HV Newsletter #6 – Spring, 1973

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Dr. E. Otha Wingo, Research Editor
126 Camellia Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 USA


Dolly Ware, F.H.F., Curator
1501 Thomas Place Fort Worth, TX 76107 USA




We are growing. Huna is becoming known throughout the world. How fortunate we are that we have THE SECRET — Huna! And that now there are no secrets! All Truth can now be told. Everything must be out in the open. It is still true, of course, that some are unable to understand the principles of Huna. Dr. Max called these the “Little Ones” and their P.A. reading was never over 330° and so of course they are unable to work in abstracts. These are usually the ones who are bound in dogma and cannot get free. I’m sure that we all know many who are in this predicament.

Hilton Hotema (in real life Dr. George W. Clements) wrote a wonderful book, AWAKEN THE WORLD WITHIN, published in 1962 by Health Research. He dwells on the book of Revelation (the secret of the Zodiac of the body) and says (p. 76): “The sixth trumpet-call bears relation to the cerebrospinal axis, the Apocalyptic river Euphrates, and to what may be termed the psycho-religious consciousness, which manifests itself in the emotional worship of the false mental images of Deity — the lower phase of religion that indulges in irrational theologies, superstition, sorcery, fanaticism and persecution, such as that which prevails now and has prevailed since the destruction of the Ancient Wisdom. The neophyte who has not freed his mind from these pseudo-religious illusions will inevitably fail in the mystic meditation, which requires that all thought-images and preconceptions must be excluded from the mind, so as to present it a clean page for the inscription of Truth.”

Isn’t this wonderful! Those who are shackled in dogma are the ones who are “way out.” We are “way in.”

Arguing, of course, is pointless, for there is no mind as blind as the one who refuses to see or hear. Huna can only be presented; it can never be forced upon anyone. We simply bless them and go our own way. We must insist, though, on the right to believe as we wish.

I can also recommend very highly another book by Prof. Hotema: MAN’S HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS (Health Research, 1962). In Lesson 29, p. 28, he says: “The Ancient Masters said that man could not solve the mysteries of the vast Invisible World without precise knowledge of the physical. They postulated that the Spiritual or Invisible World was directly connected with the Physical World, and that its center was within the living organism and was manifest in the intellectual principle and the animating force. That center they regarded as the Soul or Spirit, which was to them the Key that unlocks the mysteries of being.”

The key to this understanding of the spiritual via the physical is the Huna view of man’s Three Selves.

I send to all HRA’s love and light, — Dolly.

MAXisms & MAXims

(In this column we are quoting from some of the earlier writings of Max Freedom Long — passages which reveal Max’s typical insight and wit, his special manner of expression — MAXisms; and above all, some ideas worthy of your consideration — MAXims. — E.O.W.)

I found an excellent brief statement about HUNA in HRA BULLETIN No. 117 (June 1, 1956):

“HUNA is not something which a beginner examines in an hour of reading, then tosses the book aside and writes to ask where he can find a kahuna to work miracles for him, or an old and experienced HRA to spoon feed him with Huna. It is a system which the individual must bore into carefully and faithfully. It takes time to grasp Huna and to learn to use it. It also takes steady application, and many are incapable of meeting the requirements. For the student who will take time for study and to learn how to use Huna, there is no need for group work of the usual sort or for personal instruction. In my book GROWING INTO LIGHT will be found training and developing exercises in plenty.”

Basically, the study of Huna is a personal study. Max’s emphasis on group work, in his letter of instructions to me for the future of HRA, was on working groups (such as active research and healing) made up of members who have already individually mastered the basics of Huna ideas.

On the very first page of the first Bulletin which Max sent to HRA’s (in 1948), there is a statement that is typical of his objectivity in the search for truth.  “You will smile understandingly when I, in my endeavor to coach you in your part of the experimental project with Huna, state things as facts, for you will know that I do this to make simpler the presentation of what I think the kahunas considered facts — but which may not turn out to be facts at all. In acting as coach, I presume to do so because I have studied Huna longer and more fully, not because I desire to have you cease to be the calm judge of all the materials which we will handle together and try to evaluate (my own extra-Huna conclusions and tentatives not excepted).

