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July – September, 1978

grapevine-longALONG THE AKA CORD

  1. HAWAIIAN-ENGLISH NEW TESTAMENT is again in print by the American Bible Society, after being unavailable for a number of years. If you are interested in digging into the Bible via the Huna Code, this is an essential tool. I had inquired a number of times, but had not asked in a year or two. Billie Mourn had a hunch to call the ABS and found that it was published in a paperback edition. ORDER FROM the American Bible Society, P.O. Box 5656, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10017. Do not send orders to HRA. You must enclose complete payment of $3.84 per copy (post-paid); from Calif., add sales tax. In Canada, order from Canadian Bible Society, 1835-. Yonge St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4S 1Y1. The order number is 60299.

    The other essential tool, of course, is the Andrews HAWAIIAN DICTIONARY, which is still available from HRA at $13.50. It is a beautiful, cloth-bound reprint of the original 1865 edition. (A condensed Dictionary is included in HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS, as most of you know.)

  1. POSTAGE HAS INCREASED sharply since our last mailing and there have been two increases in book rate and our non-profit mailing permit since May! We have had to adjust our price list to reflect these increases (92%). Most books require either 66¢ or 84¢ postage. If you need a current BOOKLIST, send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request. In spite of these increased costs, we are keeping membership dues and the cost of the Huna course the same, as long as it is possible.
  1. DUES REMINDER. With the new mailing permit, we cannot include separate Dues Renewal reminders with individual dates and names, as done previously. That would require first class postage. Please check your membership card for the expiration date and send dues as near that date as possible. It will help if you note the renewal date when sending dues, but we can look it up, if you don’t.
  1. “ENERGY ALTERNATIVES: A Conference on the Frontiers of Science.” This is the title of an energy conference to be held in MIDLAND, TEXAS on November 3, 4, & 5, 1978, according to the program’s coordinator, Curt Pervier, P. O. Box 8709, Midland, Texas 79703, who may be contacted for details. Names on the program include Bill Cox, Henry Monteith, Pat Flanagan, Henry Nagorka, T. Galen Hieronymus, Jerome Eden, Les Brown, and Bill Schul.
  1. CASSETTE TAPES of the 1978 Huna Seminar in Ottawa were made as a service to seminar participants. If interested, send a self-addressed stamped envelope for details. Tapes will have to be made to order and will require several weeks.


The second international HUNA SEMINAR was held June 23-25, 1978, at Carleton University, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with participants from twenty-three States, several Canadian provinces, and Scotland. Registrations totaled 180.

On the day before the Seminar convened, Dr. Wingo and Dolly Ware appeared as guests of Bill Luxton on “The Morning Show,” a television talk show. Mr. Luxton was a very congenial host and able interviewer and gave us an opportunity to present some of the essentials of what Huna is and the interest in Huna that is spread throughout the world. The viewers were invited to attend a free Huna Orientation session at 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon and this mini-course in basic Huna was well attended. The lecture was ably presented by well-known Huna teacher, PHYLLIS W. CORWIN, from St. Petersburg, Florida, who packed a tremendous amount of information into the hour and a half session.

At the opening session Friday evening, Jim Marshall presented EDITH BRUCE of Aberdeen, Scotland, who gave a blessing and message. The keynote address by Dr. E. Otha Wingo, Director of HRA, focused on the idea that we need to “Huna Harder,” which he explained meant that we must learn to use the Huna concepts more efficiently, rather than working harder at whatever methods we are now using. A closing meditation was led by ISABEL M. HICKEY, of Boston.

Saturday was a day of intensive study and many learning experiences. After a brief inspirational talk by ISABEL M. HICKEY, all went to the various meetings rooms for five different work­ shops, for which they had previously registered. All sessions were well attended and reports that are coming in are full of praise for the excellent teachers we had at these sessions. I have listened to all the tapes and can verify the fact that our teaching staff is one of the finest in the world. Tapes were made available for all sessions within a few hours as a service to participants, and there was much demand for these tapes throughout the seminar.

The five workshops and their leaders were as follows:

MARGARET R. MOUM, on the Huna Code and the Ha Rite; ED & OLGA TAVARES, on their experiences in using Self-Suggestion in their teaching; STEVAN VARRO, on practical techniques for using the Huna system; DOLLY WARE, on how to use Mana; and PHYLLIS CORWIN, on finding and eliminating blocks in the low self

These five sessions were repeated Saturday afternoon, with different audiences and therefore somewhat different approaches. But the basic sessions were the same and therefore tapes were made only of the morning sessions, except for correction of some technical problems.

