HV Newsletter #10 – Spring, 1974

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Dr. E. Otha Wingo, Research Editor
126 Camellia Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 USA


Dolly Ware, F.H.F., Curator
1501 Thomas Place Fort Worth, TX 76107 USA



Dear Huna Research Associates:

The New Format for our HUNA VISTAS Newsletter has been well received. It is being printed on our “new” A.B. Dick Model 320 offset press. The last issue was printed from metal plates, except for the single-sheet insert, which was from a direct-image typed plate. This issue will be an attempt to use this typed plate to greater advantage, since it is much less expensive than the other. When pictures are included, the metal plate must be used.

CIGBO announces with great regret that those who have not sent in dues for 1974 have now been suspended from the active mailing list. Several weeks after the last regular mailing, No. 9 was sent with notices of expiration, to give everyone else a final chance to renew. Some perhaps are still interested but are unable to send the increased amount of dues. Cigbo will be glad to help whenever possible — by extending the time for dues, by allowing monthly installments, or in some cases by taking advantage of Cigbo’s DFFDFFHRA Fund (Dues Fund For Deserving & Faithful HRAs). Actually, no such fund EXISTS, but we want everyone who remains INTERESTED to stay with us. Let us know of your interest! E.O.W.


What connection is there between the spiritual healing methods and “psychic surgery” of the Philipino healers and the healing concepts of HUNA psychology?

Are there still some SECRETS hidden away in early researches and folklore of the Islands? These are some of the questions your editors will be investigating in the very near future.

Dolly and I leave June 8 for a trip to the Philippines. As HRAs we are always searchers as well as re-searchers. We want to find out all there is to know about practical healing methods. Some of the stories which have come from the Philippines indicate that a close relationship exists between these spiritual healing methods and Huna concepts, In HUNA VISTAS No. 8, we published parts of a letter from a physician who had observed first-hand some rather astounding “psychic surgery.” It is a sad commentary on the state of “official” medical opinion in this country that this physician cannot permit his name to be mentioned because of the repercussions he would suffer from his fellow doctors. As a surgeon, this Huna Research Associate had to believe what his eyes observed and his own camera recorded.

In a recent letter from this doctor, he indicated that many of his colleagues are fascinated by this area of unorthodox medicine and are privately examining its possibilities.

These phenomena are being studied by medical doctors even now, but all such study — research — must be carried out in strictly confidential circumstances because “official” medical “authorities” refuse to acknowledge so much as the possibility of healing methods which they know nothing about, It is sometimes difficult to avoid the conclusion that unconventional healing methods are rejected because they work. We are of course looking for every shred of evidence and information that we can find. If you know of anything, please write. There are two books available on psychic surgery:

Sherman, Harold, “Wonder” Healers of the Philippines (1966), and Valentine, Tom, Psychic Surgery (1973). These will be reviewed in the next issue, which will be devoted to a full report of our investigative work in the Philippines.

EditorFrom the Editor’s Desk


Experimentation is in progress by several HRAs to observe the remarkable healing effects of a mineralized clay-like substance which now is called Pascalite, but which the Indians called Ee-Wah-Kee, “The Mud That Heals.” My attention was called to this substance by HRA Edward S. Schultz, of Buffalo, N.Y., who is busily engaged in a wide scope of interests and investigations. He sent me an article from PROBE The Unknown, written by Keith Ayling, entitled, “The Mud That Heals.” The issue is February, 1974, The fine-grain substance is found on the slopes of the Big Horn Mountains in Montana and was known to the Indians for many years. Animals also were observed to seek out this area and wallow in the “mud” to heal their wounds. The name Pascalite is from an early French-Canadian trapper, Emile Pascal, who noticed the attraction this area had for animals, and discovered the unusual soil.

Reports of fantastic results, from mild cuts to the most severe ailments, have been received by those who have charge of the mineralized clay deposits, No less than nineteen minerals have been identified in the substance. Some of the diseases which have responded to applications of Pascalite (both external and internal) are ringworm, varicose veins, eczema, pimples, severe burns, dermatitis, to name but a few.