“What most of our friends will be unable to understand, but what we each know, is that we are determined to find the truth, and at any price. If we have to make over all of our most loved dogmas and closely held convictions, we will do it. We are not unique in this search. A few of the clear-seeing have, down the centuries, asked for the Truth at any price, and, like them, we stand ready to sacrifice all of the familiar landmarks, if we find it necessary, and to dare strange approaches to the jungle-covered realms of mind and Being. M.F.L.”

We would do well to approach all our studies and researches with the same open-minded spirit.  — E.O.W.


sHVNewsletterImage01opthowing Vincent (4-going-on-5) at the mimeograph machine (he likes to help, but sometimes offers more “help” than is needed!) and the large paper cutter in the background. Both of these are from Max’s study and are now in regular use at HRA headquarters in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. A great deal of work is required to keep the HRA activities going. Letters from members are answered personally. “Tinned” letters are used (in the way that Max used them) in response to general inquiries and in answer to questions frequently asked. The mimeograph machine is used to good advantage for these “tinned” letters, and for printed lists of books and HRA reprints and basic facts about Huna and the HRA.


ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA: A group of four are working together weekly, testing out various healing techniques. A number of healings resulted from the very beginning. Esther Howarth reports: “The most unusual experience I had was preceded by a dream in which my hands were stretched above my head and an object like a fire hose passed over my hands with tremendous warmth. The following afternoon during our healing session I experienced a tremendous sensation of heat — first in the hands, then up the arms, chest, neck and forehead. This was done during our chanting of OM, and Phyllis Corwin also felt this tremendous heat.”

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI: In a recent report, Midge Farias said there were fourteen present and they had “a fantastic evening.” They have decided to meet twice a month (apparently every other Monday evening). This group has witnessed several unusual healings as a result of their work (the healing itself of course is done by the person in need, aided by those in the group). The group influence goes beyond St. Louis. “One friend from Nashville, Tenn., was here last week. She is in graduate school at Peabody College. She will spend some time with us next summer. She has bought five of the Huna books and hopes to start a Huna group there next fall. Also, my daughter was here last fall and will visit again in the summer and has several friends who are interested in a meditation group in Washington, D.C. We have mentioned the Huna Research Association and will hope to have our members joining in the next few weeks.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A new group was begun here in February — at the same time the St. Petersburg group got under way. They announce a number of ambitious projects and have started “Huna West Newsletter” of which I now have the first issue. David Miles and Serge King are co-leaders.

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND: A Huna group has been formed within a larger organization (Study Group for Experimental Paraphysics), of which P. Kaufmann is the leader. He reports there are “only 30 members” but he hopes to have more!

WARSAW, POLAND: Some interest has been expressed in establishing a Huna center in Warsaw, by Zdzislaw Nikuli, who has been sent some Huna information which he will have to translate into Polish for the use of his group. We shall expect to hear more from Mr. Nikuli. He says, “Huna impressed me very immensely. Up till now I did not find so rational and so argumentative doctrine so perfectly explicated. “


The many Informative letters are very much appreciated and I am pleased to share some of them with you. We can all benefit from the experiences, ideas, and questions which you send in. It always helps when you indicate that no reply is necessary — although I find it hard to resist acknowledging your letter In some way. Cigbo reminds you to throw in an extra stamp or two and that will help to make his Cigar-Box scratching easier. But by all means keep writing. E.O.W.

H.R. READ, Southport, England
“I am reading THE MAGICIAN AND HIS WORK by W.E. Butler which appears to be based largely on the Kabalah (from mouth to ear) mystics who appear to be very similar to the Kahunas. Indeed the term Higher Self means what Huna means and then there is the Lower Self and the Conscious Self. Magic is the control of the Lower Self and contact with the Higher Self. So, to that extent it is Huna all right. It also mentions the “seed” (meaning visualizing to secure some end.)” This is a small excerpt from a very informative letter. A second letter, however, I shall quote in full, for it has significant bearing on the work of HRA:

“Dear Dr. Wingo, I think that what I have to say would interest you and HRA’s. I think I told you — and certainly told Max — that the husband of an HRA was an extraordinarily gifted man. He is clairaudient, clairvoyant and has X-Ray eyes. If he is sent a signature he can give a diagnosis of the signer even if he is on the other side of the world.