A late afternoon series of workshops focused on methods of working for total health and healing. DOROTHY MARSHALL presented a synthesis of twelve different healing methods and gave demonstrations of several of these. The holistic approach (total health for the whole person) was emphasized in all these sessions. DR. ED JASTRAM spoke on the use of the pendulum in connection with health. We particularly appreciate Ed’s willingness to take this session for Bill Finch, who was unable to be there for his workshop. Speaking on the subject of Radionics and Health was DR. MERRITT TERRELL, who has researched this subject for many years. In the area of nutrition, DR. WILLIAM A. ELLIS presented the latest findings from his many research sources and world travel.

The evening program was a change of pace. By this time, minds were filled with many ideas and new concepts to try out. The keynote speaker, DR. ANDRIJA PUHARICH, added a personal note to the conference by telling of his experiences with the late “Daddy” Bray of Hawaii and of his own initiation eight years ago. Again the day’s activities were brought to a close by a period of meditation led by ISABEL M. HICKEY.

On Sunday, ISABEL HICKEY told of her experiences in group work for over thirty years, of her particular techniques in counseling, and how the Huna discoveries of Max Freedom Long had provided the key to many solutions. DR. PUHARICH then gave an account of “The Healing Process,” which (in the words of one of the listeners) would do justice to a meeting of the medical society or a group of university professors. It was a scholarly presentation that will deserve hearing again and again.

The afternoon session featured ISABEL HICKEY, who continued to tell of her experiences and to describe her techniques for various problems. After a brief reminiscence of Max Freedom Long, DOLLY WARE gave an account of the HRA investigation into the work of the Philippine healers, bringing before the group the two other members of that research team, DR. ELLIS and DR. WINGO.

The program was rounded out by a question and answer session in the evening. One member of the audience told me later he was very impressed with how open the Huna people are to new ideas or different ideas, and allowed free flow of ideas.

The closing meditation by ISABEL HICKEY was preceded by the performance of an original flute solo by a new Huna student. This was arranged immediately before it was presented and was in the spirit of flexibility seen throughout the seminar.

The report would not be complete without mentioning that there were numerous little “clumps” of people here and there exchanging ideas on their favorite projects. I sometimes think the “real” seminar takes place in between as people get together to talk.

Two important researchers drew considerable interest. One was JOHN KASSAN, who brought his authentic Brunler Biometer, and was giving readings to many who lined up to find out their Biometric Degree and to hear John explain its meaning. John said he had never attended a meeting with such high readings among the participants. John often worked right through lunches and dinners, as people crowded around.

The other ad lib “workshop” was by DEANE H. RUSSELL, who designs beautiful pendulums of ivory and is an avid researcher into the technicalities of pendulum functions.

We have been in correspondence for some time. Deane is well into the manu­script for a book on the pendulum, and was eager to share what he knew as well as exchange ideas and experiences with those who attended the workshops.

Behind the scenes, there is always a flurry of activity at such events as the Huna Seminar — and these preparations begin as much as a year in advance. The two key persons who co-ordinated the 1978 Huna Seminar are JIM MARSHALL and JULIUS HUSKA, and equally important were their wives, DOROTHY MARSHALL and LORRAINE HUSKA. Their families were involved at all points as well as members of the Ottawa Huna Group.

The tape project was one of those parts of the program that began as an experiment. The need for adequate taping facilities was evident from the demand for tapes last year. So, it was arranged to have sophisticated cassette duplicating equipment for fast copying of tapes. And tape recorders had to be rented for all sessions. Long mike cords were acquired and lapel mikes, so that good quality tapes could be made. All was in readiness. Then the project gained momentum, until it was almost a madhouse of activity, as demands for the cassettes increased as the seminar proceeded. Even with a copier that could make three 90-minute cassettes in six minutes, it was quite a chore to keep up with requests. The price was set just at cost, as a service to those attending the Seminar. The large supply of blanks was used up and it took some ingenuity to acquire additional blank cassettes, but it was done. The size of the project — and the job — is evident when I say there were no less than twenty-two different tapes for the entire seminar. When the seminar ended, there were barely half a dozen extra tapes on hand, after making up a complete file set for the Study. The HUSKA family, as well as JIM MARSHALL, spent many hours at the copying corner of the book nook.

All in all, the 1978 Huna Seminar was a great success. To top it all, in addition to the fine staff of workers and teachers, we could have done nothing without the 180 Huna students who came and listened and learned, from each other as well as from the program. Everyone who came and helped and participated in any way was an indispensable ingredient in this success and each one is greatly appreciated. –EOW.


By: E. Otha Wingo

(From the lecture notes of two talks — one presented at the June 18 meeting of the Allegheny Psychic Research Association, Pittsburgh; the other given as the keynote address at the opening of the 1978 Huna Seminar, Ottawa, Ontario, on June 23.)

“I will tell you a SECRET, if you will be careful to spread it far and wide.” Such was the statement often made by Max Freedom Long as he emphasized the fact that Huna is no longer a secret.

The world is filled with SECRETS and for thousands of years it has been necessary to RE-DISCOVER them!

