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HUNA RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, 126 Camellia Drive, Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63701 USA

January – March, 1979

grapevine-longalong THE AKA CORD

  1. “Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” So goes the famous motto of the postal service, quoting from the statement of Greek historian Herodotus about the Persian method of communicating by pony express. But… nothing is mentioned about what happens when ALL those things happen at once! But they did here in Missouri, when we were hit by rain, then rain mixed with snow, then a blizzard of snowfall reaching two feet, with drifts up to ten feet (four inches is usually considered a “heavy” snow!). The entire county was officially declared a Disaster Area and literally every­thing was closed. Even the Post Office shut down and services were suspended for a week! The “gloom of night” was here, too. For when the snow began to melt upon the supersaturated earth, something had to give. The rivers were at flood-stage. And the Huna Headquarters was flooded by a deluge from the pressure of water underground breaking through the floor. We had to evacuate the Study and the adjacent work room, and keep vigil round the clock, as water poured in and we fought to keep it from taking over completely. This we did for five days and nights without let up. But we won! Things are still a bit scattered, but are gradually getting back to normal. Mean­while, much of our correspondence has piled up and has been unduly delayed, and time set aside for the Huna Vistas was gobbled up. But here we are, better late than never!
  2. HRA MEMBERSHIP IS CONTINUOUS! Please remember that renewal dues should be sent at the “expiration” date on your member­ ship card. It always helps to state the renewal date when you send dues, otherwise we must look it up in the files. We simply do not have time to send individual notices and more reminders, as we once did. Please consider that you are a member of Huna Research on a continuing basis. If in doubt, it is probably time, so send in the appropriate amount ($12.00) and we will send an updated membership card (there may be some delay, but it will come).

  3. New books (to be reviewed later):
    a) Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., The Magnetic Blueprint of Life (1979) — the latest information on Bio-Magnetics
    b) Julius Scammon Rodman, The Kahuna Sorcerers of Hawaii, Past and Present (with a glossary of ancient religious Terms and the Books of the Hawaiian Royal Dead). This 1979 book is just now being published, and we have had fascinating cor­respondence with the author.
    c) The October-November 1978 issue of Psychic Observer/Chimes is devoted mainly to the subject of HUNA. Articles are by Dr. Wingo, Lehman W. Hisey, Margaret R. Mourn, Albert W. Thomas, and Max Freedom Long. Check your newsstand.
  4. Your Editor has an article entitled “Astrology and Juvenile Probationers” in the current issue (Jan/Feb ’79) of the Canadian astrology magazine, The Fraternity News. It is edited by HRA Brian Clark from Ottawa, Ontario.

  5. THE HUNA ENERGIZING AND CENTERING TECHNIQUE, worked out by a research committee over the past three years, is being used by a number of members. Some have sent in reactions and comments, and these are most valuable to the committee. We encourage you to work with the tape over a period of time and report your own responses for the evaluation of the committee. We of course want constructive criticism and specific suggestions.

    The committee met for an entire week recently for intensive work on the extended Psychometric Analysis charts. When I say intensive, I mean that we work from seven to ten hours each day for six days!

    The Technique Tape is still available on cassette for $5.00. An explanatory brochure is included.

  6. Did you know that Homoeopathy is a method of treating (often curing) illness with LIFE ENERGY (using the life energy of remedies rather than the gross form)? This has been of interest to us for several years, but only recently did we learn enough to know just how important it is — and how closely parallel to Huna.

    If you have used Homoeopathy, or if you have been treated by a Homoeopathic Physician, let us hear of your experiences. (Homoeopaths must complete all the regular medical training plus extensive work in Homoeopathy. Many of the remedies in lesser potencies may be used in first aid by the layman.)

  7. Alice Dashiell, who shares with us an experience in using the No Hurt — No Sin principle was a close friend of Max Freedom Long, and served as his bookkeeper during some of the last period of his book business. She is a long-time member of HRA. We appreciate her sharing of this personal experience.

  8. We again welcome Jane Benchly with another column, “Potpourri From a Non-Pundit.” Her by-line “Maledictorian #7″ reflects her fascination with words. As a connoisseur of words, Jane could hardly resist membership in The Maledictorian Society and its scholarly journal. The response to Jane’s article has been favorable. She packs a lot of information in, and not only requires that we use “our noggins”, but sends us off to the library or the newsstand — or the TV, where she manages to find informative and thought-provoking programs. (I must admit to a couple of objections raised to Jane’s “style,” which I refer to as “breezy.” Sorry, folks, but I promised “editorial interference” would not be exercised. Personally, I feel this column adds much to the readability and scope of our newsletter.)

wingsNO HURT — NO SIN!


