HV Newsletter #11 – Summer, 1974

Huna Vistas Newsletters


Dr. E. Otha Wingo, Research Editor
126 Camellia Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 USA


Dolly Ware, F.H.F., Curator
1501 Thomas Place Fort Worth, TX 76107 USA



Dear Huna Research Associates:

This has been a summer of travel and research and the implications of our findings are very far-reaching. It was by Guidance that I decided last fall to take off from teaching at the University this summer, otherwise the opportunities would have been lost. On May 31 I had a conference with Edward S. Schultz in Buffalo, N.Y., followed by a long planning meeting in Toronto with Sheila M, Conway and her two daughters, Shannon and Kathy. Next day, we held the first Toronto Huna Seminar. Returning home late on June 2, I had only two days to repack for an extended trip to Fort Worthy the Philippines, then back to Fort Worth. After two more weeks of travel with the family, I settled down in the Study to answer the mountains of mail that had accumulated. But before making a dent in the letters, Dolly and I flew off again, meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas, for a visit with Harold Sherman, author of 85 books, including one on the Philippine Healers. Now, we share our experiences with you.

birdDolly Says Hello


True to the proverbial picture postcard is Manila — surrounded by the blue-green of the China Sea and Manila Bay. The sunsets are the pinkest pink and the yellowest yellow, the grass the greenest and flowers the brightest. This is the exotic home for the forty million Filipinos of the Philippine Islands. Though under martial law since 1972 by President Marcos, in accordance with provisions of the constitution, Manila is a city bustling with tourists and “business as usual,” and the military element is rather unobtrusive. The people themselves we found to be some of the most helpful, gracious and graceful people we have ever met.

Big cities the world over share the typical Big City Syndrome of skyscrapers, high-rise apartments, the hustle and bustle of people in constant movement, with everything mechanical and what we call civilization. And yet each city remains unique in its customs and atmosphere, as it adjusts, while still clinging to much of its ancient past. Such is Manila. There is twentieth-century big business and progress, with the accompanying nightlife. On the other hand, the visitor finds many small, exotic shops owned by families and selling the colorful native artwork of shell beads, beautifully hand-embroidered barong Filipinos (native shirts), blouses, and fancy dresses. The American Occupation of World War II left its mark in many ways, not the least of which is the fact that everyone speaks English. As a result, English is a common language in a country where the national language is Tagalog — or one of some thirty-four dialects.

The first thing that hit us was the everlasting, almost unreal, sweltering HEAT. It’s like being all dressed up in the sauna room at the health spa. No one perspires — everyone sweats! Men’s suits, ties, women’s suits, jackets, girdles and hose are found to be non-essential. There are no seasons in the Islands as we know them here — only the Dry Season and the Rainy Season. On our first day in Manila we were treated to a fine display of monsoon rains and a hurricane. It was exciting to watch the storm from our fifth-floor hotel window. The Filipinos make little over the high waters and sudden downpours. Little rains during the day only brought more steam to the already steaming air.

The great heat is first — but next come the traffic jams. The American army left hundreds of jeeps, which have been converted into ten passenger buses, called “jeepneys.” They are painted in gay, colorful designs, sometimes quite artistically, seem always to be packed with people, and look like ants scurrying all over the streets. Imagine a horse-drawn carriage (kalesa), a big truck, a jeepney, a huge bus, and a private car converging all at once in the very middle of an intersection, all honking frantically and each driver refusing to move. Somehow, almost miraculously, they begin to extricate themselves.

A thousand thanks go to Dr. Wingo and Dr. Ellis and they should receive a gold medal as excellent traveling companions. We made a good trio — with Dr. Ellis tending his expertise as an osteopathic physician and surgeon for more than forty years, and Dr. Wingo as our super scholar in Huna and the ancient classics, — and I, THE FREELANCE! How nice it would be if we could all get together and have a typical Filipino dinner in an authentic Filipino restaurant, served on a banana leaf!

— Dolly Ware

roadEdward L. Schultz is a voluminous and very valuable correspondent and HRA consultant. He has not only kept me apprised of the latest findings in the scientific and parapsychological worlds, but has donated to the HRA reference collection a wealth of information from his extensive files. Edward was a close friend and associate of MFL and with Meade Layne, the three working closely together as a re­search team for many years. Among the valuable in­formation contributed to HRA are transcripts of the “Inner Circle” tapes of Mark Probert, including a rare copy of The Magie Bag, and collections of clippings on a variety of research areas, including psychic surgery.