Some things are secret, of course, because those who KNOW them are unwilling to reveal them to anyone else — or because those who know the secrets die out along with the secret knowledge.

Other things are “secret” because special training background is required for understanding the secret.

There are secret organizations which primarily have certain passwords and rituals that are secret only because the “chosen few” have agreed on them.

The ancient mystery schools of Greece and Egypt taught GEOMETRY as a “secret science” — and now it is taught in every school, both public and private. But all you have to do is open a geometry book in the middle to realize that geometry is still a “secret” to those who have not passed through the initial (initiatory) stages (rituals!) of study. In Athens this was an OPEN SECRET, for above the entrance to Plato’s Academy were inscribed these words:

Do not enter here unless you know Geometry!

But we also know that the mystery school initiates were taught the esoteric symbolism of geometry.

Aristophanes, the Greek comic playwright, was haled into court on the charge of revealing the secrets of the Eleusinian mysteries in his plays. His response was: show me the passages that reveal the secrets, and I’ll tell you whether I am guilty or not! Needless to say, the Greeks held the secrets so sacred that they refused to point out which passages they had in mind.

If you listen in on a conversation in a language you do not understand, that conversation remains a “secret.” The language may be French, or Spanish, or Swahili — or physics, or mathematics, or SYMBOLISM.

Astrology is a “secret” language, if you don’t understand references to quincunxes or expressions like

AstrologicSymbolswhich is a configuration on the U.S. chart on October 11, 1978. Or what if I should say:

The key to Huna is co-ordinating the unihipili, uhane, and Aumakua via a braided aka cord, energized with mana-loa!

Students of Huna will understand that statement, but it will be cryptic to anyone who has never heard those terms. The word “Huna” means secret — but if you know the “language” of Huna, it is no longer a secret. And it is our goal to make available ALL the secrets of Huna to anyone who wishes to use them.

I mentioned that we must keep RE-discovering the ancient secrets. Sad, but true! Ideally, we may think, once “the secret is out,” the whole world can be saved the agony and despair of DIGGING out the secret knowledge once more. But alas! We keep having to do our homework over and over.

It is said that many of the miracle drugs and breakthroughs in modern medicine and other sciences were actually discovered hundreds, sometimes thousands of years ago. Yet, they were ignored — and the discoverers drummed out of society.

The Greeks talk of Pluto as a planet — in exactly the same way they speak of Venus, Mars or Saturn. Yet, WE only “discovered” Pluto in 1930!

Examples of this are abundant and are given in detail in such interesting books as The Morning of the Magicians, by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier.

It may be that the reason the great secrets of the ages must be continually RE-discovered — especially in areas such as abstract truth, philosophy, and the nature of man — is that they must be EXPERIENCED by each person individually before they can be real to him.

Max Freedom Long’s approach to secrets was thus conveyed in the statement quoted earlier: “I will tell you a SECRET, if you will be careful to spread it far and wide.” This was his motto through FIFTY-FOUR (54) years of intensive and extensive research (he called it “DIGGING”) — to FIND the ancient secrets and to TELL everyone who wanted to know.

Some secrets are not too difficult to learn: you pay your dues and submit to the ceremonies of initiation and the agreed upon passwords and rituals are revealed to you.

These may have value for you or not — from acceptance into an exclusive group to helpful moral or philosophical teachings — or it may simply be a social club, which of course has its value also. All depends upon your receptivity and reaction to it.

Other secrets are more difficult to penetrate, requiring years of systematic study and practice of already established systems of knowledge, such as physics or languages.

Still others are elusive and difficult to pin down.

Fortunately for us, the groundwork of the SECRETS OF HUNA — that is, how the Hawaiian kahunas (“Keepers of the Secret”) were able to use so effectively the “powers” of the mind — this groundwork has been done for us by Max Freedom Long.

It took him SEVENTEEN (17) years to find the FIRST CLUE, which led quickly to the other important parts of the puzzle.

Others have discovered and are still discovering (some­ times quite independently) many of the basic principles of Huna, which are universal, after all.

TRUTH is that which you RECOGNIZE for yourself as TRUE.


