HV Newsletter #25 – Winter, 1978

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HUNA RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, 126 Camellia Drive, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701 USA

January – March, 1978

Dear Huna Research Associates:

We celebrate THIRTY YEARS of HRA Bulletins on February 28, 1978! HRA had been established November 25, 1945, but it was years later when a regular medium of communication was started. Max Freedom Long issued an HRA BULLETIN every two weeks — can you imagine? After 124 issues, he “suspended” the bulletin (but put out FIVE during that year of suspension). HUNA VISTAS began in September, 1959. We have a great tradition to uphold — and a great future to fulfill.

grapevine-longTHE AKA CORD…

  1. DUES REMINDER. Many membership renewals were due January 1st. Notices were sent in December and dues are arriving steadily. Please check your membership card for renewal date or the notice we sent. We try to give you plenty of time to respond by reminders near the time of renewal.
  2. BACK ISSUES OF MFL’S BULLETINS AND HUNA VISTAS. Two complete sets are still available at a cost of $300 (approximately 3,000 pp.). We will bind into six volumes with plain covers for your convenience. When these are sold, there will be a delay of several months before we can make up additional sets. (We can sell the two series separately if you wish only the HRA Bulletins or only the Huna Vistas. $150 each.)

— Three titles by Martin A. Larson (see review on page 13) The Story of Christian Origins ($12.50), special $10.50. The Religion of the Occident (out of print), $3.50. The Essene Heritage (out of print), $5.50.

— Books by L.R. McBride Petroglyphs of Hawaii (48 pp.), autographed, $3.00 (6). The Kahuna, Versatile Mystic of Old Hawaii (68 pp.), 3 autographed, 1 not autographed. Practical Folk Medicine of Hawaii (104 pp.), 2 autographed, $5.00.

— Alice A. Bailey, The Labours of Hercules, $2.00

— Renee Klaus, There is a Tide (hardback), $4.00.

  1. HAWAIIAN MOON CALENDARS, large (23″x32”) parchment wall calendar. These are left over from last year’s seminar. This is a symbolic calendar, based on ancient kahuna lore, not one for checking the dates. Brief, explanatory booklet included. Sells for $5.00 in Hawaii. Price: $4.00 in mailing tube.
  2. HUNA TEACHERS PROGRAM. The interest in this program for certifying teachers has been very gratifying. I regret that there has been delay in implementing the program, because of the press of other matters and a two-week bout with “Texas flu.” But many suggestions have been sent in by members of the committee and you will be informed as soon as the program is under way. Thanks for being patient.
  3. TELEPATHIC MUTUAL HEALING GROUP (TMHG] has not ceased to function, although it has not been mentioned in recent announcements. We have being working on several requests in recent months. Some report slow progress and a few tell us about almost immediate results. A new brochure has been written to help those who request help to co-operate in the healing process. Remember that the official time to meet (either to receive or send mana) is 9 p.m. CDT — but we are working at other times, as requested by those who write for help. More information will be available eventually in the form of a new manual for TMHG participants. This will be announced when ready.
  4. 1978 HUNA SEMINAR. Full details in this Newsletter. Plan to come if you can. Invite others. Pass the word along. Information will be sent on request (the flyers enclosed with this mailing).


By Evelyn Purser (California)

(EVELYN PURSER has been doing some of the most intensive work with various Huna concepts, has worked out a comprehensive radiesthesia analysis program, and has been in close contact in all experimental phases. She shares here an effective technique for energizing and centering. Try it, and report the results to HRA.)

  1. Sit comfortably in a straight chair.
  2. Clear your “energy flows” and balance them in the following three steps:
    1. Lightly touch the five fingers of your right hand to the fingers of your left hand. Hold this position for thirty seconds.
    2. Entwine your arms and hold this position for one minute.
    3. Grasp just above your left wrist with your right hand. Now turn your left hand into a position that will allow you to grasp just above your right wrist. Keep the four fingers close together, with the thumb on one side of the arm and the fingers on the other. This may seem awkward at first, but you will quickly feel at ease with the position. Rest your arms against your body so they are relaxed and comfortable.
    4. “Run” your Central Meridian.
      This meridian starts at the crotch and goes up the center of the body to the lower lip. Begin running the meridian with your hand at your crotch. Move your hand lightly up the center of your body to your lower lip. Your hand does not have to touch your body, but it should be lightly touching your clothing. Now move your hand down to your crotch again and then up to your lower lip. Repeat this again, down and then up. Finish off by putting your hand from your lower lip off to the side at arm’s length. (Never finish at the crotch.) Summary: The sequence is Up, Down, Up; then Down, Up, Off to Side.
      These three [four] steps, or any single one of them, can be repeated occasionally during a busy day when you feel the need to relax and center yourself again.
  1. Rest your arms on your thighs with your fingertips touching lightly. Breathe quietly.
  2. Start a steady stream of Universal White Energy (Mana) flowing into your body.
  3. Direct your Inner Self (Subconscious) to begin generating Life Force. Your Inner Self has no problem generating Life Force when you direct it to do so. It uses this Universal Energy (Mana) and the glycogen stored in your body from the food you eat to generate Life Force. It may help to visualize an efficient generating motor working quietly in your soft abdominal area.
  4. Fill your abdominal storage area with Life Force.
    1. Breathe in. Feel the Life Force being quietly generated.
    2. As you gently breathe out, feel the Life Force filling your abdominal storage area.
    3. Repeat this until your storage area is filled to overflowing.
  5. Continue to generate Life Force and direct it to the various parts of your body.
    1. Breathe in and generate Life Force.
    2. Breathe out quietly and send the Life Force to your head, then to your neck and shoulders, and on down to your arms, chest, abdomen, hips, back, and legs.
    3. Work out this program so it feels comfortable to you and eventually only takes a few minutes.
  1. Now with a few breaths send Life Energy all through your body. Check to see that each individual cell is full to overflowing.
  2. Send a gift of Life Force to your High Self (your Spiritual Self).
    As you breathe out, imagine that you are sending Life Force along a tiny, silken thread up to your High Self. It helps your Inner Self to get the idea of “sending” by blowing your breath gently upward.
  3. Send energy to your High Self with a few breaths and then ask for protection for the day. As you quietly blow Life Force to your High Self, feel it coming back over you as a lovely, soft mantle of Light. With each expelled breath, feel the protecting energy come further down over you — first to your shoulders, then over the upper part of your body, then the lower part, then over your legs, and finally right down to the floor and tucked in around your feet. On some days, two or three breaths will completely cover you. On other days, it may take several breaths before there is enough protective energy to securely envelope you. On these days go slowly. Feel the soft Light covering just a little of you at a time.
  4. If you have time, lazily daydream for a few minutes or talk quietly with your High Self. Learn to listen.
  5. Finish your meditation by sending a prayer to your High Self.
    Send energy along the aka thread and with it a request that your High Self guide you during the day and keep the three of you (Inner Self, Conscious Self, and High Self) working in harmony.