Because of the lecture/seminar which I was to present in Toronto, I routed my flight via Buffalo, New York, in order to have a visit with Edward. The four hours were far too short. Finding a spot with some privacy in a restaurant, we settled down over an extended lunch.

Edward has been particularly helpful in working toward putting HRA on a firm operational foundation and has given us a number of suggestions for accomplishing this. Two are presented here.

    Edward made a suggestion many years ago to Meade Layne, founder of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, and it worked successfully for a long time. Many HRAs have books which they no longer need or want or just do not have room for, but which are still too good to throw away. So, Edward suggests, send the books to HRA as a gift! Thus you will be able to make a contribution to the Huna work in a way that will [satisfy] Cigbo (the work-fund “kitty”) and yourself. The donated books will then by sold, and the funds used for meeting the demands of ever-rising costs of HRA activities, expanding the scope of Huna work and keeping HRA dues at the current level without an increase (we hope). There are good homes just waiting for your unwanted books! TO START THE BALL ROLLING, Edward has already contributed three large boxes of books, and with some local additions, we have our first list ready to mail with this issue. Thus you can help in two ways — by donating books and by ordering books from the list.
    Another suggestion from Edward S. Schultz is that a donation be made to Huna Research Associates in memory of loved ones who have died. When friends or relatives are lost to us on this earth level, we often want to honor them in some way. Some like to do this each year or on special occasions. More and more notices appear in the newspaper suggesting gifts to organizations in lieu of flowers — or in addition to flowers. Provisions may also be made in wills for memorial donations to HRA. Some have already sent this type of contribution, in order to pay for gift memberships to students or some of the long-time HRAs who could not manage the dues. Edward has already acted on his own suggestion by presenting HRA with a check in honor of his mother who recently passed away just short of her 100th birthday. Names of contributors and of the persons honored will be published in the Huna Vistas, if requested.

Among the many other ideas batted back and forth in our conversation were these: the importance of the physical stimulus in Huna (something to impress the low self); our Pascalite experiments; B-Cells; Yada and the Mark Probert transcripts; the need for continuous Good Deeds to offset any guilt feelings (real or imaginary) which could block our path to the High Self (the SERVE TO DESERVE principle in Huna psychology); and the work that Edward did a long time ago when he was associated with the late Thomas A. Edison. You will hear more of these as we continue to Search and Re-Search.


MISS ETHEL DOHERTY, long-time business partner with Max and Louise Long, died on August 12, 1974 at 6:30 a.m. at the age of 86. She was born 8 a.m. on Feb. 2, 1888 in Los Angeles. Ethel and Louise, who were girlhood friends, had been scriptwriters for a leading motion picture studio in the days of silent movies. She is survived by a sister.

THE HUNA SEMINAR IN TORONTO, CANADA, ON JUNE 1 was a momentous event. The Seminar itself was held at Atkinson College of York University, where Sheila M. Conway has taught courses based on Huna. There were nearly 100 registered participants in the four-hour lecture/discussion. One group came 85 miles by chartered bus from Peterborough. It is particularly remarkable that almost all of those present were already Huna students, having learned the basics at one of the three universities at which a course has been offered by Sheila. After my introductory lecture of some ninety minutes, a break was taken for refreshments (everyone enjoyed the large assortment of delicacies). Then the audience kept me hopping with their questions for two and one-half hours. By that time, I was ready to present a full course on Huna psychology, but it was time to stop and we talked of having another workshop, perhaps to last two days.

After the Huna Seminar, I was a guest with a few others in the beautiful suburban (almost country) home of Prof. Norman Emerson and his gracious and talented wife, Ann. We had a wonderful evening of talking, singing (everyone was provided with an instrument from the Emerson’s large collection), and an extravaganza of edibles from Ann’s kitchen. (I even talked her out of a loaf of homemade rye bread to take home.) Prof. Emerson is professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto. His unusual use of psychics’ abilities in the field of archaeology is mentioned in the October 1974 issue of PSYCHIC Magazine, p. 28.

