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October – December, 1978


by Stevan Varro, Calgary Alberta, Canada

I am one with Life, I am one with the Light,
 I am one with my Father-Mother, Parental Spirit,
 Whose glorious presence transcends the darkness,
Whose luminous vibrance inspires and fulfills
My need for love, grace and compassion.
What joy to be in harmony with my Beloved Aumakua,
Whose pulsing energy flows through my being,
Vitalizing with excitement each passing moment!
How He inspires the Lower Selves to learn to be
Receptive to the return flow of the vital High Mana,
Giving greater enlightenment and perception
To clearing Life’s path to meaningful well-being,
And the discovery of a new-found peace within.
Oh! the delight to merge with Life’s fountain of Love,
Where each moment of Now is but an infinity
Of extended blessings and salutary good wishes,
Toward all others whose complexities and uniqueness
Mirror the greatness of the Beloved Parental Spirits,
Po`e Aumakua, with whom all are one —
Even as I am one with them —
Dwelling and growing in the Heart of Light,
Growing in grace, in understanding, beauty and rhythm,
Into the higher presence of the Beloved Guardian Angel Self,
Growing in unison, having found True Love at last…


by Maledictorian #7

‘Tis a bit strange to fall in love with something cool, impersonal and based primarily on logic (and I don’t mean STAR TREK’s Mr. Spock, tho’ he is delicious and I admire him deeply). The romance I’m speakin’ of is Science. Heavy, complex stuff only an Einstein could understand. Plus a lot of lighter stuff I do understand.

I’m not a lass of 17 anymore, darlin’, so where in blue blazes did this yen to explore Science at such a late date come from? A rather strange turn of events, indeed, since I am basically a creative person long involved in the arts…music, literature, painting and other such aesthetic wonders of the soul. My guess is that a dormant tape in Uni’s computer flipped on (or could it be Karma?) and I began to listen… with my left-hemisphere-brain, obviously.

It all started this past spring, with Holograms. Those fascinating three-dimensional illusions, images made by an object via coherent light. It was from a TV program, NOVA, on PBS, that I discovered more about laser-beams than I’d ever known before; my mind boggled. That was visual stuff, optics, magic, but science, none-the-less and like a magnet, it sucked me into an area I used to half-scorn, half-admire, and often be indifferent to. Godfrey Daniels, I had no educational background in physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, et al. My knowledge lay elsewhere (have you heard that old Arabian proverb — he who knows and knows that he knows, is wise; follow him? or ‘her’ if you’re chauvinistic). Well, I do know Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto from Beethoven’s Fur Elise, a Picasso from a Rembrandt, Papa Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises from Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint, a peony from a rose and Plato from William Buckley. Those have been my areas of competence, not logical, reasoning, just-the-facts-ma’am, scientific research jazz. Hey, that’s a heavy left-hemisphere-brain trip, Charlie, and you’d better have an impressive background, loaded with University degrees, to soak up all that serious stuff, right?

Not necessarily, dear hearts. Who hasn’t heard or read about cellular biology, RNA/DNA, cloning, quarks, pulsars, nuclear fission (and now fusion), electromagnetics and so on? We may not understand those topics fully but heard of them we have. (If you haven’t, clearly your interests lie elsewhere or else you’ve been living in a cave these past ten years. Something unusual, shattering, sensational, confusing, happened to the world in 1968… many things, in fact. Perhaps as a result of conjunctions of certain planets, Saturn and Mars, maybe… ol’ Wings could pin-point the weird astrological happenings in the heavens that awful year. Many lives were shaken up badly… mine was… how about you? Think back to 1968.) But I digress.

From holograms and other fascinating programs on NOVA (like how the Universe began), I acquired magazines, television transcripts and books. There was Science Fact by Prof. Frank George (egads, those Englishmen write gorgeous prose!) with intriguing topics like Artificial Intelligence (computers), Electronics, Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry, and one that particularly excited me… The Science of the Paranormal. Plus other spacey stuff, of course; the book is over 500 pages long. Then there was The People Shapers by Vance Packard, concerned with the emerging plastic image of man, a somber, reflective tome.

Because I saw an articulate man of medicine on tall Tom’s TV show (Snyder, NBC, midnites), I sent for 3 more books. The man was Dr. Irving Oyle and his slim book, The Healing Mind, is just super. Early in the book, he shows a pen-sketch of the brain… a yucky, curlicue mass of grey matter under the skull-bone (made me wanta barf!). Once I recovered from my revulsion, however, I absorbed with relish the things he had to say about the right and left hemispheres of the brain. (By the way, Irv is into Holistic Healing rather than orthodox medicine, just thought you’d like to know.)

Our cerebral hemispheres, according to Oyle, constitute two separate brains, and following are some of the terms used to describe each fascinating side:

  • LEFT — Male, Sun, Osiris, Linear, Yang, Daytime Energy, Light, Conscious, Summer
  • RIGHT — Female, Yin, Subconscious, Isis, Night Energy, Dark, Contains Body Images, Winter, Moon

The book is only 125 pages long and contains much on how ‘you can cure yourself without drugs’ (his sub-title): get it and inhale it, you’ll enjoy (Wings did).

THE CLONE-MASTER, a 2-hr. TV movie (premiere for a fall series but so far I haven’t seen it slotted anywhere on the boob-tube) was a fascinating flick: a doctor-physicist made 12 or 13 duplicates of himself and was called ‘Daddy’ by them (while this sounds comic, the show, believe me, was well-done and absorbing; I hope it returns to the small screen soon).