Our dear Max so many times has said: “To work successfully with Huna, there must be No Hurt in your life.” The only sin is to cause willful harm to anyone (including yourself). This is difficult, at best, as all through our lives, somewhere, some time, we have hurt someone, perhaps not intentionally. Even so, our low self records those hurts, even though at the time they do not bother us and we think it is long forgotten. The years go by and we have found Max’s books and listened and learned. Then these experiences come back in full force — the hurts we have done to others.

Max has stated that we must undo the hurts, if possible. So, as we note the years have passed, people have gone across, maybe all the people we have hurt. How do we clear ourselves of the guilt which has almost become a sin in our eyes?

During my recent surgery I was under considerable effect of drugs given me in the hospital. My subconscious, which had stored all the past memories, was opened up, and let loose with a heavy load of guilt!

All the hurts I had given to others flooded my consciousness and I was filled with sin or guilt feeling to the point that I was crying so often for what seemed to me to be without reason. After meditating on this unusual situation, I realized I must clear my­self of this guilt feeling.

As we know, a sin (according to the Bible) is a mistake. So, I then knew all my hurts had been a mistake. As most of the people had long gone over, there was no personal way I could atone for my “mistakes.” Yet, to clear myself of the guilt feelings was a must, for we know that these emotional feelings can destroy us or cause many kinds of illnesses.

Sending up collected Mana to my Higher Self with thoughts of love for those gone over and accepting their forgiveness for these mistakes cleared my heart and mind. A lightness of spirit came to me and I would go out and Sin/Hurt no more. Perhaps many of us do hurt others from the level of our understanding at that time of life. When we do, we do not realize that these things come back to face us later.

Never allow these feelings of guilt to overcome you. Go to the people you have hurt, if possible, and ask forgiveness and clear yourself of all guilt feelings and of wrongdoing. Forgive yourself too and carry on with Max’s No Hurt — No Sin.



Kahunas had several forms of cleansing the unihipili which were applicable if the patient were being treated by a kahuna. Among those forms were confession, restitution, applied psychology, using therapeutic treatments, herbs, and a sort of exorcism.

Here is a practical method of cleansing the unihipili of hang-ups that cause mental and physical problems. Perhaps next time we will tell you of the Hawaiians’ third self, the Aumakua, the part it plays in birth and death, the kahuna power over the spirit world, possession and exorcism, prayer and mana. However, today we will talk about the lower and middle selves.

I am reminded of a bit of wisdom that my unihipili stored during my teen years upon reading a book that was then “forbidden” reading. Lord Chatterly gave his erring Lady a definition of a gentleman or lady as “a person who at no time makes another person feel uncomfortable.”

To me, this philosophy is the total basis of harmony and balance within society and within each individual. If our two selves within us are not comfortable with each other, we have an immediate problem, haven’t we?

In facing this problem so simply, so basically, we find it possible to eliminate the problem through “honesty with ourselves.” Remember — the problem is yourself, your two selves, not your boss, your family or anyone or anything outside yourself. Before outside problems will go away, including physical ailments, you must be in harmony within yourself. When you have achieved this comfortable feeling within yourself, it will reflect on your attitude toward the outer world. You will stop snapping in irritation at every imagined annoyance, you will smile with gentleness at what now makes you boil. Suddenly, you find yourself another person entirely and the world around you also reacts differently. You can cope easily, you can think clearly, life becomes a joy because you are at peace within yourself and the world admires and likes you. And with this new inner peace comes healing.

So, now we come back to the question of how we can be honest with ourselves when we’ve spent all our time blaming our ornerinesses and illnesses on external factors and people.

Ask your lower self, “What bothers you, Brother?” Then, quietly open your mind and LISTEN! Remember that his storage vaults are deep.

What does your uhane do that upsets your unihipili and your physical self? Did your parents teach you something that you now do not live up to? Does your unihipili say to you, “You’re an immoral slob and I don’t like living with you?” Now, that’s a real, deep-seated problem that needs to be brought into the light and resolved. Your conscious or middle self reasons that what you are doing is acceptable, but your other self says it won’t have any part of it.

In Huna practice, we find that such an inner conflict will affect not only the nervous disposition (remember the unihipili is located in the solar plexus), but also cause every variety of nervous disorder from mild neurosis and depression to crippling arthritis and cancer, rashes and allergies.

