HV Newsletter #23 – Summer, 1977

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HUNA RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, 126 Camellia Drive, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701 USA

July – September, 1977

Dear HRAs:

The various articles presented here fit well into our newsletter format. There are important announcements, such as the 1978 Huna Seminar; a couple of book reviews; and articles by several writers. I call your particular attention to the major article on The Ha Rite, by Margaret R. (Billie) Mourn. This is the excellent lecture given at the 1977 Huna Seminar. As a special treat, we are reprinting the first HRA Bulletin ever sent out by Max Freedom Long to his Huna Research Associates. That was in February 1948. Printed directly from the original, mimeographed copy, this will be a valuable and informative addition to your Huna Notebook.
In Huna Light, E. Otha Wingo, Director


JUNE 23-25, 1978

Responses to the questionnaire on the Huna Seminar were very enthusiastic and contained many helpful ideas and suggestions. The decision was made in midsummer that the next Huna Seminar would be sponsored by the OTTAWA HUNA GROUP, led by JIM & DOROTHY MARSHALL, with the able assistance of JULIUS HUSKA. These three HRAs volunteered to serve as sponsors (along with the Ottawa Huna Group) while the April Seminar was still in progress. I wanted to have the reactions of members before announcing the location.

Your responses were strongly in favor of the location in Ottawa. Those who expressed reservations mentioned mainly the problem of distance, such as from the West Coast or western Canada. We hope that future seminars can be held in different parts of the country, so that the advantage of distance will balance out.

The Ottawa Huna Group is a strong and active group, with experienced leader­ship. These are the basic requirements for the choice of seminar location. Keep this in mind as you work in your own area and develop local Huna groups. Maybe someday you can sponsor the seminar in your city.

Many of the arrangements are underway, or already carried out — such as the reservation of facilities at Carleton University in Ottawa. These facilities are quite attractive and comfortable, Jim tells me, and reasonably priced. For example, the cost of a single room is $16.75 (including breakfast). The cafeteria will be available for our use. Specific prices will be quoted when the registration forms are sent out.

The many details of planning a seminar require much work. If you have not been involved in such activities, it is hard to appreciate the many months of work required. Many people will be involved behind the scenes; often this activity is not seen during the seminar itself, but there is always a flurry of last-minute arranging, in spite of detailed planning.

The Planning Committee (Jim Marshall, Coordinator; Will McClure, and I) met last month for most of a day to work out the preliminary program.

THREE KEYNOTE SPEAKERS have been invited: one for Friday evening, one for Saturday evening, one for Sunday morning. All had expressed willingness to come, so we are hoping for early confirmation of all three speakers. However, I will not announce their names until we know for sure.

ISABEL M. HICKEY (Boston, Mass.) has already accepted our invitation to be one of these three keynote speakers. A noted teacher and group leader for thirty years in the Boston area, Isabel is also a world-renowned lecturer and teacher of Huna and of astrology. When I attended her “Friday Night Fix” (Huna oriented meeting) several years ago, about 200 were present. They’ve already outgrown the facilities and moved to a larger meeting room at Boston University. Her skill in guided meditation is also widely known and Isabel will be leading one or more meditative session at the Seminar. In addition to her outstanding textbook on astrology, Isabel has written of her experiences in the Huna work, in It is ALL Right! (available from HRA for $6.50).

SIX WORKSHOPS will be led by some of our HRAs. Half of these have already been confirmed and all will be announced later.

THE DATE — JUNE 23-25, 1978 — is a time, we hope, that will be most convenient for the most people and those attending may want to plan a vacation around these dates in and around the beautiful city of OTTAWA. The program will start Friday evening and end about 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

Full information will be sent, with reservation and registration forms, as soon as the entire program is confirmed. We wanted you to know the dates and place at once, so that you could begin to make plans to attend. Let’s make this the biggest and best seminar ever!


The Certification Program for Huna Teachers has been in the planning stage for several years and is now taking shape. We will be able to recommend approved Huna teachers as soon as they qualify. The program is based on acquiring as complete knowledge and experience in Huna as the teacher can gain through study and practice. There are specific requirements leading to a Teachers Certificate for those who complete the program. Several HRAs are already working with the program on an experimental basis. Anyone interested should write to us at once, outlining previous background and related studies.


Translators have been working for many months in translating The Fundamentals of Huna Psychology into three languages. Ceres Elisa da Fonseca Rosas (Sao Paulo, Brazil) completed the Portuguese translation while working full-time in an office and taking care of her family. Angela de la Paz Tapia (Los Angeles, Calif.) showed true devotion to the task, for she arose early in the morning to do the translating of the Spanish version, which was completed this summer.