Moving right along. Did you know that by consulting your trusty dictionary (and this is something I always do when grabbed by any new study… or even an old one), you can learn a good deal about Science? Take the letter ‘E’ as an example. In one of the books I read, I came across the intriguing equation E=MC2 (I believe it was in Oyle’s Time, Space and Mind) and although I knew that it referred to Physics and Albert Einstein, I looked up E and M and C and discovered what those letters meant in terms of chemistry, music and other smarmy topics. Let your fingers do the walking (but not in the telephone directory) and pause to learn the definitions under the large E, as well as the other letters… egads, what a revelation! Oh yes, in case you’re wondering, E=MC2 means… matter and energy are two aspects of a single phenomenon, one convertible into the other: the constant factor (C) which connects the phenomena of mass (M) and energy (E) being the speed of light. And I thought, eons ago when I haunted the libraries as a teen-aged lass that by reading the printed version of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity I could magically under­ stand it. What an ambitious, but naive, notion. (But then, I never claimed to be Marie Sklodoska… and forgive me, all you dear Poles out there, if I misspelled her name.) Speaking of that august lady, do you know that PBS television just started a 5-part series on Madame Curie? The first episode on Friday the 13th (10/13/78 was a groovy day for white witches) was marvelous viewing; the other four episodes (after all, we left off where she met Pierre Curie in Paris) promise to be super. A must see.

The October issue of OMNI Magazine (and since it was the first edition, it becomes a collector’s item) contains many pages of excellent reading; an article entitled “ZEN, Technology and the Split Brain” (ah, there, Sun and Moon) by Thomas Hoover goes further into the left-right hemispheres of your fabulous attic, plus other things, of course. Now don’t be put off because OMNI is published by that rascal, Bob Guccione, who also publishes PENTHOUSE and other racy mags; take it from me, dear hearts, Guccione has put out an elegant, informative 180-page reading treat for science-fact/science-fiction buffs out there. (It’s worth the two bucks… if you can find a collector’s edition at this late date.)

Serendipity… isn’t that a charming word? An aptitude for making fortunate discoveries, accidentally… that’s what Webster tell us ‘serendipity’ is. Through that initial inquisitiveness in re: Holograms, a darling corporation sent me scads of material on optics and what not, and in the back of one little booklet was the information about Science Service in Washington (I tell you, it pays to read from cover to cover… skip nothing.)

Mother of Pearl! I shot off a letter post-haste to our nation’s capitol (terrible city to visit!) and became a subscriber to Science News, their weekly paper (actually, it’s a magazine with 8-10 slick pages). Each week, I read about something new and fresh in the Sciences… what a blast!

As a result of that, I became a member of their THINGS OF SCIENCE unit; every month I get a complete kit, filled with simple and inexpensive materials for conducting exciting scientific experiments (no, I haven’t blown up my galley as yet). Build a model sextant, learn about the Earth’s past thru fossils, principles of magnetism, sense of touch, pendulums, probability, optics and dozens of other goodies to blow your mind. Science Service, incidentally, has been advancing this specialized knowledge for over 50 years, imagine that. (Don’t slip your wee bar-magnet into your back jeans pocket and walk into the galley; I got sucked up against my friend, Albert, the refrigerator handle.)

Several members of my Seagulls Club bop over every month just to help me play with my THINGS OF SCIENCE kits; I don’t mind, we all need play-time and it’s a pleasant switch from things metaphysic parapsychological and/or other other-worldly studies which we pursue.

We have, of course, been into pyramid power for some years and I’ve done things with Pat Flanagan’s planar pyramids (what a darlin’ genius that Texan is!) you probably wouldn’t believe. His Sensor medallion (flat pyramid) is something you can wear around your neck (and thus touch your meridian acupuncture points) and, because it’s an energizer, you can wear it elsewhere, if the spirit moves you. It does astonishing things. (I am in mail-contact with the Flanagans and have been told that Pat’s next book, Crystal Power, should be ready for release early in ’79. If it’s anything like Pyramid Power, his first, and Beyond Pyramid Power, the second book, we should all be eager to share this bright young researcher’s findings on crystals.) Stay in your lab, Pat, and the hell with traveling around so much… you’re split seven ways to Sunday.

I am, alas, nearing the end of my potpourri but before I sing Aloha, let me clue you about two books received only a few days ago. One is dear old Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, written in 1862, can you believe it? You may be amused by this re-reading of a childhood classic but there are reasons — one of which is that Miss Emma, a character in Cooper’s Castle, my novel-in-progress, is a whacky, but dear, woman whose favorite story is ALICE; I have to find out why.

The second new book on hand is Seeing with the Mind’s Eye by Mike Samuels, M.D., a large-sized tome of over 300 pages. I’ll tell you about this baby next time I’m around the swingin’ door. (If it’s okay with Wings, that is.)

I leave you with this thought, dear hearts: in the TV show, PROJECT UFO, one segment showed a logical, scientific explanation for that strange sky-phenomenon, flying saucers… it was a Hologram. Think about that. Aloha.”
— written by Jane Benchly — Director, The Seagulls Club and HRA Member

P.S. I have prepared a data sheet giving names and addresses of where you can locate the various books, mags, and services mentioned in my article. If you will kindly send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request, I’ll see that Uni sends it along the aka cord (or the postal system, if the cord doesn’t stretch that far). My address is: 5959 S. Kenneth Av., Chicago, ILL.60629.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Alexandra Jane Benchly is the author of two novels: THE DREAM OF ROMY JACKSON and IF THE HEART BE HASTY. We welcome her to the Huna Vistas. When requesting the data sheet, add a note to ask her to keep writing articles for us. I think we may be able to “twist her arm” to write a regular column. EOW.