NEW HRA AFFILIATE IN CANADA! Another momentous and historical development from the Toronto visit was the decision to establish an official HRA affiliate for Canada. Sheila, with her daughters Shannon and Kathy, had formed an organization, Metaphysics Speakers Bureau, in order to sponsor workshops and classes. It was this organization that arranged for my lecture. M.S.B. has now merged with H.R.A.

All Canadian memberships, of course, remain with Huna Research Associates, with the added advantage of local classes and workshops. You will notice the name Huna Research Associates (Canada) in the announcements, as well as Metaphysics Speakers’ Bureau (which will continue to handle the business angle of the activities). All Canadian members may send dues, both for new memberships and for renewals, to HRA (Canada), Sheila M. Conway, 226 McDonnel St., Peterborough, ONTARIO K94 2V9, and will not have to make the money exchange. These will then be forwarded to us. Contact Sheila also if you are interested in having a lecture or work­shop on Huna in your area. Sheila has just written me that tentative plans are under way for a “parapsychology type of conference” to he held on Nov. 9 and 10 (tentatively). I have been invited to give the keynote address — which I hope to do — and to present a Huna workshop. Write Sheila for specific information.


Another idea which came out of the Toronto visit is a unified HUNA CON­FERENCE or Convention. Some have asked previous­ly about such a meeting. Our ideas are beginning to take shape. Dolly and I have discussed this at some length. NOW WE NEED TO KNOW HOW MANY WOULD BE INTERESTED! We could learn a lot from each other, as well as from the lectures and work­shops in all aspects of the Huna work.

Here are some of our preliminary suggestions:

  1. Possible location: Fort Worth, Texas, which has good accommodations, access to the world’s largest airport, and the chance to visit the MAX FREEDOM LONG MEMORIAL LIBRARY AND MUSEUM. (Chicago has also been suggested and this might be a good choice for our second conference.)
  2. Registration and Rap Session with conference leaders on Friday night; lectures and workshops on Saturday, with special dinner and speaker in the evening; healing session with closing about noon on Sunday.
  3. Dr. Wingo and Dolly Ware, plus another Huna teacher or two.
  4. A fee payable by each participant to cover the expenses of the conference.
  5. Probably during the summer months — but let us know your best time and we’ll try to work it out for the convenience of most participants.
  6. The sooner you inform us of your interest, the sooner we can make definite plans. So write soon!


In 1852 John Godfrey Saxe published a poem which has become a modern fable, “THE BLIND MEN AND THE ELEPHANT.”


It was six men of Indostan, To learning much inclined,
Who went to see the Elephant  (Though all of them were blind).
That each by observation, Might satisfy his mind.

And so observers and researchers, as well as those who are desperately in need of healing, make the long, long journey to the Philippines to “see” the “Psychic Surgeons.”  And the reports they bring back are as different as the descriptions of the elephant by the six blind men. To them, from his own experience, declared that an elephant was like a snake, a fan, a spear, a tree, a wall, or a rope.

And so we are informed by experienced observers that the Filipino healers are real and fake, are “blood and guts” side-show con artists, or great healers sent from God, or instruments of the very Devil himself, sleight-of-hand experts (but very easily detected?), or authentic practitioners of psychic materializations, witches, or saints. In addition, official medical societies condemn them out of hand, without so much as an observation in person (presumably that would mean lowering themselves) and in effect make the following fantastic “challenge” — demonstrate your powers before our experts, if you insist — if you are successful in healing the patient, we will arrest you for practicing medicine without a license; if you are not successful, we will prosecute you as a fake!!! So there!!

The fact is that the story of “Psychic Surgery” and spiritual healing is a very BIG subject. It requires some BIG ELEPHANT TALK, We need a view so high and broad that we can see the whole of the “elephant.” The last part of Saxe’s poem is just as appropriate to the conflicting views of the observers of the Filipino healers:

And so these men of Indostan
Disputed loud and strong.
Each in his own opinion
Exceeding stiff and strong.
Though each was partly in the right
And all were in the wrong.