Then she went to her regular job, and at the same time was working on a graduate degree at a university. A true labor of love, in both cases. The translator of the German version is Mr. H. Müller (Zurich, Switzer­land), a teacher of the German language. This edition was published in August by E. Hanselmann of Bonstetten (Switzerland), who will distribute it in that country and in Germany. Anyone interested in obtaining copies of any of these works should contact HRA Headquarters for information.

by William Dufty – Published by Warner Books, New York, 1976. Paperback, 255 pp., indexed, $2.25.

“Man-refined sugar is eight times as concentrated as flour, and eight times as unnatural — perhaps eight times as dangerous. It is the unnaturalness that deceives the tongue and appetite, leading to over­ consumption. Who would eat 2½ pounds of sugar beets a day? Yet the equivalent in refined sugar is a mere 5 ounces. Over consumption produces diabetes, obesity, and coronary thrombosis,” tuberculosis, tooth decay, and liver malfunction. The list is endless in Dufty’s comprehensive survey of Sugar-Mania. A professional writer, William Dufty reveals the insidious spread of sucrose into the western world. How the annual consumption of sweets and soft drinks is actually a dependence on refined sugar, egged on by the sugar industry and even by political interests for profit is the theme of the book. Completely processed into a white chemical, sugar leeches out valuable nutrients while addicting its consumer. Sugar, like drugs, is addictive, and sudden elimination from the diet can cause withdrawal symptoms.

HRAs are interested in the accumulation of mana (life energy), and are therefore in constant search for sources of energizing food. Sugar, widely promoted as a ready source of energy, does give a quick spurt of energy — but then “zaps” the entire energy supply. This book is a must for those of you who are seeking out true sources of energy, without the dangerous concomitants. If you sometimes feel light states of depression or melancholy, or even anxiety without a reason, you may have the “SUGAR BLUES.” — Will



As Curator of the Max Freedom Long Library and Museum, It is with a great deal of pride that I add each issue of the HUNA VISTAS RESEARCH BULLETIN and Newsletter to our ever-swelling collection. The issues on Wilhelm Reich and The Story of Huna were masterpieces and were fine tributes to the work of these researchers. In reading The Story of Huna, I am amazed at how few people were involved in the basic research. Where do I fit into this? I have always felt that I was “The Keeper of the Seals,” and I am so pleased that I have an appropriate place to keep the books and mementos. The report on the Huna Seminar captured much of the essence of our experience there. What a success it was! And what a great seminar we will have in Ottawa next year!

Also on display in the library is the Spring publication of the Journalism Department of Southeast Missouri State University, “SEMO PROFILES,” lauding our own beloved Dr. E. Otha Wingo. The student author of this article, Colleen Cliffe, catches his personality and unique talents. What better title could have been used to express Dr. Wlngo’s interest in correlating all areas of knowledge? I am insisting that the article be reprinted in our newsletter for all HRAs to read. And here it is, directly from the original: “Everything Is Related.”


E. Otha Wingo


 ‘Everything Is Related’

By Colleen Cliffe

A college professor of ancient languages, a mythology connoisseur, an international research director of Huna psychology, a certified astrologist, and a skilled musician: a group of distinguished specialists? Each a qualified expert in his field?

No, not five separate professional men but rather just one extraordinarily gifted man — Dr. E. Otha Wingo.

As professor of foreign languages for the past 14 years, Dr. Wingo has expanded the scope of his achievements to equal those of several men. A man of boundless intellect and energy, Dr. Wingo teaches the ancient languages of Latin and Greek. He has previously filled the Kent Library Little Theatre with SEMO’s largest mythology class. Mrs. Aldyth Gragg of Academic Advising Center has said, “A lot of students ask for mythology, but they’re really asking for Dr. Wingo.”

“I try to stay current with the interest of my students,” says Dr. Wingo. The enthusiasm of Dr. Wingo’s teaching is transferred to his students in their learning. “I used to read 20 or 30 mythology books a semester. Every time I’d assign a student a book I would read it also.” In his home, a library of over 600 books is proof of such a practice. (Hand-written on the page: 4,000! Ed.)