The Huna Energizing and Centering Technique was developed and tested over a period of two years by a Huna research team, coordinating its studies and experiments here at the Center. (See H.V. Newsletter #25, Jan-Feb-Mar 1978, pp. 3-4 for the basic outline of the Technique.)

Several others worked with the research team and reported their reactions to this Energizing Technique at various stages of its development. Their enthusiastic recommendation prompted us to tape the Technique and make it available as a meditation guide. Again, the research team, with the help of a number of interested members who used the tape as a guide and reported their reactions, found that the taped format added greatly to the effectiveness of the Technique. It was found difficult to follow a printed outline, while participating in the Technique itself.

Both the research team and the test group were in agreement on the benefit of the daily use of the Energizing and Centering Technique. They were impressed with the ease with which the Technique provides an abundance of life energy and a simple and direct way to get acquainted with the High Self:

  1. “The Technique provides an abundance of life energy, or mana, that totally fills the body and all levels of consciousness. It invigorates the body and promotes a sense of well-being. Even in stress situations, we could readily draw on the energy we had deliberately stored for such an emergency. We did not feel depleted or washed out.” The test group found the Technique to be an effective method of energizing the Three Selves in a controlled fashion. “The energy was balanced and centered at all times.”
  2. “The Technique provides a simple, direct, and easy way to contact the High Self and to establish a close working relationship. There is a lovely reassuring feeling of protection and Guidance. The test group was impressed and pleased with the relaxing and calming effect of this form of “meditation.” There is no “spacing out,” no loss of of control, but rather a close communion with the High Self that puts daily living into perspective and joins the Inner Self and the Conscious Self in harmonious relationship with the High Self.

There were less obvious benefits from this Huna Technique that were reflected on the research team’s new Psychometric Analysis Chart. The use of this active and controlled form of meditation not only showed readings of high levels of life force in the physical and shadowy (or subtle) bodies, but the utilization of this energy was balanced and harmonious. Complexes and fixations tended to retreat and become less influential as the High Self was consciously brought into the daily life.

An important plus brought out by the expanded version of the Psychometric Analysis Chart was the ability of the testers to keep the vibratory rate of their energy fields above the “400” mark in both the physical and the aka bodies. Repeated PA tests led the research team to conclude that a high energy vibratory rate serves as a protection from invading non-self entities (Earth-bound souls or Huna’s “eating companions”). The results of the tests suggest that Earthbound spirits do not feel comfortable in energy fields that have a high vibratory rate.

The research team is continuing its investigations into the damage that can be done to the shadowy bodies both in this life and in past lives. Doctors Westlake and Tansley and Malcolm Rae consider this problem in their writings on radiesthesia and radionics. Physical and emotional trauma, such as accidents, debilitating illness, grief over lost loved ones, lowers the vibratory rate in both the physical and subtle bodies. In addition to trauma, the researchers in England are in agreement that the use of drugs, alcohol in excess, marijuana, mob hypnosis (including religious ecstasy), and some forms of meditation can cause severe subtle or aka body damage. All such “spacing out” lowers the vibratory rate of the energy field and “invites in” confused and negative influences. The Huna Energizing and Centering Technique does not depend upon “spacing out” or subduing the Inner and Conscious Minds (Low and Middle Selves). In fact, the Technique prevents this situation. It emphasizes the unity of the Three Selves, each functioning in its most efficient manner, working as a productive and harmonious whole.

Both the research and testing groups were impressed with the importance of sending help to another person only through his High Self and not directly to that person. Two unfortunate things might result from sending a strong surcharge of mana (vital force, or white light) in a self-righteous “I-know-what-is-best-for-you” manner: (1) the energy could disrupt an important pattern of personal development, or (2) “eating companions” could intercept and use the energy themselves.

“We are dealing here,” concluded the group, “with an actual energy force — not something imaginary or just wishful thinking or positive thinking. When we generate mana and mentally command it to be sent to someone — it goes!

“We should remember, they suggest, “that the High Self has the judgment and the wisdom to use the gift of life force in the best possible manner, for the growth and benefit of all Three Selves.” — EOW

NOTE: Cassette tapes of the Huna Energizing and Centering Technique are available from Huna Research Associates for $5.00. Included with the cassette is an explanatory brochure, from which the above article was exerpted, and a printed copy of the Technique. One side of the cassette has the guided meditation, lasting eleven minutes; the other side has a brief discussion of the various steps in the outline.


Stanford psychologist Ernest Hilgard has uncovered an omniscient “hidden ob­server” which operates parallel to our waking consciousness — so reports Jane Patrick in The L.A. Free Press (4-2-76), from a clipping sent in by an HRA member. Hilgard describes this “hidden observer” as genuine and not illusionary or imaginary”. In some cases Hilgard has determined that the “hidden observer” is even more “normal” than the conscious self. Of course, he noted reactions to stimuli in test subjects, even when there was no conscious or physiological reaction — i.e., the subject was “completely aware of the stimulus” on an inner self level.


by Dolly Ware

Our beautiful Huna teacher, PHYLLIS W. CORWIN, from Florida, traveled alone by car clear across Canada after our Huna Seminar in Ottawa. She says one of the highlights of the trip was the Shakespearean Festival held in Ashland, Oregon, which she considers a must for everyone. Phyllis will be with us in Houston teaching in her “the difficult made easy” way. A strong right arm for all of us.