So, what can a Huna student do for himself? You are destined to live with these two selves. They function similarly to your eyes. Both must focus together for a clear picture. It won’t do any good for your middle self to cuss out the other self as being an ignorant, old-fashioned-fuddy-duddy, because that won’t change the unihipili one bit. He’ll burrow down deeper and so will your problems.

In your imagination, take both these selves out and put them on a table in front of you. Keep in mind that they are BOTH you. Now listen to them talk to each other. Keep in mind that you have built a strong wall between them for a very long time and in this peace settlement, you may need several sessions of honest self-examination to succeed.

Some speak of positive thinking, others of prayer, others of guidance. In this instance, it is my own experience that only my own will can effect a peaceful outcome. We say the middle self, the thinking self, is the Will. We also say a willful person is a stubborn one. So, as you sit down and listen to the peace talk, remember that obstinacy will get you no peace pact.

Imagine your middle self looking at a fish in a rocky hole that is his home. His instincts tell him that he belongs there. He cannot think, but he can protect himself by sending out poisons when upset.

Now, your uhane has a problem with the poisons every time he upsets this fish. But both are compelled to live together. It is the job of the uhane to make living together comfortable. He has his choice of reasoning with his Brother to come out of his hole willingly or of himself giving up the behavior that causes the poisonous reactions. This is a job that each of us must openly and frankly do for ourselves each time something seems to be wrong. Turn inward to look for the problem. Don’t scream at the children or your mate. Don’t run to the doctor for pain killers or other panacea. Look to yourself. Learn to know yourself and love yourself. Learn to be comfortable within yourself first, then practice being a Lady or Gentleman with everyone around you and you will have found the beautiful Huna philosophy of “No Hurt” to other people or to your inner selves.


More on the LOW SELF

This was sent in by Lillian F. Major (Illinois), from B.T. Spalding’s Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East (Vol.5, p. 67):

It is (in the subconscious) that man has free will, for he can induce the subconscious to believe and store any thought put forth, or that which he perceives or is told by another. This subconscious is no portion of the brain it­self, but it is a ganglia of true cells located just below the heart center. These cells know neither impurity nor imperfection. They accept and store everything that is thought or spoken, and they have no way of discriminating. They also repeat that which they have stored, and man soon begins to believe what is repeated as truth. Soon he is unable to segregate truth from falsehood. This group of cells however may be influenced to let go of all false statements simply by talking directly to them. Suggest that they let go of all false and negative qualities, thoughts, and statements and you will soon be aware that only true and constructive statements are registered in your world, which in turn reflects to you and through you. Then will follow the awareness of a great serenity of purpose. The cells have no way of discriminating except as they are taught. You will find that they are very tractable and most willing to be led or influenced by the truth.”



*** We note with interest the different ideas of the press, clergy, doctors and teachers of the reasons for the mass suicide of the Peoples’ Temple. As it turns out, many probably were either forced to drink the poison or were murdered. I agree with Jerome Eden in his January EDEN BULLETIN that too much attention was focused on Jim Jones, the leader, and not enough on the blind mass of people who so blindly followed their misguided, irrational “savior.” Here’s Jerome’s powerful statement, which leaves me with the uneasy feeling that more is yet to come:

“It was Wilhelm Reich who demonstrated clinically & socially how the irrational, mystical hopes of the masses of people ultimately develop into a craving for dictatorship. (See Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism, Noonday Press, 1970). The constant yearning & desire for “liberation” and “salvation” are based upon the inability to achieve sexual satisfaction. The unvarnished truth behind the Guyana slaughterhouse was never noted, never mentioned, because it would have meant full recognition, socially, of a fact that the masses of people prefer to keep hidden: In general, mankind is sexually ill (orgastically impotent) and thus seeks illusory gratification in irrational mysticism. For thousands of years man has continued to demonstrate this life-inimical irrationality. Thus, the Israelites begged God to give them a King Saul; the ancient Romans prayed for a Deus ex Machina (God out of a machine) to descend to Earth & solve their problems; Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin fulfilled the needs of millions who could not take responsibility for their own personal or social existence, and Red and Black Fascism continues to spread throughout our planet. And now we are faced with the problem of UFOs representing a technologically superior race or races from outer space.” (EDEN Bulletin, Box 34, Careywood, IDAHO 83809.)