“I’ll talk about anything,” he says, “and then I’ll relate it to the subject of the class. Everything is related anyway.” For instance, from Dr. Wingo’s interest in mythology and its “deep symbolic meaning” stems his involvement in Huna psychology and astrology. “Huna psychology is in a sense a type of Polynesian-based witch-doctor lore,” explains Dr. Wingo. “The reason it is called ‘Huna’ is because the specialist of that culture was called a ’kahuna’ — keeper of the secret. The secret means that the ’Keeper’ knew certain things about the psychological make-up of people which allowed him to perform acts that might be considered miraculous. For instance, fire-walking. It was a demonstration of what the kahuna could do with mental or mind power.”

Through the work of Huna Research Associates, an international organization under the directorship of Dr. Wingo, “The principles of Huna psychology are open to all who are willing to investigate and use them.”

The practical application of Huna psychology is revealed in “Letters On Huna,” a correspondence course written by Dr. Wingo.

From his home in Cape Girardeau, research from all over the world is reviewed by Dr. Wingo. A phone call from South Africa or a letter from Australia are not unusual occurrences in the Wingo household, which includes what Dr. Wingo refers to as “my three red heads,” his children and his wife.

Another of Dr. Wingo’s fields of study is astrology. He has received an advanced rating from the American Federation of Astrologers which, in 1974, merited his participation in an international astrological convention in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition, he is the Director of the Missouri Federation of Astrologers.

“I know there is an area of astrology which is authentic. Almost everything you see in the newspapers is not authentic astrology. It (newspaper astrology) takes a very minute part of astrology and tries to commercialize and popularize it,” claims Dr. Wingo. “The tiny paragraph you read in a newspaper could not possibly have any connection specifically with a single person.”

Authentic astrology takes into consideration more than the zodiac sign. “Real astrology takes into consideration the day, month, year, time and place.” A precise calculation is taken relevant only to one individual. “I know it works,” declares Dr. Wingo.

Dr. Wingo’s involvement in both Huna psychology and astrology has made him a popular lecturer in the United States, Canada and the Philip­pines.

On a research-lecture trip to the Philippines, Dr. Wingo became involved in the phenomenon of psychic surgery. He explains this intriguing surgery: “They (physic surgeons) just open up the body somehow with their mind. I had read about this before, and it sounded unbelievable. To see it ¡s even worse. But I did. Without using any instruments of any kind they perform major surgery.”

He relates an incident in Manila in which a man entered a hotel room, approached a woman lying on a table, jingled his hand about 14 inches above the body, and the body opened up. The man’s hand never touched the woman’s body. “I saw a tumor as big as a grapefruit removed, and the woman was not anesthetized. She felt no pain. This was absolutely authentic.”

Dr. Wingo saw faked psychic surgery and incidents where the “doctor” would knead the stomach of the patient and blood would appear – chicken blood was his guess. “These are the ones the newspapers pick up and say are fake.”

Not all of Dr. Wingo’s activities are as bizarre as his psychic surgery experiences. More routine has been his experience as organist at the First Baptist Church, a position which he occupied until recently. Dr. Wingo worked his way through college by teaching piano and organ and by directing a church choir. He considered going into music as a career, but he was a recipient of a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship designated for people interested in college teaching.

Dr. Wingo received his college education at Mississippi College and the University of Illinois. His major field was the classical languages. He then earned his doctorate in 1963 with a dissertation topic of Latin epigraphy, the study of durable substances such as bronze and stone. In 1971 his book, Latin Punctuation in the Classical Age, was published.

Just as boundless as Dr. Wingo’s intellect and energy is his scope of achievements. He epitomizes the words of John Steinbeck, “Man, unlike any other thing organic or inorganic in the universe, grows beyond his work, walks up the stairs of his concepts and emerges ahead of his accomplishments.” Dr. E. Otha Wingo is in the lead.

Reprinted from SEMO PROFILES

grapevineALONG  THE  AKA CORD. . . .

JOAN O ‘CONNELL, editor of THE NEW ATLANTEAN JOURNAL, has a new publication that will be of interest and help to groups with lectures, meetings, publications, etc. The 16-page “NEW AGE GUIDE TO ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION” is chock-full of useful tips on various types of ads, flyers, promotions, meetings, budgeting, obtaining permits, and such. Available for $2.00 from 4280 68th Ave., No., Pinellas Park, FL 33565.

L-O-S-T. HRA Fern Whicker of St. Louis reports that a copy of an article on reincarnation (exploring previous experience to help with present problems) was lost during the Huna Tour in Hawaii last year; perhaps in Kapiolani Park during one of the meetings. If found, please return to Fern, c/o HRA.