ALICE and GEORGE DASHIELL, who now live in Paradise, California, are long time friends and HRAs of Max’s, as well as directors of our association. Alice writes she is recuperating nicely from two hip implants and feels much better after taking supplements under the watchful eye of our Dr. Ellis. She says how wonderful it is to know your friends care and to send the extra mana for healing.

PHYLLIS BORDMAN of Canada has been a metaphysical student for over twenty years. She has found the Path to be one of friendship with kindred souls and beautiful people.

Harvest time and Halloween! Where did 1978 go? Halloween was the New Year’s Eve Festival of the Celtic tribes of long ago. The Druids honored New Year’s Day as November 1st, with the Sun God and Samhain, Lord of the Dead ruling jointly. They believed the dead came back to mingle with the living and were treated to a big banquet. After the feast, the masked and costumed people led the ghosts out of their towns. Druid priests offered human sacrifices — victims set afire in cages shaped like animals. The Romans outlawed this so black cats were used instead. Fire was the favorite weapon used against evil spirits and witches.

“Trick or Treat” has an interesting origin too. In the Middle Ages children paraded through the streets offering to fast for departed souls in return for money. From our country came “Mischief Night” with any practical joke being blamed on either the fairies or the ghosts.

October 26 was Dr. Max’s 88th birthday. Remember him each year at this time. Such rich heritage he left this planet. How proud he would be as each one teaches the ancient secret of hurting no one and serving others to deserve a happy, full life.

The Houston Huna Seminar continues to build to almost dizzying heights. RUSTY MARTINS and PAT HAYDON sent an hour’s radio tape pinpointing and explaining Huna in a concrete way. Begin now with a special Houston Huna Bank to save, out of the first money you receive each month for your trip. This is the greatest and best Christmas gift you could ever give yourself. We become a united Huna family quickly. Hotel doors are left open between and after lectures, as an invitation to come in and discuss lessons learned. Out of this sharing comes some of our greatest healings and soul growth. Special thanks to our Seminar Co-ordinators.

NORMA RIEG announces her annual Mid-Winter Psychic Tropical Cruise. Contact her at Box 303, Pittsford, N.Y. 14534. Sponsored by the Psychic Science Research Assoc. Some of the teachers are Anne Gehman, Dr. Ralph Sierra, Charles Sprong, Claude Beauchamp, Helen Nopper, Otto and Norma Rieg. The Luxury Liner M/S Caribe sails March 3, 1979, from Miami.

DR. MARTIN LARSON, long-time friend of Max’s, is not only an authority on our tax structure, writing each week for “THE SPOTLIGHT,” but is an outstanding scholar specializing in the origins of Christianity. The Religion of the Occident was published in 1961. I have before me the copy sent to Max. He considered it to be the finest source book he had found, showing “how Christian dogmas grew from almost nothing to a towering and unreasoned mass” (HV #26, 10/61). This book is a must for your Huna library. The newly published edition is now called, The Story of Christian Origins. Price is $12.50. (HRA keeps copies in stock.) I can do no better than quote Dr. Max: “In this very exceptional book by an exceptionally intelligent delver, we also have sidelights on religions other than Christianity which have donated to the strange mixture of ideas assembled over several centuries and said to have been the ‘teachings of Jesus.'”

He closed by urging all HRAs to spend the price of a tank of gas ($2.95 at the time!) and buy “an education such as you cannot buy in any university in the world today.”

Are old Laetrile Warning signs still up in your post office? Do like I did and complain to your postmaster. Jack Watson, our postmaster here, wrote they should have been taken down on January 31, 1978. And since when does the post office consider itself in the medical and health field? Incidentally, a group of us are working toward a chapter of the National Health Federation. How near is your chapter and do you subscribe to their magazine? Write them at P.O. Box 688, Monrovia, CA 91016 ($10.00 per year).

A new book on step-by-step self-help guide to overcoming cancer for patients and their families is Getting Well Again, by O. Carl Simonton, M.D., and Stephanie Simonton. Published in hard cover by J. P. Tarcher, Inc. This is a Fort Worth couple doing pioneer work as far as orthodox medicine goes. They relate excellent case histories of cancer patients (have treated 500 so far) and how they visualized the cancer shrinking as you “see” the body’s immune system at work. This book is such a giant step in the right direction!

Listed are twelve steps to recovery — such as — picture yourself in pleasant, natural surroundings with closed eyes in a relaxed state for two or three minutes; picture the cancer having weak, confused cells with your own white blood cells coming into the area where the cancer is, recognizing the abnormal cells and destroying them. See the cancer shrinking, see the white blood cells soothing away pain, if any, and imagine yourself well, free of disease and full of energy. All such excellent advice. How marvelous the mind truly is — and for good (God) with the tiniest bit of encouragement and optimism.

But how much more, I thought, they could accomplish with the Huna Ha and breathing knowledge. Our superb “How To.” Breath, the gear shift of the body.

Also sad, at least to me, their admonition that in radiation therapy normal cells are able to repair any damage that is done and chemotherapy, acting like a poison with the normal cells intelligent and strong not taking up the poison!  In my years of working with cancer patients this has just not been the case. Chemotherapy drugs are designed to kill cells in a state of mitosis (dividing) and unfortunately kill both good and bad alike. Anyone with ideas and comments on this?

Needed badly are hospitals where terminally ill patients can have tender, loving care without the life support systems and a death with dignity. This is our birthright — a beautiful death. A dying Beaumont, Texas woman states: “I’m seeking the right to die at home in my own bed, with people who care, that I can contact 24-hours a day.”    

