Huna Vistas Bulletin #13

HV09-headerSeptember, 1960

Making Amends & Radionics


ONE OF THE HRAs WRITES that she had a strong impression that she saw orange yellow, as a flash, when the reproduction of the Mrs. Kingsley Tarpey’s HEALING PICTURE fell out of H.V. 12, as she took it from its envelope. Later, when reading the description of the picture, she realized that she had picked up, psychically, the orange and yellow of the sunset in the original painting.

Was this telepathy? No one was sending the color as an impression. Was it the color impression placed in the pictures by myself as I handled them to be sure they had aka threads to connect them with me and thus with the original which I look at and whose image and colors I try to send out telepathically at the beginning of each TMHG session? Was it intuition? Or, was it a delayed telepathic flash, or a direct connection through the print with the original? There are many mysterious and fascinating things in this field to consider.

THERE WAS A FINE RESPONSE to the invitation to join in the TMHG work, whether to sit simply to tune in with the rest of us and the GREAT COMPANY OF NA AUMAKUA, to give mana for the work on all three levels and/or to ask for help. We need to review what we have learned in our Huna studies, and to be reminded of what uses we may make of what we know. Many letters come in reporting success in getting help through the work we do together in the TMHG sittings.

“WHEN I TRY TO MAKE MY TMHG PRAYER” writes one HRA, “I can’t help remembering my sins. They are not bad ones, but I feel guilty and shut away from the Aumakua because I have left so many things undone. For instance, I recall my conviction when young that I should answer the ‘call’ and be a missionary to spread the Gospel. I also recall the time I felt much depressed because I could not obey the command to ‘Sell all and give to the poor, etc.'”

MOST OF  THE CHRISTIAN WORLD has fallen into this trap of misunderstanding. The true, but hidden, Huna meaning behind many things reportedly said by Jesus would free the thousands who are haunted by their sense of guilt and frustration. We need to spread the gospel of Huna as fast and as far as possible.

THERE IS NO SIN BUT HURT, should be blazoned on all our banners.

No one was hurt when this HRA did not become a missionary. Most people, the world around, have a religion that they like. Few wish to be converted. The main SERVICE of a missionary should be, and often is, that of helping backward people, medically and in educational matters. All prayer and all worship goes to the Aumakua if it goes anywhere. THERE IS NO OTHER PLACE FOR PRAYER TO GO. Pray with the strong emotion of desire and with faith to a stone idol, and the Aumakua hears. Make your affirmation and “command” with the thought of “Universal Consciousness” in mind and the Aumakua (The “Entirely Trustworthy Parental Spirit Pair”) and it alone, will hear.

A SENSE OF GUILT BLOCKS THE PATH to the Aumakua by causing the Aunihipili to be ashamed and to refuse to “Go into the Presence” by making the contact along the connecting aka cord. If the guilt sense is so strong that it is a “fixation,” the most strenuous efforts are needed to get the “path” opened. There is forgiveness forty times over to be had for the asking if the “sin” has been one which, of its very nature, has caused no HURT to anyone. But, and mark this well, the illogical and very material Aunihipili cannot be convinced that it receives forgiveness just for the asking if it knows it has HURT someone and also KNOWS that proper amends for the hurting have NOT been made.

TO CLEANSE THE AUNIHIPILI, a physical stimulus is needed. Only Huna, of all systems of religion and modern psychology, has told us. The Aunihipili is impressed by things it can feel with the senses. If one has hurt another in the past and cannot make direct amends at present, the block can be whittled away by physical acts performed with the strong Auhane intention of making amends in a general way to humanity. Giving “until it hurts” (oneself) is excellent to impress the Aunihipili if the thing given away is at the same time something it would like to keep and enjoy.

I ONCE KNEW A MAN who had a deep sense of guilt. No one ever knew just what he had done in his past that he considered such a great sin. But he tried to compensate by doing good to others, regardless of who or what they were. He lived in Honolulu, and when someone was ill or in deep trouble and no one else would help him, they called this man. And he would come and act as nurse, cook, gardener, anything. He worked when he could to support himself, but never asked a reward for his service.

WHEN VERY OLD, he still limped about and helped as much as he was able. One day he was found dead in his shabby room, a smile on his lined face.They still speak of his funeral in hushed voices. Ministers of all faiths were there to tell of his good deeds. The church was not large enough to hold a half of the people of all races, ages and walks of life who came to mourn his passing. Some, who most earnestly desired to attend his funeral, could not do so. They were the very ill, and half the inmates of the local prison. I believe that a stone stands above his ashes, bearing his name and his often repeated words, “I do what I can.”