HRA Renee Klaus has provided HRA with all remaining copies of There Is A Tide, published in 1967. In a review in HV 77, Max stated: The book is filled with little stories of the way the High Self (call it what you will) has responded to calls of all kinds for Help in her own life and in the lives of the many whom she has taught and helped to realize that there was such a source of Help and how to get into touch with it on a working basis. It is an inspiring and inspired book. Read from this book daily and continue to “Grow into Light.” The book has 83 pp., and is cloth-bound. Exclusive First Edition, while supply lasts: $5.00.

lecturer2THE HA RITE

by Margaret R. Moum, of Falls Church, Va.

The Huna Code and its explanation of the Ha Rite are the bases of the effective “prayer” methods of the Huna system. Max Freedom Long pointed to the brief summary of these in The Huna Code in Religions as the most important pages he ever wrote. We must not fail to appreciate the significance of the discovery (RE-covery) of the Code, which is fundamental to all the other facets of Huna: the practical application, the Three Selves, the Ha Rite.

The following pages include the lecture which was given in April at the Huna Seminar by Margaret R. (Billie) Mourn, one of the excellent scholars and teachers in our organization. We present the lecture directly from Billie’s copy, so that you can appreciate the fundamentals all the more. Here is the lecture in full:


The Ha Rite is the secret method of making the Huna type of prayer. Max Freedom Long calls the Ha Rite or Ha Prayer the greatest promise of the First Act of the initiatory drama. It is a workable method of obtaining the assistance of the High Self through a special method of prayer.


  1. To breathe strongly – with force
  2. A trough for running water
  3. The number four or forty or four hundred

Haku: Lord

Ha: prayer (comb, meaning)

Ku: One whom the prayer reaches

In The Huna Code of Religions Max Freedom Long says, “The Huna method of making the prayer which calls down miracles in response, is based on the use of breathing exercises in which four deeper and slower breaths are taken at a time, and during which exercise the middle self commands the low self to accumulate or create an extra amount of mana. The mana, once created, is held in readiness while the second step is taken by the low self in response to the orders of the middle self, this step being that of reaching out to find the High Self at the far end of the connecting shadowy or aka cord. When this contact is successfully made, the third step is taken, that of sending the surcharge of mana as a “sacrificial gift” to the High Self to give it the strength to form the “answer” to the prayer. The prayer is sent as a mental picture on the flow of mana as it rises to the High Self, and, if all has been properly done, the Ha Rite is well under way. By daily repetition of the act of making the prayer, the mana is supplied to the High Self for as long as it may take to bring about changes needed to give the “answer”.”

Let us examine the word “manna” as used in Exodus XVI:15 to see if it will supply us with additional knowledge. In the Hebrew Pentateuch it is given as ױ ו ח ר א , translated as “What is it?” and pronounced Mahn Hoo. According to Rashi’s commentary, it has a secondary meaning of “something prepared for food”. Hebrew is read from right to left and when we take the phrase apart in the Kabalistic system, we find that the letter Mem (ה ) means “water” and Nun ( ו ) fish or abundance. Therefore the first word brings us the meaning of abundance of water and since the Hawaiians pictured the flow of mana as the flow of water, we find verification of this idea in the Hebrew language. The second word Hoo can also be taken letter by letter in the Kabalistic manner. The first letter He (ה ) stands for the conscious self (middle self), the second letter Vav ( ו ) is the subconscious self (low self) and the Aleph (א ) is the Superconscious or High Self. The letter Vav is also used as a conjunction and gives us the idea of the middle self joined to the High Self by the low self.

The secret of the Ha Rite is to be found in the secondary meanings of the numbers one through four in the Hawaiian language. Outwardly, the maker of the prayer is told by the word “Ha” to take four strong breaths. Inwardly, we find the reasons for doing this in the secondary meanings of the numbers one, two, three and four.

One: Ka-hi or Ka-he

  1. The number one
  2. A place
  3. The pronoun, one
  4. to cut longitudinally (split open) also with the meaning of circumcision

Ka-he (alternate word)

  1. A flow of blood
  2. A first part (first fruits)

The thing to be opened by cutting and with the flow of blood that accompanies the cutting is the OMAKA or foreskin which also has the meaning of “the fountain-head of a stream of water” (water symbolizing mana).

We read in Genesis 17:10-27 that God was said to have spoken to Abram ordering him to establish a new covenant between his people and their God. In Genesis 17:11 we find, “And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin and it shall be for a sign of the covenant between me and you”.