Send in your Bit From Here & There. -— DW



Picture — Picture — Picture! See — See — See! Visualize — Visualize — Visualize!
To “pray without ceasing” is to hover over and breathe on what you want.

Claim your own good. You deserve it. It’s yours.

The ancient Foot-Washing Rite was marvelously therapeutic. The cleansing which it brought is actually giving ourselves permission to forgive and forget. Wash the slate clean. Each one of us has a light side and a dark side — beauty and the beast. Admit it — give yourself permission to feel angry and then do something about it. Max used to say, “Get the broom. Work through the complex. Drain it off. Sweep it out.” One day at a time. Just for today. Now.

H Here: Bloom where you are planted
U You: The most wonderful and unique
N Now: Eternity is NOW ALWAYS
A Always: All ways are yours Now.

Aren’t these gorgeous, gigantic words? Powerful -— full of power.

Unblocking the Path -— the aka cord up the spinal column and keeping it unblocked is the rare jewel of Earth life. The gearshift is your breath and the control of it. Just as our car has low, middle and high gear, so do we.

See, breathe and think yourself shifting as your breathing deepens and you become aware of what you are feeling. See your meditation picture — using it as the neutral point between your shifting. Now you are ready to see and experience exactly what you want. This is hard work: Ask – Seek — Knock. But it works. The more we open up the more we get.

The low self seems to love to help the middle self when asked lovingly and nicely. In order to “get ready” — Be Still, Be Open, Be Aware, Be Expectant — Be ready to receive the Gifts of your Aumakua in Spirit and in Fact. Let the rain of blessings flow.

One HRA writes he feels nothing and it makes him feel very depressed. Could it be he has not done enough cleansing? And there must be concentrated mana given in order to see results

As we learn to use Huna we almost automatically become more psychic. Our Houston HRAs predicted a baby girl for our daughter in Florida and another one knew the date of her birth.

Isn’t this a beautiful poem written by HRA Dianne Haydon, only sixteen years old:


by Dianne Haydon

Today I watched the people
And they were wild and quiet and lonely.
Yet not one looked like us.
We are a child unique to the Universe,
Foreign to the Earth.

We are eons old and years young.
We know so much and too little.
We are a teacher but a student
A Mother yet a Child
At rest in ourselves,
Lost in our dreams.

We find ancient ruins built just yesterday.
We paint rainbows at the end of gold.
We live separate -– free — confined in one space.
We plant life and watch it grow.

Christmas is coming. As we braid the aka cord of our High Selves, my prayer and hope for each one of you is that you will experience during the season a “Christ birth” or birth in “Christ Consciousness” -— the Consciousness of the High Self.

Someone has said: Do more than Exist: LIVE. Do more than Hear: LISTEN. Do more than Listen: UNDERSTAND. Do more than Read: ABSORB. Do more than Think: PONDER. Do more than Live: LOVE.

How thankful we are to hold these priceless gifts within the very hollow of our hands. Ours — just for the taking.
In Huna Light and Love, D.W.

CORRECTION: In the article, “Calling All High Selves,” in the last Newsletter (No. 27, July/Aug/Sept, 1978), the reference to Chapter IX, page 115, should be to the book The Secret Science at Work.

The question has been asked whether the Unihipili has deductive reasoning. The Inner Self (low self or subconscious) is described as lacking logical, reasoning powers, especially inductive reasoning. This function of mind takes all input literally and exactly, without rationalizing. Therefore, it is susceptible to strong suggestion.


HAPPINESS is a state of mind, not a set of circumstances. We cannot always change our circumstances, but we can change how we feel about them.

You may say: “I can’t be happy; I have problems.” Be happy anyway. We are, or should be, problem-solvers and a problem-solver without a problem is out of business. Thank God for problems for they give us something to do.

The following is one of my favorite proverbs: Thank God for sleep, and when you cannot sleep, Thank God you’re alive to lie awake.

Absolutely nothing happens by accident. Everything happens for a reason. We may not know the reason. However, even when I have a flat tire, I am thankful because without the delay of the flat tire I might have had a wreck miles down the road. Whether this sort of thinking is true or not, it certainly makes for greater ease in acceptance of flat tires.

A man died and went to hell. There he found a great table filled with every sort of food. But the forks were three feet long and no one could get it into their mouths. So they were starving.

Another man died and went to heaven. There he found a great table filled with every sort of food. The forks were three feet long, but each person was feeding his neighbor.

Do you feed someone else or do you waste your life cursing the length of your fork?

The only difference between a heaven and a hell is how we perceive it.

What are you worth? The answer: whatever you believe you are worth.

A few years ago a painting, Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer, by Rembrandt, was sold for over one million dollars. How could a painting be worth so much? It is a thing of beauty. It is unique in all the world. It was created by a master. And, my friend, so are you a thing of beauty, unique, and created by a master.

We set our own price. What are you worth? The most important thing in the world is our own self-image.

In the book, The Little Prince, we find these lines: If you wish to enjoy the butterflies, you must endure a few caterpillars. We would not enjoy the top of the mountains, if we knew nothing of the valley.

Remember this: more people die each year from hardening of the attitude than from hardening of the arteries. We can say, rose bushes have thorns or thorn bushes have roses. A glass can be half full or half empty. What we think is CRITICALLY important.

Imagine this ad in the “Lost and Found” section of your newspaper: Lost yesterday: sometime between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours. Each set with sixty diamond minutes, no reward is offered. They are gone forever.