It is wise when sending Life Force Energy to another person to do it through that person’s High Self.

As you send the energy along the aka thread, suggest that it be used as the High Self, in its wisdom, sees fit. Sending energy direct, for a specific purpose, runs the risk of interfering with that person’s life pattern of growth and development. There may be exceptions to this rule. An experienced person will know how to handle the situation.


cassetteby E. Otha Wingo

One of the problems mentioned in many letters received at the HRA Headquarters is exactly how to proceed once the prayer/action has been worked out. It cannot be repeated too forcefully that the description must be in picture form and in appropriate words which do not cause “twinges” (emotional reactions) from the low self. But then what?

We have emphasized the necessity of increasing the mana supply and having it in readiness when the prayer/picture is sent. But how is that done?

Here is a method that works very effectively. Use your tape recorder! A reel or cassette will do; the cassette probably is more convenient. The description may be worded somewhat differently for this method. Record in exact detail the entire prayer/action from beginning to end — including instructions to the low self to build up a surcharge of mana and send it, all the way to the amama (or whatever closing is used). The entire description should be checked for low self reactions, as the description is worked out, but a very positive approach should result in a workable format.

Here is an illustration of what can be put on the tape. The example is an actual one I worked out for a friend who wanted to sell the house they now lived in and buy another, larger one that would suit their needs much better.

“I am beginning my prayer/action for the acquisition of the house and property at (exact location). This will be our new home and will fit our needs and wishes admirably. Buying this house will help to solve a large problem for the previous owners, who had to move out of town, and must sell it as soon as possible. It will also make available our smaller house for a family for which it is perfectly suited.

“I am now putting aside all conscious thoughts, doubts and uncertainties and all the distractions of the day. I am calming and quieting my mind so that a clear communication can be made with my low self, who has worked hard in finding the exact house and alerting us to its availability. My wonderful helper and friend, my low self, is going to be very happy in this new home and deserves all the pleasures it will provide. My low self is a very important person in bringing this about, because the low self is the only one that can take the prayer/picture in proper form to my High Self and to the High Selves of all those involved. I have worked also on the middle self level to examine the property and evaluate the entire situation from a logical standpoint, for I realize everything must be done on all three levels before full success can be attained.

“I now take FOUR deep breaths as the level of mana/energy increases:

ONE — As I breathe in, a large supply of mana enters with the air from the universal supply. My body cooperates by manufacturing additional life force from the food and air I take in every day.

TWO — The mana increases as I take another deep breath and my body begins to tingle with the increased charge of life force. The mana rises like a fountain, which I can see as water rising as the fountain fills up from the bottom.

THREE — As I take my third breath, I visualize the water rising to the top of the fountain and overflowing in a lovely spray — symbolizing the mana that has increased to overflowing in all parts of my being. I can feel the cool mist on my face as it comes down from above in a refreshing spray.

FOUR — A fourth breath completes the cycle and provides sufficient energy for any purpose, including help needed by others. I now know that the power is available to proceed with the prayer/action.

“Now, my friend (George, or whatever you call your own low self), here is the prayer/picture for you to send to our High Self along with a generous gift of mana for using to bring the picture into reality. It is very important that you take the message exactly as we have worked it out together. “Here it is:

  1. I see our family living in our new home (a concise description of the house is included here).
  2. We know that there is an unlimited resource for making the financial arrangements, for we must work on all three levels, including making middle self level plans and arrangements. We need a sufficient amount of funds — whatever the sum may be — to take possession of the property and to meet all obligations required by the bank. We need to have a buyer for our present house — a person or family for whom this house will be suitable and desirable — exactly right, in fact. We will do everything necessary to bring this about for the benefit of all concerned. We know that the unlimited resources of the High Selves can bring this about in their own way, guiding us on the proper procedures and actions on the physical level.

“Our prayer is released and takes its flight. May the rain of blessings return.”

Now that you have worked out the exact wording and recorded it on tape, you are ready to follow the prayer/action exactly each day, when you can find a quiet time to be alone. Headphones will add to the convenience and further remove any distractions during the few minutes it will take to go through the prayer/action. The recording eliminates the possible distraction of referring to a written procedure and will assure EXACTLY the same prayer/picture each time. Otherwise, it would be necessary to memorize the description or read it.

If you feel the need of repeating the prayer/action more than once during a single meditation period, you may record it several times on the same tape, or acquire one of the automatic repeating tapes.

Note that there are three things involved: work on low self level (using the taped description to impress the subconscious and increasing the supply of mana); work on the middle self, conscious level; and work on the High-Self level (letting go and releasing the prayer to the High Self).



To all HRAs everywhere!

The Brightest of the New Years for Huna and all of you whom I love dearly!

I thought the HV excellent with the bulletin from Mr. Max. My! Wasn’t he ahead of his time? And you can see how the firewalkers changed the Heat of the Fire into COLD. I used to practice this with sticking a finger into a candle and “seeing” it as ice. Works, too. Everything on Earth level seems to have its opposite just as the opposite of Venus Love is Eros Love.

