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Huna Vistas Newsletter

Dear Huna Research Associate: Time flits, flies, slips, slides, gallops and glides by. We more than appreciate the many letters sent by the HRAs promising continued support and giving untold suggestions and advice. The wealth of knowledge, good common sense and range of vision possessed by our group continues to amaze me. Our strength is more than multiplied by this togetherness.

Tributes to Max Freedom Long continue to pour into the Center. The February ’72 issue of ‘The American Dowser’ says, “Many considered Max the world’s leading authority on Polynesian religion—Huna. He was certainly a distinguished philosopher, author and writer; he was an outstanding dowser and friend of dowsing, a virtuoso in the use of the pendulum. He will long be remembered as a tolerant, humble, kind, helpful, completely honest intellectual giant who made a truly unique contribution to this world’s knowledge. Above all he was a true friend, filled with a genuine love for mankind and all of creation.”

Also appearing in the British publication, ‘Atlantis’ in the Fall ’71 issue, a nice tribute to Max and news of Max’s good friend, Verne L. Cameron. Mr. Cameron was an expert dowser who invented the aurameter which was given its name by Max Long. Mr. Cameron died March 30 in Elsinore, California.

It is with pride and a great deal of pleasure to introduce to all HRAs our Research Editor hand picked by Max himself!

Here he is—Dr. E. Otha Wingo.


Born September 17, 1934. He lives at 126 Camellia Drive, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701 with his talented wife, Ann, and their three children. He is covered with honors but wears his mantle lightly. Since 1962 he has been Professor of Classical Languages at South­east Missouri State College there in Cape Girardeau. He teaches Greek, Latin, Myth­ology, Greek Drama and Literature. He graduated in 1955 from Mississippi College with a B.A. degree in Classical Languages, M.A. in Greek in 1956, and a Ph.D. in Classical Philology in 1963 at the University of Illinois in Urbana. He has taught at the University of Missouri, University of Illinois, and William Jewell College. For two years he was guest lecturer at St. Mary’s Seminary teaching Latin poetry to the Vincentions. He is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, listed in Who’s Who in America­n Education, Directory of American Scholars, Who’s Who in the Midwest, and International Scholars Directory.

An author in his own right, his new book on Latin epigraphy, Latin Punctuation in the Classical Age, will be published this month.

He has another book which is a commentary on Cicero’s De Senectute and he is the only English translator that I know of translating Registrum Honoris De Richmond, a work important in early English history. He is also an excellent musician and plays the organ as a hobby. He makes time to work as a Juvenile Probation Officer. He is a member of the American Philological Association, International Committee for Humanistic Astrology, American Federation of Astrologers, Inter­national Society for Astrological Research, all of the Masonic Orders (K.T. and Scottish Rite), Quatuor Coronati Lodge of Research in Lon­don. Certainly last but not least he is a Fellow of the Huna Research Associates. He delighted Dr. Max by making our excellent index for the bulletins, and by being an avid correspondent capable of carrying on the difficult “digging” of translations. Max was proud of Otha and the fact that they shared the same PA reading — 382°. He affectionately called him “Our Baby Doctor”. We will be hearing from Otha in each newsletter. And now, let’s let our new Research Editor speak for himself.


When I was first introduced to Huna and Max Freedom Long several years ago, I was very excited about tracing the Huna code meanings through the Greek New Testament. At that time I was reading all of the books and soon obtained all of the back issues of the HUNA VISTAS and eventually also the earlier bulletins and read them with increasing interest. It wasn’t long until everything I read was related to Huna and the connections and interrelations could be seen.

One Sunday morning I made a discovery quite by accident (at least apparently by accident—but such experiences actually come by Guidance). Picture this scene, if you will: the choir of about forty college students filed into the choir loft as I was playing the prelude for the morning service. On this particular morning I was using the carillon bells (I’m a campanologist, as well as an organist). Extra chairs had to be brought in for them to sit on. Consequently, when the music was finished, I sat on the floor behind the organ bench, leaning against the wall. I usually sit in a choir seat, taking advantage of the opportunity to read my astrology notes or a good devotional book such as GROWING INTO LIGHT. It didn’t seem quite appropriate this time, with college students literally breathing down my back, to open up Rudhyar’s ASTROLOGY OF PERSONALITY. So I reached for a Bible and turned to the passage the pastor was to preach upon. (Any object or text will do to fix one’s attention upon while meditating or thinking.) For some reason, as he was reading the Biblical passage, a phrase caught my attention. I focused my eyes and looked for those words. They sounded very significant! Was the pastor actually going to preach on THE THREE SELVES? Too much to hope for. He’s a very learned doctor of theology and all that, but I suppose once the door to any excursion outside his regular theological mold (to garble a metaphor somewhat) is closed, even the most startling revelation would not be noticed. He read swiftly through that passage (without a glimmer of comprehension) and went on the usual preachments.

