Huna Vistas Bulletin #98

HV78-headerNovember-December, 1970



AN EARLY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!! may you all be happy and well and prosperous in the year to come and may your Service be an inner comfort to you.

THIS WILL BE THE LAST REGULAR HUNA VISTAS. From here on out I will be sending out perhaps a newsletter as I am able, but circumstances are suddenly such that I am having to face the necessity of letting go my hold. My own health and that of my little partner, Miss Ethel Doherty, are the primary cause, and I want to wind things up neatly while I can. Cigbo has enough on hand to supply me with whatever I may need, so do not send him more for his box. Besides, he has announced that he is planning on taking a good kat nap and resting his feet, just like boss.

AS PART OF THE WINDING UP PROCESS of our long research work in which we have engaged together, we have had the great good fortune of having an HRA “Angel” in the person of Dolly Ware (Mrs. Morton G. Ware, 1501 Thomas Place, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107) who has come to the rescue. She is beautiful, sings like a lark, lectures all over Texas on various subjects, telling whenever she can about Huna as she addresses churches, clubs, conventions and student gatherings. As plays on Broadway are supposed to have an “angel” backing them, so she is cutting out a wall and joining two large rooms in her spacious home to make a library and a bit of museum to house her many books and MY ENTIRE LIBRARY as well as have a space for fine items left from her ancestors and for some Huna mementos. The bookcases are especially made and oriental rugs will decorate the floors in open spaces. Four of my best oil paintings, together with the potentized picture made by Mrs. Kingsley Tarpey of England for us years ago, and also a painting in a round frame of an idealized Cigbo – all will have a place. (I am now using a painting of hills and a lake in a valley surrounded with trees on two sides in the TMHG sittings, which will be continued as long as possible – now on regular time for the winter). Mother of five fine children, only one of whom is still at home, Dolly has arranged to endow her home and place it in charge of her two daughters, one of whom is a second year student at the Texas University at Austin, where the other teaches English and is married. They will take over when their mother wishes to turn things over to them.

Dolly has just finished four days with me in which we had the movers in and packed up 28 boxes of books, pictures and some special items of furniture including a Chinese altar table. With the clearing here at our house, we now seem quite spacious, but miss nothing, what with the expert rearrangement of other things.

The library museum will be open to the public as a reading only room, and no books or bulletins to be borrowed. A retired librarian is waiting to take over as soon as my books arrive and begin to catalogue them and place them on the new shelves   which will be quite a task, what with the mixed nature of my collection of the years. If you visit Fort Worth some day after about the first of the year, all may be ready and you might like to visit and see everything. I am very much pleased with the arrangement, as I had feared some of my most treasured books would wind up in time with the second hand man or be taken to the dump. Blessed be such good friends. When they have at last done their homework and go across, may they all be welcomed at once to the graduation class and not have to return.

VERNE L. CAMERON’S NEW BOOK ON DOWSING has been the fulfillment of a dream of his for years. He was assisted by local friends, Bill Cox as editor, and several others helping with the making of many photographs, sketches and drawings. It is a fine hard cover book selling at $6.95 or may be had in soft cover for a dollar less. The title is one that is almost in an international language, AQUA VIDEO or Locating Underground Water. But in writing his book, Mr. Cameron did not stop with water; he covered the entire field from oil to treasure, leaving out only the quite different work we do in the HRA in making Psychometric Analysis readings, which is a true part of the whole scheme of dowsing. Even the doodle bugs are carefully covered for what they may be worth.

This delightful book is a combined history of dowsing and its theories as well as a most complete and step-by-step text book for amateur or advanced pro in the field who needs to have the last word from the Master Dowser himself. Credit is generously given his many friends by the author, including myself, and there is a description of some of our aurameter experiments such as the one in which we took the measure of the shadowy bodies of the Aunihipili, Auhane and Aumakua, and Verne found that advanced souls have a surprising wing structure, but less advanced just short wings. The book, to accommodate the many illustrations, has been printed by offset and is a work of art as well as a “last word” on dowsing. Order your copy from the author at El Cariso Publications. Rt. 2. Box 526, Elsinore, Calif. 92330.

