Huna Vistas Bulletin #17

HV08-headerJanuary, 1961

A “Planned” World &
Results from the Hudson Experiments



May your year be free of an invasion by inimical saucer people. May the shift of the earth on its axis be delayed, or put off indefinitely. May no meteor or comet strike our earth or new Ice Age strike suddenly. May our incomplete tampering with Nature’s laws bring no great disaster.

The first three of the above wishes lie in the laps of the gods, but the fourth is something in which we all have a hand. Mankind has been tampering with the laws of Old Mother Nature to some degree since the Dawn Ages when plants and animals were taken out of their natural state and slowly domesticated. Nature gave man no weapons, but he began inventing them. He learned to make a spear, construct a bow and arrow, a sling for stones, a gun to throw deadly lead bullets, a bomb to replaced a million guns. Nature gave man nothing more than a log for crossing water barriers. He invented boats and ranged far and wide. Nature provided no wings, but man made his own and learned to fly faster than sound.

Nature set mankind several fine examples to show how life could be made better. The flocking together of living creatures showed how mutual help could provide much greater protection. The ants set the example of farming with planted and harvested plants, and with the care of less able insects to act as their cows. Dwellings were constructed and kept in good order. Food was gathered and stored for winter. If an enemy threatened, the ants gave their lives in battle for the good of the group.

“Population explosions” were anticipated by Nature, and one form of life was set to prevent another from taking over too much space. Mankind was given hate, greed and anger to match a desire for power and glory which led to endless wars. There were plagues and diseases, famines and floods, all helping to keep men from overpopulating the earth. This “balance of forces” has now been upset in all too many dangerous and delightful ways. Wars have become so dangerous that we dare not make them on a population thinning scale lest radiations from bombs put an end to all forms of life. We have put an end to plagues, and we have learned to combine into our own ant hill groups, but each hill contends with the next for the good things of life. Race, color and language barriers no longer serve to cause wars to thin out the population. Nor do the rivalries of commerce produce wars as in the past few centuries. Religion was once a starting point for wars: now it causes “displaced” persons such as we see in India and Pakistan where thousands have been forced to leave their homes and go to become refugees, homeless and jobless and not even able to make war to clear places for themselves.

We have NOT, as yet, gone far enough with the work of taking over from Nature to make a new way of life with new balances to keep an even keel. There is, obviously, no turning back, but we are not yet half way through our journey toward a planned and ideal civilization. We have some cooperation on the national level, but little on the international. We of the more fortunate nations still lack breadth of vision, although here and there an individual begins to think and plan on a world scale. We can control population explosions. We can stop the men of great greed and of great political power from turning back the clock for their own purposes while justice is flaunted and a profit is made on human misery and degradation. We can prevent the great corporations and unions from taking unfair advantage of the less well organized members of our society.

THE PRICE WE MUST PAY for a planned civilization for the world is the loss of individual freedom to do as we please. Mother Nature gave us that freedom to enjoy “rugged individualism,” but made us fight for it to the point of extinction of the weaker members of society. Now, after many “long lasts,” the weaker members are coming to have a  voice backed by sheer weight of numbers. The “meek” are about to “inherit the earth” if the signs along the route are read correctly. A national conscience has been slowly developing in our own land, as against a scattering of individual or small group consciences such as represented by church groups. On television we see the plight of the migrant workers laid before us, also the conditions in the refugee camps the world around. No longer can the Queen cry, “Off with their heads,” and put an abrupt end to the problem. No longer can a Hitler order extermination of an unwanted part of the citizenry. “Man’s inhumanity to man” grows less as the males of the world are prevented by the H Bomb from making war. We have come to the place where action is replaced by TALK, and at last the women of the world can make themselves heard. The instinctive elements in “mother love” begin to counter the destructive elements and demand preservation of the helpless.