Americans spend millions of dollars on putting more days in their lives and almost no money on putting more life in their days.

I only allow myself to have two kinds of days: good ones and fantastic ones. And I try not to have any good ones at all.

I am not trying to be funny. The worst day of my life was great when compared to the alternative — death! As long as I have life, I have hope. I can wish, plan, and dream. Occasionally, I see something come to pass which fulfills me.

People go through their lives deferring happiness. They say, “Boy, when I get out of school… ” or, “Boy, when I retire… ” Don’t plan to be happy “someday”! Resolve — Demand from yourself to be happy TODAY!

Yesterday is a cancelled check. Tomorrow is a promissory note. The only time we have is Today. Take hold of life and categorically decide to BE HAPPY NOW!
–Bill Coomer, Magician


ALPHA AWARENESS: techniques for working with the low self
THE IMPORTANCE OF BALANCE: the three-self team

ALPHA AWARENESS TRAINING begins with the basic premise that each one must do it for himself and not depend on the teacher or founder to do it for him. This agrees with Huna’s approach. Several mind-training methods have been studied by Huna students and recommended because of their easy adaptability to the Huna system.

Disadvantages tend to relate to the fact that such systems try to tie students to the apron strings of the teacher or leader or even the system, itself, without letting them utilize what is effective in their own way. It is therefore always refreshing to see another training method that seeks to make the students independent and self-sufficient and that cooperates with other systems.

I recently participated in an Alpha Awareness Training class. At first I did not connect it with a book that Dr. William A. Ellis (HRA) had told me about over a year ago: Jess Steam’s The Power of Alpha-Thinking, but someone at the class reminded me of that book. Then I recalled the description of this course in that book, which relates the author’s experience in a similar course taught by one of the Alpha Awareness students. The instructor was Wally Minto, founder and developer of the course. After arranging for the course here, Mr. Minto had ordered the Huna course, in order to see how Huna would fit in with his work. Alpha Awareness has numerous techniques which concentrate on working with the low self. They help students to understand what they know and to put their knowledge into daily practice.

After the first night’s general introductory lecture, I persuaded my entire family to take the course with me. That is some accomplishment in itself! Sessions were three to four hours each night for a week, and seven hours on the last day. Can you imagine a 10-year old boy sitting there night after night with hardly a squirm or a wiggle, or a 15-year old giving up her Friday night plans with hardly a second thought? It was good for the family to work together on this.

Huna teaches us that all Three Selves must work together before our lives can function efficiently. That is why we have noted the limited use of many techniques that have been recommended. Many types of meditation result in spacing out, with its accompanying problems. These, along with hypnosis, require an altered state of consciousness, therefore precluding the working of the Three Selves as a team. Huna teaches that we must EXPAND our awareness, not alter our consciousness. Alpha Awareness makes a point of distinguishing these two states: expansion of awareness (which it teaches) and altering of consciousness (which it seeks to avoid). It was my observation that an altered state can result, while following charisma, hypnotic. I suppose my guard down as a result of the instructor’s assurance that only expanding of consciousness should be done, an altered state occurred anyway! And there were considerable undesirable results because of this. But this can happen from any directed meditation or guided visualization. So, keep this in mind as you work with any technique.

One technique suggests that you use your creative imagination to picture a special place where you can “go” in your imagination. Once you have done that, you can meet your inner self there and get acquainted. If you have had some difficulty with other methods of learning to know your inner self, this should work for you. You can also meet in that imaginary place all three of your selves and learn to know yourself better.

Another technique is designed to get rid of hang-ups, blocks, fears, guilts, and obsessions that have accumulated in your mental attic. In a state of relaxation, visualize yourself as a water glass that has been sitting for years on a shelf. If you have difficulty seeing yourself as a water glass, just imagine the glass. It will have dust and debris from years of sitting on the shelf. Now imagine that you (the glass) are under the faucet, with water pouring into you and bubbling over until the glass is clear.

If you try either of these, remember to keep careful watch over your conscious control of awareness, so that you do not “space out.” This is because without the control of the middle self, the “mind wanders,” and allows all sorts of influences to come in and affect you, whether you want them to or not.

BALANCE is of utmost importance. We often talk of the necessity of uniting the Three Selves into a single unitary team. Each part of us has an important function, and we work best when they are all carrying out that function together. When we concentrate on one area of consciousness, in order to develop it, we temporarily upset the balance. But the balance is restored as soon as we stop the concentration and bring in the other two selves. For example, much intellectual effort tends to leave out the intuitive function of the inner self and the guiding factor of the High Self. But sometimes intensive middle self activity is necessary. What we should work toward as an ideal is a focus on the conscious-mind middle self level, with inner and high selves functioning just as effectively in the background. Thus we have the advantage of all three, even though working predominantly in the conscious mind. This means an actual EXPANDING of the consciousness into the three levels at once -— rather than an altering of consciousness for operating in a single level, to the exclusion of the other two.

Training the inner self can be productive. Much of the Huna work starts at this point, because the importance of the inner self has previously not been recognized and communication must be established. But continuous concentration on the inner self level, with little or no attention given to the rational thinking or higher guidance, could lead to undesirable results. The effect could be anything from mere drifting without purpose to obsession by “eating companions.”

We should be alert to the pitfalls by keeping the unity of the Three Selves always before us as a guide.

The ALPHA AWARENESS TRAINING techniques are available in book form, and I should emphasize that ALL the techniques are in the book!