IN MAKING GENERAL AMENDS, a great kahuna once gave instructions, saying, “Let not the left hand know what the right hand doeth.” The service must be as impersonal as possible.

AS FAR BACK AS THE YEAR 1556, an English bishop once preached a sermon trying to arouse the rich and powerful of his congregation so that they would help the poor, of whom he said, “They freeze and starve beneath our heaven-bent feet.”

This is related in an article in the August number of HARPERS magazine, in which is discussed the fact that from the earliest times the powerful have grasped for riches and more power, using church and government to preserve and protect their ill gotten rights, properties and privileges …. their right to exploit the defenseless.

THE STARTLING IDEA IS PUT FORTH that Christianity was NEVER put into practice in the Christian world in the 2,000 years since it was said in Acts: “and distribution was made to every man according to his need.” It was also written, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

The STARTLING part of the article (“Christ Under Communism”), is the evidence offered that even now, in the “Godless Red Communities in Russia and China,” Christian principles are at last being tested in practice. True, the leaders have great power, and they use it, but, for example, the head man in Russia lives in a very modest flat of only five rooms in a new building in the Russian capital. His car is owned by the government, which also pays for the driver. Yes, we of the Christian nations may well look to our defenses. That dull rumbling we hear coming from so many parts of the world nay be the marching feet of the world’s hungry and angry men. Great change is in the air. One of my correspondents asks, “Do you know that the next great world teacher is due to appear in 1965?” (Or was it 1963? I have misplaced the letter.)

THE MORMONS in America, of all Christian sects, may have been the only ones to try at any time to put Christian economic principles into practice. In THE BOOK OF MORMON, which is their revealed source of information, we read in 2 Nephi, page 95, verse 31: “But the laborer in Zion shall labor for Zion; if they labor for money they shall perish.”

I believe THAT THE MORMONS DID ACTUALLY TRY a form of commune when they settled in Utah, but it could not have lasted long. The settlement was surrounded by a nation where dog ate dog for the purpose of gaining power and wealth. Wagon trains, headed for the far West, passed, needing flour and supplies. The laborers of that Zion sold at a good profit and prospered. The faithful all pay 10% of their income to the L.D.S. church, and much of this money is invested in the stocks of great corporations where the laborers and the stock holders battle constantly over wages. But, during the Depression, no good church member had to go on “relief.”

They took care of their own. In the big world of today, where trade is so necessary, it is equally difficult for the Reds to carry on under Communism, with the nations surrounding them under the Capitalistic system. The idea of living together without a constant clash on all fronts seems a very hopeless one. But isn’t it odd to see the Christian nations claiming all the virtues of Christian morals while leaving Christian economics to the Reds?

AMENDS FOR A RACE AND NATION to clear up what many like to call “evil karma,” should be considered. As a member of a transgressing race or nation, each of us should, according to this theory, do something to make amends to those we have hurt as a group. I am not sure how the individual in the U.S.A. can go about making amends, for instance, to the Indians whom we deposed without considering the sacred right to own property recognized by the Christian nations for some centuries back, as well as by most heathen nations of any importance in days of  old.

JUST HOW TO “GIVE AMERICA BACK TO THE INDIANS” to make full amends, I do not pretend to know. But HRA D. McG. of Cincinnati, who believes mostly in Oahspe, and slightly in Huna, has just scorched my tail feathers in a letter for referring to the current lawsuit of the Arizona Hopi Indians to recover land rights as an attempt “by the Indians to get back the U.S.A. or all of Arizona.” (I am duly and repentantly scorched.) For my money, the Arizona Indians can have back all the Arizona lands they can work after the manner that gets modern yields. I fear I am not very sympathetic to the proposition that they take the lands and water rights and continue the ancient way of life in which only a fraction of the productivity of the land is used. I shall probably go to some Oahspean hell, if there is one, for this feeling, but the world moves and races adopt machines and scientific ideas or drop out of the race. An Indian tribe trying to isolate and insulate itself in the midst of a commercial and scientific nation has as little chance of doing so successfully as did the Mormons or as do we of “Rugged Individualism” have of surviving as such if we become entirely surrounded by Communistic Nations as time goes on. Like it or not, we are NOT turning back the clock, whether the progress is toward good or evil, justice or injustice. However, I suggest that anyone willing to make amends on a national scale buy a parcel of land and present it to the great grandson of some Indian whose property rights have been violated. Of course, if the Russian boast that we will all be Communists in a few years should come true (God save the dollar! I mean “mark”) then Lo, the poor Indian may have to join the rest of us and accept his share of the products of mutual labor. I keep remembering a time in the HRA when we all tried to get premonitory dreams to help us see what the future holds. And one HRA had a dream in which years had passed and she found herself a forewoman on a large community farm in her part of the land, planning work, laying out plantings and keeping records. Everyone was dressed in a simple garb something like a uniform, and all seemed (in her dream) to be going along happily and smoothly. With all our idealism, and while observing the law of non-hurt, I cannot but feel that the ingredient of GOOD OLD COMMON SENSE is still very important. We all do what we can and even if that isn’t very much, it is something. Many do not wish even to “Do what they can.” They wish only to GRAB.