We are of course interested in precisely what is the curative factor. Both Edward S. Schultz and I are in correspondence with Ray Pendergraft, P.O. Box 104, Worland, WY 82401, who is interested in gathering enough testimonials of its healing qualities that it will qualify for marketing to the general public. AT PRESENT, Pascalite can ONLY be obtained for experimental purposes, and a waiver must be signed in order to get it. If you are interested in trying it, here’s what you can do: Send the following statement to the address given for Ray Pendergraft and five dollars for a one pound sample (dry), which is sufficient for many small experiments: “I wish a sample of your mineralized clay from the Big Horn Mountains, and I am enclosing five dollars to cover your cost of processing, packaging, and shipping charges to me. I understand I am trying this new material at my own risk, that it is still in the testing stage, that no promises as to results have been made, and that I can hold no one liable for its use should it not give me the desired results. I will report whatever results I have through its use, and will furnish you with an affidavit if it has helped me.”

I have seen some very quick results on some skin problems, and will have more to report later, as some of the results are sent in.

Montmorillonite is a similar substance from France (I understand the deposit is exhausted), and several others have been discovered with healing qualities. The Vis Vitae, from South Africa, is a reddish dirt and is similar in appearance to a red clay from Arizona, called “Down to Earth.” Mr. Pendergraft states that a red clay is present just above the outcrop of his company’s Pascalite deposit. I am also wondering if a sample from “God’s Well” in Missouri will prove to be like these.

Could it be that all these clay-like materials, in addition to their mineral content or perhaps because of these minerals, have the capacity of storing or generating a strong charge of MANA?

B-Cells and D-Cells were written up in the Jan. 1973 issue of Psychic Observer (now merged with Chimes). They were developed by a pharmacist, John Brown, of Boston, some twenty-five years ago. Their action is described as a catalyst for charging water with a type of LIFE FORCE!

I understand that Riley Crabb, Director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, P.O. Box 548, Vista, Calif. 92083, plans a report on Pascalite in a forthcoming issue of his Journal. Dr. Max was closely associated with Dr. Meade Layne, who founded this organization. Their mimeo booklet on B-Cells (#19, selling for $1.50) is almost exactly the same material reprinted in the Psychic Observer.


MANY LETTERS arrive every week from HRAs all over the world and others from persons hearing about Huna for the first time. Some are still sent to the former Vista, Calif. address and forwarded to this address by the post office. Since many copies of MFL’s books still have that Vista address in them, some write after reading these books. We welcome all correspondence and will try to get an answer to you as soon as possible. Someone recently asked me how I could possibly keep up with all the letters in addition to my full teaching load at the University. My answer was: “I don’t have time to get behind, so I have to keep up!” All orders for Huna books and HRA publications are handled at once, so that these can be shipped out the next day. Some letters are more urgent than others, and a priority is naturally established. Sometimes letters find themselves in unanswered stacks (and I of course blame this on Cigbo!) — but hopefully all are eventually attended to. It always helps to send a stamp for reply (an addressed envelope, too, if handy, but except for very short notes, most answers require a legal-size envelope or larger).

So — here goes!

RUTH MONTGOMERY, who now lives in Mexico, wrote a letter to Max and since it is full of praise for his work, I’m sure she will not mind if I quote from it. (In addition to her books, A World Beyond, and Born to Heal, already published, she mentions a new psychic book coming out in September called Companions Along the Way, about past lives she and Arthur Ford have shared.) “I conduct a weekly study and meditation group composed of some members of the Episcopal Guild. I have lately introduced them to your Huna books and they love them so much that they are each ordering copies for themselves. Are you still conducting experiments by mail with any of the followers? If so, we’d be delighted to cooperate. Max, I think you did a simply extraordinary work in the kahuna field, and your books are certainly among the CLASSICS in the psychic field, Congratulations!!”

MARGE WEIN, H. L., Smith Rd., Rt. #1, Haines City, Florida 33844. “Dear Otha, Remember me? I have another change of address. So many times and we haven’t moved an inch. Been taping with Mary Jo Gulden in Ames, Iowa. She is a Huna nut like I am. Sure is grand to have someone you can talk to about Huna. Someday I’ll tell you about my Thank You, Lord Prayer Pennies. When there are enough, Cigbo will get them. Yours in Huna Light, Marge,”

Marge has invited correspondence on the subject of Huna from anyone who would like to talk by tape recorder. Glad she and Mary Jo, whom I met on the lecture tour to Iowa, are corresponding. In fact, it was Mary Jo that arranged the lecture and. provided the hospitality of her home for my visit,

HELEN PITT, Los Angeles, “Dear Professor Wingo: Was thrilled to hear your comments regarding the Hawaiian Kahunas and their magic when speaking with Count John Manolesco on KABC last evening. It was too bad the conference set-up failed. I am interested in learning more about your Huna Research Society.”