Minto, Wally, Alpha Awareness Training. Published by Alpha Awareness, Drawer G, Susanville, CA 96130. 1976. $13.00. Hardback. 411 pp.

We have a few copies of this volume in stock at the Center. Order immediately if you want a copy. Price $13.00 postpaid.

Minto, Wally, The Results Book. 1976. 125 pp. $7.00. Hardback. Same publisher. We do not stock copies. Order from Alpha Awareness.

Some of the contents of Alpha Awarenss Training textbook: How to Relax; Creativity and Imagery; Change of Thinking; Memory-Recall Technique; Memory Pegs; Attitudes and Habits; Self-Confidence; Sleep Technique; Mental Alarm Clock Technique; Dream Technique; How to Get Rid of Headaches; Energy Technique; Creating Your Special Place; How to Use Visualization to Solve Problems; Mental Anesthesia; Inner-Conscious Communication; Photographic Memory; Controlling Autonomic Nervous System; Experiencing Animate and Inanimate Matter; Meeting Your Inner Self; Release and Let Go.

One phrase kept recurring in the class that I objected to and I mentioned this to the instructor. The phrase is “Go to Level.” He agreed that is was not correct for what is to be done, namely, expanding consciousness and not “going” to another level of consciousness. I noticed that many of the students latched on to this phrase with vigor and used it repeatedly. I feel this is not only inaccurate, but even misleading, and sometimes dangerous, since it could result in producing an altered state “unaware”! If you desire such a state, that is another question. But to produce it without knowing what you are doing can have many undesirable results. I hope that this phrase and its accompanying suggestion (even unintentional) will be omitted from the classes.

Time, Space, and Knowledge. Tarthang Tulku.  ” … a remarkable attempt to bring us to the limits (and beyond) of our capacity for thought and awareness.” — Parabola ” … may well be the most sophisticated cosmology to emerge in years. Its teachings dovetail with frontier science — Brain Mind Bulletin ” … leaves even the most spiritually hip with nowhere to stand.”— Yoga Journal. A required text at U. of Saskatchewan, Canada, Cleveland State U., and others.

Gesture of Balance. Tarthang Tulku. Now in use in over thirty colleges and universities throughout the world, Gesture of Balance is our bestselling title to date. ” … the most lucid explanation of Tibetan practices available any­ where.” — Daniel Goleman of Psychology Today ” … unusual in that it presents Buddhism with­out elaborate theory.” —Choice. Translated into German, Italian, Spanish. A required text at Northwestern, Penn. State, and others.
DHARMA PUBLISHING — 2425 Hillside Avenue, Berkeley, California 94704 USA

Both the above books represent quality in both publishing and in contents. The Dharma Publishing list has grown to some fifty titles in the last five years, making the literature of Tibet available in English. The Gesture of Balance is subtitled: A Guide to Awareness, Self-Healing, and Meditation.

Time, Space, and Knowledge: A New Vision of Reality is already in its third printing, although it appeared only in the beginning of 1978. It offers a “triple-faceted visionary insight” into the heart of reality and “clarifies the ideas and concerns of Western thought — philosophic, psychological, and scientific, integrating the essence of these systems into a comprehensive perspective on the nature of existence. The 35 exercises in the book have been systematically and thoroughly tested. One such study concluded: “The insights contained in Time, Space, and Knowledge can be integrated with and applied to a wide range of practice experience. Those who read and study the book will find benefit at the ordinary level of daily experiences.” Thus we have a Buddhist-oriented book, designed for the Western reader, but applicable to all cultures, and useful for practical living. The point of this time, space, and knowledge approach, according to Tulku, is that “it unlocks human intelligence by putting it back in touch with a truly creative path to follow and explore.” He points out that people nowadays are practicing ‘consciousness-raising’ meditations, but in such a say as to reinforce low-level perspectives. “Even the conception of ‘higher consciousness’ is usually just an extrapolation from our low-level anxieties and achievement-orientation.”

Along the Aka Cord….


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  3. The American Biomaqnetic Association has been formed by Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer Dr. Albert Roy Davis and Dr. Walter C. Rawls, Jr. Two issues of their newsletter have already arrived. Those of you who have studied Dr. Davis’s work in this area and have experimented with magnets may wish to join the Association ($12.00 per year): P.O. Box 628, Murray, Kentucky 42071.
  4. Be on the look-out for Benjamin O. Bibb’s book, written with Joseph Weed, Amazing Secrets of Psychic Healing. It is excellent, very practical, and a close parallel to the Huna System. Ben Bibb will be a major speaker at the 1979 Huna Seminar in Houston, Texas, on August 3, 4, & 5. Plan now to attend. Biggest ever. (We do not have the book in stock at this time. Look at your bookstore.)
  5. RESEARCH IN PROGRESS: (a) Experimenting with the Huna Energizing and Centering Technique; (b) Expanded Psychometric Analysis charts; (c) Spring-Aire Polarity Pillows; (d) Negative Ion Generators; (e) “Eating Companions”; (f) Work with Pyramid Energies; (g) Correlation of Huna principles with Science…

What are YOU working on? Send in any information you have on any of these areas, plus your own thoughts and experiments. Several research teams are working on some of the projects. Often these researchers need a spurt of new enthusiasm and new interest, so let us hear from you. Reports will appear in future newsletters.

If you are not using Huna, you are working too hard (MFL).
But there is WORK required to make Huna work. Be a part of the HUNA WORK!


Graphic Aloha! From Houston – the Metaphysical Capitol of the World! To all our beautiful Huna People!