THE STORY OF HOW VERNE DOWSED FOR THE THREE SELVES is worth repeating. It was told with a mimeo sketch in an early issue of the old Huna Bulletin. The time was in the early fifties as I recall. Mr. Cameron was already famous for his accuracy in water dowsing and had just perfected the instrument that we named the “Aurameter” after he demonstrated the fact that he could measure the shadowy body or “aura” of the three human selves, as well as those of visiting spirits. He visited me in Hollywood and we decided to make a full test. For this purpose we placed a ladder against the side of our house next to the chimney of the fireplace. He took on the measurement of the Aunihipili aka first, finding that it extended out from my body (I was the one being used for the measuring) about three to four inches, and about five feet above my head he found a strange aka formation three feet across like a doughnut and with a hole in the center, which we decided must be the shadowy body of my Auhane NOT interblended with my body and Aunihipili as we suppose, but living well above the head. He tried next to find my Aumakua and with his Aurameter in hand and feeling here and there, mounted the ladder then the roof and then stood on the top of the broad chimney. Reaching high, he located something or other and so I lay down on the grass (much to the surprised interest of passing friends and strangers) while he stood on the chimney and felt about, now finding the Aurameter outlining what seemed to be a human form of sorts, which we decided could only be the aka of the Aumakua. I do not recall that he found the aka cord reaching from the Aumakua down through the hole in the doughnut to the body.

Another time, as reported in Meade Layne’s BSRA journal and in the bulletin, Verne visited a Mark Prober seance and one of the communicating spirits spoke through Mark and they arranged that he was to hide himself in some part of the room and that Verne should try to locate him with the Aurameter. The search began and all the room was being covered methodically. Verne came to the table at which they had been sitting, and in feeling under it, the Aurameter reacted and its tip swung back from something. The feeling around soon outlined the rough form of a man, and the communicating spirit, whose name I have forgotten, spoke up and said, “You have found me, all right. I was under the table. I have often had the idea that if a search were made about the insane who are obsessed, he might be able to  able to find the obsessing spirit, AND, as the theory of Huna seems to be that the Aumakua lived in a body of LIGHT, with no semblance of human form, we might find or conclude that what Verne found hovering above me was an old kahuna offering help in the research work, much as Mark’s spirit friends were trying to offer their advice and information through him. Yes, “them were the days”, and were they exciting. The Aurameter is still being made and sold, the price being $30 last I heard. It is useful only in the hands of one who can use the pendulum, and is really a mounted pendulum which swings sidewise, made firm by a wire with a stiffish coil in it holding a pointer shaped like the head of a small soldering iron, and hinged between two pins in the handle. It swings to or from aka bodies and away from water radiations as one approaches the underground water supply. Verne used to communicate with his loved daughter who died in an auto wreck and over his Bible the Aurameter tip swung away from words she wanted to use to give him a message. His use of this and other instruments have been many and fabulous.


A photo of the hole at the North Pole that leads to the hollow center of the earth has recently appeared in journals here in America and in German publications. It is supposed to be one taken from a satelite and shows the usual cloud formations, but the strange part is a great black spot hundreds of miles across and a little off center over the Pole. This is terrible! Undoubtedly all the water and much of the floating ice in the polar sea is pouring into the hole and soon I should imagine, the water level will be reduced to match the bottom level of the Arctic basin. Pitty the poor Deros and other inhabitants of the inside of the globe! They’ll all be inundated, and the light will be let in in summer and all their devilment will be put to naught. No longer will they cast spells on the living atop the earth and perhaps their evil influence will stop working and wars can be replaced by peace. Or can they magically hold back the waters with a spell and shut out the light with another? Fie on someone!!!

A LETTER FROM A VALUED HRA reads in part: “I have read the last Huna Vista, No. 97, with much interest. I think we too often read other material, books, and get with the idea of trying to make them fit into Huna, and if they don’t, cast them aside. I, for one, don’t believe that Huna is the last word or the complete truth.

“Some of the other theories may have a lot of truth in them. Percival, in his book, Thinking and Destiny, states that man is an indivisible Self unit, consisting of a Thinker, Knower and Doer. But also he has a Breath Form which gives life to our animal body and leaves the body at death, but reincarnates again along with the Triune Self. This breath self corresponds roughly to the soul of Theology, and I think to the Aunihipili of Huna.

“After going through many incarnations, and after balancing feeling and desire, the Triune Self makes the body into an immortal sexless body. I think that many of the ideas in the book could be used to enlarge and improve the Huna theory.