We must constantly remind ourselves, as we read the “opinions Exceeding stiff and strong,” that every observer is “blinded” to a certain extent by his own set way of thinking, his background and beliefs. Some are blinded by orthodoxy, and so scream “Fake” simply because (they think) such things are “impossible.” Harold Sherman reports a prominent New York surgeon’s adamant refusal to examine closely the surgical procedures when he had traveled all that distance to see them. And in spite of his cursory observation of a single operation, denounced the whole of psychic surgery as a fake. But don’t be too quick to condemn this man, when the opposite is just as blind — to accept on “blind faith” every phenomenon reported or even experienced without investigation is still to come up with an inadequate view of the “elephant” of psychic and spiritual healing.

Our HRA research team — Dolly Ware, Dr. William A. Ellis, and I — were consistently aware of these traps of observation. Neither did we go to the Philippines without preparation, although our last-minute decision to go THIS SUMMER had to be made very fast. We have been preparing for this phase of the investigation for a number of years. The trip itself had been in the talking stage for at least two years. You will read about Dolly’s early research activities in her article — going back some eight years. Max Freedom Long (with a few other co-workers) had silently examined all the reports that came from the Philippines and from Brazil, where the same type of healing phenomena were and still are taking place. Some of these remarkable reports were mentioned by Dr. Max as early as 1960. Dr. Ellis was able to base his own observations this summer on those experiences on a previous trip to the Philippines in February of this year. Far from being blinded by his forty-plus years of experience as a physician and surgeon (with patients coming to him from forty states and nine foreign countries), this background enabled him to view the psychic surgery and other types of healing with a vast understanding which made a tremendous contribution to our own approach to the study. His sharp mind and equally sharp skill in observation were invaluable assets to the team. Dolly says in her article that she was the freelance. She was also the catalyst that caused the things to happen which otherwise we would not have seen. She added her own keen intuition, knowledge grid experience which completed the three-member team. The three of us also had the distinct and perhaps unique advantage of viewing all from the standpoint of Huna. And it was most gratifying to find in Manila — some 13,000 miles from home — that most of the important observers point to Huna as the basis for understanding spiritual healing and “psychic surgery.”

There is one mistake we do not intend to make. We will not “speak the final word” on the subject from a few observations (as 14-day wonders sometimes do). There is no way to make the “final report” in a single issue of HUNA VISTAS Newsletter. More BIG ELEPHANT talk is already being planned in September. More research is necessary. Although we have spent many hours of many days mulling over our experiences and notes and vast collection of books and articles (Dolly and I have spent more than a week putting our notes together and Dr. Ellis has made a comprehensive taped reel of his observations), much remains to be sorted out. We do feel (and hope) that we can add some conclusions and views that have not been given before. We’ll be writing more in the next issue of HUNA VISTAS. It may require a separate publication to do justice to the subject. The book reviews will be given as a part of the story.

JAMES AND MARGARET ALLEN OF TORONTO, CANADA are two of our most distinguished and long-standing members in the Toronto area. They knew MFL for many years and have shared with me some of the early correspondence with him for the Biography File. I had looked forward to meeting Dr. and Mrs. Allen when I went to Toronto, but they were unable to attend the Huna Seminar. I did talk with them on the telephone, however, and they expressed a very warm greeting to all HRAs everywhere. In addition a special poetic greeting was sent to me and I am pleased to share it with you. Here it is, printed directly from the original:


God Bless You All, You Kindly Folks, And All You H.R.A.s!
And may our HUNA MAGIC Bless You All through All Your Days!
We Welcome You with Open Arms, Each One from Far and Near,
& may the Memories of this Great Day Remain in each Heart Ever Dear!
And don’t forget, You Kindly Folks, As You Think, and Say, and Do –
Our Dear Friend MAX is SMILING Now, On Every One of You!!
202• Mineola Rd. E. Mississauga; Ontario. June 1st, 1974.



from Dolly Ware


Throughout the ages the priestcraft has exhorted the faithful to come to God who created the body and in faith believing He would heal it. The gods used to talk to men and cohabit with the women. The ancients believed that the gods caused illness and could also take it away. The AMA can call the Philippine Healers “slight-of-hand quacks,” the Federal Trade Commission can win preliminary injunctions against west coast travel agencies who arrange trips for the sick people, the drug companies can change their drugs, and the schools of medicine can come and go, but still faith healing remains with us now as in ancient times and is relied on by hundreds of thousands of people over the world. WHY? Faith healing is judged in the same way as all other forms of healing —– by RESULTS. If the people never got well, faith healing would have perished long ago. Orthodox medical men tell us over and over ad nauseum that the great number of cures performed by faith healing, chiropractic, osteopathy — or anything else besides allopathy — are cases of “spontaneous remission” of psychosomatic or hysterical “syndromes.” One writer says they even repeat this explanation in their sleep, never even realizing the obvious fact that their cures are as applicable to their explanation as those of the other methods!  The allopath’s faith in his drugs maybe just as great as the priestcraft’s faith — but some consider drugs far more dangerous. (On this point, see the article in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY (April 1974), pp. 55-57.)