*** If Jim Jones proved to be the snake-in-the-grass, try this on for size for a real snake story, told by HRA Pat Haydon from Houston: Pat’s daughter, a veterinarian, asked her mother if she would assist her with a patient — who turned out to be a real, live boa constrictor! She says: “Try as I would to make my hands willing to grasp the snake, they steadfastly refused! At each attempt to accomplish this task at approximately ½ inch away from contact my fingers curled back in disdain as though ‘having a mind of their own.’ It was really strange seeing them behave in this manner through no conscious volition on my part at all. In the midst of this perplexity the thought came to me that I must do something to help this poor, sick creature — so, calling upon my ever present, wonderful Aumakua for HELP, the courage came flooding through enabling me indeed to hold the boa so that Dr. Lucy could swab its mouth out, place a long tube down it, through which she administered fluids with a syringe and then placed two shots into the poor thing, who was by now violently objecting to the whole tortuous affair!”

Huna to the rescue! This is a fine example of stored mana being available when called upon to be used as needed. It was “there” and the return flow enabled her to help the “poor thing.”

In the true esoteric sense the snake is symbolic of the spinal column in man and in early times wisdom was associated with snakes. Treat your spinal column with due respect for it is awe-inspiring that when you were in your mother’s womb the very first thing that was formed was your nota cord (spinal cord) only the size of a hair — from it your head, arms, etc. appear. A tremendous thought.

*** And so another Rockefeller is gone, Nelson this time, who, with his vast wealth and power, never realized his fondest dream — to be President. Three times he tried, to no avail.

Watch the news. Many are beginning to whisper murder and conspiracy. To say the least, it is odd his body was disposed of so quickly, being cremated on Sunday, which is rare. If there was an autopsy and coroner’s report, it didn’t hit our papers. Now there is talk of his personal involvement with drugs.

A good book covering the Rockefellers’ alleged place as the world overlords of dope is Dope, Inc.: Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S., available from Liberty Library, 300 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C. 20003. $5.50.

*** Statistics show four times as many people die from infections contracted in hospitals than in auto accidents in any given year! Dr. Richard Wenzel from the University of Virginia Medical School has published these horrible facts. Gruesome to think two and one half million people who go to the hospital will develop infections there and 200,000 will die of them. The annual death toll from traffic accidents is 50,000. Beware of hospitals!

*** A recent letter from Isabel Hickey, long time HRA and keynote speaker at our Ottawa Seminar writes that she had quite an experience this summer. She put a woman back using the Awareness Technique. She told she was a kahuna, how she was trained and that Isabel was a kahuna as well as her grandmother, and had taught her all she knew.

*** This is as fascinating to me as the possibility of cloning an exact duplicate of a person. Dr. Jacobs of New York University Medical Center says it is reasonable to take the nucleus from a body cell, place it inside a human egg cell from which the nucleus has been removed, develop it in an artificial uterus, then grow it as a vegetable, feeding it with hormones. In the very early stage of the clone’s brain development, they would prevent the cortex from developing, thus you would not have a person, but a “parts bank” and everyone could have his own clone stored away in case a part needed replacing. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a reality after all, if this happens. Reminiscent too of the monsters written about back in the days of Atlantis.

*** We hear on many sides today about rebirthing experiences and the different techniques to rebirth the person. We are physically born on Earth level only once, but we may be reborn psychically many times through our own efforts. We will never be completely developed and perfect on this level, but the more and harder we work on our three selves as well as with them, the more we open our­selves to living, enjoying, and profiting by the No Hurt/No Sin life.

*** Viola Glenn of San Francisco is a long time HRA and says: “Huna is so simple, so easy, so satisfying! Even if I can’t do everything I want to do with it. With a painful right leg and both knees hurt, I use Ben Bibb’s approach and as I meditated this morning, my High Self and Max were there. With such a group, how can I fail?”

*** Lois Essex of Red Bluff, Calif., says she has outstanding success in healing using the sign of the cross and the words Jesus Christ, making little, tiny crosses for the eyes or huge crosses over large areas such as the back. She says a doctor called, wanting to know as much about the method and stated that if he used the cross before his Tension Gauge the gauge would not work. Lois feels indebted to Isabel Hickey, who taught us this at our Ottawa Seminar.

*** When we are at-one-ment with our three selves, we say and fell and think of being One-Minded. People of great achievement seem to accomplish much be­cause they have the attitude that everything is always here and always present.

Manly P. Hall puts it well in his excellent book, Healing: The Divine Art. He feels materialism has failed in man, failed in society and failed in the universe. The human instinct, he says, is wiser and older than all the sciences, and knows that the man who would solve the riddle of himself must find the mystic ways that lead to God. Huna teaches the same philosophy, but would begin with understanding the low and middle selves, using the High Self to bring materializations.