In circumcision we have an excellent example of an esoteric teaching. The outer form is still used but the inner meaning is forgotten or ignored. It is obvious that the rite was very ancient because traditionally a flint knife was used. The cutting, foreskin and flow of blood are the outer symbols of a promise to supply the High Self with the mana it needs so that it can perform its share of the work as one of the three selves of man. The covenant was one established in Huna with the High Self and the creative force or mana was to be sent as a gift or sacrifice.

We can see that the Ha Rite or Prayer, beginning with the count of “one”, calls for the accumulation and sending of mana or creative force to the High Self, certainly not for the actual cutting of the foreskin.

I found something very interesting when I researched this inner idea of the covenant. I went first to my Hebrew dictionary and found that the word for circumcise was but in my copy of Genesis in Hebrew which has the Rashi commentaries, I found that in Genesis 17:11 the word was spelled. The last two letters form the second person plural or the verb and can be disregarded. We can see, however, that the letter Nun has been added to the root of the verb. Rashi has the notation “the Nun is an addition to the root which only sometimes appears in it”. That, of course, was no explanation whatever.

A return to the Hebrew dictionary gave me the word meaning “to be filled, be full”. When the Hebrew language was re-formed after the Jews returned from captivity, many secrets were written into the language just as we have discovered many secrets hidden in the Hawaiian language. The letter Aleph was added in many instances to include an idea or to increase the numerical value of a word. Here we can interpret the Aleph as “Holy Breath”.

In examining the word for foreskin, the dictionary gave secondary meaning of “fruit of trees for the first three years”. And so we have the same meaning as the first word of the Ha Rite code.

The second word of the Ha Rite code is the number “two” which has the following meanings:

Two: E-lua or A-lua

  1. To be weak
  2. To combine, as several persons aiding another
  3. To aid or give assistance,
  4. To adhere

The “e” in E-lua has the meaning of

  1. To call or invite attention to what one is about to say
  2. Something strange or new
  3. To enter, as into a country or city

The “e” doubled as “ee” – Something out of sight

Alu – To break or crumble to pieces

Lua and lu – Seeds; To scatter seeds as in sowing them

Lua-lua-i – To raise the cud and chew it (repetition of prayer)

These meanings show the need for the three selves to join together in the prayer work. The low self is being pointed out as the one who must accumulate the extra supply of mana, the one who reaches out to the High Self with the gift of mana. The patterns of our future are broken and crumbled to pieces to make way for the new patterns. The prayer to the High Self is repeated for greater effectiveness.

The number “three” brings us:

Three: Ko-lu


  1. To accomplish
  2. To fulfill
  3. To bring to pass
  4. To create; to beget as a child by its father
  5. To obtain what one has sought after

Lu – To scatter seeds

The High Self now takes its part and creates the changed future for the man, fulfilling and bringing it to pass.

With the number “four” the following meanings are given:

Four: Kau-na and Ha

Na (short for ana and like our English ending ‘ing’)

  1. Placing something in a designated place
  2. To set before one, as food
  3. To rehearse in the hearing of another that he may learn
  4. To place
  5. To rest


  1. To breathe strongly – with force
  2. A trough for running water
  3. The number four or forty or four hundred

The picture is now complete, the gift of mana is placed before the High Self and the prayer-picture is repeated carefully and the action is rested.

Breathing may be done in a matter of four complete breaths, then a momentary pause, and then a repetition. The repetition because of the belief that if the High Self is given enough mana to work with, the prayer can be answered quickly.

The preliminaries to the prayer should be gone over carefully and now we must assume that all preparation has been made — and any and all blocks to the path are cleared. The picture is complete. The verbal expression of the prayer picture has been committed to memory and there is no emotional response from the low self that would block it.

And now for the Ha Rite:

Four deep breaths are taken slowly and rhythmically and low self is commanded to accumulate a surcharge of mana. At the count of two the low self is putting out its call for contact with the High Self. At the count of three we have faith that our prayer has already been answered. Middle self feels that low self has now accumulated the needed mana and faith connects the three selves.

At the count of four we send the mana and then the thought-form picture and prayer to the High Self. We end the count by placing the mana and the prayer in the keeping of the High Self and we rest.

Max Freedom Long says that the kahunas had a saying “The life of the Kahuna is the god; and the life of the god is the kahuna”. There is also the maxim “without worship, the gods die”. When mana is not shared with the High Self, the lower man cannot receive much help and guidance from his High Self.

So, according to the covenant, we must “create mana” and send it as the first fruits of our creative force to the High Self as our gift of love. Daily.