So, sitting there on the floor behind the organ bench, I was in a world all my own. I started jotting down notes in Greek—if the original words for those in the English translation were the ones I jotted down, then they were indeed significant. I later confirmed that they were correct.

Here are the words from I Thessalonians 5:23:
“May your whole being—spirit and soul and body—be kept blameless. . .” You will see the point at once. Here is explicit reference that man is made up of THREE SELVES. Huna philosophy, pure and simple. The word for “whole being” is holocléron (holocleron), meaning “having all parts.” All the parts of man are therefore:

1. Spirit Gk. pneuma High Self
2. Soul Gk. psyche Middle Self
3. Body Gk. soma LowSelf

In other words, Spirit is God; and the other two are the usual dichotomy of theology.

Furthermore, some of the other words are badly translated. “Blameless” (adverb in Greek) means “in a manner not meriting blame” and refers to the verb, not to the “whole being”. The “keep” means “to care for” or “keep watch over”—the phrase should not be “Keep Blameless” but “to care for in a manner that merits no blame.” This is a perfect parallel to fundamental principle in Huna of NO HURT—NO SIN. Another possible analysis, from the form of holocléron. is “May your spirit and soul and body be kept intact, or with all parts together.”

Later in checking these words in the Greek New Testament,  I found another very interesting distortion of the text through mis­translation: “There is a physical body and there is a spiritual body,” I Corinthians 15:44. That would pass any theologian’s dichotomous way of thinking. BUT THE GREEK ACTUALLY SAYS: “There is a PSYCHIC body and there is a spiritual body.” I hesitated at the time to suggest that such a mistranslation could be deliberate—but I checked incidentally through eight English translations and they all misconstrue it. All the ancient manuscripts of the passage have the word psychics (Gk. ψUXlKόS)—and that’s a far cry from physikos (Gk. ϕUXlKόS)—even if they may seem at first glance to be rather similar in appearance. It seems clear that this is a statement concerning two of the Selves (psyche/soul and pneuma/spirit) without mentioning the physical body (which everyone knows exists and may be taken for granted in the discussion). When I wrote Max Freedom Long about this, he added the following comments (letter of 12-5-68): “Apparently the translators were at some pains to hide the secret meaning of the High Self, but in selecting ‘pneuma‘ to name it, they used a kahuna code word which points to the High Self without naming if directly. This is aho, for ‘the natural breath, patience, A LINE OR CORD.’ Here we have enough to tell the initiated that breathing to accumulate mana, and to send it over the aka cord, indicates the fact that the High Self is the one being mentioned. In the lore of India they spoke of it as ‘The Thread Soul,’ with the same idea of the cord or aka shadowy thread. The Greek meanings for ‘spirit’ were closely bound up with breath or air as well, or so I seem to recall. Psyche is simple and direct for the middle self, and ‘Body’ is a perfect code symbol for the low self who owns and uses the body.” The problems of translating are intricate and difficult, particularly in texts with religious or theological significance. The two passages mentioned above point up the precaution that must always be taken when using a translated text to support a specific interpretation. No matter how objective and scholarly the trans­lators try to be, their own basic premises necessarily impinge upon their manner of expressing thoughts. The words psychics (ψUXlKόS) and physikos (ϕUXlKόS ) cannot be mistaken for each other, in spite of general resemblance to the untrained eye. Such an error could not be repeatedly made by the many different experts who have analyzed the text with the greatest of care. The mistranslation must therefore have been tacitly agreed upon by general consensus, because of their basic premise that man consists of only soul and body.

Complexed traditional beliefs make it difficult  for present-day church members (in­grained with ideas about man and God based on incomplete information) to understand, much less to accept the concept of the Three Selves. To discover the High Self among the strange, vague, distorted anthropomorphic notions about “God” presents a hurdle that most Christians seem unable to overcome. What is worse, they also seem unwilling to investigate the possibility.