A kahuna is reported to have been found by the HRA mentioned above as carrying a scorching torch for the Hopi Indians. He is said to be Hawaiian, and to have done many healings for the Indians. It is said by our HRA that perhaps I am unworthy of having the secret of healing divulged to me. (I am not sure of the standards by which this judge tests me.) I’ll believe the report about this kahuna when I have proof of him.

A HORRENDOUS POSSIBILITY has been brought to my attention by a good HRA who writes, “and I see so much evil in the world, especially in high places, that I wonder what Huna has to tell us of the ‘Black Magicians’ and the ‘Fallen Angels,’ devils and the personified EVIL opposed to the GOOD.”

THE WAR BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARKNESS has been the subject of much speculation since History began. I am inclined to think that the original Huna version of the tradition gave birth to the many variations of the tradition to be found in later religions.

KANE (or TANE, in some dialects) was the first and original God in most Polynesian lands. He was the GOD OF LIGHT, and “light” is the Huna symbol of all that is good. He was the creator who first produced a woman, who, in her turn, gave birth to a male, who became her husband, and who begat a human race. Kane, creating on the heavenly levels, made himself a wife and begat 13 children, two of whom revolted, as did the later Lucifer, and descended to the lower regions of Po or “Darkness” (as opposed to the good and creating “light”).

There are ten “heavens” or levels of consciousness, and the lowest four belong to man. The first is EARTH. The second is that of the Aunihipili, and this is just above the realm of Darkness in which the fallen gods preside and make war on the Light. The Aunihipili is the victim of the evil gods, for the most part. It is filled with greed and hurtful instincts and drives. Even the Auhane, when associated with a darkened Aunihipili, my be made evil.

The frightening idea is the possibility that some of na Aumakua may also be contaminated and made into “Blacks.” (I have resisted the idea of such a possibility for years, but now must admit that it is not too far out of line with what we know of the great greed and evil which succeeds magically in the world.)

SO, IF THERE ARE, BY CHANCE, ENTITIES OF THE AUMAKUA LEVEL who are of the “Darkness” devils and if these devils help their evil Aunihipili-Auhane men and women to do evil, the world situation has always been very difficult and very bad, with the whole course of upward evolution hampered, even as we see evil men today in power seeming to have inspiration from the Devil and devilish help via intuition and power to battle against all that is good. Perhaps the Huna legends simply personify the fact which we all can prove, that many men and women are evil and still are able to “prosper as the green bay tree.” Perhaps the Hindu idea of the animal greed and sluggishness of the Aunihipili, which we all have to fight and eventually overcome as TAMAS, is more nearly correct. I cling to the belief that to reach the level of na Aumakua, one must become “Utterly trustworthy” and good. The opposing concept horrifies me. However, let’s play safe and send the flow of mana with each prayer to strengthen the good na Aumakua we know for any war they may have to wage against the fabled and legendary “Powers of Darkness.” Pray we must for world justice and brotherly love and sanity in human relations. Make amends for hurts done others so that your path may be clear. Make some amends for the misdeeds of the race to which you belong by helping someone of another race who has been hurt by “progress.”

A dollar sent to “CARE” will help some troubled person in foreign parts. Or, a dollar sent to Mr. Craig, 2103 Victoria Ave. Los Angeles 16, Calif., and marked “To help the Hopi cause,” will be put to work to help balance the scales in a microscopic way.