Our New York trip recently was Huna-filled all the way. Such a delight to meet and be with people who have greater understanding and the wisdom to use it.

I spent a memorable morning with HRA Buell Mullen in her lovely studio and met her assistant, a young man named Ken. Buell is the WORLD’S GREATEST MURAL ARTIST on steel. She travels the world and will be in Calgary, Canada right after the New Year. The mural in Western Electric’s huge building in New York is 28 feet high and 52 feet long!

She looks her part: Tall, slender, with red hair and lively, deep brown eyes. She exudes a special charm all her own. Immediately I thought of Europe and the old Masters and wondered if she had not been a student of one of the Italian Greats in another incarnation.

We had lunch at the River Club and felt we had been friends of long standing. It is one of Earth-life’s oddities that you can live in the same household with a family member for years and never “know” them, yet meet a stranger and feel so very much at home and at ease.

I find Huna in her murals and feel she both consciously and subconsciously incorporates it into her lovely work. Such a rare privilege and adventure to be with Buell Mullen, who has given us the first new art form in 500 years! A tribute to us all.

Huna boasts of many HRAs in many unusual professions. My favorite HRA minister is Rev. Gabe Campbell, minister of First Congregational Church in Stamford, Conn. While vacationing at the Greenbrier in Virginia over five years ago, Gabe spotted us across the dining room during breakfast. (We had never met before.) He told his lovely wife, Sandy, that he must meet that woman seated way over there. He waited until we were walking out of the dining room and introduced himself. He has been to the Library twice, calls me his Prayer Teacher and officiated at the wedding of our daughter, Bebe, two years ago.

Gabe came into the city and took me to meet Robert Monroe, the astral travel researcher whose laboratory is located outside Charlottesville, Va. He was attending a meeting, so we were able to have a visit while we were in New York. He has taken 1,400 people out of their bodies; his goal is 5,000 — using sound waves. He is a charming, middle-aged man with gray hair and a clipped mustache, but seemed very tired and low in energy to me. I have not investigated his work, but was told by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, when I attended her workshop in January of 1977, that she had her first real spiritual experience when she went to Bob Monroe’s laboratory. This bears looking into.

Gabe is working on an interesting project with the blessings of the president of General Electric, who is a personal friend of his, along with Dr. Arthur Gladman, psychiatrist of San Francisco. They are attempting to connect the right and left sides of the brain through biofeedback. The goal is to raise not only the IQ, but also the capacity for understanding. How much more may be accomplished through using the Ha Rite of Huna and our knowledge of the Three Selves!

We boarded an early Sunday moaning train to Stamford and spent most of the day with the Campbells. Gabe’s church, First Congregational, is the oldest Congregational church in Connecticut. It is a massive structure with beautiful stained glass windows and an exceptional pipe organ. It was my honor to sing the solo. The church was filled with spirit and with the feeling that the rain of blessings was flowing over all of us. A most marvelous experience – would that ALL churches could be like Gabe’s and have ministers who use and understand the deeper principles of life.


By: Morrnah K. Simeona (Honolulu)

I come forth from the void into Light,
I am the Breath that nurtures life.
I am that emptiness, that hollowness
Beyond all consciousness,
The I, the Id, the All.
I go on my rainbows across the waters,
The continuum of minds with matters.
I am the in-coming and the out-going Breath,
The invisible, untouchable dreams,
The undefinable atoms of creation.
I am The I .

Note: We have had several requests, from those who attended the Huna Seminar last April, and from those who heard the tapes from the Seminar, that we publish this prayer, which Morrnah used on several occasions. We had it ready for an earlier Newsletter and ran out of room. So, here it is. In a recent note, Morrnah pointed out the change in her first name from the former spelling (Morna).


ON HEALING, etc. by Joann Henely (Honolulu)

Dear Otha: In reading the latest Huna Vistas it seemed to me that maybe you have moved away from the way to heal and are letting concerns for blocks and fixations get in the way; maybe even the pendulum. I have been studying with Sam Lono and David Bray for over two years. It seems to me the pendulum is merely a technique which gets in the way after it is once learned. It will continue to work for you on analysis, but doesn’t need to be used other than that.

I find that teaching people to see Auras — and most everyone can unless that is one of their mental blocks which they can’t seem to work through — is the best way for them to see that there are three levels of spirit body. It can be seen and we are a visual people, after all. Once they have learned to see the three aka bodies, they can also see leaks or gray areas where there are physical ailments or they can see what may be emotional. Once they can see, they can begin to try healing that Aura body which, after all, is what must be healed to bring the physical body into perfect accord.

The emotion that they can bring into it is also vital. You tell of the GREAT LOVE of the young firewalker for the Goddess as though it were real. The emotion must be present for instant healing and the greater the emotion, the more instant the healing.

When you are working with the pendulum, the emotions are blocked, because you are “letting George do it.” Obviously, a mother could heal her injured child if she could eliminate her own fears and work on the positive, because the great love pours forth. Last week my husband was hit in the eye with a racket ball and rushed to the hospital. The eyeball was scratched and was starting to hemorrhage, but the next morning when he went back, the doctor couldn’t believe the healing.

Two friends and I had all worked on him — they with Silva Mind Control and Huna, and I with Huna. I have had good results with healing but sometimes I think it must be that the people themselves need to hang onto their illnesses. Cure rate is best on sudden injuries like a break or cut. Cure rate is poorer on things like metabolic illnesses where the people them­selves have chosen it for themselves. I hope this helps.

Sincerely, Joann Henely P.S. Please rush a copy of the Huna Course. I wish to teach it this winter.

COMMENT: Dear Joann, Your course is going out immediately, so you should receive it in good time. Since you are interested in teaching Huna, I will include you in the list of members to inform about the Huna Teachers Program. It is progressing, but still not ready to start full-force. Review questions for the course are ready, and can be sent. We want to certify as many Huna teachers as possible.