How is the healing accomplished? Through the ages the gods have changed and still there were cures. The “god” may be made of wood, stone, or water (a sacred river like the Ganges or Tiber), a shrine such as that a Lourdes — and yet healings took place. Was it Aesculapius, Buddha, Jesus, or Isis? Even the gods are exchanged and forgotten and still with faith people are healed.

Why and How? Is it not remarkable that the baby with no apparent faith gets well just as the atheist? If the faithful are healed, how is it that the unfaithful are healed also?

I made a promise to my teacher, Max Freedom Long, that I would not only do my utmost to carry on his work, but would undertake to further some of his projects as well.

His avid interest in and continued search for the riddle of instant healing enabled him to uncover the mountain of Huna research which is our heritage. As far back as the early 1960’s, his students had urged him to go to Manila, but the trip would have been too hard on him physically (how well WE know how tiring it is!) and Mrs. Long’s ill health kept him close to home.

My interest began in August, 1964 upon reading Fate Magazine, in which an article appeared by Bernard Ricks of Shreveport, La., telling of his visit with Eleutertio Terte and of his experiences with the Medium/Healers. I contacted Mr. Ricks in the summer of 1965 and in turn was contacted by Dr. Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia. A small group of us sponsored their trip in August of 1966. Our intent was to bring at least one of the healers back to the University of Virginia (Charlottesville) to be studied. This did not materialize. However, a 16mm colored movie of Dr. Stevenson’ s operations by Juan Blance was made, but was not shown publicly. Meantime, I have kept up with published and private reports of the healers.

Our good friend and doctor (and member of HRA), Dr. Wm. A. Ellis of Tarentum, Pa., visited our home early this spring and said he was going back for the second time to the Philippines to study further with the healers. This was our chance! Dr. Wingo and I joined the Chicago group leaving on June eighth (we met them in San Francisco) for a fifteen day tour for the express purpose of learning as much as we could about the healers firsthand. We made the crossing by Philippine Airlines, staying in the Bayview Hotel, facing beautiful Manila Bay and only a few blocks from the new Cultural Center where the Miss Universe Pageant was held.

Groups of people coming from all over the world are treated by three to five of the healers Monday through Friday in a suite on the fifth floor of the Bayview Hotel, which is comfortable and adequate, but would be rated as B-Class here at home. They work under the auspices of the Christian Travel Center. Visitors are given four or five lectures on various aspects of spiritual healing by Mr. Joaquin (Jack) Cunanan, who was for forty years the head of Manila’s largest CPA firm. Additional instructions are given as the groups come together for dinner in a private dining room. Mr. Cunanan is intelligent, sincere, and has an overall grasp of the situation, placing him in a unique position as a catalyst between the healers, travel agencies, the government and the travelers themselves.

At this time there are about forty-five mediums/healers (it may be noted that we call them “healers” but almost invariably they refer to themselves as “mediums”) and some 500 magnetic healers. Personality conflicts do occur, and this is perhaps natural, since both the healer and his patient are independent human beings. One person may be completely enthralled by a certain healer and will respond to that healer’s slightest ministration, while another considers that same healer a practicing magician. This fact is most important, and should be kept in mind when evaluating reports of different observers. Could it be, as Edgar Mitchell suggests, that the healers redirect a person’s own powers? Remember too that we are just beginning to learn about radiation and magnetism.

This account is necessarily quite general and merely sets the stage for subsequent articles or a separate report, as we pore over all the evidence, search and research for added clues to this great question which is even more perplexing than “which came first the chicken or the egg?”. Any and all ideas from HRAs are fervently courted. Please let us hear from you.