“The theory of Lunar Germs and the Solar Germs is also given in detail in this book.” (Signed, G.K.)

I comment that I fear I did not do Mr. Percival full justice when looking into his work. I was tossed for a loop right at the first when I ran into his statement that the world was hollow and I forget what else threw me – things that I could not accept. He was an omnivorous reader and after years of filling his mind with assorted ideas, he hit on a novel plan and would lie down in an easy position and let someone ask him a series of questions. The questions were hit and miss and covered much ground, but were never edited as he gave answers to give a straight line system of beliefs to cover the psycho-religious and physical field. At any rate, he announced that in this way he was speaking directly from something he called “Consciousness”, which was supposed to be, so I took it, the “truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

There emerged the very mixed conclusions of one man’s thinking, based on what he had read of the thoughts of many men over the centuries, and with quite a showing of matching an idea here and one there to form bits of a larger system. It was not like the usual spirit  communicated material, each spirit contradicting the next – no “revelation” to be taken under penalty of hell and damnation if rejected. It was a valiant effort, indeed, and let “Consciousness” be his authority for what it might be worth …. and for me it was not worth enough to satisfy. He went all around Robin Hood’s barn and almost approximated Theosophy and even Huna in many of his strollings.

I rather think that men of a like P.A. level of intelligence attract others of a similar level. Several of the HRAs have, down the years, urged Percival on me as something to use to better Huna or to discount it entirely and accept the dicta of “Consciousness”. But my P.A. level seemed not to match Percival’s and I fear I shook him off without giving him due credit for a massive book filled with a fine assortment of ideas. Sorry, George, but I still like Huna and its ten simple elements as a satisfying system. I don’t know where it came from originally, but doubt that it was the work of one man and his cogitations. It seems too perfect and too tight and complete for that. (My two copies of his massive book have gone to their Happy Hunting Ground down in Fort Worth, and I can’t thumb them through to see what else I found on my first reading that convinced me that “Consciousness” as he presented it was filled with prejudices and lacked that fine thing we need so badly, the judicious element that weighs and balances with extreme care and which does not accept ideas because they are in print and seem authoritative.)

THE OLD HAWAIIAN DICTIONARIES were discovered by HRA W.A. Rapp, 2021 S. Eastwood, Santa Ana, Calif., 92705, in the library of the University in Los Angeles. Being an ardent student and wishing to go deeper into the coded meanings in Hawaiian words, he had microfilms made of both the old Loren Andrews Hawaiian-English Dictionary that I have used down the years, and also the smaller Hitchcock English-Hawaiian Dictionary. He next had the copies taken off in Xerox copyflow, two pages to an 11×8-1/2″ sheet and reports that they came out very nicely. He writes that if any of the other HRAs would like copies, he can have them made up for $55 for either dictionary, plus a dollar for mailing. Unfortunately, the New Testament in Hawaiian and English has been out of print for some time. It was a great help to me in finding the various passages and studying them. The abbreviated little dictionary I included in the back of my book, Huna Code in Religions, covers most of the words I used, but a student will find the full dictionary valuable in hunting for still more coded material.

PRAISE THE LORD FOR TAX EXEMPTION is the title of a new book by our Dr. Martin A. Larson and and Dr. Stan Lowell of the Americans United for Separation of Church and State. It is an enlargement of Dr. Larson’s earlier book, CHURCH WEALTH AND BUSINESS INCOME, and certainly lays it on the line in showing the way the churches have been taking advantage of their tax exempt status to gather in all kinds of outside money making businesses and continue to fill their coffers while the rest of us pay the full of our taxes and don’t like the way the Churches are running out on their share of the responsibilities of financing the nation in which they exist and demand all services, protections and privileges. Ask your book dealer to order a copy for you and when you get it, become indignant enough to back the movement to stop the ever increasing holy graft.

THEY SPEAK WITH OTHER TONGUES is a paperback put out by Pyramid at 75¢ on the newsstands. It was sent to me by a good friend who said he would like to see me review it in the Huna Vistas. And it is well worth attention, for in it the author, John L. Sherill, tells of starting out to report on those who speak in tongues and ends up a strong advocate of the method or experience or whatever one may call it.