Perhaps the greatest single obstacle to progress into a fully planned way of life on a world scale is that strange characteristic of the human animal which he shares with the mule: an unreasoning and blind stubbornness. Let a man or woman of any race or social level accept a certain set of ideas, and nothing can change them. These set ideas are seen in religion and politics, also in hatred of people of other races or walks of life. The rich often hate the poor with illogical reasons given. So far, only three answers to this mule-like trait have been offered. The first answer is very old: “Convert them or put them to the sword.” Stalin, in the days of his power in Russia, killed or starved to death thousands of those who would not give up their fixed ideas and go along with his plans (be they for good or evil). The second answer is “brain washing,” which is similar to the method used in the Inquisition of the Middle Ages to force conformity of religious belief. The third and last answer is the one in which the child is so reared and educated that a desired set of fixed beliefs are established. Unfortunately, the educational approach must be such that it is able to remove the child from the parental environment sufficiently to prevent the parental fixed beliefs from overcoming those implanted in the school. To succeed on a world scale, the things taught in the schools will have to be made uniform. No opposing ideologies can be free of fixations and the resulting clash.

HOW CAN WE OF THE HRA HELP WITH THE PLANNING? This is a question we should all ponder. Plans of the ordinary kind are a dime a dozen, and worth only that much because the view is narrowed to a single problem. Our view must be broad enough to include the whole scope of planned progress. For instance, it, will not be enough to solve the problems of farm surplus or segregation just for ourselves in America or the “free” countries. No answer will be an answer unless it is given with the whole world in mind. More than this, no one problem can be cut away from a host of related problems. If we, for example, feed the needy in India or on the Navajo Reservation here in U.S.A., then the effort is soon wasted. With more food comes more of the “population explosion.” 110 years ago there were 6,000 Navajo Indians on their reservation. They had barely enough to exist on, but today there are over 60,000 of them. When dams were built in India and more farm land opened, the leap in the population caught up over a short period. In India today, they see the light and a beginning is being made at sterilizing males who already have a sufficient family. It is difficult to control population in this way because of the religious obstacles and because of the “rugged individualism” of the many who refuse to lived under planned controls of this kind. It is the long look ahead that we must urge all to cultivate. The short look is no good at all unless we turn back the clock and let Mother Nature use her methods to keep the balance.

DR. OSCAR BRUNLER, who gave us Biometric measurement of over all intelligence, saw one thing very clearly. This was that people of low IQ were incapable of exerting the wise leadership needed to guide the progress in planned living. He saw that the planning simply HAD to be done by the more intelligent men and women of the world. I talked long into the night with him several years ago about his findings and conclusions. He spoke of the ancient caste system in which the ideal was the rulership of the most intelligent for the good of the descending levels of more ignorant and less endowed citizens. He pointed out the undeniable fact that while all men are created equal as to rights, they were created with a great variety of brains. He was firmly of the opinion that the right to good things should be preserved, but that to let the vote of a near imbecile of 230 degrees biometric (our P.A.) be equal to the vote of a leader of 450 degrees was the height of folly. Very well then, shall we urge that P.A. readings be used to classify citizens and that they be allowed to plan and to exert voting control only if they have sufficient intelligence, regardless of race? I say, “Yes.” Look at the Congo today. Can the ignorant people of the back country tribes have a wide and long view to enable them to make plans for themselves?

AND THE WORLD? (It is not just their problem, it is a world problem.) Dr. Brunler said most seriously to me, “It is the obligation of the intelligent to lead and guide and control the less intelligent for mutual good. We are, indeed, ‘Our brothers keeper,’ like it or not, if we have around the 350 to 450 degree reading of intelligence and soul evolution.” He added, “This is not good Americanism, but it is GOOD SENSE.”

All of which brings us to the question which has confronted the human family for endless centuries: How can we get wise and just leadership? The old answer is “Divine leadership.” But men have turned out to be evil dictators instead of gods. Is education the answer? Leadership by men and women trained for the task and selected for their P.A. high standing? Can you think of any better way? The energetic brute who drives to leadership and dictatorship is not good enough in the long run. Shall we begin to urge that the best be sought out and trained for the task of leading and planning? I say, “Yes.”