The Bible has enough references to convince the most complexed traditionalist, if he would but examine them with openness and a desire for the Truth. The High Self must be known directly through experience or “Realization”. Max Freedom Long spoke of this in his first report of his discoveries, RECOVERING THE ANCIENT MAGIC (1936), in one of the clearest and most inspiring and enlightening discussions in the book. “We have no word in English to describe what is called samadhi [Realization] by the Hindus, or what is still more accurately indicated by ko [‘Attainment’] in Hawaiian… Sri Ramakrishna calls the state of Realization, ‘God-consciousness’. He explains that from the conscious state one passes to a superconscious state in which the pattern verities of creation are contacted by the ego… The process of becoming consciously aware of these super­ physical pattern-idea realities is one of blending with the pattern-ideas — the blending with Love being the blending with God in His highest phase, creative or externalized—although all is God that is touched in Realizations…  In trying to explain God, Sri Ramakrishna once said: ‘The conviction that God is in all objects—that there is Unity in variety—is called Knowledge of Oneness. Knowing Him intimately is Realization. . . There has been as yet in this world no created being who has been able to express by word of mouth the nature of the Absolute. . .  There is unspeakable joy in the company of the Lord. Words of the mouth cannot describe it. He alone knows, who has felt it. . . God the Absolute is the one Substance to be realized — not described or known. The sign of True Knowledge or Realization is cessation of doubt and therefore of all philosophical discussion. . .  The result of the foregoing position is that the Higher Self alone knows the Higher Self. . .  All facts of the universe—every object, every phenomenon—that comes under creation, preservation and destruction—under Body, Mind and Soul.'” (This is much compressed from the fuller eighteen-page discussion in the book.)

In Biblical terms, God is Spirit. And in the description of “The Whole Self” as SPIRIT, SOUL, AND BODY, the Spirit represents the High Self or God. The Hawaiian name of this part of man is Aumakua, “the utterly trust­ worthy parental Spirit.” The Greek word pneuma means breath, a root easily recognized in such derivatives as “pneumatic.” The He­brew word, Ruach, also means wind or air. It is only “in spirit” (breath) that we can truly “worship” God. It is significant that the Greek word which we translate “worship” (proskynein) means “to kiss” or “throw a kiss to, from afar,” Communication with God (contacting the High Self) has been the age-old desire of man. When the High Self is known or realized, contact is possible. The spiritual part of man can receive spiritual things. Mana can be sent along the aka cord, like a kiss from afar, and the God on High, or “Father in Heaven,” can be contacted. The passage in John 20:22 thus takes on new meaning: “Jesus breathed in (on them) and said, Receive ye the holy spirit (breath).” A key to approaching God is given in Hebrews 11:6, where two prerequisites are stated: first, we must believe that He exists (the High Self cannot be contacted if we do not know of its existence or do not believe that there is a High Self part of us); second, that we must believe that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. It is the High Self that rewards; rewarder is literally the paymaster.

I have made a long list of all the designations of God in the Bible (far too long to list here) and many are very instructive for our study of the High Self. For example: Elohim, “He Who Puts Forth Power” is used 2,550 times; Jehovah (Yahweh), “He Who Is Ever Present,” is used 6,000 times; Adonai, “The Lord High and Lifted Up” (Isaiah 6:1), is used 340 times. There are many others. It is only through the concept of the High Self in each person that these many Hebrew names of God become comprehensible.

A direct result of the experience related at the beginning of this article was that I made the Index to the HUNA VISTAS, which has been very helpful in locating what Max Freedom Long has already said on the various subjects which come to my attention. Much work is yet to be done, as Dr. Max himself pointed out on many occasions. HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS presents and illustrates the method of tracing the code language in religious writings. This magnificent book gives detailed examples from Christian, Yoga and Buddhist writings. If this book were read again and studied carefully, it would provide the pro­cedure and the inspiration for the future of HRA. Those of us who remain must proceed in the way which he so clearly pointed out.
E. Otha Wingo Research Editor

We are indeed indebted to Dr. Wingo for this excellent article which points out once again that Huna and its teachings are all around us once we have the Long Huna Code in order to translate. We feel Max chose wisely and that Otha will continue to unravel more Huna truths as he follows in Max’s footsteps.


And now a report from Brad Steiger, psychic researcher, author, speaker and writer who wrote Secrets of Kahuna Magic, Award paper­ back book published in June, 1971 telling of MFL’s work. It was a happy day for both Huna and Brad when we met at an ESP seminar in the fall of 1968. I suggested then that he write a book on Huna. Max was thrilled with the results. Brad too is covered up with honors. He was born on February 19, 1936, and lives in Decorah, Iowa with his charming, capable wife, Marilyn, and their four children. He has taught literature and creative writing on the the secondary level (1957-63) and the college level (1963-67). He is listed in Out­standing Young Men in America, Outstanding Personalities in the West and Midwest, Creative and Successful Personalities of the World, Great Britain’s Two Thousand Men of Achievement, and the Dictionary of International Biography.