“Now two lady friends of ours have been more or less invalids for a few years and nobody has really seemed to know the cause. To the husband of one I suggested that he send his wife’s signature to Mr. R.R. and, when he got it, it proved very illuminating (I mean the report from R.R.) and showed the trouble was in the liver and also when R.R. saw the lady, that this was affecting her mentally. It was too far gone for R.R. (who is an esoteric healer) to help. She was being slowly killed. I showed the other lady’s husband the report and sent, with his permission, his wife’s signature to R.R. Here again the trouble was in the liver and the symptoms expressed themselves in what is called Atropic Arthritis — an incurable wasting disease of the bones. The healer whom I designate as R.R., as I have no permission to mention his name and address, sent me his remarks on the cases and also gave particulars concerning his method of healing. In previous communications with him his method seemed very like those in THE SCIENCE OF PSYCHIC HEALING by Yogi Ramacharaka. However, I will quote his letter which has quite a pointed reference to HUNA: ‘Now a word as to our mode of healing. I do not need a signature for a distant diagnosis because if someone is talking to me about a third person or it is written about, I can invariably pick up their etheric. Our healing (that is including our six clinics) has been developed from a basis of etheric diagnosing and HUNA treatment elaborated. It is the HUNA aspect of psychology, inasmuch as to overcome any inhibitions, it is necessary to establish communication between the three selves, before any treatment can be effected. Then, having done this (not always possible, as yet), we use the control bodies, one for each etheric centre, to put matters right. This is, I believe, a unique manner of healing, rather it is very advanced “doctoring” but is most effective. It is a long struggle to get the various clinic leaders up to the standard required, but they are all coming along nicely. The unfortunate part is that having finished with two patients, three take their place.

“I may say that R.R. and his wife have six clinics around about the South of this country and travel all about at arranged dates. As they are both well in their seventies I think that they must be very, very tired often. Now it has struck me that if any HRA’s come to this country they might like to get in touch with R. R., visit him and his clinics, and, possibly, learn sufficient to try to contact gifted HRA’s in your country who could develop this kind of healing. If any such write to me, I can give them, in confidence, R.R. ‘s name and address and any other relevant information.”
Many ALOHAS, H.R. Read

This is an important idea to follow up on. If anyone is planning a trip to England and wishes to take the suggestion, contact me for Mr. Read’s address. I had intended to review the book mentioned in this letter. I found Ramacharaka’s book on PSYCHIC HEALING (published by The Yoga Publication Society, Chicago; also in a reprint by Health Research) remarkably similar to Huna. “All Energy and Force is a manifestation of Prana (=Mana).” The Little Self or Subconscious is called “The Instinctive Mind.” “Prana is known to be Mental in its nature, and is the Energy of the Mind of the Universe …Vital Force is that which underlies all physical action of the body… Man absorbs his supply of Vital Force from the food he eats; the water he drinks; and largely from the air he breathes. He also has a mental source of energy, whereby he draws to himself energy from the great reservoirs of Energy, of the Universal Mind.” This may be sufficient to give you an idea of this book and how close to Huna it is. E.O.W.

MILDRED E. WRIGHTMAN, Livonia, Michigan
“In my search for the truth, I have read over 1,000 books. The search has ended — with Huna. So now the study begins in earnest. As an ancient Egyptian from the 18th Dynasty, it’s good to be back again and review the old things I’m certain are still in my make-up. Happily yours. M.”

THEA O’CONNOR, Chatswood, Australia
“Although Huna is slow in spreading, there is a gradual increase in interest. My group is scattered over three states with the recent addition of three members from Brisbane. We keep in touch by phone and letter and work telepathetically (sic).

“I have found a good way to help the non-visual thinker is to practice the Yoga technique of Candle Concentration:

  1. Sit in a darkened room. Place a lighted candle at eye level about three feet in front.
  2. Gaze at the flame for about three minutes with concentration — shapes, colours, etc.
  3. Cup the hands over the eyes so that no light whatever can reach the eyes. Do not close the eyes, but stare into the total darkness of your cupped hands.
  4. You will see the after-image of the flame before you. Try to retain it as long as possible. Should the after-image drift out of vision or become minute, compel it to reappear by effort of concentration.