TO PLAN A RELIGION for the world is perhaps the task for which we of the HRA are best fitted. Shall we give thought to this? It must be a religion which can serve the needs of all the world and of all races and conditions of men. Once more we must plan to fit the needs of the several levels of intelligence as measured by the Psychometric Analysis readings. Fortunately, we already have much information in hand to guide us. We know that the lower levels of intelligence cannot grasp even simple abstractions. The formless Aumakua or Parental Pair of Huna is entirely beyond their comprehension for those people of the 240 to 270 degree level. They must have images and must be taught to think of the Aumakua or of God in terms of human forms and attributes. They must have a man god or Savior to worship and to imitate. Jesus, Buddha, the emperor  who  is  god are examples of images to fill this need at levels up to 300 degrees. Above 300 degrees a slightly more abstract concept can be made to serve. We see in the “masters” of Theosophy and of popular “occultism” the less material image to be looked to for help and to serve as a goal of growth. We have the New Thought formula of “think right, and all will be right” rising slightly above the material man god. At 350 degrees we find psychic abilities to the fore, and the more abstract concept of “God as Spirit” can be grasped. From 360 upward, the formless Aumakua can be understood, and, as we scale the levels, the formless becomes without human traits, and the jealous and vengeful God of the early Jews is replaced by something beyond the power of man to picture or imagine.

TO ACCOMMODATE THE SEVERAL LEVELS of people, classified according to evolutionary growth and intelligence, we can have the church and the pastors to help and guide and organize on the lower levels. Above this we can have the secret or initiate orders which will take candidates up and up into the abstractions. The old doctrine of “NON HURT” and of LOVE and SERVICE will furnish the basis for moral and ethical teachings. What should be done about a “Hell” or similar threat to keep the evil from hurting the good, will have to be worked out. Na kahuna had one of their 52  member  levels given over to the use of the Death Prayer, and this formed a great deterrent force to police the evil at all levels. Perhaps we can perfect our courts of justice to the point at which swift and just punishment will be guaranteed. The opposite of “Hell” has been the promise of “Heaven” and this reward for correct behavior has been a valuable social force, as has the promise of freedom from “karma” and the escape into the heavenly conditions such as that of the abstract Nirvana.

Religion must come back into the schools, but the PLANNED way of teaching will have the schools fitted to match the several intelligence levels, The child of 250 degree standing will be given what is fitted to his mental grasp, and so it will go with the top level students forming a very small part of the student body, but being taught by high level teachers and given concepts to bring out the best in them. With the school of the planned future depending on the P.A. reading done by several expert operators, the naturally bad child will be separated from the good. We will have to find ways of changing the counterclockwise personalities to the clockwise or else develop a form of benign policing which will be continuous. Much will have to be worked out in this part of the field, but a start could be made with no more knowledge than we now possess. We could even give special care to the child showing the signs of obsession  proneness. Let us join in considering all these many angles. We are few, but ideas can serve as the tiny seeds of mighty works. Things cannot be made to stand still with Nature’s balances off as badly as they are now.

HRA ERIC BIDDLE, who, with Egerton Sykes, edits THE PENDULUM magazine ($4. 00 per year outside England. Markhan House Press, Ltd., 31 King’s Road, London, S.W. 3) has a very good outline of Huna started in the November issue, and has been helping greatly by sending me excerpts and digests of the books by Thomson Jay Hudson which he has found available in a library. I have The Law of Mental Medicine on long loan from one of the Texas HRAs, and own The Law of Psychic Phenomena, from which I have quoted passages dealing with the sleep healing method which we are testing. I will quote parts of his letters so that we can all benefit from the excellent work he has been doing.

“Regarding my own efforts, (testing the Hudson method since early November), I think it is safe to say that quite a fair degree of success has been attained up to this point, despite adverse weather conditions.

“On the whole, I don’t think the other books by Hudson are as good as the first, The Law of Psychic Phenomena, although they are all well worth reading. If you do not get hold of copies you will not miss much that is interesting from the Huna angle. A prophecy: The next five years will see Russia lined up with the West against China, wherein lies the real menace. (Comment by MFL: As I see it, the Chinese have been failing to control the birth rate, and it is inevitable that the leaders will be forced to face starvation at home or to force a way into other countries into which they can spill their excess of population.)