He has written sixteen books and is awaiting release of three more, The Divine Fire (Prentice-Hall) containing a chapter on our Max. He has his own syndicated newspaper column and radio program both entitled “The Strange World of Brad Steiger”. Steiger articles appear in a wide variety of magazines, from Fate to Family Weekly from Saga to Occult. He has been featured speaker at conventions, seminars, and on college campuses.

In Newsletter No. 2 we announced he had been asked to speak in Honolulu in February for the First Annual Aquarian Age International Conference on Kahuna Magic and Psi Phenomena.

Let’s let Brad speak for himself.

Dear Dolly and Huna Researchers:
As you know, I spoke on Max’s interpretation of Huna magic at the First Annual Aquarian Age Conference in Honolulu in February. For my address on KAHUNA MAGIC I adapted a section of a chapter from my forthcoming REVELATION: THE DI­VINE FIRE (Prentice-Hall, Spring, ’73).

After outlining the basic precepts of Huna according to Max Freedom Long, I said: “Some would argue that Huna is a primitive system with little relevance for an age of moon landings and mass communications. But primitive man is also basic man, and the eternal truths remain unaltered and ever contemporary.”

I quoted Dr. R.R. Marett who, in PSYCHOLOGY AND FOLKLORE, wrote that he felt the moral of the history of primitive religion to be ” . . . that religion is all along vital to man as a striving and progressive being.”

“There is a real sameness, felt all along, if expressed with no great clearness at first, in the characteristic manifestations of the religious consciousness at all times and in all places. It is the common experience of man that he can draw on a power that makes for, and in its most typical form wills, righteousness, the sole condition being that a certain fear, a certain shyness and humility accompany the effort to do so. That such a universal belief exists amongst all mankind, and that it is no less universally helpful in the highest degree, is the abiding impression left on my mind by the study of religion in its historico-scientific aspect.”

I then observed that this common experience of man, that he can draw on a power greater than he, remains vital to man whether he commutes by jet airplane or by hollowed log, whether he survives by matching wits with the office computer or by grubbing for food under a rotten log.

It was indeed both an excitement and a pleasure to be presenting Max’s philosophy of Huna on his beloved Hawaiian Islands. After the formal presentation, I invited two Island women to step forward from the audience to share some of their experiences. Coincidentally, one woman was the daughter of a Kahuna who had saved the life of the other woman’s father.

The daughter of the Kahuna, (who is now deceased) told me that, in her estimation and considered opinion, there were only two wholly authentic Kahunas still practicing on the Islands. One supported himself as a fireman, the other, as a waiter at one of the hotels.

Rev. Eddie Kung told me that he was the son of a Kahuna who had great healing powers. He showed me a picture of Max standing beside a tall rock, just a bit shorter than his own six-feet-three. The next pictures were as old as the first and had captured a remarkable sequence of events. Most of the photos had been published in one of the Hawaiian newspapers.

The story, as Eddie told it, was that a god (male aspect of the Aumukua) had appeared to his father and proclaimed that the rock might be used as a healing stone. Hundreds came and rubbed their sores and aches against the rock; many had miraculous healings.

To prove that he would remain as long as the people had faith, the god appeared one night to a throng of awestruck Hawaiians and left his image on the rock (a photograph clearly showed a male visage impressed upon the stone). Later, a goddess (female aspect of the Aumakua) appeared for the benefit of news­paper reporters. Although the photographers were too stunned to capture her image apart from the rock, a series of news photos revealed the distinct visage of the goddess that had replaced her male counterpart.

After a time, as one might suspect, the Board of Health became concerned about all those people rubbing their sickness against the stone, possibly passing contagious diseases on to others, so they enforced a policy of separatism between the Huna healing rock and the Hawaiian people. Bulldozers were commandeered to push the rock over a nearby cliff.

But Kahuna magic proved to be too strong for their spark-plugs and internal combustion engines, and mysterious things kept interfering with the work. The High Selves grew impatient with such nonsense, however, and withdrew their powers from the stone. Eddie then pointed out the picture with Max, which showed the rock completely free of any images, once again just another tall, jutting stone.