Otha, Bill and I did not stay with our group as such, since we had several other research projects demanding our attention. We made up our own research group. I am delving into the work of Dr. Murray Bartlett, first president (1911 to 1915) of the University of the Philippines, hoping he might shed some light on our mystery. Otha has added Filipiniana to his interests in antiquity and mythology, and is interested in unraveling some of the ancient Tagalog words used in such things as prayers. We spent many hours in libraries, museums and the universities — and climbed THOUSANDS of stairs (it seemed). There are not enough words to express our deep appreciation to the many professors, curators and librarians who made our search easier and more fruitful.

We spent a delightful visit with Prof. Guillermo Tolentino, the world-famous sculptor, and his vivacious, hospitable wife, Paz, in their large, airy home. In addition to his fame as a sculptor, Prof. Tolentino is a noted scholar of ancient Tagalog. He was a member of the faculty of the University of the Philippines for 29 years. One of his masterpieces, The Oblation, graces a palm-lined plaza with a reflecting pool and fountain jets, making the approach to the University campus most spectacular. Originally fashioned out of concrete to appear like bronze, it was unveiled in 1935. In 1950 the Board of Regents appropriated P15,000 for the Oblation to be recast in true bronze, and Prof. Tolentino made a trip to Italy to supervise personally the recasting. The new statue was unveiled in 1958.

Prof. Tolentino was quite taken with Otha as a linguist and scholar and presented him with a rare, autographed copy of his book on the life of Jose Rizal, Filipino national hero — written in Tagalog! Mrs. Tolentino showed us through his studio, where we admired his latest piece of sculpture, so beautifully and skillfully executed that we felt the statue could speak to us. The working studio was strangely bare — for many years, he has done only commissioned works, and they are located all over the world. As it turns out, the world is his studio. On Sunday we attended the spiritualist meeting held in this same studio where Tolentino does his work — a story in itself.

We arrived back home on June 22nd, wearier and wiser. It was a memorable journey — unforgettable and more than worthwhile for it poses questions almost deeper than life itself: Why are some healed and others are not? Why is there no infection? Why is there no pain? Why do two people watch the same operation and one sees trickery, while the other is certain that it is genuine? Who or What controls the bleeding?

Of this we can be certain — There is a timelessness about simple people who live close to the four elements of air, earth, fire and water. They are wise and strong in ways we are not. As we delve as deep as possible into their ways, let us keep open minds, turning over with loving care the thinnest shred of evidence, breathing on it with understanding clear down under our feet. Please share with us your ideas and beliefs. –D .W.

P.S. We will give an account of our visit with Harold Sherman in the next Huna Vistas Newsletter. We had a wonderful visit with Arthur Sherman at the same time. Harold is Arthur’s brother.


  1. RECOVERING THE ANCIENT MAGIC. The remaining stock of unbound copies HAVE NOW BEEN BOUND in blue cloth, with special HRA imprint, title in gold. The supply is limited. $30.00. A COLLECTOR’S ITEM.
  2. NEW HRA REPRINT: A rare copy of Dr. Oscar Brunler’s small book, RADIATIONS of the Brain, the Body, the Earth, the Atom, has been located and is to be reprinted by offset directly from the original. Advance orders will be accepted now at $4.00 each. 58 pp. + index and illustrations. Your copy will be shipped as soon as the book can be printed. Contains original information on the early work in radiesthesia and psychometric analysis.
  4. PASCALITE EXPERIMENT is still under way. Several reports have been received. We need more research before our findings can be written up. See HV #10 for details of the experiment.
  6. TAROT SYMBOLOGY is still available at $6.00. If you have trouble finding the Ryder tarot deck (or Smith-Waite deck), we’ll get it for you ($5.00).
  7. CIGBO SEZ: I had loads and gobs of PICTURES for this issue — agonized over processing and printing delays; some ruined by the processor, some almost lost — cost a WHALE (or ELEPHANT) of a lot of money and THEN had to wait not too patiently for the offset plate maker to make the negative and make the plate. After all our waiting, HE CAN’T DO IT! he says. NO WAY! he says. Well, guess I have to take the blame as usual. And they were such NICE pitchers of wunnerful HRAs. 15 of them! Oh, well! At least I managed to sneak in a few iller-stra-shuns of my own. Hope New/Boss won’t notice….

A stamped, addressed long envelope with bring you a list of contents.

There’s so much more to tell — but I’d better stop before this turns into a book. See you next time.

In Huna Light,


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