In orthodox churches the sermon may be quite good and beneficial as well, as we are urged to “do better,” etc., etc., and then the last sentence loses, to me, the impact when we are told to lay our troubles at the churches and “at Jesus’ feet.” Dr. Max said: “Try it. All you’ll get is a casserole and condolences. Each person must do his own growth and make his own way.”

*** Pray without ceasing. Watch your emotional health. People with frustrated emotional lives — emotional wrecks as they are called — often fall head over heels into strange cults or become overly critical of all phases of everyday existence. I am reminded of the old story about the woman who complained that her husband left her, the children were gone, she lost her money, and so, having nothing left, she gave herself to God! Poor God!


by Maledictorian #7

If memory serves, it was novelist Thomas Wolfe who rather wistfully, or perhaps it was in anger, said, “You can’t go home again.” Surely that must apply to more than a house or a town. Ah, my dears, I went back, as you know from my last column, to ALICE IN WONDERLAND. And as an adult reader, I failed to understand what all the hoopla was about, much less why the whippy tale became a classic. No doubt I absorbed it with my analytical Sun (left-brain-hemisphere) and not with the magic of my Moon. (Fie on you, Jane, slap your wrist with some cooked pasta!) Perhaps that strange occultation (what did it mean, Wings?) of Venus behind the morning Moon and Sun late in December affected my ability to suspend disbelief but dammit, re-reading childhood stories can be hazardous to your emotional health. ALICE, to put it bluntly, is a twerpy book… totally predictable; disenchantment sets in when an ending is so obvious.

Shades of Peter Pan, you can appreciate such a tale only with the terrible innocence of a child and that blissful state has long passed me by, in some areas of life, anyway, alas. Still, as the creator of whacky Miss Emma, one of my COOPER’S CASTLE characters, I am more understanding; after all, because she fell from a horse on a beach in Greece and landed on her head, Emma is a child, mentally. She can, most ingenuously, identify with the craziness of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. None-the-less, I’m tempted to echo the Queen of Hearts, “Off with her head!” Alice’s, not Emma’s. There is too much joy for me in the whimsical Miss E’s evolvement as Aumakua via Uni feeds inspiration along the open lines from right-brain-hemisphere to Uhani’s fingers on the keys… typewriter, that is. (Wings, are you SURE that Aumakua doesn’t speak directly to Uhane, by-passing Uni?)

Speaking of that sweet imp, Uni got a large charge out of ALICE. I owe him a chortle or two, for gawd sake, doesn’t he serve me well? He’s found lost keys and other misplaced stuff, over and over, and he does, more often than not, tear thru the veil of absent-mindedness, an occupational hazard of writers, along with a spreading behind. For instance: just this morning, I waltzed from the galley to the john with a bottle of vinegar in one hand. Glancing at my puzzled image in the medicine chest mirror, I muttered, “Well, yo-yo, what in hell brought you here with this silly bottle?” I couldn’t remember and thus walked back to the point of origin; I got as far as the piano in the dining room when Uni ripped the veil across my alpha-state and thrust me into beta. But not before saying, dryly, “You wanted to clean the damn mirror with that stinky acetic acid; get on with it, bubblehead.” Cute. In spite of occasional snide remarks, Uni does deserve his treats.

I adore the rascal… he takes after his mother. Lewis Carroll’s novel, nutty as it was, became a temporary diversion from heavier pursuits like SEEING WITH THE MIND’S EYE by Mike Samuels, M.D. and Nancy Samuels (Random House: The Bookworks). This large soft cover is for folk, ah, there, Larry N., who complain they cannot visualize people, places, colors, etc. behind closed eyes. Samuels really lays it on you with dozens of ways to visualize; he stresses the importance of getting loose before trying them, and the most common method is Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation Technique.

The book is well-illustrated with photographs and sketches by Susan Smith, a humungously talented and appealing artist, So if you’re in the same bag as my poor dear Larry, a serious study of this book may splice your wires to the correct hook-up in your Moon and then, caramba! you should be able to trip-out to your heart’s content… get a natural high, sweetie pie. But, por favor, don’t write any fiction when you finally bust out, okay? The competition in today’s so-called literary world is murder, man, just murder. Stick to weaving macrame or playing Simon Says. Less heartache, friends.