“Most students show rapid improvement after a little practice. By involving as many senses as possible, the Huna mental image becomes a living thing. “To interest selected people initially in Huna, I find a personal demonstration is the magnet. Everyone has problems and the Huna techniques plus the power of prayer is a revelation.”

SHEILA M. CONWAY, Toronto, Canada
“After searching for much of my life, it seems, for this foundational truth, it’s an absolute delight to come across it now when I am suddenly catapulted into teaching the history and power of the mind. I have for some time been leading study groups in all the areas covered by Huna.

I am conducting a parapsychology-type course at Trent University — but inevitably the thrust of what I have to say is toward structure of mind and the tremendous sense of faith and freedom this understanding brings. I started a spiritual healing centre in one of Toronto’s largest downtown churches and already the work is snow­balling. We are entirely non-sectarian and are getting people from every walk of life. So much going on. So much to do. For the first time in my life, am feeling pressured to get on with the work. One thing after another falling into place. What one gets for being such a determined Jeremiah all these years is a mighty shove in the back and a bursting into that large and empty room just waiting to receive all the people hovering outside… The Healing Centre is moving right along. We are getting some heartening results in eased situations of our patients. I tried the Kahea twice on behalf of a newborn whose clinging to life at this writing makes him five days old — the doctors express some surprise as they expected him to slip away within the first 48 hours. Too soon to declare results, perhaps.” I have excerpted parts of several letters from Sheila in order to give you more of the whole story. She is also serving as our contact point in Canada and we appreciate very much the work she is doing.

EDWARD S. SCHULTZ, Buffalo, New York
has been keeping us briefed on some of the very early work of Mark Probert and the association of Max Freedom Long, Meade Layne, and Edward with those early researches. He sends us some very intriguing transcripts from the Mark Probert trances, many of them dealing with Huna and the kahunas. Edward has come up with an ingenious idea for communicating — he writes his letters to both Dolly and me, sending duplicates of everything. Marvelous! He has also provided us each with a rare and valuable copy of THE MAGIC BAG, which contains much information which came through Mark Probert. Edward is making important contributions to our plans for the HRA of the future, and for this we are indeed very grateful. As he said in a recent letter, we should always seek to follow our inner Guidance, even when the middle self tries to tell us we are not to proceed. “We should listen to our Aumakua even if it so much as whispers.”

AVIS BLUM, Cleveland, Ohio
“We read your article, Friends, in the PSYCHIC OBSERVER, and thought it might be mutually helpful to get in touch. We have a group meeting in my home once a week to work with the Max Freedom Long books. Our hope is to be able to put the principles into practice for the bettering of our own lives and those of the people we contact. Is there something we could share with you, or you with us?” I immediately sent some of the printed information about membership and a new small pamphlet in which Huna is described briefly. Soon I had a letter in response, saying, “Our study group was delighted with everything, and the whole lot of us wishes to join HRA. We like the idea of exchanging publications. It is so important that the workers keep in touch and thus know somewhat how the work is progressing.” There were eight new members of HRA from this group. I was sent a copy of their publication, “The Voice of the New Age” (18503 Golf View Drive, Cleveland, OHIO 44135, published by Bob and Avis Blum, 10 issues a year for $4). The twenty-page periodical covers a variety of subject areas.

who with her husband John, has an organization called “INNER-FORUM”, sent a copy of its publication of the same name. More details will be given in a later Newsletter. Among their many speakers, one spoke on Huna and aroused a bit of interest that way. “We would like to keep up with the Huna research, and perhaps you would like to keep us in ‘view’ as well … At some issue in the future, we would like to tell the story of Huna Research, how it was started and why, what it is doing now and hopes to do, also memberships offered, the newsletter, and so forth. Along with this story, we would like some glossy photos as well — perhaps of Max Long, perhaps yourself, the museum and so forth. Whatever you feel would compliment the story best… We will do our best to open the doors to Huna throughout our readership.”

O. EDDY, Salinas, California
writes that he is 92 years old! He had known Max for at least twenty years. “I think Max expected to write one more book and I suggested he gather into one pamphlet his data on tarot arrangement which came out serially with other things in the HUNA VISTAS. He said he would try to do this.” I answered that at Max’s suggestion I had reprinted the TAROT booklet.