LAY UP TREASURE IN HEAVEN for yourself by helping now, when you are not greatly in need. So many write, “Please help me in the TMHG” and from their letters and requests, I know that the writers have, in all probability, never done anything to try to help or heal others. They have no balance in their favor on the heavenly books. Worse, they have no deep conviction of DESERVING help,and without such a conviction, the Aunihipili may be closed to what help might otherwise be given. (It is something similar to the proposal that any sick person who has not donated to the blood banks during good health, be denied needed blood in later emergencies.)

NEWS OF THE GEORGE DE LA WARR CASE is good. It will be remembered from the note in H.V. 12 that in the English courts Mr. de la Warr was being sued by a woman who had bought one of his “electronic” instruments to use to diagnose and treat disease. She had, like all purchasers of the instruments which he makes and markets, given a course of training in the use of the instrument. One must be able to tell from the feeling of having the fingers stick to a rubbing plate when the several dials are correctly set for a certain malady. After she took the instrument home and tried to use it, she found, so she said, that she got a different dial setting every day for the same patient and so decided the whole deal was a fraud.

SO MANY PEOPLE, patients and doctors alike, came to testify that the instrument DID work in the right hands, that the judge finally washed his hands of the whole confusing matter and threw the case out of court.

NEW WORLDS BEYOND THE ATOM, by Langston Day and George de la Warr, published by Vincent Stuart in London and with its third printing dated 1958, tells a fascinating story of the way the instrument was developed. (No price is given in the book. My copy was sent as a gift by a good HRA who lives overseas, but the price should be around $4.)

THE BASIC INSTRUMENT is described as one in which the dials, when turned, shorten the length of wire connected to them and to the mixing plate. It is as if one had a hundred short rods acting as “stub aerials” which could be tuned in to pick up the wave lengths sent out by a blood sample placed in a receptacle on the instrument. These dial aerials are each connected by a wire to a metal plate where the radiations which are picked up are said to be mixed to make a proper reproduction of a complicated wave pattern. This pattern comes from the thing being examined, and the settings of the several dials provide a code number by which anything from a crystal, a metal, a certain plant or a disease can be identified, but WITH THE PROVISION that the operator of the instrument who is rubbing the special plate to get the “stick of the fingers,” IS CONCENTRATING MENTALLY ON THE TEST OBJECT.

THE OPERATOR RADIATED as well as the “sample” in one of the wells.” This radiation was registered on the dials and upset the reading for the disease (or whatever of the many things which they tested). The solar plexus of the operator was covered with an insulating plate and part of her radiation vanished. Also, the readings varied in nature and in strength.

A REMEDY FOR THE TROUBLE WAS AT LAST FOUND in the form of a bar magnet, which, if stood on end by the dials and plates, and rotated until a proper point was found, “stabilized” the many clashing radiations. The magnet and the instrument worked best when standing in a certain position or orientation in relation to the magnetic north of the earth and, supposedly, the earth’s magnetic field. (I had not heard of this magnet and orientation factor in the American radionics instruments which we tried to study several years ago.)

“A CRACKLE WAS HEARD” when a person faced the instrument and the operator rubbed the plate and set the dials for a known disease. This was demonstrated before the British Society of Dowsers, and it was also learned that whatever force the body radiated could be reflected like light by a mirror. One complication followed another. Theory after theory was propounded to try to explain the strange new radiations that came from people, animals, plants and things. Science knew of no such radiations, and scientists in England refused even to consider the possibility that such radiations exist. The research also was very much hampered by lack of funds and the making and selling of the instruments (there were soon five types or more) was forced on Mr. de la Warr and his little group to make it possible to continue a line of fabulous research.

PHOTOGRAPHING THINGS, PRESENT OR DISTANT was part of the most incredible phase of investigation (as was the case with the later American instruments such as that of Dr. Ruth Drown which I once had the privilege of examining). A light tight box, connected to the main instrument in later days, was used as a camera. A crystal of nitrate of silver, for instance, could be given its dial reading and put in contact with a photographic film covered by a black envelope. (There may be other adjustments, and in one place in the book the writers mentioned, in passing, “lenses” as being a part of the camera box fitting. In the Drown instrument there was a tube from a radio mounted in the box. It was allowed to burn a few minutes, with the idea that it filled the camera with some form of electrical energy which was then used in making the photograph. There was no lens, and from blood spot “samples” she got some amazing “pictures” just by placing an X-ray film in its black envelope in the box for a short time.) As in America, no picture was ever made without the PRESENCE OF THE OPERATOR, who has to be psychic and trained.