I appreciate your letter. I agree fully that the pendulum is just a tool and is useful for some things (and some people). Some of our members seem to “take to” the pendulum and make excellent use of it. They use it as a guide for various analyses, many of them working out elaborate charts for the purpose. But that is done only in preparation; the healing work in done mentally (or by whatever method of healing is employed). If learned properly and used properly, this would not hinder. But probably there are many who cannot work this out in a way that will prevent its getting in the way. Anyone who cannot get beyond the pendulum would have this problem. It might be pointed out that some of the more elaborate devices (such as radionic instruments) lend themselves especially to this trap. If the operator becomes convinced that it is the instrument that is doing it all, he may run into difficulties. Reading of auras is a very sophisticated “tool” for those who are able to use it. Again, if not used properly, it would be difficult to get beyond the tool and get to the healing based on information obtained by means of the tool.

The same is true of blocks and fixations. If we dwell on these exclusively, thinking we must remove every block before healing can take place, we become lost in a morass of tangled memories and emotions. I do not advocate setting in at once to dredge up all the emotional tangles that may be lodged in the low self. Rather, it is important to get right to a more positive healing (of whatever type, whether physical or financial or social). WHEN THE HEALING IS NOT EFFECTIVE, that is when it may be necessary to find out WHY! Even then, it is more important to approach the healing from a positive standpoint, making sure that the prayer/action is worked out in exact detail, the mana adequately prepared, and the prayer/picture presented to the High Self, not forgetting the most important role played by the PHYSICAL STIMULUS. The low self must be CONVINCED! If the physical stimulus is strong enough, it will overcome or at least offset most blocks or fixations.

Another key item is the emotion, but this is closely tied in with the physical stimulus. ANYTHING that hinders the strong emotion necessary for healing should be eliminated, and this may be using the pendulum (and the problem may be the low self’s resistance to such an instrument) or anything else.

I could write a book on this aspect of Huna — importance of the physical stimulus. And in fact, such a book has been in the preparatory stages for several years. With the help of HRA Edward S. Schultz (Buffalo, N.Y.), who has supplied me with many files of information, I have collected hundreds of examples of its use.

Your account of your husband’s healing is very interesting and thanks for sharing it.

You have hit on another important thing that often is forgotten — the need of some to hold on to their illnesses! They use illnesses as an escape for other problems they cannot face. Therefore OUR responsibility is to offer what help we can and include the idea that it be received. But we cannot FORCE healing on others (and it is always best to have their cooperation). In fact, supportive energy (plus help in visualizing the desired result) is about all the healer can do. The rest is up to the patient, and in fact, it is only the patient who heals himself, ultimately. (As Evelyn Purser points out elsewhere in this Newsletter, it may be wise to send energy to the High Self of the patient; then it can be received and used according to what is best for that person; whereas, energy sent directly to the low self might be forced upon the patient and his free-will interfered with.)

I might add that the strong force of intense LOVE is most effective in healing, and the “healer” who cannot generate the emotion of love for his patient probably will have little success. We cannot overlook the fact that Mana itself can be generated and directed, for whatever purpose, and this sometimes seems to be quite independent of a particular emotion.

In Huna Light — E.O.W.

VISUALIZING RAINBOWS by: Paula Lord (Colorado)

Dear HRAs: The Huna conference sounded good. What Morna Simeona said about using light and rainbows is very helpful and surprisingly easy to visualize. A friend of mine had occasion to use it the other day. He had a dream the night before of falling from something, but couldn’t see from what. That day at work, he was on a loading platform stall and for some reason his co-worker had unthinkingly taken all the nuts off of the bolts. The platform started to slip. The co-worker became very alarmed and told my friend to be absolutely still while he hurried to get help. My friend said, No, it’s all right. He took a second to surround himself with a rainbow; then stood up. No sooner had he secured a handhold on safety and the platform crashed down.

Has anyone ever mentioned to you the need, as they endeavor to get closer to the light, to protect themselves and those close to them? When I was careless about doing this, members of my family were having bad dreams (including myself), seeing and hearing not-well-intentioned spirits. I began prefacing and ending every prayer with an invocation for protection, which worked okay. What has worked even better is to surround the house with three rainbows and put myself in a shell of light (violet: I don’t know if the color is important). There is an extreme amount of negativity in cities and the world, but maybe I’m not doing something right. Anyway, has anyone ever mentioned this?

COMMENT: The importance of ALL the colors (such as are represented by rainbows) in full-spectrum sunlight is fully presented in John Ott’s Health and Light (now available in Pocketbooks edition). Traditionally “color therapy” involved the actual radiating of the subject with colored lights, requiring expensive equipment. See Roland Hunt’s The Seven Keys to Colour Healing and The Eighth Key to Colour. Hunt remarks: “Colour-solarized water is one of the finest, easiest, and cheapest ways of taking Colour into the system. It is literally and truly the essence of Rainbow Healing.” Dr. Babbitt, whose book on Color is a classic, stated: “We have seen that every style of potency and substance is found in the most refined form in the different colours of sunlight. In the course of thousands of experiments with chromo-jars and lenses, it has been demonstrated that a new and remarkable healing power has been brought before the world. Water is the most practical substance for use in these jars, or hollow lenses, and it is medicated according to the colour, by letting the sun shine into it.”

Hunt pointed out that “Colour-breathing is in fact the greatest of all advanced methods and is destined to restore the coming New Race to its God-given physical perfection.” Linda Clark (Color Therapy and Health, Youth and Beauty Through Color Breathing) points out that “no healing with color breathing has proved successful unless the person also combines color with spiritual know-how,” and that “any visualization (of color) must also be accompanied by a firm silent or audible statement of what you wish to achieve!” Huna techniques are clearly discernible in Linda Clark’s books. Hunt says that “The Violet Rays are, of all others, those possessing the most intense electrochemical power — Violet provides nourishment for all those cells in our upper brain that expand the horizon of our Divine Understanding.”