“One thing which struck me in reading Law of Psychic Phenomena, near the end of Chap. XV, page 217, was that in speaking of  mind reading by a medium, Hudson says: ‘The sitter may or may not think consciously of the subject of the communication; he may even be endeavoring to cause the medium to speak of some particular one with whom he earnestly desires to communicate. It makes no difference whatever, for it is the uppermost thought of the subjective mind that is read and of which the sitter has neither knowledge nor conscious control.’ You may recall that about 7 years ago I sent you a copy of some correspondence I had with a now deceased friend on the topic of carrying a thought to the Super-conscious by the process of forcing the consciousness to the top of the skull. The point was stressed then that in experimenting along these lines we could never be sure what thought would be taken into the Super-conscious at the moment the mind became a blank, as it might quite likely not be the one we had consciously in mind.

Extracts from THE LAW OF MENTAL MEDICINE, Chapter 1, page 5 et seq.:

“More important still is the fact that the records show that under all systems, ancient and modern, many marvelous cures have been effected, some of these seemingly miraculous.

“This fact … is demonstrative that the whole subject is under the dominion of some natural law. … It has become evident … that cures of disease are being effected, in the midst of the highest civilization, by means obviously identical with those employed in the darkest ages of superstition … results are identical and it is obvious that, in any series of cognate phenomena, identical results presuppose identical or cognate causes.

“No necessary connection between theories of causation and the results produced by those who hold them … there are vast numbers of mental healers whose theories of causation are more fantastic, not to say idiotic, than those of any savage tribe.”

(HUDSON GOES ON TO ARGUE THAT all healing of the mental kind is the result of suggestion, and should not be connected with religion any more than is the giving of a pill. He draws on the Bible, and elects to ignore the statement, “Not I, but the Father within: He doeth the works.” Now quoting from Chap. 2 page 16 et seq.):

“… there is nothing supernatural or super-mundane in the methods or agencies employed in healing the sick by mental processes …. No, power or agency extraneous to the patient himself has any part in the process of mental healing. …. Jesus …. never claimed any credit for healing the sick, nor did he arrogate to himself any personal power to heal disease; much less did he ascribe the power to any other agency, human or divine, extraneous to the patient himself. His words,’Thy faith hath made thee whole’ constitute a scientifically exact statement of the fundamental fact of mental therapeutics. (He explains at length that the subconscious has the ability to bring about the healing when caused by suggestion to act. He also says that illness is caused by the subconscious.) Faith is that dynamic energy which enabled the leper to throw off his disease instantaneously or the lame man to take up his bed and walk the faith which Jesus proclaimed as the one prepotent agency in the healing of disease … faith includes all the spiritual energies of the human soul. On page 29 he gives his idea of “soul”: Whether we call it the ‘principle of life,’ the ‘abdominal brain,’ the ‘communal soul,’ the subliminal consciousness,’ or the ‘subjective mind,’ it exists, and it controls the bodily functions in health and disease and, in turn, is controllable by the subtle power of suggestion.” (In later editions of the Huna Vistas we can continue our examination of the conclusions of Dr. Hudson. MFL)

REPORTS ON THE TEST USE OF THE HUDSON HEALING METHOD have been coming in and enough success has been attained to make the method a definite part of our TOOLS OF HEALING. The results are not nearly as certain in all cases as Hudson tells us his were. On the other hand, he did not report cases where age was a large factor in causing the trouble, nor did he speak of success with obsessional insanity. Many of the cases worked on by our HRAs were those of arthritics, and here we have a condition which doctors and metaphysical healers alike have found very often caused by fixations or various mental upsets.

The need to get at the causes of disease and first see that they are removed, still seems unavoidable unless the Aumakua will take over and perform the miracle of healing with a knowledge and power a step above that of the lesser two selves. We cannot remind ourselves too often that there are people who do not wish to be healed, at least subconsciously. To drive away obsessing spirits may need the use of a combination of Mesmeric shock, in which a large surcharge of low mana is used, and direct hypnosis aimed by the Auhane. (This was the method used by na kahuna.)