What was the purpose of the Aquarian Age Conference? Janis Shira, the coordinator, has chosen to dedicate her life to the “attainment of universal brotherhood in the dawning of the new Golden Era.” Janis is correct in assuming that she is not alone in her efforts toward encouraging a spirit of brotherhood but, unfortunately, so many of those who labor in the psychic field and who should be working for this common cause sometimes build up defenses against even those who would be their allies. Many psychic sensitives and psychical researchers fall into foolish ego-traps that drain their psychic energies and leave them bitter and broken. Still others, operating in a vacuum that has been partially encouraged by society, partially self-constructed by ego, come to feel that they alone have perceived certain truths, that they alone have been granted certain spiritual insights. Ignorance of the universality of basic spiritual blessings causes them to jealously guard their personal revelations and to create dogmas that can only destroy understanding between those who should be striving together to usher in a new and better world. Janis Shira, like so many of us, believes in unity. That is what she and the First Annual Aquarian Age Conference are all about.

Janis has already begun to plan next year’s Conference in Honolulu. I know that my wife and I and many of our Other Dimensions staff are making arrangements to be there in that island paradise that is truly a “Bali Hai,” in spite of the most strenuous efforts of the commercial exploiters. If any Huna Researchers are interested in attending, they may write to Janis in care of Aquarian Age Conferences, P.O. Box 11664, Phoenix, Arizona 85017.


In a recent telephone call, Dolly, you mentioned the frustrations many members were receiving in attempting to secure Secrets of Kahuna Magic. Life is too short to agonize about needless frustrations. We always keep a healthy supply in stock and we ship the same day we receive orders.


Thank you Brad for carrying the torch and continuing to spread Huna light as you write and research. I was happy when I ran across the picture of Max with the big stone. I’m sure I speak for all HRA’s who are grateful to outstanding smart young educators such as Otha and Brad who see the value of teaching something of importance to be used by many who will and can accept it.

We will be printing excerpts of viewpoints, interpretations and comments on Huna from our members, and if there is no objection names and addresses so that other interested members may correspond. Special thanks are due Lana M. Fine of Los Angeles, long time HRA, retired office manager and head of our Silent Huna work who literally set up my office files by mail. To Curtis Stewart, college friend of MFL for biographical material, to A.C. DeLange for psychic development exercises, to Frank McConnell and countless others including foreign HRAs..

TMHG Prayer Time continues — 7 P.M. Pacific time, 8 P.M. Mountain Time, 9 P.M. Central time, & 10 P.M. Eastern time.

MFL books may be obtained from DeVorss and Co. 1641 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, Calif. 90404 (213) 870-7470
Secret Science Behind Miracles $5.50
Secret Science at Work $5.50
Growing Into Light $4.00
Self Suggestion $4.00
Psychometric Analysis $4.00
Huna Code in Religions $6.50

Secrets of Kahuna Magic – 75¢ by Brad Steiger and other Steiger books from Other Dimensions Inc. 104-1/2 Washington St. Decorah, Iowa 52101 (319) 382-5859

Lecture tapes are available here at the Center.
Four Short Talks (3 20-minute talks with questions & answers) $20.00.
7 Long Talks – 45 minutes each. $30.00.
These are available for both reel and cassette. We will not break the sets because the entire meaning would be lost. These tapes are valuable to any library with Max’s beautifully modulated voice, his sense of humor creeping in and his vibrations coming through. Teen-age and college students have been most receptive as well as those of any age who would rather listen than read.


Cigbo is wondering what will become of his empty cigar box. He is especially worried since he is an AKA cat.

Cigbo and Auntie Wild Cat are happily living side by side in the Library. However, Cigbo has taken a back seat lately and left all the scratching to his liberated lady friend. Many have asked how Auntie Wild Cat came to be. Several years ago Dr. Max needed new rollers for his big printing press but wouldn’t spend the money to get them. At the time my family was in on drilling a wild cat oil well so I sent him the money and said the oil well didn’t mind pumping at all for the rollers. Immediately Cigbo wrote a glowing letter of thanks to his new Auntie Wild Cat. Also this was the only way I could be “older” than Dr. Max for he was the same age as my father.

But Auntie Wild Cat is scratching mightily. Regular subscription rates are being considered so that our work may expand. Dr. Wingo will visit the Library in August and plans will be discussed.

Until next time, do write. Any question will be researched. A happy summer to all with Aloha as you continue to grow in Huna Light.
Dolly Ware


Dr. Max — Coffee Break at home in Vista – 1966


Left to right: Ethel, Dr. Max and Louise Long


Max holding “Recovery to Ancient Magic” printed in 1936


Dr. Max, his mother and sister, Mamie

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