“Dear Otha,

I came across a Bible passage just now that I would like to have you comment on in the light of Huna: Matthew 22, Mark 12, & Luke 20. Matt. 22:30: ‘Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God? For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven.’ Please tell me how this fits in with the Huna idea that we meet our soul mate when we graduate to the Kingdom of Heaven and become High Selves. Sincerely, Robert Farrington (California).”

COMMENT: Yes, those references to “no marriage in heaven” are interesting and I have noticed them before. Remember that the early church was basically an esoteric mystery cult (resembling those mystery schools of Egypt and Greece) and had strict requirements for membership. Celibacy was one of those requirements — one taken quite literally for many years, and accepted in limited fashion by the Church. For the most part, though, the modern church has tried to rationalize that phase of the “kingdom” and push the interpretation into the period after death. Most of the references to “The Dead” have to do with ANYONE NOT IN THE CULT — SO, “rising from the dead” meant withdrawing from all non-members when a person was accepted into the cult (church). Such persons had to give up all temporal pleasures, leave behind all members of the family (let the “dead” bury their dead — that is, all who are not accepted as members of the Kingdom must be left behind and left with all the Earthly responsibilities). And of course marriage was forbidden.

Part of the problem of such passages is the mixing of two different levels of interpretation. The Huna “theory” suggests (but is only theoretical, as a logical conclusion from the various levels of development of the three selves) that the High Self level is a high degree of development and is composed of both polarities (we usually call these male-female, but probably the meaning is that the High Self is “complete”). Thus WE are made up of three levels, ONE of which is a High Self! We therefore cannot “become a High Self.” When we die (i.e., three selves leave the physical body), presuming appropriate progress, the various levels graduate into a higher level. Thus (pursuing the theory to logical conclusions), our High Self could graduate into a part of the Po`e Aumakua (or serve as High Self for another three-level Earth-living person); our middle self could reach the High-Self level (and that’s where the joining with “the Beloved” or “soul mate” is involved — so, you see we are not talking about two Earth-persons joining together as in an earthly marriage, but the middle self third of a person reaching a degree of development in which it is COMPLETE, and we think of “complete” as including “male-female” polarities.) Then the low self reaches the level of the middle self. It gets a bit sticky here (speaking of low self!), but what could then happen is that a low self and a middle self could graduate into the middle self and High Self, bringing in a new low self into the new incarnation.

There is an odd misunderstanding going around in Huna, but mostly pseudo-Huna circles (Huna-Hyphenates, as MFL called them). It is that our goal is to “become High Selves.” One publication states that we must “become our High Selves.” Gets curiouser and curiouser, doesn’t it? If you keep in mind the three selves of each person in the Huna concept, it makes no sense to say that each person will “become” a High Self. This is the area of evolution on the after-death level. What we are concerned with here is keeping all three selves working together harmoniously and effectively for the best life we can live while we are on Earth. — In Huna Light

by: Catherine Edwards (Texas), HRA Group Leader

Dear Otha,

It has taken me longer to get over the trip to the South Pacific than I would have thought. Just so much going on to get into besides the jet lag. But I am anxious for you to know that the contacts with Huna people added a great deal to the trip, and I thank you for the addresses.

In Sydney, Mr. Frankenstein had a call at the hotel when I arrived. I returned the call and he and his wife took me to dinner that night at a very nice restaurant. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Lucy joined us. Afterwards we went to the Frankenstein home for a nice visit. Mr. Lucy does research on scientific subjects for various publications. A very knowledgeable man. He was interested in the new copying machine you are using. He read the color of my aura, and said that I definitely should stay in things related to color. I got the impression that he had met, or at least corresponded with Dr. Long. The same about Mr. Frankenstein. He and his wife left Europe in advance of the Jewish persecution by the Nazis. He has a medical instruments import business. He is a dowser, evidently with a good reputation from what Mr. Lucy said. He “dowsed” me and assured me that there was nothing wrong with my head. It was funny. He hardly wanted to say that because he thought I would think he was talking about my mind. But when I told him I had a little knot on the inside of my mouth that I had been a little concerned about and also that I have a deafness in one ear that makes a “funny” sensation in my head from time to time, he was much relieved! Also said I could rest at ease, that there was nothing serious. The Lucy’s made quite an effort to get in from their home for the evening. Needless to say it was all very interesting.

On Saturday morning, Thea O’Connor came to the hotel to have breakfast with me. That was the only time I had any free time. She brought two friends. After eating we went to my room and talked a little Huna. The other two didn’t know very much about it and I would have liked to talk more with Thea, but I even so got one good idea. She said that in one of the early letters MFL suggested doing the Ha Rite in rhythm with one’s pulse. I’ve been trying it and it does add to the calming effect. She is a beautifully poised person and a good example for Huna teaching. After that we met my tour group.

I asked about Gaye Meredan, but Thea had not heard from her in quite a while, and we did not find her name in the phone book, although the address was rather near the hotel.

Now we move to New Zealand. In Rotorua, I had a telegram from Norman W. Alford, saying he was sorry not to get to meet me, but he was participating in the 50th Anniversary of his Golf Club as a Foundation member. This says something for longevity, if nothing else.

Mrs. Gladys Groombridge was waiting for me when we arrived. She had ridden 3 hours on a bus to get there. We had about an hour and a half to visit, before she had to leave to ride the 3½ hours back to her home. I was really touched that she would do that. She was homesick to see someone from North America. She gave me a tape of a Huna workshop she attended in Canada. I have already written all these HRAs and had letters from them since I returned.