A most interesting success was reported by an HRA living in Arizona. She wrote, “I tried the Hudson Method on a man who lives here at the same motel and, of course, he knew nothing about it. He had been bewailing the fact that he wouldn’t be able to go deer hunting …  arthritis, heart, dropsy, and stuff. Well, in two weeks time he didn’t seem like the same man. Went deer hunting and got a deer, tramps over the mountains here, when before, he couldn’t walk a city block without resting. He can’t figure out what brought about the change, but gives the climate credit for it.”


Case #1. The arthritis condition of this woman is improving markedly now, after a slow, undramatic beginning. I had not taken into account the fact that she also suffers with her thyroid, a fact that I had forgotten until she spoke of it at my last visit. I am treating this now. Both my husband and myself have an idea she likes the attention this semi-invalidism brings, so some of her attacks may well be psychosomatic. Case #2. My husband’s. The hemorrhoids are responding beautifully, we’d like to report. The Hudson method is one we highly recommend, provided one is willing to persevere in the treatment, even if results do not at once appear.” HRA M.P.

HRA M.M. writes: “I am trying the Hudson method on Danny’s school work, and on A. Little by little the prayers are showing their good effect in her life. In her own changed attitude, I see the ‘delayed action’ of which you sometimes speak.”

HRA Mrs. W. E. S. writes: “As soon as I acquired the feeling for the work I began ‘practicing’ on my landlady, who has been ailing since last spring. She received treatment from her physician for a time, then continued on her own, as she expressed it. Almost immediately I ‘hoped’ I saw an improvement, and by the end of the ten day period which I had arbitrarily decided upon, she manifested energy and spirit the like of which I had not seen in her for over a year. And she continues to do so. I am now practicing on a neighbor who is in great need. It will require many trials for me to be comfortably certain that I am a channel of healing, and what a glorious comfort that would be. And how little investment of personal effort for so great a return.”

HRAs L.and T. write: “We have tried the healing method on Allan’s dog. He is now able to get up from his rear legs and walk steadier, and his back is straightening out. ” (Comment: We know that telepathy can be used to call dogs at a distance, having tested this a few years ago. Now it is interesting to see evidence to prove that suggestion with prayer can get across and bring healing. Who knows but what plants and all forms of life might respond to similar efforts? MFL)

HRA T. T. writes from Canada: “I can truly say that Mr. B. is very much better already. In another case there was a remarkable change within two days. I believe that as we continue in this testing we can see some marvelous results.” (Comment: Mr. B. was also placed on the TMHG list for help. He was badly crippled by rheumatism. MFL)

HRA R.H. of Canada sent notes made daily for a time after starting the test on a woman afflicted with arthritis and asthma. It was most interesting to see his ways of working and the personal reactions, although the report on the outcome of the treatment is still to come. He spoke of a visit with a couple, also much interested in Huna and the test. I quote, “He was very much improved. She was not, but found out she had been trying a healing prayer for three seriously ill persons, and had picked up all the symptoms of the patients — completely depleted. She will go more slowly, requesting the return flow of mana at the end of the making of the prayer for healing. ” (Comment: Suggestion that oneself is in the clear protects.)


The following article by HRA M. McC. tells of a fine effort to learn from her spirit contacts what they know that fits in with Huna and what does not. The statements which follow have been made to her by inner voice in answer to her questions:

“Yes, we all have on earth two entities within our physical body. One, our thinking self, and a helper, the subconscious, which is working toward sometime being advanced to the thinking, reasoning stage when it win have a subconscious to help it. It does the things you, Max, believe, and does have the ability to reach a higher source which the reasoning self does not have. However, on the death of the physical body, the reasoning body (self in its aka body?) takes charge of its memories etc. while the old subconscious either at once incarnates as the subconscious of a to-be-born reasoning soul or stays in the heaven world in a semi-conscious state. ‘They doubt that it ever becomes an ‘astral’ shell at seances as many Theosophists seem to believe. But, eventually, the subconscious incarnates with a new reasoning soul or might with the one it had been with before. The soul on the other side can only contact the Higher Soul or what you call the ‘Father Mother Parental Spirit,’ by advancing spiritually while there. People stay different lengths of time on the other side before coming back here, and some do advance to the point where no more earth lives here are needed.