THE COMPLICATION OF COMPLICATIONS came in the discovery of the fact that the instrument was, in some mysterious way, ignoring TIME. I sometimes make a photograph of a past event, as in the case when Mrs. de la Warr thought of their wedding and the “black box” produced an unmistakable picture of the wedding which had taken place some years earlier. This picture drew much attention, also some attacks as a “fraud.”

(I quote now from page 44:) “De la Warr was particularly struck by the fact that the radiation from iodine and other elements could be detected by using controlled thought when no sample of the element was present. This seemed to place it outside the energies listed in the text books.”

THE HUNA THEORIES, ESPECIALLY OF THE AKA AND MANA have been laid before Mr. de la Warr and his associates, and have been given careful consideration, even to the point of printing an article on the subject in the quarterly magazine, Mind and Matter. No stone is being left unturned in the investigation. Radiation, the aka thread of connection between blood and patient, or even between juice and a plant is considered in relation to the ELEMENT OF CONSCIOUSNESS evidently directing certain phases of the diagnosis, treatment or photography in which time is certainly playing a part as well as space, but a strange and unfamiliar part like MEMORY SAILING THROUGH THE WARPED TIME AND SPACE COMPLEX. Huna suggests that Consciousness, mana energy, and aka substance, all join to make up the complex which works in the limitations of time and space, generally speaking, but which goes beyond these limitations in mysterious ways – for example, in the delayed receipt of a telepathic message or in the vision of some event which transpired much earlier, OR WHICH WAS YET TO TRANSPIRE! Mind IN matter seems to become a more important study than “mind over matter.” The sages seem once to have realized that “ALL IS ONE” and also that there is a trinity or three-fold side to be ever considered.

EVIDENCE ACCUMULATES to show that treatment by the use of the radionics instruments and the trained psychic who operates it, makes changes in a defective aka body surrounding the physical body, and through those changes, brings the body into line. Of course, the Aunihipili of man, or the self of an animal or plant is involved in the treatment process and perhaps telepathically sent mental suggestion as well as mana (which carries thought-forms to the one treated). This may assist under mind direction. Our aka body is already known vaguely. It is called “generic pattern,” which is a start in the right direction for it is the invisible “mold” of every part of the physical body.

PHOTOGRAPHS OF SEEDS, made by the “radionics” cameras have showed not only the seed and the vital centers in it, but the plant which will grow from the seed. Again time is violated. The term “emergent field” has been applied to the aka mold which is connected with the seed or the fertilized ovum to guide its growth and many changes. De la Warr also thinks of the “genetic pattern” as (I again quote, now from page 127), “In the world of archetypes we can perhaps imagine the creative forces forming molds in the dimensions, each mold for a whole species. Both time and eternity are involved. From these archetypal molds would flow countless myriads of individuals, each with its four dimensional mold governing the pattern of its physical shape from birth to death.”

WE FIND THAT WE CAN MAKE P.A. READINGS FROM reproduced pictures. De la Warr found pictures a link between plants or people, and his instrument with its operator. He successfully treated plants via a photograph of the plots in which they grew. The plants could have their growth stimulated by “irradiating” the photograph. Some time ago there was a stir made by the claims of certain friends of ours that they could use a “radionics” instrument to treat via a photograph certain fields in which insects were causing damage. They soon worked up a thriving business in cotton growing sections, and the fields they photographed and treated via the prints, were protected by irradiating the print with insect repelling things such as eucalyptus leaves which a boll weevil would rather die than eat. The manufacturers of insect sprays became dismayed and took steps to stop the radionics method as a “fraud.” They stopped it. Good old “Rugged Individualism” in which the boys get rich and strong and then can gang up and sic a judge on a weaker enemy who is threatening their special way of keeping power and wealth. (No, I am not a Red, but, as an American, I can see a lot of things that “we the people” could improve on in the way we run our government.)

THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS in refraining from loud and caustic comment about how I ran the Taro and gave Stevenson and Rockefeller the best chances, as a result, of gaining the presidential nominations. But, in defense of myself and the Taro Cards, I warned that our likes and dislikes and hopes and fears are prone to color our Taro readings. However, I now remark thoughtfully, Kennedy consults Stevenson and will probably lean most heavily on his guidance in matters of foreign affairs, which, as we all know, are about the most important things now confronting us. And from the way Nixon allowed Rockefeller to take over making the party policy and forcing a revision of the platform, my guess is that we may safely decide who will be the power behind the Republican administration if Nixon is elected.

SORRY, DARE NOT DO IT, is my answer to the many of you who have asked me to give my P.A. readings on the presidential hopefuls. What happened to the “Bug Chasing” instrument boys could all too easily happen to me. It takes only one judge to oblige by slapping on an injunction that stops one’s activities from beginning to end, and to fight back takes years and no end of dollars. Dr. Brunler was a very smart man. He warned me well. Read for yourself only, and keep the readings to yourself if you find less than perfection.

THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THOMAS is the title given a small book published by Harper Brothers, in the U.S.A., and selling for $2. It is the first of a series of releases to be made as the translation from the recently discovered Coptic library (1945, at Nag Hamadi, in Egypt) progresses. The “Sayings of Jesus” would be a better title, as no story of the life of Jesus is attempted, only the presentation of “sayings.”

THE ORIGINAL TEXT is said to have been written in Greek about 140 A.D. Copied and translated into the Coptic, it lost much that the present translators have tried to supply or which they show in notes to be similar to passages in the accepted Gospels. For our purposes, it is the coded Huna in various passages which needs consideration. Not more than six new passages or variations have caught my attention so far, however, the last few lines of the 114th set of sayings is of great value to our understanding of a neglected and misunderstood set of beliefs which seem to have been lost from the canon as we know it in Christian circles.

I QUOTE: PAGE 57, lines 18 to 28. “Simon Peter said to them:” (the male disciples around Jesus, supposedly) “Let Mary go out from among us, because women are not worthy of the Life. Jesus said: See, I shall lead her, so that I will make her male, that  she too may become a living spirit, resembling you males. For every woman who makes herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

This makes so little sense that it is little wonder that the passage was dropped from later Gospel versions. But Paul, with his attitude toward women, may have been influenced by such a passage. In modern Christianity, so far as I know, only the Mormons, the Church of the Latter Day Saints, hold that women cannot, of themselves, enter the Kingdom of Heaven. I have failed to find this doctrine described in the Book of Mormon, or the command that women be “sealed” to a man in the modern temple secret rites to enable them to be saved from whatever fate may await them otherwise. (Will someone enlighten me as to the source of these teachings?) Of course, the heads of the L.D.S. Church have the privilege of receiving and announcing new “revelations” which may have all the force of divine commands, so the ideas may have had modern touches as well as the strange “sealing” remedy.

HUNA EXPLAINS THE MATTER. To reach the Kingdom of Light, or the level of na Aumakua, and so become, of necessity, a Aumakua, demands the blending or full union of a male and a female. They become “one” and still retain individuality as Father and Mother aspects. But it is as much a necessity for the male to unite with the female as the other way around, so the saying is partly corrected by saying the female is to be made into a male. Huna secrecy may have prevented the added phrase, “and the male becomes the female.” The “living spirit” or “light” or o`la spirit is always the Aumakua and so the code shows us the hidden meaning. (In other issues of H.V. we will take up other sayings which Huna can explain.)

THE RESULTS OF THE CURRENT EXPERIMENTS with telepathic color sending arranged by HRA Joseph Gunter, will be reported in the next H.V. I have received a color each day, but will have to wait to know whether I have them right.

THE HUDSON HEALING METHOD, mentioned in H.V. 12 as a thing we will test soon, will be taken up in due time, but first let’s give the TMHG approach a good work out.

DON’T FORGET TO USE SELF-SUGGESTION. It is wonderful on warts. One HRA writes that if, at the time of a new moon, one looks at it and rubs the wart and suggests that as the moon grows the wart will grow small, to vanish by full moon, it works like magic. Another HRA reports, “The hair growing suggestion campaign seems to be doing fine; dozens of hairs about an inch long are poking through my regular topknot. The indigestion I had for 20 years is 90% cured.” If you are not using self-suggestion, you are trying too hard and your Aunihipili is not getting the direction it needs to do things as they should be done.

ALSO COMING UP SOON will be discussions based on the beliefs, findings and theories of a brilliant man and natural healer, William J. MacMillan, of England.
Max Freedom Long, Editor

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