  1. Only a year or so ago, a writer published a book which claimed to reveal “for the first time ever,” the secrets of Huna! Could she have come up with the same conclusions on her own? It is certainly odd that she had not run across some reference to the works of Max Freedom Long, which had been widely circulated at least since 1948 (some as early as 1936)! I must conclude that this was NOT an independent re-discovery, since I have good reason to believe the author had access to the Huna books.
  2. Other examples are more representative of independent re-discovery of principles which parallel the Huna concepts. In the late 1890’s Thomson Jay Hudson, formerly Director of the U.S. Patent Office and then well-known editor of a Detroit newspaper, published the results of his extensive probings into things psychic in a book called, The Law of Psychic Phenomena. In this excellent book — which is still useful in spite of the quaint language and much repetition — develops the theory of TWO MINDS: the objective and the subjective. He says that these may be two functions of the same mind, but they act as two. Therefore, for practical purposes, they may be considered as two minds. One of his methods was to give the conscious, deliberate instructions via the objective, rational mind to the subjective (subconscious), just before falling asleep, since the subjective could work on the problem or project continuously while you (the objective mind) were asleep.
  3. George Winslow Plummer, who is said to have had the world’s highest I.Q., in a small book, Consciously Creating Circumstances (1935), refers to THREE MINDS: Conscious, Subjective, Universal Subjective. He emphasizes the necessity of impressing on the subjective mind what you want to perceive later with your objective mind.
  4. Perhaps you saw in the March, 1978 issue of GUIDEPOSTS the summary of a book by Lew Miller. His book, Your Divine Connection (1977) tells of his desperate struggle to recover from massive, crippling injuries suffered in battle during World War II. Every imaginable therapeutic device of medical science was put to use over long years, with little hope of delivering him from a lifetime of bed-ridden invalidism. In spite of extensive brain damage, his mind was INTENT ON RECOVERING! In the loneliness of suffering and pain — and days and nights of praying — he suddenly realized that all his accomplishments earlier in life were the result of a CLEAR PICTURE BEFOREHAND of what he wanted — and EXPECTED — to accomplish. Once he “discovered” (RE-covered) this key principle for himself, he was headed for full recovery. His subtitle is “Prayer Through Mental Imagery.”
  5. The healing work of Ben O. Bibb utilizes universal techniques which, of course, were “discovered,” in the precise form that he uses them, by Ben Bibb’s own experience. His book, written in collaboration with Joseph J. Weed, is called, The Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing (1976). For example, he suggests the use of VIVID IMAGINATION by having a mental conversation on an imaginary telephone with the patient, and by picturing in detail some sort of graphic procedure for clearing up a physical problem (such as a vacuum cleaner to clean out clogged arteries). This is precisely the art of visualization, which is one of the key principles of Huna. And it is the Revision Technique of Man’s Wonderful Imagination taught so many years by Neville.

All these methods WORK — but sometimes they don’t. We feel that one of the great values of the Huna System is that when done correctly, it works — and if it doesn’t work, you have not used it correctly. We find out why and see to it that it DOES work.

Dr. Irving Oyle — a physician with a conventional prac­tice in a well-to-do neighborhood — was shocked into re­examining his own methods when he observed some unorthodox, but quite successful, healing practices. He is now devoting his professional life to HOLISTIC HEALING — healing the whole person.

In a recent interview on Tom Snyder’s “TOMORROW” Show (May 3, 1978), he said:

We do much routine or orthodox medical practice, but we are interested in ANYTHING that will help our patients.

There are three things I require of a remedy: It must be SIMPLE, SAFE, and it must WORK!

Many of his concepts are summarized in his book, The Healing Mind (1975).

Dr. Oyle was the first physician that the well-known Shoshone Medicine Man, Rolling Thunder, worked closely with. After their first encounter, Dr. Oyle said:

We compared our practices. Rolling Thunder said that when a patient comes to him, he makes a diagnosis, goes through a ritual, and gives the patient some medicine that will restore health.

I replied that when a patient comes to me, I make a diagnosis and go through the ritual which consists of X-rays, blood tests, and physical examination with medical tools. Then I write a prescription which will give the patient some medicine to restore health.

WE ARE DOING THE SAME THING — in both cases, a great deal of Magic is involved — the type of magic called “faith in one’s doctor.”

When Max Freedom Long published his first report on his investigation into Huna, he called it Recovering the Ancient Magic (1936). He later used the term “Secret Science” in referring to the Huna System.

In all the examples above, we have instances of the RE-DISCOVERY – or RECOVERY — OF THE SECRETS concerning methods that work.

When Max Freedom Long went to Hawaii as a teacher in 1917 at the age of twenty-seven, he had worked his way through the theories and philosophies and psychologies and religions that were THEORIES, but mostly DOGMAS. He was ready for a method that would WORK. When he heard stories of fire-walking and instant healing, he noticed NO THEORIES were offered, NO DOGMAS to accept on someone’s authority — only something that was done — something that worked!

And so he started his investigations which were to last for over fifty years. He had to know HOW THE MIRACLES were accomplished and HOW they could be done NOW — by anyone.

The story of that struggle is clearly told in The Secret Science Behind Miracles (1948) and the many other Huna books give a thorough description of the basics of the Huna System.

Once you know these methods, Huna is no longer a secret. But what we often need is to know how we may USE this system in our own lives and to be more effective in using it.

That’s how the rather odd phrase that is the title of this article came about: the need for more effective use of the principles.

A friend, who is quite intuitive herself and a talented artist, is familiar with the basic Huna system and has from time to time asked for help with a special problem or project.