“Our physical mechanics, such as the digestion, heartbeat, chemical reactions, growth, etc., are taken care of by a higher source, but I do not take it that it is the ‘Parental Spirit’ which takes care of that. (Perhaps “Nature Spirits” of the Aumakua level or just below? MFL)

“Now this is all very interesting and I believe it is the truth as they see it. It could be that they take it somewhat out of my mind and add to it although why they would do so would make little sense. Those of this (spirit) group all believe in karma and reincarnation but are not Theosophists. They laugh at some of the ideas that the T. S. group believes and the beliefs they bring with them. I take it that it is hard to convince them that their beliefs are erroneous.

“I find this (spirit) group to be made up of eager seekers after truth. They try their best not to be deceived or to deceive others. They never pretend to know the ultimate, and merely say they do not know any question that I ask which they cannot answer. They are always saying they are going away to study or that someone about whom I ask has gone to study. The Ke are people who are more advanced and who are teachers for those less so. They claim that it is a lovely, busy world for those who like to work and learn, and it is only unpleasant for the lazy and too materially minded — these people being bored. They do not spend much time in the plane next to this, only to help the newly born (newly arrived dead?) there or to help those who, like me, are psychic. We, it seems, are recognized by the fact that we emit a sort of light. We are always protected from birth to keep the ignorant (spirits) away. It was an accident that one of their number became too fond of me (in years past) and (became) so very mean and possessive. (One of the “ignorant” spirits? MFL) They guard themselves against this attachment, and several have told me they must go away because it is dangerous both for me and for them. Some are so interesting and lovely that I feel lonesome after their departure, but I realize it must be the law up there.”

CRAIG WAS HEARD FROM on December 20th. He asks me NOT to pass on what he had to say, and regretted very much that I printed parts of his letter in the H. V. telling of the Hawaiian healer and the chanter who got the help in moving the car through the snow. My face is RED. I am writing to make my apology. You HRAs can do your parts by FORGETTING all you read of the letter. Should the Healer  at any time elect to contact me and give us further information, not of a secret nature, I will be happy to accept it and pass it along. My guess is that if we ever learn to do instant healing, we will have to work out the method for ourselves as best we can. In the meantime, I take it that there is no secret about the help Craig is trying to give the Hopi Indians in  their effort to get back lands which they claim the Navajos are holding but which rightfully belong to them. Much interest is developing in Indian problems, and the magazine, “New Republic” has a good article on the several problems and what is to be done. The new administration strongly favors righting as many wrongs as possible. Craig’s new address is, “Craig,” Rt.2, Box 83, Montrose, Colorado. Funds sent to him will help in his efforts to help the Hopis. He also edits and prints a little magazine, “Indian Views”, 24 page, offset.

SHINE SMITH, (Cameron, Ariz.), writes to say that several of the HRA have sent most welcome gifts of money or clothing to be given to his special friends, the Navajos of the “Four Corners” country, at the Christmas party. My thanks with his. I am very proud of you and your response. Until, in some far day when we have planned the new economy and society and have realized it in the tired old world, the great need will remain to give a hand as we can to those so caught in the trap of circumstances that they cannot help themselves. I also pray twice daily in the TMHG that the unbalance of Nature’s laws will not cause our Western way of life to crash about our ears before we can take action … or that the planning now being done by Communist leaders does not catch us off balance to the point of being taken over and forced into their way of living and thinking. What we can do to deserve the help of the Po`e Aumakua, may be important not only in the present and near future, but, if we reincarnate in no long time, the better we plan and work now, the more satisfactory world we may find upon our return. (Think what a good place Shine Smith should come back to as a reward for his loving service!)