Speaking in tongues has always intrigued me greatly. I can find no actual place in the Bible before the time of the writing of the New Testament where it is really mentioned in a way to make me think that it was known generally at an earlier date. Mr. Sherrill hints that it was known to those of earlier times and speaks of the mention of “Spirit” as “a blowing of the wind or a strong breathing”, but that does not prove that the spirit of a high and holy order, The Holy Spirit, that is called upon to make one speak in tongues or to translate the meaning of what another has said is one known in earlier times for the same kind of help or inspiration.

It has long seemed to me that this Holy Spirit is the Aumakua in some guise or other, or that it is a group of spirits of very high spiritual attainment who are urged by the na Aumakua to make people speak with tongues. The Aumakua as we know it never speaks to us in English or any other language. It appears SILENTLY as a cool and intense white light, and often brings great joy at its appearance.

The author tells of having an operation and being in the recovery room later with a boy and an old man who had been operated on and who were in pain, just as he was. Late in the night he tried again to pray but his words seemed to touch nothing. Very late, he desperately tried again, and a white light appeared in the hall and came from it into the room. He felt that there was something very different and strange and good about this light and seemed to recognize it as an old friend from his childhood days. Suddenly he asked “Christ?” The Light came a little closer and suddenly he was filled with the sense of health and well being and his pain was gone. He asked a question as to whether the Light could help the boy and the Light moved to him and immediately he was out of pain and relaxed. The same happened with the old man. Then the Light faded and was gone.

He had been very uncertain about the matter of Jesus as the Christ and could hardly bring himself to believe, but he had found something that seemed to be all good and helpful and that could and would heal. With this always in the background of his thoughts, he began hunting out the meeting places of the Pentecostal Church and entering into their strange ways of wooing the something, as he thought they might be doing. If they were not, and if Jesus as the Christ as they thought, was in the guise of the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, then who? what?

The meetings were protracted and lasted often three or more hours. People of all races, ages and sexes attended and mixed freely and with complete understanding with no set order of worship. Someone would suggest a hymn and they would all join in singing it, with much clapping of the hands and frequent shouts of praise as they worked slowly up to a pitch of sorts which became more and more charged with emotion.

After a time someone would suddenly begin to speak in tongues. Here he tells of something strange about which I have often wondered. Often the “tongue” they spoke was not gibberish but some foreign tongue. He heard Polish spoken and one day when a woman Egyptologist was present to translate, even a message in an ancient dialect of Arabic. Often messages were for some one person and were helpful in some way.

In addition to those who spoke in tongues, there were others who were given the gift of being able to understand what was said, presumably by the Holy Spirit, and to translate it. He often heard these translators at once put the things said into English for the others. (I kept watching for the one “in spirit” as they called the special state, to be reported as speaking in English, but failed to find it. A “tongue” seems to have to be in a language other than that of the one making the utterance.)

Mr. Sherrill goes on after his first few chapters to tell the story of the beginning of the modern Pentecostal Movement, and relates how the account in Acts was taken literally. It reads: “And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the spirit gave them utterance.” So, they had meetings and invited the same Spirit to descend  on them in a modern “Pentecost” and to speak through them. They observed that in Paul’s accounts the spirit seemed to be most active just after a convert was baptized and was made to speak in tongues. Eventually after much calling to Jesus, Christ and the Holy Ghost, one of them was”filled” and started to speak in tongues. Then others and the movement began to spread, and continued to spread. It went around the world and is still going, with the numbers involved quite impressive.

Little is said of healing to accompany the “filling” but that seems to have been a small part of the attraction of the new approach. The big thing was the joy it brought to feel so close, not the actual speaking, just to be “filled”. He attended many meetings and apparently became convinced that the Holy Spirit was a very real something but, as I read, it seems he was never sure whether the Christ and Jesus were equally real, although members called on them as one and had no doubts to plague them. In time, as he had planned, he wrote his book on the subject, giving us an intimate view of two things: first, his contact with the Light, known to the na kahuna and to us as the Aumakua, which can help and heal, but which seems never to enter the body of anyone or speak any language through them; second, he gives us a fine broad view of the sudden beginning of the Pentecostal Movement as a church, and of something which he never speaks of as associated with the seeing or feeling of the Light, but which seems to enter the bodies of the faithful and speak through them with ancient or modern languages and to give the impression of being still a man but a very advanced kind of man, and in spirit.