Once, when the results were not coming as well as desired, she came to me and said, “You’ve got to HUNA HARDER!” And the expression began to be used between us from time to time after that.

This is obviously a very special use of the word Huna and it is a syncopated expression for a more complete statement. Remember that HUNA IS SOMETHING THAT YOU DO! If we are to “Huna Harder,” what is it that we DO harder?

Huna is something that you DO! It is not something that you “believe” in. Or just an “interesting subject” to read about — though the story itself is quite fascinating reading.

It is not a religion, not “occult” or “a cult.” Huna is, in short, a method, a tool, made up of a psychological system whose frame of reference is based on ancient Hawaiian ideas. But Huna is NOT a Hawaiian system, or even a Hawaiian religion.

It is a way of life, because it enables us to live efficiently, happily, healthily, wholly. But with all this, it is still a tool. And a tool must be USED. More exactly, Huna is a SET of tools.

You do not drive a nail with your fist — or with a piece of wood, or with a screwdriver. You use a hammer. So, you must use Huna properly, carrying out the action appropriate to the various tools available.

If you are trying to saw a piece of wood, you do not use a fingernail file. But even with the proper equipment, you will not get the desired cut if the saw it not sharp or if the mitreboard is not set on the angle you intend to cut. Just so, the various concepts of the Huna System must be put to proper use before the appropriate result is achieved.

If you attempt to drive that nail with your fist and have little success, what good would it do to merely hit the nail harder? It would have little or no effect on the nail — but think of your poor hand!

So “Huna Harder” does not mean that you should carry out the same activities as before, but with greater effort. It means to change your methods and use the proper tool for the desired result. And it means to use those tools as they were designed to be used.

Look at the plethora of publications on so-called “psychic science,” ESP, mental power, and such. Huna is far from any of these, yet contains the basic frame of reference that will explain what those areas are groping for. Huna explains HOW these “How-to” books work, when they do; and why they sometimes do not work.

Huna is not positive thinking, but includes the positive approach and eliminates the negative. Positive thinking some­ things works, but just as often does not. Huna shows why it works, and what’s wrong when it doesn’t.

Huna is not a method of meditation, but meditation can be a device or tool used in getting the cooperation of the unihipili (low self). Huna also explains what meditation is, how it works, what it can and cannot do, and how to use it for best effectiveness. It also points out the dangers of using meditation improperly.

Huna is not a weird, “occult,” witchcrafty type of system. It uses no odd-looking paraphernalia, strange incantations, or secret rituals. But it shows the basis of these when they are used by some, what is behind the rituals, and the principle that can be derived from the traditionally used rituals.

HUNA, I repeat, IS SOMETHING THAT YOU DO! It is an ACTION. Where faith is concerned, it is an ACT of faith. Where prayer is concerned, it uses a Prayer-ACTION. Where meditation is concerned, it is an ACTIVE, purposeful process and not a vacating of the mind.

HUNA HARDER therefore means putting the Huna principles (tools) into ACTIVE operation.

HUNA HARDER means recognizing the three selves and making sure they work together as a team, with each self doing its own appropriate part.

HUNA HARDER means observing the basic rule of NO HURT and SERVICE; in other words, living The Hurtless and Helpful Life.

HUNA HARDER means that you make sure to “breathe on” anything you do. Without mana, sent to the High Self with the thought-form picture, the energy for materializing the result is not available.

HUNA HARDER means to impress the unihipili (low self) sufficiently that it will do exactly what you want without meeting the resistance of blocks to the path.

HUNA HARDER means that you do not dig up the seed every day to see if it is growing, but that you do make sure to water the seed that is planted, and the water that you use is mana.

HUNA HARDER means that you keep your own house in order and give it a periodic housecleaning. This is the principle of “kala” or cleansing, which eliminates the two difficulties that prevent the prayer-action from working: guilt and fear.

Let me give an example based on a passage in the New Testament (Matt. 5:23-24):

“If you bring your gift to the altar… ” (In Huna terms, that is the gift of MANA, or vital force, along with the mental image of the desired condition. The altar is the aka cord leading to the High Self.)

” … and remember has something AGAINST that your YOU…” (Aha! Not necessarily that you have committed some offense, but your brother or friend thinks you have. This would include any guilts or fears or other emotional blocks.)

“Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother…” (There you have it! The person offended is the one to whom you must make amends. A gift of mana cannot reach the High Self if the path (aka cord) is blocked. Note that “thy brother” often refers to your own low self, who has been beset by emotions of guilt and fear because of data fed into it by the middle self.)

“…and then come and offer thy gift.” (When the path is clear, the gift of mana can be presented and it can be received. There is no question of a gift being rejected — it just does not arrive!)

In the above example, no matter how hard you work at this action, results do not come because the tool is not used properly. It is like trying to use a water hose when there is a plug of debris blocking off the water, or the hose is crimped.

And I close with the remark often made by Max Freedom Long in his bulletins.