Larson, Martin A. THE STORY OF CHRISTIAN ORIGINS: THE SOURCE AND ESTABLISHMENT OF WESTERN RELIGION, a Joseph J. Binns/New Republic Book Washington, D.C., 1977. xx + 711 pp. Bibliography, Notes, Index. $12.50 (Cloth-bound)

This single volume presents a masterful synthesis of the facts involved in the genes­ is of the Christian Epic and its sustaining organization. The compound doctrine of Christianity fused age-old religious concepts introduced by the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians. Buddhists, Greeks, Jews, Phrygians and Syrians. This exploration of Christian beginnings considers pagan origins, Palestinian primary and secondary sources, the inner meaning of the Gospels and their redevelopment in the pagan world. Particular attention is given to the Essenes, a remarkable group of Jewish communist celibates from whom the Christian Gospel emerged. This study reveals that Jesus Christ was probably an Essene who left the Order to create his own movement. This book examines the soteriology, eschatology, ethics and Messianic concept which make up Christianity as well as the sources of the dominant religion of the Western World.

Martin A. Larson was born in Michigan in 1897 and received his Ph.D. from that state’s university in 1923 for research into the sources of Milton’s theological concepts. After teaching a number of years at what are now Eastern Michigan University and the University of Idaho, Dr. Larson started his own business in Detroit. He retired at the age of 53 to devote himself to research and writing. His first major work upon which his new book is based was The Religion of the Occident (1959). He is the author of sixteen books and his work has been cited, reproduced and published in countless newspapers and magazines in the United States and abroad. Dr. Larson is a recognized authority on tax-exempt income and property as well as theological history. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs and is a member of the National Advisory Council of Americans United. Dr. Larson lives with his wife in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is a fine hardback reprint of Dr. Larson’s magnificent sourcebook which was praised so highly by the author’s close friend, Max Freedom Long. It was previously titled, The Religion of the Occident, and is out of print in the paperback edition.

In HV 23.6 (July 1961), MFL said that Dr. Larson had a “fine constructive will and personality pattern and 426 degrees (which delighted me no end, as such people are very rare, and as one may expect from such a writer and research the greatest insight).” I would call Dr. Larson a “polymath,” one learned in many fields, for this book covers a fantastic scope of information. It took him four years and two millions words of notes to assemble the material for the book.

MFL further comments: This book “is certainly the finest source book I have found; the writer lays out the picture of what happened in a most delightful and sane manner, playing no favorites and accepting no person or spirit as an authority for anything. A MUST book.” A few weeks later (HV.25.1: Sept. 1961) he said: “In this great work we have the facts spread before us without the usual coloring or holding back so common when writers are fearful of offending the Church of today. I, for one, have looked for years for such information as is to be found here all gathered in one volume and presented with no evasions or slanting… Not until I came across the assembled materials in Dr. Larson’s book have I been able to find enough basic facts to allow me to do a satisfactory job of considering Christianity and coming to a tentative conclusion concerning its values. I am trying to convince YOU that here is something we have all needed to give us the facts behind the mountains of fiction built up by priests and preachers and the authors of ‘revelations.'”

Dr. Larson has an amazing ability to digest encyclopaedias full of data and handle it as one might with a computer which could REASON. A particularly picturesque description of The Story of Christian Origins was given in HV.79.1 (Sept – Oct. 1967): “Dr. Larson did a magnificent job of chopping down through the middle of a great religious MESS and separating the bits of the original Gospel teachings from the amazing accumulation of quite foreign beliefs and dogmas which had been added. He showed how this or that or the other thing had been dragged in by the ears because it would bring with it its own followers and make the developing Christian doctrines more to their liking. Having chopped down the center, he took up the branches in order, showing how this dogma grew, and how the next was borrowed as century followed century. In studying his woodpile, one sees very soon that no study of the Bible or the field of Christianity can be based on the Old or New Testament alone. The roots came from as deep as ancient Egypt and India. Modern Christianity is only a dying branch at the top of the tree. The tree of Christianity may be likened to a sapling on which grafts from the other trees were spliced in as fast as the little tree grew and a place could be found for the splicing of a fresh twig.”

I first read this book in 1969, but only recently worked my way through it a second time. It is definitely one of those books that require reading and study, and reading again. It is particularly important that the new edition is in a sturdy cloth-bound edition, which is easier to read and more durable than the paper­ back, though the information is exactly the same.


Dr. Larson has always been a special friend of Huna Research Associates. He has made available the LAST FEW copies of the paper­ back edition, as well as copies of the new edition and another outstanding volume, The Essene Heritage, which is also out of print. Here are the special prices (order directly from HRA): RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT (paperback, out of print; good copies, but somewhat shelf worn), while they last: $3.50. STORY OF CHRISTIAN ORIGINS (new, hardback, retail $12.50): $10.50. THE ESSENE HERITAGE (new copies, hardback, out of print): $5.50.

MFL: “For those of you who do not know how Christianity got to be what it is today, these books are a SPLENDID EDUCATION in themselves and unique in the field.”


Inner-Space Interpreters Services


ISIS in the logo on the right stands for Inner-Space Interpreters Services, for which Elizabeth M. Werner is Editor. ISIS publishes three very useful directories which may be of considerable interest to researchers (remember Research is our middle name!). HRA is listed in two of these and Elizabeth sent us review copies of all three directories. They are clearly printed on good paper, with sturdy card covers, attractively designed, stapled. Each directory is $3.00 (+ 40¢ shipping; Calif, residents add 6% tax) and should be ordered directly from INNER-SPACE INTERPRETERS, P.O. Box 1133, Magnolia Park Station, Burbank, Calif. 91507. (HRA is listed in the first two directories.)

  1. Guide to Psi Periodicals, 6th ed., 1978. 100 pp. Over 300 listings.
  2. Guide to Psi Tape Recordings, 2nd.ed., 1978. 48 pp. Many listings with sources for additional lists directly from organizations.
  3. California Directory of Psi Services, 5th.ed., 1978. 116 pp., over 400 listings in California alone.