When we are researching in the hope of finding the ways and means of getting instant healing, we must remember to keep watching for this strange “Spirit” which seems to be multiplied and speaking through people in meetings here and there, perhaps at the same hour in many places.

In our work in decoding  the New Testament we do not find anything that will help with the problem. Jesus, when baptized, did not speak in tongues, but it is said that the Holy Spirit descended on him like a dove and said in the current language of the region, “This is my son, in whom I am well pleased.” We are left by the na kahuna who wrote the code into the New Testament to draw our own conclusions about the incident, for nothing more was said of the matter and we are left to suppose that he had the “Spirit” stay with him as he went about his work of teaching and healing. Whether it helped in these things, we do not know, but Jesus is made to explain, “Not I but the Father (Mother), he doeth the work.” The “Father” tells us certainly that he depended on the Aumakua for healing help. Later on we have him promise that after he is dead, he will “send the Comforter” to them, but the word is not helpful in a code way to tell us just what it was which would be sent. We have supposed that it was the Aumakua again, but there is the long chance that it might have been something else.

Paul, you will remember, was not an initiate into the Huna lore. He showed this by the way he set about inventing things to add up to a religious system which only faintly resembled the Huna taught in secret by Jesus. The inventions became the accepted, but false, dogmas of the early Christian church.

We read in the account of Paul’s life that he was touched by something while on the road to Damascus, and it might have been the Light, or, as some suggest, an epileptic fit. But whatever it was, he came out of it impressed to take up the teachings of Jesus as he had heard of them and to begin organizing a church.

We may wonder whether or not he was what in these times we would call a “Spiritualist” and familiar with mediumship and with the spirits of the dead speaking through the living. Perhaps he envisioned a very advanced and able and helpful body of spirits who could be called for in the name of the “Holy Spirit” and who would come when emotions ran high and there was mana to be used, and to speak through those who waited and called.

To return to the book for a moment, let me tell of something rather odd which Sherrill described at length but did not try to explain. Behind the front of the meeting place was what he refers to often as “The Red Door”. It was a door leading to a carpeted room with chairs and one wishing to call to the “Spirit” in private, joined others in the room. All knelt down before the chairs and prayed and hoped and some were eventually filled. The act demanded faith and willingness to be touched in the peculiar way with which they had become acquainted. He often speaks of the strangers who came and eventually affirmed their faith and “went through the Red Door”, there to be transformed in some way and able to make the full contact with the something.

One member told Sherill, “You have to believe that Jesus is God and also is the Holy Spirit and that He is everywhere.” And one’s faith had to be complete and unquestioning. But the author could not bring himself to this point. His belief grew, as far as concerned the Holy Spirit, but the theology of the orthodox Trinity left him very much in doubt. He seems not to have arrived at the point at which he was filled to the extent that he spoke with tongues, or perhaps I overlooked any mention he might have made of it.

Back again to the SPECULATIVE side of the question of just what is this Holy Spirit, we can remember that Rama Khrisna, a holy man of fame in India, who worshiped the Great Mother, often fell into an ecstatic state when in contact with the Mother, whatever she may have been, and remained separated for some time from his faithful chelas. But, so far as I know, he spoke in no tongues, only cried out happily in his own language. (My book by Romaine Roland on the subject has gone to the Place of Safe Keeping with Dolly, and so I can only rely on my memory in this matter.)

Theosophists, in boiling down the many systems of belief in India to make one systematic line of belief out of the tangle, are strong on THOUGHT-FORMS and in Tibet especially, there was the belief that one could, by thinking, create a very solid thought-form in what we would call the substance of the Aunihipili aka, and send it in some intended shape to do certain things. It might be a man or an animal and would go, as an Aunihipili under hypnotic command, to do various things, good or bad, and would have mana enough and mesmeric power enough to have a very definite effect on the living person visited. These thought-form people seem to be very enduring, and we might believe that they remained for years in Egypt to put a curse on the anthropologists who entered tombs over which they had been set as guards.

The na kahuna of the degraded temple worship kind in Polynesia, sacrificed a victim instead of laying a cornerstone to build a temple platform of rocks. The Aunihipili of the victim was commanded to separate itself from its Auhane and remain indefinitely as a spirit to guard the temple and punish any who might try to desecrate it. Even to this day, the knowing Hawaiians make a prayer and an offering of a leaf placed under a stone when visiting some temple ruin.