If you are not using Huna, you are working too hard!



ROBERT MASON, 10744 Woodruff, Downey, CA 90241, shares some thoughts with us on how he found Huna. He is interested in contacting those of similar interest. He writes: All my life I have been searching for something. I did not know exactly what it was that I sought, but was sure that when it came, I would recognize it. I was seeking the WAY.

Christianity offered a “one shot” heaven for those who believed in this creed or that and offered a hell of frightful dimensions for any who varied in their observance. These sin-freighted souls were ushered, after death, to a place of eternal torment, sponsored by God, but administered (according to some) by devils. This was a good point, as the mind rebels at the thought of angels overseeing these tortures, though the concept of devils tormenting fellow travelers for being evil is equally hard to swallow.

Yet for all its flaws, there is much of the good in Christianity (Christ-like) and in the golden rule concept.

Yoga taught me that I am a part of the universal One and spoke of life­times without end, constantly shedding the garments of worldliness that obscure the pure light that shines within us all. That we should not hurt another as the real harm would accrue to the one who caused the hurt. After a period of learning and observing, I passed on.

There is much good in Yoga as in Christianity and I could live in comfort with either, but a piece was missing.

I read Secret Science Behind Miracles many years ago and it failed to awaken me. Five years ago a stranger gave me The Huna Code in Religions and it sat on my bookshelf for two years, then I read it and my life will never be the same! I scoured the bookstalls of Los Angeles and now have Long’s complete works. It was like trying on a hundred pairs of shoes: some are useless and some one can wear in comfort, but finally you find a pair that fits! How wonderful; a knowledge that makes sense, to recognize the way for which you have longed.

It is like returning home. Now Christianity and Yoga make sense. My “brother” and I live in harmony in our body; we create mana morning and night for the Parental Pair and feel a closeness with the Father that transcends any relationship I have had with another human. It is a joy and not a burden.

The way is not lonesome; my brother and I are very close, but my brother does not speak in words. I am sure that in a city of this size there are others of similar persuasion. I would like to find them. I have just finished Growing Into Light and found your name and address. Your friend, Bob.

We appreciate Bob’s letter in which he shares his experiences and find this a beautiful expression of his discovery of Huna. His reference to the Low Self as “my brother” is also very appropriate. In another letter Bob refers to other systems which he studied as “a key for which there is no door.”

ROSE GRAMALIA, 11036 Moorpark St., North Hollywood, CA 91602, tells of an unusual way in which she found Huna: I have just finished reading Introduction to Huna and am ready to begin Secret Science Behind Miracles. In case it might interest you, I came across Huna in a most unusual way. I am not what you would call an orthodox Christian and instead study with the Self- Realization Fellowship, which attempts to unify all forms of belief — however, with a very distinct bent toward the Eastern religions. However, I was given what is called the gift of tongues and it is through speaking in tongues that I came across Huna. It seems I kept repeating the sounds Huna, Huna, kahuna, kahuna over and over again. I desired to know if anything was behind this. As it turned out, I listened to my lower self direct me to a certain book on a shelf in a bookstore. I opened the book to a certain page and there it was! An explanation of the Kahunas. So now I knew what I was saying… I am very much interested in finding out and learning everything I can about Huna. What I have learned so far has helped enormously. Thank you. Sincerely, Rose.

EDWARD P. JASTRAM, Rehoboth, MASS: Otha — Thanks very much for including in H.V. Newsletter No. 24 the article (p. 10) entitled SPEAKING FOR THE GOD IN HEALING, by MFL. For me, it is the ‘right word at the right time’ — and quite a few things fell into place as a result. Thanks again. Ed.

SUSAN LAZAR DUNN (California) writes, after reading a Huna book: Reading this book was quite an experience for me. It happens that I teach imaging (as part of the creative process). I am also a re-birther which is a breath, life-force clearing and mastery process, and I have a professional practice doing “clearing” using a GSR meter to assist in locating areas of heavy body/emotional charge. I had just recently put it all together in my own understanding: the imaging, the breath and clearing the path — when lo! The book arrived! Really, I am thrilled to have tuned into what appears to be the ancient teaching of the Huna. So, I am most interested in keeping in touch and enhancing my own mastery. With love and prosperity, Susan.

Susan’s letter illustrates once again how many of the concepts that are ESSENTIAL are hit upon by many independently — then they find Huna and find that Huna puts it all into focus. The importance of “imaging” in the Huna system cannot be emphasized too strongly. And of course the path must be clear in order for the breath to produce the surcharge of Mana and especially so that it can be sent on its way to accomplish what is desired.