Many fantastic and exciting things are happening here and we want to share with you, and include you in these happenings. We need your supportive prayers to the Po`e Aumakua to channel love here for perfect guidance and right action! We need your presence here in August of 1979 for our International Huna Seminar, plus your efforts to tell others around you about Huna and its practical, helpful way. Do it by LIVING IT! Miracles will become a natural happening in your life — if you do!

We, with you, believe that “the secret” was held in trust for all of us in this AQUARIAN AGE. As our knowledge and experience is transmuted into free-flowing wisdom by our High Selves, we begin to sense gratitude and love welling up in each of us for the many blessings of this Huna Wisdom, in this Aquarian Age, for those ancient Kahunas for holding “the secret”, and for Max F. Long, and other HRAs, for recovering this “Pearl of Great Price”.

Our 1979 Huna Seminar will be held here in Houston at the Royal Coach Inn on the weekend ofAugust 3, 4 and 5. We have an excellent staff of speakers and teachers lined up, including our FANTASTIC regular Workshop Leaders. The exact cost and schedule will be crystallized in the very near future, and that information will be sent next time.

BENJAMIN O. BIBB, B.S., M.S., D.D., is a nationally known teacher, speaker, and writer on the subject of healing. Co-author of the book, AMAZING SECRETS OF PSYCHIC HEALING (with Joseph J. Weed), in which the unique technique of visualization named “Medi-Pic” is used “mind-to-mind” to effect cures by “seeing” the remedy. (Real HUNA, huh?)

“Mind-to-Mind” is the key to the “Medi-Pic” system (“Medical-Picture”) and it is the Inner Self that is communicating. Dr.Bibb usually teaches his system of healing in a four-day course, which already has been studied by some 3,000 students. It has been estimated that he has personally worked on 35,000 cases (distant healing) in the
past seven years.

The seminar schedule will be a very full one, so plan on an extra day or two if you want to sight see in the Houston area. If you have special talents or interests, or just want to “help” at the conference, please drop us a line here in Houston and tell us about it. The conference will be an informal, family style, sharing experience for the most part, and we are trying to keep expenses as low as possible. Let us know if you will need special care or activities for your juvenile citizens. We know great things will come out of this seminar! Our anticipation is ecstatic!

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

O.K., Otha!!! I am HUNA-ing as hard as I can!!!!

In Huna Light and Love,
Rusty Martins, Program Coordinator. 8634 Norton Dr., Houston, Tx. 77080


Kokua is a Hawaiian word meaning “assistance” and “cooperation.” As used in Huna, it refers to fundamental unit of people who work together to help each other attain personal success by following the HUNAPLAN. Such a group might also be called a spiritual cooperative, mutual support group, or mastermind group.

A kokua consists of a minimum of three people and a maximum of seven. This is to ensure the intimacy required for close cooperation. When the group goes over seven members, it must be split into two or more separate kokuas. Otherwise the effectiveness of the cooperative effort diminishes. These separate kokuas may continue to cooperate with each other, but as independent units.

Each kokua needs to have a leader who will coordinate the group program. Within the Huna Fellowship, the kokua leaders are appointed, but a non-Fellowship kokua may designate its leader by any means it chooses. Neither the HUNAPLAN nor the Kokua Project are meant to be limited to members of the Fellowship. We want to share the secrets of success with everyone.

The kokua leader has the responsibility for keeping the kokua members informed of the HUNAPLAN schedule, for keeping them up to date on activities and resource materials related to the PLAN, and for organizing cooperation within the group for carrying out the PLAN. Such cooperation might include intra-group workshops on HUNAPLAN subjects, individual counseling, group projects relating to the PLAN, and even social outings, since the development of friendship among kokua members will add greatly to the success of the program. The leaders will also receive any pertinent materials coming from Huna Headquarters for distribution to kokua members.

The active membership of the Huna Fellowship is composed of kokuas that come together for work, for play, and for sharing at weekly meetings and for the Huna festivals throughout the year. Within the Fellowship, a member may belong to only one kokua at a time, but members may belong to one or more non-Fellowship kokuas. Each Fellowship kokua will have its own Hawaiian name, and the same practice is recommended for other kokuas.

Peaceful, progressive cooperation among the peoples of the world has to start at a grass-roots level. This is the purpose of the Kokua Project. We urge you to participate in it, support it, and spread its use. For any questions concerning the Kokua Project please write to: Huna International, 4676 Admiralty Way, suite 211 Marina del Rey, CA 90291, U.S.A.


This is a lesson on Love, based on the Huna code. Study it well, for this is the message and the practice that we have to give to the world.

Aloha: Love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, acknowlegement, gratitude.

Alo: To share experience
Loha: To listen carefully
Oha: To expand, thrive and grow
Ha: Life, a channel, to be joyful, to be unpretentious
Lolo: To be skilled, to excel
Loa’a: To be successful, to excel
Ola: Life, health, to heal, to support
La: Sacred, holy, to assemble, togetherness
Hao: To act energetically
Ho: To give
Hoa: Friend, companion, to be courageous
Ao: To enlighten, and become enlightened, the world
Ala: To awaken, a path, a way of life.

People become confused about love because they think it is an emotion. Huna teaches instead that love is a way of acting and a direction in which to grow. This is our great task, to enlighten the world and teach it how to love. To do this we must practice love ourselves and communicate that practice to others. It is love that will melt all barriers between people, remove all limitations to growth in skill and awareness, for love is the key to a fruitful and joyous life.


(Huna International)

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