All of which brings us to the belief of some that whether or not there was a genuine Jesus in the flesh who became an initiated or christed one – a Christ – such an entity would have been created and given body on the astral plane with mana power to act and help and heal, by the prayers, belief and picturing down the centuries of the many true believers. In order to be right on call in a moment wherever an appeal was made to him, this created Jesus would have to spread over the world like a blanket, or be multiplied almost without limit. To help in making this idea better, it has been suggested that the spirits of holy men and women the world over, from lowly monk to highest worshiping scholar, may have died and elected to become spirit helpers of the Jesus who had been made real in a way by having a thought-form of him created – a multiple entity built up from century to century by worshipers and ceremonials of the Church.

It is argued that with such helpers, perhaps just below the level of the Aumakua, this Jesus could be called upon as the Holy Spirit and come to help as needed or, in the case under discussion, perhaps enter and “fill” and cause the expectant Pentecostals to speak in the language of the dead spirit. Or, regardless of the thought-form of Jesus, the spirits in question might come to help and to give the hoped for and expected “gift” of tongues. In any case, something apparently very real and with some mana power seems to be involved.


Psychometric Analysis readings with chart and pendulum show the same old story in the case of Charles Manson who was instrumental, with his hippy “family”, in killing several innocent people. Now John L. Frazer, only 24, and part of a hippie community near Santa Cruz, California, has an almost identical reading, counterclockwise and bad all around, and very near the mediumistic range in the degree. Both men are badly obsessed by very evil spirits, who apparently urge them on to their murderous deeds. Frazier, in his picture in TIME magazine of November 2nd, appears to be a very pleasant, bearded young man and to look at him one would not suspect his dangerous obsession. He tied up, then killed a doctor, his wife, two sons and his secretary. Both men had made the excuse that they were starting a revolution or, in Frazier’s case, a Third World War. Frazier was familiar with the Tarot Cards and intimated that four people were involved, saying they were represented by the four Knights of the deck. I repeat: someday we will get around to learning to sort people at an early age with the aid of P.A. readings and perhaps keep the obsessed ones where they can have a pleasant life but not murder innocent people who never have done them the slightest harm. Fairly recent efforts to interest the sheriff in an Eastern town of the U.S.A. came to nothing. Mass murders raise a problem for our astrologers. Could there be something in the horoscopes of all the murdered so exactly alike that on a certain day and hour they would be killed?

MUCH THE SAME QUESTION is brought up by valued HRA Robert E. in California, in a letter he wrote: “I have been pondering for some time now the old, old question of the percentage of self  determination versus pre-determined fate. The work of Cayce and many other seers seems to indicate that we have very little control over the main events of our lives. I am sure that problem has occupied your inquiring mind at times. In some future H.V. I would certainly like to hear your views or conclusions on the subject.”

I was told that the na kahuna of old believed that the Aumakua of a person selected his parents and arranged the birth and time and place, but that they were in a small way limited by the chance of accident for the child as it would inhabit an animal body, that is, a body living under the laws that govern all flesh. If the child survived and grew, the superior mentation which is the gift of the na Aumakua, would enable them to look ahead and see the main events of the life and the time and place and circumstances of death. However, it was also said that the requests of the individual for help from the na Aumakua could bring changes in almost anything that was about to happen, although our future came along day by day, formed in aka substance ahead of the event, roughly by our plans and hopes and even fears.

Prophets and seers are able to contact the na Aumakua and get from them, through their na Aunihipili, glimpses of the future, but these glimpses may be colored by the Aunihipili as it tries to transmit them. Cayce, for instance, had his home and photo studio burn down, and the question in one’s mind very naturally is, why would so gifted a man not have forseen this fire and been able to take steps to avoid it? In my book, Secret Science Behind Miracles, I tell of an elevator builder in Honolulu who each morning made contact with his Aumakua, thinking it was God, and getting a “ting-a-ling” to tell him contact was complete. He then asked to be warned of any danger for his workmen for the day, and often would be given a vision of some accident in the course of happening. He then would take steps to prevent it, and was always successful. He got a special bonus from the elevator company for his strange ability to prevent accidents. I also told of my own experience with a mediumistic lady kahuna in getting instructions, from she knew not where, to help me sell my store.