ROBERT L. MAIER, West Palm Beach, Fla. “I have read each of Max Long’s books as received and now will study and apply the Analysis carefully. Am 74 in April and since about age 35 have studied the wide scope of the Inner Teachings in all their ramifications… To develop in MFL’s concepts, are there other correspondents or students in this Middle East Coast of Florida? Are there other aids besides Psychometric Analysis?”

These are questions frequently asked! ”Who else around here is interested in Huna? What other study helps are there?” I still generally use a standard form reply to anyone who asks for the names and addresses of neighboring HRAs or even persons interested but who may not be members. The privacy of HRAs has not been violated. HOWEVER, because of the repeated asking of this question, it may be of interest to some to have an open membership list, or publishing of full addresses in the HUNA VISTAS. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Some have asked that their names not be given out, and this will be respected. What I do now is to send the name of the inquirer to a member and let the member decide whether to make the contact.

 MR. & MRS. ROBERT KANEALII, Seattle, Washington. The circumstances of these letters have been quite amazing. Some time in February, Mrs. Kanealii sent a letter to Max Freedom Long at the Vista address. This was eventually forwarded to me and I sent a packet of printed information on books and HRA publications, the correspondence course, etc. But before this information arrived in Seattle, Mr, Kanealii had a dream, in which the name “Wingo” appeared, He had the dream a second time. They were puzzled by it, since it had no meaning at all to them. Then the printed items arrived, with my name on several of them, “Since I am a pure-blooded Hawaiian, I still believe in my mind and heart the fine ancient traditions and beliefs of my people of yesterday, because it works, even till this day and age.” They both seem to feel drawn to Huna Research Associates and there seems to be a purpose in the way our contact took place.

IRENE GOODWIN. Peterborough, Ontario. “My husband and I both started to study Huna with Sheila Conway in January… We have been purchasers and avid readers of the textbooks, which we hope to get into in more depth in upcoming classes. As you know all about our first love, Unity (we ourselves have been to Unity Village in Missouri), you will be happy to know that I am interesting more of our Unity friends, who have never before heard of Huna, in the philosophy. I am including several names and requesting that you send the preliminary information to them… We are looking forward with great enthusiasm to Mrs. Conway’s establishment in Peterborough of the Huna Centre with library, etc. I would like to be a very active participant in the venture. Being retired, we feel that perhaps we could be particularly helpful to Mrs. Conway.

At any rate we are thrilled with [the] answer to our prayer for a meaningful spiritual fellowship in the Peterborough area, where previously there seemed to be nothing to fill the need for us after moving away from Toronto Unity. Bless you for your work, and we are looking forward to meeting you in person.

Yours in the Light of Huna, and the Spirit of Unity. Irene Goodwin.”

Hopefully, I will meet Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin when I go to Toronto for a Huna Seminar on June 1. See page 11 for information on this lecture trip.

SADAH W. LOOMIS, Editor of The Sheltie Special, a Magazine devoted to Shetland Sheepdogs, 919-A Marine Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405. Sadah’s letter was full of praise (which I always enjoy!) and helpful information, so I’ll only quote parts of it. “I am glad to see that Huna Vistas is a PEOPLE sheet. So is the Sheltie Special. Enjoyed your bulletin tremendously. Congratulations on your new press… I’m deep in HAMLET’S MILL just now — and FINALLY beginning to get some understanding of myth. I’d never been able to get anything more than interesting stories out of them before! Well, no wonder! Quadruple Virgo that I am (Mercury in Virgo), it had never occurred to me that some things don’t yield to analysis! Oh, I did all right with my esoteric/metaphysical/WHATever-it-is understanding, but that came from INSIDE and needed merely to seem entirely — well, I can’t say logical, but that’s fairly close. When I finish this book, I plan to re-read a couple of John Greenway’s books on primitive literature (iconoclast that he is, he insists that literature is in the content, not in being written down!): I’ve been having correlative recalls of some Australian aborigine myths running along with reading Hamlet’s Mill. I had a couple of courses under Greeiiway in the 60’s when I was a grandmotherly co-ed headed for a degree in anthropology and, between him and Norman Tindale, got a pretty good orientation on Australian aborigines, I have a hunch I’ll see much more in the abo myths now!”