Science News published an end-of-the-year double issue (Vol.114, #26) and it’s a movable feast. It moved me to send for some back issues; my subscription began in July, dammit, and I groan at all the missed goodies. But this review of articles printed in 1978 is a veritable mind-bender; topics covered are Space Technology, Astronomy, Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Behavior, Physics, Environment, Earth Sciences, Anthropology, Archaeology, Energy, Technology, and Science & Society. Oh, wow, satiation time! The issue also contains gripping articles such as A Shroud of Unknowing (Turin), Voyager Reveals a Changing Jupiter, and Cloning of an Antibody… the latter pulled me right outta my chukka boots. But before I spill over on that, did you know Uranus has a rotation period of 15 hours, as opposed to Earth’s 24? A dry-cool tidbit to spring on your friends at the next cocktail party, hubba hubba, Hortense.

Julie Ann Miller, the author of the report on cloning antibodies, captions it thusly: “The ability to produce single antibodies opens new horizons in identifying and purifying rare biological components.”

Cesar Milstein of the Medical Research Council of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England, is the man responsible for this startling discovery and Julie’s article describes in absorbing detail how Milstein and associates developed the first successful technique for producing a monoclonal antibody. Shazam! It dazzled me. The implication of this research is exciting and most promising; read it yourself, for gawd sake, and judge. Be impressed.

Or perhaps you’ll be impressed by the discoveries anent our giant celestial blob, Jupiter; the cover of the last ’78 SCIENCE NEWS shows an eerie color-photo of the benevolent planet and within the article on p.435, is reading material to ponder over, if not to set your grey matter aflame. As an aside to astrology buffs in Huna-land; Jupiter, currently in Leo, is going retrograde, just thought you’d like to murmur ’h’mm’ over that… might explain why you haven’t yet inherited that small fortune Aunt Matilda left you.

More science stuff. I received G. Patrick Flanagan’s new book, MAGNETIC FORM RESONANCE: Topological Electronics (published by Source of Innergy, Ariz.) wherein he describes, in his cool-dry style which I admire, the work he’s been doing since 1972 in re: pyramid power, except that it has gone beyond pyramid power, of course. Here are some of his captions: Organic Chemical Effects, The Left and Right Rule, Unknown Radiation, Inorganic Radiation Effects, Mobius Band (ah, now there’s a mind-boggler), The Electrical Properties of the Mobius, and so on. Dr. Flanagan has designed an ERG (earth resonance generator) as a result of his research investigation of the effects of negative and positive ions and electric fields. By the way, did you know that the low frequency of an 8 to 10 Hertz electromagnetic field is the natural resonance of the Earth’s ionspheric cavity? (Godfrey Daniels, that’s a pure Sun statement and I hope I said it right, Flanagan. If I didn’t, mea culpa, but you do weave some heavy cloth on lay-people. Jeez, I’m still stunned by the effects of your Sensor medallion.) Anyhow, if you Spock-type, HRAs are intrigued by Topological Electronics, a term coined by Prof. Shinichi Seike of the Gravitational Research Labs in Japan, get Flanagan’s absorbing little book. Honest Injun, my left-brain-hemisphere understood 90% of MAG. FORM RES.; besides, I was warmed by Pat’s sentimental dedication of this book to wife, Joanne, a classy lady, and friend.

Enough on science for the moment. Some inquisitive subscriber to Huna Vista recently asked me if I were a speed-reader. No, dear heart, I’m not a fan of that pastime. For several reasons. First, I have too much respect for another writer’s finished product if it’s first-rate. I know the work that goes into creative prose. I have in mind, good friend Robert Bloch, author of many fine works, among them PSYCHO, for which he is, wearily, most famous. Second, I read for enjoyment as well as for information, and a superbly written phrase delights me, even today; I’m not a total cynic yet. Skimming is for lazy, impatient or unappreciative minds. Sorry, Evelyn Woods. And third, books are great tools, so are mags, to dream by; words-on-paper can lead one into fields of alpha. Best of all, books are terrific pals, they don’t shriek, “Off with her head!” when I write comments in the margins and underline sentences. Mother of Pearl, they are tolerant of idiosyncratic readers.

I put it to you normal-book-lovers-of-the-worId, how in purple hell can you relish the above reasons if you’re a speed-freak (reader, not pill-pusher)? Judas Priest, zipping along at 2500 words a minute or more is an absolute horror to me. But if it’s your thing, for whatever reason, then do it… and I’ll do my thing, thank you. Onward. As an amateur astrologer, I do horoscopes for close friends from time to rare time; gawd, it’s hard work! Recently I did one for Rita M., a Taurus with Sag. Rising, Moon in Scorpio… ah, there Willie. One intriguing part of Rita’s chart shows Neptune Rx in the 10th house. Now, according to that lively New England lady, Isabel Hickey, in her ASTROLOGY: A COSMIC SCIENCE (loved her tapes from the ’78 Huna Seminar), Neptune retrograde reveals a former-life Atlantian. Thus Rita is, I do believe, the second Atlantian I’ve come across via birth-charts. And now I’m curious as all-get-out, how many former Atlantians are there in HRA? Would you mind checking your horoscopes? If you don’t have one, your date of birth will do.