I had already seen the only possible buyer of my camera business and offered it to him and been turned down. Had it not been that she foresaw the fact that he would change his mind if I put the offer in writing before him again, I would have lost everything instead of getting at least a little out of it and being able to pay off what I owed at the bank.

If we could look frequently into the future and see the bad things that might be coming up for us, we might then know what to ask the na Aumakua to do to protect us and Help us. But lacking this precognative ability, most of us get right into the midst of trouble before we realize it and can only then ask the Aumakua to break down the future that may lie ahead, also if bad, and rebuild it for the better.

On a national scale, the chance of avoiding trouble seems all but impossible, as we would have to be able to convince the majority of people that disaster was on the way and all pray in unison to have it stopped. In the family group the same thing applies to a much lesser extent, of course. Events often effect the lives and fortunes of a number of people when one comes upon deep trouble.

It seems to me that the best we can do is to keep in as close touch as possible with the Aumakua and keep up a constant picturing and plea for good conditions.

The Hindus believe in an absolute and unchanging “law of karma”, administered from the first crack of the dawn of Creation by “Lords of Karma”. They are fatalists and do not believe that one can change the future in any way, but that all trouble, illness and difficulty must be lived through to “pay off past karma”.  They count karma accumulated over the centuries in our many incarnations, and offer no other solution to the problem. But in Buddhism, which was a reform doctrine, the idea was laid aside and all but ignored. One lived the proper life and followed the “Noble Eightfold Path”, or one put on the yellow robe, gave away all of one’s possessions and became a holy beggar, without desire of any kind, the idea being that in this way one could avoid karmic retribution and attain Nirvana after death. (The Code tells us that the secret teaching was that this led directly to what we have came to call “graduation”, in which one blends with the mate and graduates from the Auhane level of consciousness to that of the Aumakua.)

In later Buddhism there developed the doctrine of Amitaba or a vicarious  atonement to be had by living the proper life and depending of the kind heart of Gautama to do the rest. The idea spread around the world some centuries before the birth of Christianity and was adopted, as were so many other foreign ideas, as the doctrine of the vicarious atonement. Karma was very poorly presented in the “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” verse, and later the idea of “salvation” from the inhetited curse of the sins of Adam was added, but as a gift given to the faithful, not as something earned.

Arthur Findlay wrote several books to prove that all religions came from the psychic experiences of mediumistic persons, and in the study of psychism we have had numerous books written to show that some of us carry over memories from past lives and also fixations which cause us to do strange things, or visit upon us the ills remembered dimly. Then ever present is the threat of obsession of the living by the dead to complicate matters.

The idea of karma may have originated from such a mixture of psychism and obsession, and we can see how it was expanded to the vast scope it now possesses in India and in part by Theosophists and many who have accepted the idea totally or in part. I am constantly getting letters in which something is blamed on bad karma. Good karma seems to be lost from the picture. The na kahuna had no such belief so far as I can learn. Nor is there one in early Egypt or in later Christian

WORD HAS REACHED ME FROM A FRIEND that one of the loved and valued HRAs is gone. She was a teacher of metaphysics and New Thought who turned to Huna and while she was in health did much good work for the Ancient Lore. But she was attacked by cancer, and there followed the usual surgery and burning until the doctors sent her home to die. Realizing what lay ahead for her, she read the chapter in my Growing Into Light titled, “The Last Enemy”, turned the book over on her bedside table to mark the place, wrote a note to her loved husband who had just gone to work, and took a lethal dose of sleeping pills. She was well across when they found her. Some day, when we become civilized and can fight back the Church and its objections, we will have a better way of handling these things. But at present, if one wishes the chance to bow out, one needs to act before going into the hospital or nursing home where all chance is lost to reach an agent through which one can make one’s escape. When one sees that there is no hope and also when the family means may be exhausted, this is an honorable and reasonable way. One should impress on one’s mind the need to watch for a gleam of light when over, and to go to it at all costs, not allowing apparent friends or foes to make one deviate or hesitate. The path leads through the lower realm straight to the intended goal. The Aumakua will watch over one in the journey down the “Lighted Passage” and help to get to the end of it. Mercifully, we take our pets when old and ill to the vet.

THE PAPERBACK BOOK titled What Jesus Taught In Secret is still with Dell publishers. After some time I had a form card saying it had been received and would be given careful attention and would be reported on in from 2 to 3 months. So the time has not come yet to know the publisher or the price or whether our psychic, Connie, was right in her flash on the matter.