This is our Ha Rite.



Cigbo’s painful task of “clearing out the deadwood” (as he puts it) has been accomplished amidst many Meows & Moans as the HRAs with expired memberships went into the inactive files. (Cigbo sez we could at least send the “deadwood” file out to Bil Linzie in Deadwood, S.D.) Cigbo had carefully hidden some address plates (some of his long-time favorites) and surreptitiously put them into the old Addresserette each time we sent a mailing, even though dues were not received. (He wants to know, of course, if there is a problem that needs help from Cigbo’s Box.) But alas! It was necessary to bring the files up to date and drop those who had been given Final Notices some time back.

In fact, the entire filing system has been revamped for more efficiency in serving our members and handling orders and inquiries.

One of the new files is for interests of members. When you tell us you are interested in certain areas of study or research, we put a note in this file, so that we always know who’s interested in what. A new membership application form has been devised to facilitate this when someone becomes a member.


A Membership Information Form is being enclosed with this Newsletter. [It is not enclosed. Ed.] Please complete it and return to HRA, so that we can bring our files up-to-date and have the data available when needed. We are often asked for names of members in various areas, but may not have permission to give out your address. Let us know whether we can do this. Also, list the areas you are interested in.

WE ARE GETTING MORE INQUIRIES from persons interested in Huna, as we have our address in more of the Huna books. You may have noticed that SSBM and SSAW  have been in short supply in recent months. Both have been reprinted and SSBM is now available — with the address of HRA in it. We hope SSAW  will be available again soon, since the publisher is also reprinting it. These contacts will bring us more inquiries and more members.

Our address is now listed in Guide to Occult Periodicals and Guide to Occult Tapes, published at $2.50 each by Inner-Space Interpreters Services (I.S.I.S.), P.O. Box 1133, Magnolia Park Station, Burbank, CA 91507. Although we do not consider Huna to be “occult”, this gives us contacts with interested persons who will learn what Huna is from our literature. (These are not available from HRA.)

Huna Research Associates is listed as a regular publisher in Books in Print, the standard bibliographical reference for libraries.


The back issues of the HRA BULLETINS and HUNA VISTAS of Max Freedom Long have been out of print for many years. The task of reprinting is formidable, and until recently has been physically impossible. We have Max’s original mimeograph stencils, but many of the earlier ones have deteriorated beyond use. The sheer physical requirements of running copies, collating, and storing — not to mention the cost of making such copies — have precluded any attempt to tackle this project. Now, with the Kopy-Kat (or Savin 770 Copier), we have the equipment to make these back issues available, because sets can be made to order, without the need to make many extra copies which would have to be stored.

Even with Kopy-Kat, it is still a big job to make a set of about 3,000 pages, and it will be necessary to hire a worker to run the copies (several full days of work are involved).  Most of the time and effort involve the placing of 3,000 sheets one at a time on the copier. Obviously, it will be just as easy to make a dozen copies, as it will be to make one, with only a small proportional increase in time. In order to make it possible to provide the back issues, we must have advance orders based on a deadline. All sets will then be made up at one time for those who have ordered them. All orders must be prepaid; however, an alternate plan will be offered to any who do not wish to pay out the entire amount at one time.


PLAN No. I. Complete Sets Ordered at One Time:

  1. HRA Bulletins, $150.00 per set, postpaid.
  2. HUNA VISTAS, $150.00 per set, postpaid.
  3. Both Sets, $300.00 for complete sets, post paid.

PLAN No. II. Complete Sets Purchased Over Several Months:

  1. HRA Bulletins, $160.00 per set, plus shipping.
  2. HUNA VISTAS, $160.00 per set, plus shipping.
  3. Both Sets, $320.00 for complete sets, plus shipping

We will be glad to work with any plan you wish to suggest, and will send a proportional amount of material from the sets for each installment you send. The postage will be based on the number of shipments.

PLAN No. III. Individual issues or any portions of these back issues may be ordered separately. Cost will vary with the number of pages ordered. Specific quotations on request.



Bulletin No. 1. First Step in the Experimental Use of HUNA.

Aloha: We are about to begin putting the ancient Huna System to the test on a large scale. Enough experimental work has already been done to prove that Huna will work for us as it did for the kahunas, but only a beginning has been made. We must work and experiment to attain proficiency.

Because most of us have problems to solve in our own lives, the first step which I am going to recommend deals with the High Magic. I want each one of your lives bettered. I want you to build into your future the correct health, finance and general conditions as a necessary first step in Huna experimentation. From this work you will gain experience, and from our combined experiences we will forward the whole Huna recovery project.