If your Neptune is Rx, perhaps we can form a fraternity (what, another damn club?) and call it ATLANTIS RESURFACED SOCIETY (Uni says that’s ARS, for short, the imp) or some such esoteric elite. So, if you do have Neptune Rx, send in your birth month-day-year and the first Atlantian who contacts me shall be dubbed Empress/Emperor, Queen/King, Duke/Duchess… whichever title applies; what did they call the head honcho in that period, does any historian know? Willie? Wings? Clue me.

On to something else esoteric. Because of the damn King Tut exhibit last spring, my chum, Joanne (Finger, not Flanagan) and I undertook a highly frustrating search to find jewelry or statues of that trio, Moe, Larry and Curly… oops, sorry, I meant Isis, Osiris and Horus, the royal Egyptian gods. Jo made trips to museums, art shops, etc., and I called various places, including the Consul-General here. We drew blanks, everywhere. Then, as I read SEEING WITH THE MIND’S EYE, I spotted a photograph on p.214 of the royal family standing side by side, all three together… kachang! But the problem remains… where lives an artisan who can use that photo as a guide and replicate I., O. & H. into a pendant, ring, bracelet or small statue? If there is a craftsman/woman among you HRAs, please get in touch, okay? This persistent bull and one solemn-eyed Scorpion will slobber over your neck in eternal gratitude.

Now to biofeedback equipment. Not that I need it… well, maybe when the walls start pressing in, but I latched onto a hand-model GSR-2 (galvanic skin resistor), made in Canada (hi, all you lovely Canadian HRAs). With this little sucker, one learns how to relax those busy signals, the jumping, humming, gurgling, the queasiness and the tensions bombing around your innards. Well, my dears, one of my dogs, Tina, ran for cover, but if you can bear the high-pitched whine signifying that you’re a bundle of nerves (you must bring the shriek down to a pleasant hum), shock one is over. It’s worth playing around with, I guess, but there are other less auditory ways; one is self-hypnosis. By pre-programming Uni, you can use a key word or gesture, like putting two fingers together; if darlin’ Uni has paid attention, he will obey that signal and let you become as loose as a goose… Nannu, Nannu, as Mork puts it.

Or he might say… Shazbott! You do watch that silly yet captivating MORK AND MINDY on the boob-tube, don’t you? M&M, tho’ no BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, does have Robin Williams as Mork and he’s a smarmy Second-City-type-improvisional actor with voice mellifluous… u’mm, ka-chung. He adds a kinky dimension to the word ’eccentric’ and I do dig genuine screwballs. Speaking of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, have you noticed the clever use of zodiac signs for the 12 colonies… Arion, Tauron, Caprius, et al? Tho’ not a regular viewer, I am eager to see the episode in which those brave space travellers at long last reach their point of origin, Earth. Listen, Commander Adama: follow the North Star and head straight for that wild and crazy sphere from whence cometh gross rock-and-roll music, disco-lights, air pollution, other yucky things and, of course, shooting wars in some part of the globe or other at any given time. And, Starbuck, do be sure to use our mysterious Cheops pyramid as a guide on descent; you will land in Egypt… where probably it all began. Doubtless you will rue the day you found us Earthlings, Adama, and decide it was better to do battle with the Cylons, Leave us dummies to stew in our torn-ozone-layer juice. And, by the way, mea culpa.

Now on to the mundane matter of eating, a sensual pleasure to us Taurians. My favorite beef-on-bun franchise went out of business in the Chicago-suburban area a few months ago and I’m ticked off about it, Steak-and-Shake simply boarded up their outlets here with no announcement to us burger lovers and slipped away during the night, a sneaky-Pete maneuver I cannot appreciate. Tho’ corked off a’plenty, I personally feel their product is, if they’re still in business, far superior to MacDonald’s, Whopper, Wendy’s or White Castle, any of which will do when one needs a burger-fix. It’s the flamin’ pits to lose a favorite eatery.

If I had the Steak-and-Shake President’s name and home-office address, St. Louis, I think, hell’s bells, I’d shoot off a blister, post haste. Can some HRA in the St. Louis area dig up that info for me? I’d appreciate it. Great Caesar’s Ghost, I’d also appreciate a double steakburger right now but by the time it got here from Missouri, alas, it’d be cold. Ah, so.