This section of Sadah’s letter was particularly interesting to me — and is closely connected to the original mythological and religious lore into which the Kahunas coded their Huna concepts. The book mentioned is a VERY COMPLEX study of the intricate connections in mythology. Its full title is HAMLET’S MILL: An Essay on the Frame of Time, by Giorgio de Santiliana and Hertha von Dechend (Gambit, Inc., Boston, 1969: $10). For several semesters I have offered my students an “A” if they could read it completely (and I’ve had only one who managed to do it). Sadah’s letter ended with a paragraph that gave me quite a thrill and I think you will like it too: “You know, I am pretty good with words, myself, but I haven’t been able to find ones I feel are ‘just right’ for saying what a JOY it is to pick up a newsletter and be able to FEEL the editor lovingly THERE. Most of them are plain sterile — or worse! I’ve known for years, of course, that what the editor ’puts into’ the sheet goes right through the machinery, the camera, the press and the mail and comes out to the people who get it. So NICE to find someone else who understands it! Thank you for BEing! Aloha! Sadah.”

A.C. DeLANGE, Wisconsin. “Dear Dr. Wingo: Find my check for $15 — ten for dues and five for the Printing Press. I have come several times in the past to help Dr. Max. Next month I will be 90 years old, so am again retiring, as I am getting pretty old. Yours, A.C. DeLange.”

DOCIA E. STANFORTH, Fresno, California. “Thank you so very much for the HUNA VISTAS Newsletters that have come to me. For the present, I have very good health for my age, 98 plus! I have been far too busy, but plan for a bit more leisure. I have so enjoyed reading the Newsletter and seeing that steady progress and expansion is being realized. How pleased our Dear Max would be — you can be sure he would highly approve. Though I have a Life Membership and though my funds are much less than even two years ago, I must make a small contribution to Cigbo, and I leave it to his judgment and yours how you use this small sum.

Have been rereading the Letters and more and more am sure Max was so right in appointing you as successor. Bless you and your work — not only for Huna but your numerous other duties. Gratefully, Docia E. Stanforth.”

MIDGE FARIAS, St. Louis, Mo. “Just returned from Washington, D.C., and we have a group starting there now. I helped them with the first one and promised to do two tapes for their first two meditations. This might be a good idea for you to make some tapes to share and to sell to our groups… Our St. Louis group continues to meet every two weeks on a Monday, and we always put your name in our circle. We have from six to sixteen and everyone looks forward to being together, especially for our healing circle.”

Thanks, Midge, for the good work in your own group and in helping to start two other groups. (Midge has also helped to get a group started in Nashville, Tennessee.)

LA VONA JONAS, Las Vegas, Nevada: “I do get so much from the Newsletter, especially the reports from M.F.L., and Cigbo’s antics, etc. And I do think a little sense of humor sprinkled around here and there helps a lot!”


Bonner, Joseph C., NEW LIGHT FROM AN OLD LAMP: An Introduction to THE PRIMITIVE GOSPEL, copyright by Fred and Muriel Kimball, 1967, Southgate California, 302 pp. (No price stated.)

This book is the result of almost thirty years of research by the author, working in many languages, to find the original form and meaning of the transliterated (hence, not translated!) words in the Biblical writings, particularly titles of “books.” The book exhibits the wide scope of the author’s researches, his exacting study of the texts in many different languages, and his exhaustive, not to say exhausting compilation of findings in the pages of this volume. He is scholarly — but never fails to interpret and translate for the reader’s enlightenment and to keep confusion (easy enough to cause unwittingly in such a text) to a minimum. I would say, even, that the author is entirely clear at every point, provided the book is read in sequence from the beginning. What we have here is an offset copy of Mr. Bonner’s manuscript, with spiral binding, printed by Mr. and Mrs. Kimball in order to make this valuable information available to the public. For the first time, apparently, we are able to examine the actual meanings of the various titles of the Biblical “books” and see their actual place in the scriptures — and consequently which parts of our canonized collection were in the original, Hebrew-language Bible.