Your future is, for the most part, still only an incomplete map. You have not decided where you are going, and, as the High Self makes bits of your future daily from your thoughts of what you want or what you fear, your map is filled with vague lines indicating the direction of each day’s aimless paths. There are also blots here and there to indicate sickness, accidents and the realization of all feared events.

Take our text on Huna, The Secret Science Behind Miracles, and read again Case 29 , starting on page 336. Then ask yourself questions such as the kahuna asked me. Find out what you want to have happen in your future. Ask yourself how you would feel if this or that or the other thing came in response to your work in the High Magic. Sleep over it. However you reach your decision, get it right. Get it final. You are mapping your future and you must stop changing your mind about what you wish to have happen. You are going to steady down and drive with all your strength at a definite set of aims. You may later add things to your map, but you must not make basic changes and so cause confusion. Say to yourself, “I want to be____. I went to do______.” And then stick to it! Give your High Self time enough to build THAT FUTURE for you, and for that future to be actualized in your daily life. Give the High Self a free hand. Do not specify HOW the desired results are to be obtained.

This is not child’s play. It is probably the most serious work you have ever undertaken because you are now setting out to set the course for your whole life. It is serious work for all the world because you are now a pioneer breaking tracks in the wilderness, for those less clear-seeing and less able to travel tomorrow enroute to a new and greatly better day.

When you have decided exactly what you want on your map and in the mold into which your life will be cast, write it down. Then make a copy of its important parts and send it to me to place in the Huna (secret) Research Associates files. I will give your sheet a code number, and I will want a report from you as often as any item on your list begins to take visible shape — or if there is a mysterious upset. I will also want a final report on the outcome when you finish, with notes on what you have learned to better our understanding of Huna.

Do what you can for the present to handle your guilt complexes or other hindering fixations. Read and reread the book and you will gradually get a working knowledge of this part of the problem. In due time we will have various Associates able to help with the fixations, but there are none yet. Allow yourself to dwell daily on the Huna teaching that no act is a sin unless it hurts someone.

Here is information not to be found in my book. It is part of the knowledge gained by W.R. Stewart who discovered and studied with kahunas in North Africa. He spent years testing this part of the instructions given by his kahuna teacher, and found that they were very important.

(1) Your High Self and those of your husband, wife, child, relatives, neighbors, etc., work together. This is because we live in groups and our lives are lived in relation to others. These High Selves however are far more closely associated than are we who live in dense physical bodies. They have evolved to the point of forming a perfect brotherhood.         They exist as individuals but are also one with all High Selves in a general unity of being. They represent the Universal Mind or Christ Spirit which we moderns have come to know in a vague way. This great body of united- separated High Selves was called by the kahunas the Po’e Aumakua, or “Company of Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirits. All prayer actions must be addressed to the High Self, and if still higher Beings are to be involved in the action, the High Self will attend to that.

(2) Because each High Self in your High Self group loves its own man, woman or child, over which it stands as Guardian Angel (no matter how bad that person may be) the entire High Self Group (corresponding to your group below) must be considered when we ask our own High Self to make changes in the future for us that will have an effect on others in our group. Picture yourself standing before the assembled High Selves of your group, and making your requests. What would you see on the shining faces if you asked for something that would injure one of the earthlings in their charge? These High Selves love their earthly children with a vast and yearning parental love. And, do not forget this, they have to sit helplessly by and watch their earthlings do things that will get them into all kinds of trouble. This is the LAW. The High Self must keep hands off and let the low and middle selves (the man) learn by experience. This is our God-given FREE WILL. Only the long-range events in our lives may be set for us. All other events and conditions must be made of the materials we send to the High Selves in the way of thought-forms, and of the cumulative acts we perform. If you wish to cause the greatest possible joy in “heaven,” you can do so in two ways, first by recognizing your own High Self and asking it to take a hand in your life (a figurative opening of the door to the aid of the High Self), or, second, by recognizing the existence of the other High Selves of the group and asking them to help you to help their earthly charges.

In church, much stress is laid on saving souls. In Huna the stress is laid on helping others to know about the High Selves, and to give up the animal greed and savagery of the low self so that their lives may be ordered and their doors opened to the help and guidance and healing of the High Selves. This is the true salvation — the only one known in the Ancient Secret Lore. To be worthy of the help of the Aumakuas we must become a little like they are.