MARY DRUTIS (Pittsburgh, Pa.) writes: Thank you for bringing the psycho­ logical/supernatural history of Huna to us. I felt I was back in a college auditorium listening to you give your lecture… I have known many who have cared enough to take civilization knowledge to help advance those without it, but you are the first I have had the pleasure to meet who cared enough to fill our civilization in by teaching in detail the historical facts about a part of humanity we have no knowledge and/or information, plus offering psychological/supernatural insight that need not interfere with individual psyche responsibilities. One page 61 of Introduction to Huna, Max Long says: “An experimenter may be of any religion or… This ability to be of an open mind is important.” In my copy of this book I have inserted the word “culture” before the word “convictions” on line 3 of that paragraph. Putting aside all convictions already working well, even in thought, may interfere with the other important law found in the Exodus in the Bible, entitled “The Decalogue,” (to Moses): Then God spoke all these words: “I am Yahweh your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery… You shall have no gods except me…” etc. To put aside culture convictions to study, rather than all convictions, has made my study of Huna a most enjoyable time. The best of everything in all you do. Sincerely, Mary Drutis.

Mary’s addition of the phrase “culture convictions” is fitting, since individuals for the most part reflect the beliefs and notions of their culture, especially their IMMEDIATE surroundings. In a way, we do not “put aside” our beliefs, but become aware of them and their source in our background and experiences (culture). THEN, we put ourselves aside in order to examine ideas that differ drastically from those we grew up on. Being aware of our “culture convictions,” we then “keep an eye” on them — an awareness of them — as we examine the new information.

Objectivity is difficult, but indispensable in examining new ideas. It is characteristic of Huna students that they EXAMINE new ideas and methods and seek to find what is true and practical. This was the basic premise under which Max Freedom Long researched for over fifty years. Always keep in mind that you see everything from where you stand. But keep on looking! [EOW]



Turn to Chapter IX, page 115, in Max’s book, The Secret Science Behind Miracles, and study once again the simple, methodical way of contacting your own beautiful High Self. This is the yardstick used in presenting the prayer. It makes the “Lord’s Prayer” come to life, for it is you, the “I” within you making the prayer — the very thought-form materializes and comes into being or life.

For starters, begin breathing now, more slowly and deeply — breathe four times exhaling slowly and say out loud as you read — “High Self, allow me to make contact with you, and to give you mana to be used to make the thought- form picture I give become a reality on the Earth plane — just as the picture is now a reality on the level where you are.”

Did you feel a tingling sensation in all or part of the body? The emotion of joy, love and worship is one that comes from the low self and is the joyous reaction that it has been able to contact the High Self.

Prayer is the most wonderful form of energy you can generate. Prayer is as real a force and as demonstrable as is the law of gravity. We have all known someone, or at least read about one, who was lifted out of disease, deep depression and tragedies by the cleansing, transforming action of prayer. Through our High Self ,when we pray, we literally link ourself to God’s Lifeline with the inexhaustible energy and power that literally spins our universe.

Now, read Chapter IX with greater understanding and even awe and deep devotion to and for YOUR OWN HIGH SELF.

In my own personal search so many years ago to explain the marvelous spiritual experiences I was having, I delved deeply into comparative religions and all the “Science of” teachings I could find. A friend who was a top business man and Christian Science lay reader gave me Max’s first two books, Secret Science Behind Miracles and. Secret Science at Work. I found at long last the maximum freedom of thought I was looking for.

(And in that sentence is even the name of Max Freedom Long! Incidentally, the name Freedom was for his Uncle Freedom — many were named Freedom after the Civil War.)

I wonder why I hadn’t found the answer in Greek, American, Indian, etc.? I never found it in science, In fact, science knows far more about the function of distant stars than they are able to tell us about our personalities. Science is just now uncovering the “Psi faculty, known and used for ages by the Polynesians. Max uncovered the “how to” in Huna, when some scientists were saying of the subconscious, “It can be summed up in three words: there isn’t any!”

We know that the low self not only controls our health, uses deductive reasoning and has perfect memory, but that it can reach out and learn, extend an aka-finger and can and does work without any “physical” means regardless of distance. This is the self which, when trained, can move dice, see at a distance and is the explanation for most of our psychic experiences.

Don’t let another day pass without giving or asking or learning what name your low self prefers to be called. Max called his “Big Max” or “George” (“Let George Do It “). I call mine “Darling Dolly” for like Isabel Hickey, whose low self is Jimmy, when asked through the pendulum if he liked “Isabel” he promptly said No. This was my experience also. Dolly, the middle self had pushed poor “Darling Dolly” too hard for too long. Another HRA whose name is Mary found hers liked to be called Maria. HRA Mary Jo’s is Uni, short for unihipili, the Polynesian word for the low self. What’s yours?

Training, knowing, loving and kindly working with your low self is your passport to making direct contact with your High Self.

We Are Calling All High Selves!

Here at the MFL Library, we braid the aka cord of worldwide prayer at 4 a.m., Texas time. When traveling, I adjust the time zone and so you can be sure that Huna Prayer Time is 4 a.m. every night, or if you prefer, very early morning. Max prayed at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., California time, for he said he had more mana at those two hours. Send your prayer requests here to the Library along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and your picture, if possible.