Back to scholarly things. PBS-TV’s Nova scheduled some great programs during January. THE LONG WALK OF FRED YOUNG, a most remarkable story of the Navajo Indian called Son of Fox by his tribe in New Mexico, whose curiosity about how nature worked led him to higher education in an alien white culture. Eventually, Young was awarded a doctorate in nuclear physics; he is now working on laser fusion projects in Los Alamos. Bravo, Fred; as your medicine-man said… ’walk in beauty and be proud, I am an Indian.

Other Nova viewings in January: A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE, B.F. SKINNER AND THE GOOD LIFE – Skinner is the well-known shrink from Harvard who profoundly influenced the course of psychology in the modern world. THE MIND MACHINES deals with computers. And in early Feb., PATTERNS FROM THE PAST, about the Q’eros Indians who have lived high in the Peruvian Andes for at least 3,000 years. Zounds!

It’s nice to note that Science News started a new column SCIENCE ON TV with the 12/23-30/78 issue and that the shows just mentioned were given space. Great balls of fire, Uni has pounded these keys longer than Uhane intended! He gets high-energy fits of running-the-tapes, sometimes beyond decency. I shall stop him with a promise of beef-on-bun tonite… ground sirloin… as close to Steak-and-Shake as I’ve been able to get. Uni goes bananas for S&S, so with that type of bribe, dear hearts, ground sirloin will make him an obedient child… he will stop the print-outs, shortly.

There’s something to be said for baldness… it is neat.

Hey, don’t puzzle over that line, it was just an inane thought Uni burped up from his computer; he shall not, however, have the last words. They’re mine… live long and prosper.

Love from the crazy seagull by the swingin’ feather door…


  1. Atlantians: send in your natal date.
  2. Artisans: clue me if you can replicate the Egyptian gods.
  3. Detectives: snoop around for the data on Steak-and-Shake.

I’m snowed in at 5959 S. Kenneth Av., Chicago, 111. 60629, Jane Benchly; self-addressed, stamped envelopes, please, if you anticipate a reply.

P.S. Thanks a bushel, Mary Jo, for that delightful Serendipity card.



T. GALEN HIERONYMUS, resident and Director of Research of Advanced Sciences Research and Development Corporation, Inc., Lakemont, Georgia. Dr. Hieronymus is well-known for his vast research and experience in the field of Radionics, in which he has a number of important patents. He has long acquaintance with the Huna concepts and never misses an opportunity to put in a good word for the Huna work, wherever he speaks, which is everywhere!

We had already announced that BEN BIBB is scheduled as a major speaker. Mr. Bibb writes that he has been developing some techniques and information for our Seminar that he has not been including in his regular workshops. For example, he will present an “eyes-open” visualization and practice, using imagination as the starter and progressing to working out a prayer-picture, another one he mentioned was a two-level mental action, demonstrating that a person can do a visualization, work out a prayer-picture, while listening to someone talk with full attention to what is being said. There are more, so come to the Huna Seminar in Houston and learn more about how to put Huna into full use.

It will be a BIG week in Houston. We are cooperating with the U.S. PSYCHOTRONIC ASSOCIATION, which is having its convention the weekend before our Huna Seminar. Dr. Hieronymus is a Director and one of the founders (as was Dr. Wingo). It was formerly called The U.S. Radionics Association. All the work is closely parallel to the Huna work. There will be mid-week talks and workshops for those who come early or stay late (an ad lib schedule on a donation basis). Dates for Psychotronic meeting: July 27-29 (Univ. of Houston)

The HUNA SEMINAR will be three full days, Friday through Sunday. The program will include lectures and instruction from the two keynote speakers above, plus a number of workshops and talks by well-known Huna teachers from previous Huna Seminars, and of course new ones that we have not heard before.

DATE: August 3, 4, & 5, 1979, Friday through Sunday. PLACE: HOUSTON, TEXAS, at the Royal Coach Inn (Dunfey Houston Hotel), located at 7000 S.E. Freeway at Sharpstown, Houston TX 77036. Special rates are $23 (single) and $29 (double), with parlor for $45 and bi-level suite, $100. (The Royal Coach Inn requires reservations by July 13th.)

SEMINAR FEE has not yet been definitely set by the Program Committee, but they report that it will “not be over $75 for the full three days and there will be a discount for early registration.” The banquet will be extra.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, watch for up-date in the next H.V. Contact person in Houston is HRA Group Leader, RUSTY MARTINS, 8634 Norton, Houston, TX 77080

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