Kimball, Fred, The Language of ESP in Action, arranged and edited by Dr. D.H. Schuster (1971), 209 pp,

This book deserves, and will later get, a more extensive review. I mention it here since it was written by the man who published Bonner’s book. Both books were given to me by Dr, Schuster (whom I met when speaking in Ames, Iowa). This is an important book and is not yet published in regular form for the distribution it deserves. It is available in offset form from Hiawatha Publ.Co., P.O. Box 400, Perry, Iowa 50220 for $6. It may be that Hiawatha can supply Bonner’s book also.


I will be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for a HUNA SEMINAR on Saturday afternoon, June 1. Our HRA representative for Canada, Mrs. Sheila M. Conway, has been discussing the possibility of this visit for more than a year. She writes of many lectures and classes in Huna before various audiences in and around Toronto. Early last year she wrote: “After searching for much of my life, it seems, for this foundational truth, it’s an absolute delight to come across it now when I am suddenly catapulted into teaching the history and power of the mind. I have for some time been leading study groups in all the areas covered by Huna. I feel that it’s all coming together now.”

She was teaching a parapsychology course at Trent Univ., which (as she put it) “began to drift more and more toward Huna as time went along… Huna seems to have more grab!” In another letter she remarked, “Everywhere I go with the story of the Huna triune man, it gets a great reception.” After being asked to teach a twelve-week series on Huna “at one of the city’s largest churches” (Willowdale United Church of Canada), so many enrolled that two classes had to be opened and the series extended to sixteen weeks! Now Sheila teaches Huna courses at Trent, York, and Guelph Universities and has established the METAPHYSICS SPEAKERS’ BUREAU, which is handling arrangements for the Huna Seminar. Anyone who wants to attend should contact Shannon V. Barnes, at 345 Sentinel Rd., Apt. 1001, Downsview, Ontario, M3J 1V2, for time and place of the meeting. This is Sheila’s daughter. Another member of the Conway Clan (and of HRA) is Kathryn Conway-Marmo, who handles the books for Huna classes. I am looking forward to meeting all the HRAs and others in Canada who are interested in Huna,


On May 31, en route to Canada, I will stop off in Buffalo, N.Y. for a four-hour conference with our long-time Huna investigator, distinguished scientist, and good friend, Edward S. Schultz. Edward has been my staunch supporter as I have undertaken to carry on the work of Max Freedom Long, his friend of many years. He maintains a fantastic schedule of research projects, keeps me posted on all the latest findings, and has a head crammed full of practical ideas for the future work of HRA.


by Max Freedom Long

If I have hurt someone today, with thought or word or deed,
Or failed another in his need, I now repent.
If I can take those steps again. Tomorrow will I make amends.
And heal with love those hurts. I do this pledge.
And if a hurt has struck ME deep, And no amends are made,
I ask the LIGHT to balance all, I count the debt as paid.
Parental Spirits whom I love, And who I know love me,
Reach through the door I open wide: Make clear my Path to me.

This is a prayer that has been found of great value because its frequent and earnest use tends to impress upon the inner self the basic lesson of kindness. All of us need to be reminded of the necessity for kindness and the further necessity of removing old guilt complexes by active effort to make amends, either directly to the ones once hurt, or to anyone whom we may serve and help while holding in our minds the Intention of making indirect amends for all past misdeeds, whether intentional or unintentional.

In Stanza #4, we come to the pure “magic” that lies in this little prayer. However, one needs to understand the Huna prayer philosophy and read between the lines — act very definitely in a pause after each line. Love is an emotion. It is a pouring out or giving to the beloved. But love is also demanding. It is a plea for a return of love. In the same way, we give to the loved ones and they give to us in return. This leads to the basic idea that the one wholly acceptable gift, offering, or sacrifice which we can present with our love to the Aumakua is Mana or Vital Force. We make ready our gift by accumulating a surcharge before we begin our prayer. And, when we mention our love, we present the Mana in a strong flow. The inner self will see to that, if free from guilt complexes, Take the first line and pause to present your gift. Take the second and pause for the blessed return flow of High Mana. After this interchange and the joy of the contact, have ready a clear mental picture of yourself being guided by the Aumakua on the one hand (and being fully willing to accept that Guidance in your life), and on the other hand being impressed so that you may know how to do your part to help bring about the better conditions — to keep the Path clear for continuing work in close cooperation with the High Selves. Present your picture. M.F.L.

The above was first published in HRA BULLETIN XI, June 15, 1949.

Until next time, Remain IN HUNA LIGHT


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