Breathe your four breaths often each day and see yourself bathed in lovely white light — as safe, secure and never alone, for we are all one — Calling All High Selves.

In Huna Light and Love, DOLLY



In Huna, whether we are together in a big seminar, such as our most successful one in Ottawa in June, or working in groups large or small, we quickly become a “Huna family.” I suspect it is because we possess the valuable knowledge, not only of the High Self, but knowing about the aka cord that binds all together. A round of applause as well as a big Thank You to the 180 dedicated seekers and searchers who traveled from 23 states, 4 foreign countries, 4 Canadian provinces (even the Yukon Territory).

It is now a bright memory to return to whenever we need it as food for thought, as we swallow or assimilate the vast amount of real, useful knowledge brought by our truly great speakers. I salute each one, sharing their astute ability in explaining the meaning and values of Huna in workable, usable everyday terms.

I have recently returned from Harold Sherman’s 9th annual Body/Mind/Spirit ESP Workshop in St. Louis. It was my pleasure to sing “How Great Thou Art” before the closing healing session.

Harold is a great man with a great heart. He is the dean of ESP leaders in America. We celebrated his 80th birthday with a giant cake made by his lovely daughter. Martha Sherman is a quiet, beautiful, but strong lady and will be 80 in December. Harold introduced each speaker, including such out­standing ones as Robert Monroe, Afton, Va., who has had more authentic out-of- body journeys than any other known sensitive. Dr. Ralph Sierra from Puerto Rico, is world renowned for his work with magnets and biomagnetism. Dr. Alex Tanous spoke on developing greater sensitivity, as well as many others. If you are further interested and would like a book list of Mr. Sherman’s 80-plus books, write to his Foundation in care of his stemwinder president, Mr. Al Pollard, ESP Research Associates Fdn., 1660 Union National Plaza, Little Rock, AK 72201.

As I sat listening intently to each speaker, I kept wondering what was missing. The book table was loaded with books by the speakers and the lecture tapes were there. What was it? On the airport limousine, returning home, an intelligent black teacher sat behind me. When I asked her over-all viewpoint of the workshop, she said, “Well, there was a lot of information — about how doctors were studying healers, or measuring with scientific instruments everything in the laboratories or stories of how other people had become such successes in life. But the trouble was, there wasn’t much I could use in my everyday life.”

And there — right there — is the vast difference between Huna and other teachings. We have The How To! Huna is no dinner-on-a-plate, or look-at-me-and-see-what-I-have-done. It is step-by-step learning to KNOW and to DO for yourself. My! what a difference!

Huna’s theme song should be “How Great Thou Art,” and the great one is YOU! Learning, using and uncovering Your Own Potential. Isn’t that a glorious thought?

How many have tape decks in their car? Such an easy way to learn. Order Max’s short talk cassettes and learn about you as you drive to work and return home each day. Huna tells and teaches. The teaching part is the secret.

Don’t forget Cigbo — the aka kitty who lives in the cigar box in Missouri at Otha’s.

Auntie Wild Cat, Cigbo’s Texas friend says: “People is ALL there is! Be good to them on your way up for they are the same people you meet on the way down. Remember, too, the trouble with men is men and the trouble with women is men.”

Dr. Wingo reminded me sharply that I have been almost an aka-Dolly the past two years. I have missed writing for the bulletin, too. So, now I’m back. If you like the idea of Bits From Here and There each time, let me know and by all means add anything you might want to share. Calling All High Selves can be a regular, too, with extra mana and teaching from the boxes of personal letters from Max not only to me but to and from other great writers and teachers.

I welcome questions, personal problems or needed information.

ENERGY ALTERNATIVES, under the direction of Mr. & Mrs. Bob Boyd, 1712 Princeton, Midland, TEXAS 79701, will sponsor a conference in Midland in early November, flying in such greats as Galen Hieronymus, Pat Flanagan, Jerome Eden, Henry Monteith, and Henry Nagorka. Maybe we could gather and go in a group. [See ALONG THE AKA CORD, p. 2]

Everyday life is made up of lots of different pieces from here and there, isn’t it? Dolly Ware

We are pleased to have Dolly’s articles, and look forward to many more in future issues. Dolly’s remarks remind us that our best Huna Vistas are those which include many different viewpoints and experiences, so write to either of the two addresses on the masthead and let us know what you are doing and thinking. It always helps to let us know that it is all right to quote your letter, and whether we may use your name and address.

An HRA DIRECTORY is kept on file and will be sent to anyone who requests it and sends a self-addressed, legal size envelope. We list only those who specifically give us permission to do so and who are willing to be contacted. There are about 150 names on the list now, or about one-fourth of our membership.

Until next time, always remain In Huna Light –- E.O.W.

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