CONSIDER THE WHOLE MATTER OF KARMA as the sages of India have stretched the theory to the breaking point, as they do with almost all their philosophies when they try to rationalize them to make them fit a beginning and an end. They couldn’t get far  enough back to make Karma work unless they started before the first man so they created imaginary “Lords of Karma” before Creation, as I have said. Then they mixed in a badly stretched and warped idea of reincarnation and its many lives (as many as there are grains of sand by the seas), and they had thrown into the mixture the idea that man had to evolve from his lowest estate to that of almost a god, so they gave him plenty of time to outlive the Aunihipili and get to be all Aumakua, with no graduation steps in between. The congealed general idea, once formed, was clung to through thick and thin with the amazing setness of the Hindu mind, which is almost as mulish as our own.

THE KARMIC SYSTEM was invented in an effort to explain the Supreme Being and to bolster the assumption that He must be entirely good and entirely JUST. The Vidic religion had both male and female parts in their idea of God. The signs had THE LIGHT as half of the final power and THE DARKNESS as the other half. These two, according to their surmise, were always at war, with first one winning, then the other. One had but to look about one to see the evil getting its good licks or the good presiding. The good Light was the friend of the good people, but could not protect them from the attacks of the Dark, so that illness and death eventually came. The good were supposed to have more good come to them than the evil, and to go to a place of Light after death, while the evil ended up joining the Devil’s minions.

Much of the beliefs of the Far East traveled to the Near East over the years and ideas were shared and often adopted. The early Egyptians had their own ideas and seem to have believed in several gods as a Supreme Family. They also believed in a strict system of justice, watched over by the gods and in evil gods of lower animal nature who stood ready to devour the souls of the ones who, after death, came to have their hearts weighted in the scales to see whether they were to go on to their version of heaven or to be cast at once to the crocodile god. The Jews had a heaven and a hell which were earned by goodness or evil.  In Christianity the only God taught was the Father, whom, so the  Code tells us, was really the Father-Mother Aumakua, above whom all the still higher powers were misty and more or less out of reach. The Jewish idea of hell was not stressed by Jesus, but was accepted, as was the idea of Jehovah as God, by the ones who came upon the outer teachings in book form and misunderstood them while they added old ideas to fit them to their needs.

IT IS WITH GREATEST RELUCTANCE that we give up the idea to which most of us have been reared, that God is near and hears our prayers and that he is very kind and good and utterly just. In his place we have the Aumakua, who is also “Utterly Trustworthy” and good and kind and who hears our prayers and materializes the answer if we send enough mana and make the prayer picture in the correct way. But here we have, instead of a Devil or Darkness or ill visited on us endlessly by “Karmic retrobution”, simply the Laws of Mother Nature which govern the animal and material world in which we are housed in the human body.

We recognize the facts of the Laws of Nature, and never question gravity as such a law or any of the other constant reactions which are expected when we put two chemicals together or when waves of light are found to have always to travel at a given speed. We watch through our telescopes and see the vast array of new and old stars and reason that beyond the farthest limits of sight and knowledge there lie endless other universes.

SCIENCE HAS EXPENDED OUR KNOWLEDGE of the way Natural Law works without variation, or, perhaps with some slight variations. And the near and dear old concept of our God gradually is forced to expand to cover all of Creation, and that is such an expansion that to our very limited minds makes the Supreme very far away, very thinned out, quite beyond our reach and call. And we rightly question the old concept we once accepted in Christianity, at least in part, of a Jehovah who was a near and jealous God and who must be propitiated by burnt offerings. The same must be said of the Devil (“who goeth about seeking whom lie may devour”, like the crocodile god of the Egyptians). We are growing up, at least a few of us are. And we wonder anew where and how the original na kahuna inherited or evolved their so modern and so realistic and satisfactory system.

AGE AND NATURAL LAW has caught up with my little partner, Ethel Doherty, and with myself. She fell on September 2nd, breaking both hips and was long in the hospital after two operations, then to a Convalescent Center and on October 30, finally, we managed to get her a single room in a nursing home just down the street, where she improves and gets her rest. My left leg, owing to poor circulation, has become swollen and walking difficult. I can sit at the typewriter only in short stretches and pray and do the best I can. MFL

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