Be on the lookout also for another type of directory in which HRA will be listed, Spiritual Community Guide #4 (1978), published by Spiritual Community Publications, P.O. Box 1080, San Rafael, Calif. 94902, but will be distributed through bookstores. A full-sized paperback, with articles, as well as organization listings. First printing of 20,000 is planned. The ISIS directory (No. 3 above) states the price at $5.95 and the size as 200 pp.

Meek, George W., editor, Healers and the Healing Process, Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, Illinois, 1977. Quest Paperback. 304 pp., illustrations, plates, bibliographies for each section. No Index. $5.25.

“A report on 10 years of research by 14 world famous investigators. This comprehensive study by competent observers is intended to throw new light on the healing process itself, and on the pros and cons of what has been called psychic, mental, faith, spirit, spiritual and paranormal healing, and to provide evidence for a more considered evaluation on the subject.” It does succeed in putting together a great deal of information for the study and evaluation of the reader. Surveys are given on healers in Brazil, England, the USA, USSR, and a special section on the Philippines. The observation is made that “the only large concentrations of healers seem to be in countries where the belief systems involve what is generally known as Spiritualism or Spiritism.” Good summaries of essentials are given after each section. The Huna system is referred to several times as a key to understanding the healing process and MFL’s books are recommended. The “evolving theory of the healing process” developed in the book is interesting, and there are some insights revealed, but these could probably be understood a lot better by keeping three levels of consciousness (mentioned frequently) instead of seven. The point is made that “A healer does NOT do the healing. It is accomplished by his reinforcing or supplementing the patient’s own extraordinary capability of self-healing.” Badly in need of an index, but well worth reading.


June 23-25, 1978

  1. ISABEL M. HICKEY (Boston, Mass.), is a noted astrologer, lecturer, teacher, and author of Astrology: A Cosmic Science, a fundamental textbook that approaches astrology from the standpoint of spiritual growth. She has been a teacher and group leader for thirty years, all of which time she has been a Huna student and teacher — and practitioner. Her “Friday Night Fix” has grown by leaps and bounds, as people attend it from all over the area — and from outside the area. People just seem to gravitate toward Issie. When I attended the meeting, an unstructured format well grounded in the Huna philosophy, several years ago, over 200 were there. I understand it has grown since that time to a much larger group, meeting over at Boston University. Issie’s skill in guided meditation is also widely known by any who have attended conventions or conferences, such as meetings of American Federation of Astrologers. She has written of her experiences throughout the years, including the Huna work, in It is ALL Right!
  2. DR. ANDRIJA PUHARICH, M.D. (Ossining, N.Y.), neurologist, inventor, and one of the western world’s most original and daring thinkers and researchers in the fields of parapsychology, with important work in telepathy and psychic healing, was formerly senior research scientist at the New York University Medical Center and president and director of research of Intelectron Corp. His research into psychic healing has included investigation of famed Brazilian “psychic surgeon” Arigo and he was one of the most intensive investigators of Uri Geller (see his book URI: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller, 1974). Dr. Puharich holds A.D., M.B., and M.D. degrees from Northwestern University and is a member of numerous professional groups including the New York Academy of Sciences; Aerospace Medical Association; and American Society for Cybernetics. He is the author of over two dozen articles and several books, one of which (Beyond Telepathy) has become a classic in the field of parapsychology from a scientific viewpoint.
  3. DR. E. OTHA WINGO (Cape Girardeau, MO.), Director of Huna Research Associates and Professor of Classics at Southeast Missouri State University. Dr. Wingo was chosen by Max Freedom Long to carry on the Huna work and he has been its Director since 1972. In additional to scholarly books in the field of classics, Dr. Wingo is author of the Huna course, Letters on Huna, which has been translated into German, Spanish, and Portuguese.