I ASKED, IN A RECENT ISSUE OF H. V. that those taking part in the Telepathic Mutual Healing sittings at 3 and 7 P.M., California standard time, contact me instead of waiting for me to make the contact with them. I had used up my space and did not elaborate on the request. The result was that several HRAs have written to ask what I meant. It is simple. In making a telepathic contact with anyone at a distance during the TMHG sittings, I look at the person’s inked signature or picture, and desire to make the contact along the aka thread connecting the signature and the one who wrote it. My Aunihipili does the actual work, behind the scenes so to speak, and in about ten seconds I feel a strange little sensation like a “sinking feeling” in my solar plexus, this telling me (from long experience in making contacts in this way and for P. A. readings) that I am in telepathic touch with the one for whom the Huna type prayer is to be made. The effort to make the contact seems to tire my Aunihipili, and with an increasing number of contacts to be made in this way, the ten second time stretches out to thirty seconds and more at the end of a sitting. What I ask is that those who sit in with me will look at a signature of mine, or just think of me, then make the contact. With an aka thread already activated in this way and mana sent along it for me to send along with the general prayer to na Aumakua, I have instant contact when looking at a signature.

THE ISLAND CIVILIZATIONS OF POLYNESIA by Robert C. Suggs, published by Mentor, (address: the New American Library of World Literature, Inc., P.O. Box 2310, Grand Central Station, New York 17, N.Y. Send 55¢ and ask for a copy of this book, No. MD304) is a new paperback book which all who are interested in the origin of the Polynesians, their native lore and in na kahuna, certainly should have and read. It is at present on the news stand racks, just out, written by a professional anthropologist and based on sound studies of language similarities and of artifacts unearthed from various layers and levels of ancient camp sites. Unfortunately, the author does not discuss religious beliefs or practices, although he does speak of temple structures and images cut from wood or stone.

The Polynesians are said to be a mixture of races gradually blended into one, and to have lived originally on the coasts of South China and to have been pushed out of those parts by the Chinese, moving gradually past the Philippines and on out to the island of the “Polynesian Triangle.” From Tahiti they doubled back to settle in New Zealand, also moving to Samoa, Hawaii and as far as Easter Island. They may have made voyages to the west coast of South America. Madagascar, off the east coast of South Africa, is mentioned only twice, once because of the Polynesian dialect and culture found there even today, and once speaking only of it as the limit of Polynesian travel and settlement in that direction. Nothing is said of the possibility of na kahuna and their people having penetrated as far as Egypt and, of course, nothing is said of similarities of early Egyptian beliefs and those of Huna. The great similarity of the early Egyptian glyphs and those used on the paddle boards of Easter Island, noted and so well illustrated by Prof. Werner Wolff, came in for no mention, and Wolff’s book, Island of Death, is not even listed in the bibliography.

With all its lacks from a Huna point of view, the book being reviewed is very much worthwhile. It brings anthropological discoveries and findings up to the year 1960, and has a delightful chapter in which the Thor Heyerdahl theories are neatly taken apart, shown to be based on little that will hold water, and to be largely an effort to prove the old guess that American Indians had settled Polynesia.

Of utmost value to us in our amateur effort to learn where Huna came from and how old it may be, are the dates given by measuring the radiations from bits of charcoal dug up at various sites and levels. These radiocarbon datings show that Negrito groups arrived in Australia about 12,000 years ago, and that they and mixed blood groups gradually spread from some home land, probably Indochina and South China. By 700-750 B.C. the Polynesians had reached the islands which they began to explore and settle. Hawaii was occupied about 1,000 A.D. (At the very latest.)

The author says that modern methods of tracing word changes from dialect to dialect have enabled experts to show an affinity between languages seemingly entirely different. Borrowed words can be traced, and original root words identified. The Malayo-Polynesian group of related languages are tied back to the Asiatic generally called the “Thai-Kadai family,” which family is still going strong in Siam and is found in the languages spoken by the Formosan aborigines in their Li dialects. (Now we need to know how came the words such as “prana” and “mana” to be so similar and to have almost the same meaning in India and in Hawaii.)

Many thanks for your Christmas Greetings and blessings on my New Year. MFL

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