We must be kind and tolerant and willing to help our fellows unselfishly. The higher we evolve, the less we grab, and the more we give.

(3) W.R. Stewart found that a prayer action taken for his personal good, and that alone got slow results in comparison to actions taken for the good of others as well as himself. (Recall the fact that at the shrine at Lourdes, those who come to pray for others are most often healed.) When you pray for the good of others you call to your aid their High Selves. Pray for ten and you have Incredible Power and Wisdom behind you. Pray for help in helping mankind, and you have the entire Po’e Aumakua listening. Even the smallest act done to help another in the name of the High Self who watches over that other, is blessed out of all proportion to the deed itself. “Even as ye do unto the least of these, ye do it unto me,” said Jesus, and he spoke as a High Self. This is why Service is magnified so greatly in all the teachings. This is the one way in which one can serve the Higher Beings. Grow yourself. Help others to grow. W.R. Stewart lived to serve. After his death I received a stained little note from his old charwoman.

The note ended with, “He was such a kind man.” What an epitaph to be graven on the memories which are his only monument! He served – SERVED!

Step 1 is to decide what you wish to be and to do.

Step 2 is to make a clear and enduring picture in your mind (thought-forms) of what you wish to come to pass. Each day, for a few minutes, toss aside the present conditions and imagine yourself living as you picture yourself in the future. Enter your pictured future more completely each day until you can forget the unwanted things in the present — forget them for long minutes. Picture the new house, the new Service and the new life. For health, picture yourself as in some early day when you were brimming with health. Forget present illness which is on the way out and which has no reality in the very real future which is being built for you in answer to your prayers.

Pray to have your picture materialized. Pray as often as you think of it, and always present your picture as the heart of your prayer. Do not wait for a full answer to the prayer, but start with little acts of service at once. Do all you can below and depend on the Aumakuas to do their work above. Do not dictate HOW things are to be brought about. Leave that to the High Selves. If you have faith and persevere, the low self will snare it in due time and will deliver (telepathically) your prayers as you formulate them. Give up your hates or you will hate a High Self and make no progress. A very great kahuna said, “Do good to those who despitefully use you.” If you can get over this hurdle, your path ahead should be straight, wide and easy. M.F.L.


by Ned Nyberg, St. Louis

(NOTE: We receive regular reports of the meetings and activities of such Huna Groups as the St. Louis Group. When I heard of the meeting to dedicate the new home of one of their members, I asked Ned to share the experience with HRAs through the Newsletter. Here is the story. EOW.)

A Huna Group in the St. Louis, Mo. area was recently invited to meet in the new home of one of the members, Mrs. Norma Ruhaack, for the purpose of blessing the home and dedicating each area in its function.

About sixteen were present. The lesson for the evening was presented by Carol Hunter. Following the lesson, the leader of the meditation asked for everyone to rise to their feet and form a circle in the large living room for the KALA, or cleansing. Each individual mentally cleansed both selves and the house in an exercise that generated an amazing charge of mana that could be felt by the hairs on our arms, legs and scalps.

With this validation of the effectiveness of our KALA, we moved into and through every room of the house. As we did so, we paused in each area to charge it with its purpose as a part of a true Huna home.

The living room was dedicated to learning, relaxation, and social pleasures; ranging from quiet reflection and study to laughter and conversation — all without malice, just love.

The kitchen-dining area was dedicated to the preparation of wholesome food for the lower self and the assimilation of health-building food and ideas or thoughts consciously directed by the middle self.

The master bedroom was dedicated to the restoration of mind and body and communion of both with the higher self — to regeneration through interaction.

The guest bedroom was dedicated to the comfort and the joy of all who come to share in the warmth of the home.

The bathroom was dedicated to the elimination of physical waste and to continuing KALA — cleansing of the body AND mind — to the washing away of negative programming, to the clearing of knots and obstructions in the AKA cords of our make-up.

The basement was dedicated to the supportive functions of the home. Many similarities to the “low self” of each of us were pointed out — particularly relating to the mechanics of living, to physical repairs, and to “accumulations” whose purposes have largely been forgotten.

The steps were dedicated to clear and easy, trouble-fee, communication between levels. The doors were dedicated as the gateways for all who come and go in the sharing that makes the place a home.

During the meditation which followed, this home was placed in realistic perspective in time and space through strong guidance in response to beautiful acceptance.

(This lovely account of group dedication of a home may inspire you to try it on your new home — or even on your present one. It is never too late to dedicate a home to worthy purposes. EOW.)

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