  1. Margaret R. Mourn (Falls Church, Va.): “Huna Code and the Ha Rite”. Mrs. Moum is a scholar and teacher, with a high degree of psychic ability. “Billie” is one of the associate editors of Psychic Observer and a teacher at the National Spiritual Science Center in Washington, D.C. She has the scholar’s way of digging into the deeper meaning of things, but also the knack of explaining them in a simple, logical manner for ease in understanding them. Her discussion of the Huna Code in the Hebrew language and the Qabalah at last year’s Huna Seminar was inspiring and informative and very well received. Her Guide to the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ is an excellent aid to the study of that document. The importance of the “Ha Rite” based on the Huna Code in the Hawaiian language cannot be over-emphasized. It is the basis of the effective use of the Huna system.
  1. ED & OLGA TAVARES (New Bedford, Ma.) both have M.Ed. degrees and are teachers in the New Bedford school system. They learned of Huna when attending the convention of the American Society of Dowsers, when Bill Finch was giving a workshop on pendulum dowsing. They have taught Huna techniques in school mini-courses and as a part of others courses. Like many others, they “recognized” Huna when they first heard of it. They use Huna techniques in their teaching, and some of their experiences will be shared in their joint workshop, “Self-Suggestion.”
  1. STEVAN VARRO (Calgary, Alberta, Canada): “Practical Use of Huna Techniques”. While carrying on his business as Rancho Realty Ltd. in Calgary, Stevan has quietly put the Huna principles into practice in his own life, and has developed deep insight into Huna philosophy and has many practical ideas for using the Huna system. He is a fine poet, and you must entice him into a quiet corner and hear some of his original compositions. He has been active in Toastmasters International for many years and has shared many of the techniques developed by that organization. He is a valued member of the Advisory Board of Huna Research Associates.
  1. DOLLY WARE (Fort Worth, Texas) is in great demand as a lecturer and singer, and has been a partner in carrying on the Huna work. She has preserved the books of Max Freedom Long in a Memorial Library and Museum. A student of Huna for some thirty years, Dolly was taught many things by Max himself. Dolly will share some of the things she learned in “A Personal Reminiscence of MFL”, and will teach MFL’s techniques of using Mana in a workshop.
  1. PHYLLIS W. CORWIN (St. Petersburg, Fla.) is an experienced teacher with 18 years in the public schools. She graduated from Cornell University and has a M.A. from SUNY (in New York State). Phyllis worked through every piece of information she could get her hands on about Huna and put it together into a very thorough eight weeks course which she offers regularly at the Temple of the Living God in St. Pete. She is a Life Member of HRA. Phyllis is quite proficient in a number of areas, including Tarot, astrology, music, and she has just recently made an intense study of a subject that has fascinated her all her life, Mythology, and worked out a full course on that. She is presenting the basic instructions for the Pre-Seminary Huna Orientation, and giving a workshop on “Finding and Eliminating Blocks.”
  1. DOROTHY MARSHALL (Ottawa) is a natural healer. Her workshop, “Natural Healing Techniques,” could bring in a large number of areas in which she has expertise. She is a registered and certified reflexologist and president of Canadian Association of Reflexology; registered Shiatsu Therapist; works in the areas of iridology, diet and nutrition, biochemistry, ortho-bionomy and orthotaxy, colour and music therapy; bio-rhythm, and biomagnetics. She works closely with her husband, Jim, as leaders of the Ottawa Huna Group, and as hosts for the 1978 Huna Seminar.
  1. BILL FINCH (Sedona, Ariz.) is widely known as lecturer and workshop leader in the field of radiesthesia and dowsing, particularly with the pendulum. He has developed advanced techniques for complete analyses with the pendulum. Former member of Board of Trustees of American Society of Dowsers. Organized several Psychic Seminars in Phoenix. Developed devices for color therapy to accompany the book written by Bill and his wife, Elizabeth (Photo-Chromo-Therapy). His book, The Pendulum & Possession, is out in a revised and enlarged edition. The latest volume by Bill and Betty is The Pendulum and Your Health, which will probably be used in the workshop of that title. A pendulum will be needed: bring one or obtain [one] at the Seminar.
  1. DR. MERRITT TERRELL (Saegertown, Pa.) attended the Huna Seminar last year with his wife, Hazel. Several who knew him recommended Dr. Terrell for the program, because of his successful healing practice. He is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and utilizes a number of different methods of healing. The renewed interest in recent years in the study of radionics has brought this field to the attention of many of our members, who requested that it be placed on the program. Dr. Terrell is a Life Member of Huna Research Associates.
  1. DR. WILLIAM A. ELLIS, D.O. (Arlington, Texas) is a physician and surgeon, specialist in biochemistry nutrition, lecturer and teacher of world renown. He had a regular practice in the Pittsburgh, Pa. area for forty-two years, and has devoted his “retirement” to an intensive and extensive search for “anything that works” in the field of health. He was a member of the research team that investigated the psychic surgeons of the Philippines for Huna Research Associates. He takes each year a research and lecture trip around the world. He speaks regularly for the National Health Federation, and travels extensively every year to share what he knows (and that’s a lot) in classes and workshops for physicians. His workshop at the seminar will be “Nutrition for Health or Disease.”


The Ottawa Huna Group, led by Jim Marshall.

SEMINAR CO-ORDINATOR – JAMES R. “Jim” MARSHALL (Ottawa) is a man of many talents and many activities. He is a nutritional consultant, parametric analyst, photochromotherapist, and works in several areas of radiesthesia. Jim seems always to be involved in co-ordinating a conference or convention and thus is well experienced in handling this for the Huna Seminar. He has hinted at several “surprise” features for the program that will be quite interesting and informative.

JULIUS HUSKA (Ottawa) works closely with Jim in the Ottawa Huna Group and in arrangements for the Seminar.


by Bill Coomer (Cape Girardeau, Mo.)

After graduating from high school in 1957, I went into the Marine Corps for nine years. In 1966 I got out and moved to Cape Girardeau, Mo., to attend college. Shortly before leaving the Marine Corps, I had been ordained into the ministry (in the Baptist Church) and was therefore interested in taking classes in Greek. I wanted to be able to read the New Testament in the original language.

As it happened, Dr. E. Otha Wingo was the instructor for that Greek course and I enjoyed Dr, Wingo as a teacher so much that I also took his mythology class. In this class we talked about magic. Now, I had been doing magic (the sleight-of-hand type) since I was nine years old. I mentioned to Dr. Wingo that I was a magician and would be happy to do magic for him or for his class. To be honest, he was not very impressed, until I had the opportunity to demonstrate my skill. It didn’t take long to convince him that I was a magician and after that session I started doing a fifty-minute magic show for each of his classes every semester.

We became great friends and visited a lot both in his office at the college and at his home. At that time Dr. Wingo was playing the pipe organ for the First Baptist Church and I was the pastor of a small church a few miles south of Cape Girardeau.

One day at Dr. Wingo’s house, about nine years ago, I saw a newsletter on his desk from Max Freedom Long. I looked it over briefly. I really couldn’t understand why Dr. Wingo, a Southern Baptist, would waste his time reading that type of writing.

But I asked him about it, and my introduction to and education about Huna started. I wrote Dr. Max and received one letter from him before his death. It was dated June 19, 1970.

Huna, as I found out, is not another religion. It is a science and it works for anyone who will use it. I bought a complete set of the Huna books and even obtained a copy of Recovering the Ancient Magic. After Dr. Max died, Dr. Wingo took over the Huna work. Money was very tight for HRA and I was one of several that suggested a correspondence course in Huna. It was needed not only to help Cigbo out with the finances, but to give simple instruction on the practical use of it. The course was written and has been helpful in both ways, apparently.

In the last eight years I have seen all the changes that have occurred in HRA and we all (but especially I) have grown because of a knowledge of Huna.

I still do magic shows for Dr. Wingo’s classes and, as of August 1977, I am a full-time, professional magician. Huna has helped me to attain this goal, for I visualized what I wanted and the next thing I knew, it happened.

Previously I had worked toward this goal. Now that it is realized, I am reminded of Dr. Max’s statement: “If you are not using Huna, you are working too hard!”

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