, if not from cards) with either one or two fingers.” (Muffled but enthusiastic cheers.)

Dearly Beloved. (But please keep in mind that anyone using this time honored greeting almost invariably ends by passing the hat and so is suspect and should be avoided.) We near the end of our investigation of the few grains of truth symbolized in the Taro Cards. We also finish, at least in small part, the task of showing the falseness of mountains of twaddle and outright lies foisted on the unsuspecting in the name of religion, occultism and even some of the semi-sciences such as that of Astrology, not to mention that of Numerology. In deference to unavoidable human weakness, we have degraded the Taro by using it to tell fortunes. Our excuse is the same one which has been used for several centuries. It is that in the hands of wicked fortunetellers, the Taro Cards will be preserved with all their hidden truth for the less sinful of posterity.

RECENTLY SOME OF THE WISEST HRAs have written to say that they still believe that the claims made that the Taro Cards were connected with Astrology and also with the Cabala (and therefore with Numerology) are valid. I have been urged to continue the Taro study in the H.V., going on into these connections and INTO THE MEANINGS of the Astrological and Cabalistic systems.

Much as I would like to bow to the wisdom of my fellow HRAs who know so much more of the systems just mentioned than I will ever begin to know, I still feel obliged to hold to my conviction that the Taro Cards were NOT originally connected with them in any way, and that only in later times were certain cards chosen to present as standing for items in the systems. Some of the modern packs of the cards even have the astrological symbols printed on them, and some have also letters from the Hebrew alphabet to tie them in with the Cabala meanings assigned to such letters. The numbering of the cards has not been changed, but Numerology has been said to have a connection with symbol meanings as indicated by the numbering.

If you will take your sheets showing the Taro Cards laid out according to our secret number addition order, you will see that on the sheet which has the FOOL at the left, we have nine cards. If we give the usual Astrological meanings, or even attempt to use the cards as markers representing various signs or planets, the falseness of the arrangement will at once become apparent. If we take the sheet at which we are looking and compare the signs and planets usually assigned to them (the majors), it will be seen that there is no sense in the way the symbols of Astrology have been placed on the various cards. There are 10 cards on this sheet and, if we were to be rational, we would say that here we must have the Sun, Earth, Moon, and all the planets from Mercury to Neptune (9 in number, if we count Pluto as the 10th) BUT, THE MOON card is on the second page where the pairs of opposites (in meaning) are given in the secret order. Moreover, the symbology of the 10 majors on the first sheet would not match the significance given by Astrology to the various planets in so far as their influence on us in our charts is concerned. Earth, represented by THE WORLD, has no place in the charts in any event except as a background for the 12 signs.

TURNING TO THE 12 SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC, and to illustration sheet #2 showing the secret order, we find that we have six pairs of cards and that each pair shows the good side contrasted with the bad side of the thing symbolized. If we insist on assigning to the twelve cards the meanings of the twelve signs, from Aries to Pisces, we would violate all the rules of Astrology by saying that one half of the signs represent bad things even if the other half represents the good. As no good astrologer would tolerate such a thing, we can safely say that the Taro, as presented in its secret order to us (which gives us such a clear insight into the meaning of the symbology of the majors) does not fit in any way the meanings represented by the signs and planets in Astrology. If the cards are used as markers, they are very poorly fitted for such a use. The minors could be more easily hammered into shape to fit such uses. (See a good representative try in this direction in the book, The General Book of the Tarot, by A.E. Thierens, Rider & Co., England, probably now out of print). (Thierens arbitrarily takes the first 12 cards as numbered in the non-secret lay of the majors, and gives each of them a sign of the zodiac. That leaves 9 majors, and he delightedly assigns them the signs for the planets, leaving out the Earth, and making THE WORLD, No. XXI, stand for Neptune. Pluto is not included, of course. The planets are not assigned as one might expect, that is, beginning with the one closest to the sun and going outward. Of course, that would throw the sun and moon out of line. SO, the assigning is purely arbitrary, and although Mr. Thierens makes a noble effort to show that the symbology of the Waite pack fits the signs and planets as he lists them, he has to stretch the scheme to the breaking point in my opinion to make things fit.

When I cast a horoscope, I have to give the “houses” their significance, also the “ascendant.” Then the “aspects” or “angles” of the planets in their relation to each other has to be prayerfully calculated for values, and progression values tabulated. The many additional features, such as those of when a planet is in a sign which is good or bad for it, or such as the matter of who is the “ruler” of a sign or house, all these complications must be noted, and one would have to have a dozen or so packs of Taro Cards, all assigned to different items, to allow markers to be laid out to take the place of an ordinary chart which can be indicated on a small sheet of paper. If there were any apparent value, or even some added convenience, to be found in using the cards as markers, I would cheer. However, even with the use of the lesser arcana of the ordinary playing card deck in such fine works as those of our best HRAs, the method is still arbitrary or so I stoutly contend.


It just so happened that the number of Taro majors and the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet are the same, even if it is not too certain that all the majors were included in the earliest packs.

The early French writers seem to have discovered this matching of cards and letters in the Hebrew alphabet and, knowing something of the Cabala, fastened on the seeming relationship with whoops of delight. Please remember that it was not the Cabala preserving Jews who advocated this relationship and whooped for it. Far from it. On the other hand, the Rabbis, whose secret cult the Cabala was, mixed in astrological and other significances in using their alphabet and number sequences to make a code behind which to conceal their secret theosophy.

In the Sepher Yetzirah, 24, under the description of the 9th letter, teth, we read, “He produced Teth, predominant in Hearing, crowned  it, combined and formed it with Leo in the Universe, Ab (August) in the year, and the left kidney in man.” Our 9th major in the Taro pack is THE HERMIT. And what a stretch of imagination it takes to link the symbolic picture of that card with any of the things mentioned in the paragraph just quoted. But some try.

The connection with numbers is described learnedly by Sephariel (I, 5) in his book, The Kabala of Numbers. He writes, “Every number has a certain power which is not expressed by the figure or symbol employed to denote quantity only. This power rests in an occult connection existing between the relation of things and principles in nature of which they are the expressions.”

Robert Collier, in his booklet, The Lost Word of Power, tells us that the Rabbis responsible for the system of thought embodied in the Cabala were hunting for the lost WORD OF POWER. (The search was old even in the days of ancient Egypt, when it was believed that if a mortal knew the secret name of a god and just exactly HOW to pronounce it, he could invoke the  god  and force him to do his bidding. Today in some savage lands such as Papua, a similar belief is held and the name of an individual is the most secret thing imaginable. Should his enemy learn it, he could use the knowledge to enslave or kill him with magic.) Collier wrote:

“Even among the Jewish Rabbis, there was a secret cult called the ‘Cabala,’ which believed that writing was revealed to man as a means of penetrating the Divine Mysteries, and that every letter, every word and number, even every accent in the Scriptures contains a hidden meaning. And in their system of interpretations, they arrived at this hidden meaning. But there was one word lost, and this word was the most important of all —  THE SECRET NAME OF GOD. One of the very foundation stones of the ancient Jewish religion was that the knowledge of the secret name of God enabled any one who possessed it to perform the most marvelous deeds … on through both the Old and the New Testaments, we are told that if we possess certain understandings all things we desire shall be ours — riches and honor, health, happiness and triumph over our enemies. And again and again we are given the records of those who triumphed through such understanding.”

No, say I. The whole symbolic code of the Taro denies such complications as those of the Cabala. (Or you tell it your way.)

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