Hoffmann, Enid, YOU TWO CAN BE A KAHUNA, Book I (1973). HRA Enid teaches several classes on Huna at the University of Connecticut and also lectures in the surrounding area. We have discussed Huna principles by letter and she has been very eager to write this book. Enid has presented here in a very readable and personal style, very much like a personal letter, the working instructions for the use of Huna techniques. It is a fresh approach, natural and conversational. I enjoyed reading it. This first volume is somewhat experimental — it consists of 43 mimeographed pages, stapled, with a paper cover sheet. Plans are to expand this immediately into a full-fledged book with hard cover and a second volume is already taking shape.

The personality of the author comes through as you read this book. She makes no bones about believing in what she is writing. No claim about dispassioned objectivity. The reader is made to feel that she is writing from the heart. There are some flaws — but I’m taking these up directly with the author, especially since they mainly concern typography and manner of expression. Something of the tone of the book may be understood from a sentence in the first chapter: “This book may do nothing for you, but oh, boy, writing it is sure wonderful for me! “

The retail price of YOU TWO CAN BE A KAHUNA is $3.50. But the author has offered all HRA’s a special price of $2.50 — if you wait until Sept. 1 to order. She will be in Mexico for the summer. Her address will be: Enid Hoffman, Beard A, Univ. of Conn., Storrs, Conn. 06268. Be sure to mention HRA when you order at this special price.

As a prolific writer of books in the psychic field, Brad Steiger has found himself in the position of having to make every new book more fantastic, if not more weird, than the last. He had, in effect, “a tiger by the tail.” When Mr. Steiger was provided with a large collection of Huna materials (books, bulletins, tapes), he wrote a popular book on Huna and the work of Max Freedom Long, THE SECRETS OF KAHUNA MAGIC (1971). While it provided a sketch of what is contained in Max’s books, those books themselves must be studied for an adequate working knowledge of Huna.

Perhaps now Brad can let loose his tiger and write about subjects in which he can take a serious interest. While remaining “objective,” he can produce books with some substance.

REVELATION: The Divine Fire (Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. $7.95) has just been released. It is such a book. In it he gives an extended collection of experiences of men and women who “claim ” to be in spiritual contact with a higher intelligence. The continuity bogs down at times, as the avalanche of quotations begins to pile up and some of the same witnesses testify again and again. I could find no pattern to explain why some names and addresses of persons and organizations were given in explicit detail — while others were conspicuously absent. The “white light” experience of Max Freedom Long is given on pp. 117-122. No mention whatever is made of Huna Research Associates, which has been in existence for over twenty-five years — and of which Mr. Steiger was a member! He certainly knows of its existence and its continued activity. He quotes verbatim from SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES, but does not mention the book either in a footnote or in the bibliography. Yet. the address of another organization, started seven years ago by a woman who considers herself “the female aspect of the Christ Vibration” is given in full. In spite of some lack of balance, there is a thread tnat runs through the whole book — an aka thread of references to Huna. It is worth reading and ends on a positive note that makes me think that the [the] author actually does believe in something.

Melville, Leinani, CHILDREN OF THE RAINBOW, A book concerning the religion, legends and gods of the natives of pre-Christian Hawaii (Quest Books, P. O. Box 270, Wheaton, Ql. 60187. $1.95) is a beautiful book. The author is a merchant sailor who has steeped himself in the pre-Christian culture of his native Hawaii. Melville writes of the “esoteric code of the tahunas (priests) of Hawaii and recounts some of their traditional mythology. We learn of “more genuine Havai’ian terms!’ used before the missionaries “concocted a new language for the heathen” by substituting K for T, for example. Thus we see in this book tahuna instead of kahuna. “The only way we may learn about the ancient Havai’ian concept of divinity is to delve deep into the huna (profundities) of their temple chants and prayers where the tahunas taught of the gods from whom the Havai’ian people descended.” In addition to a study of the root meanings of Hawaiian words, the author discusses other symbols and includes an unusual collection of 34 sacred symbols from the religious cloths of tapa. “Every line, circle, triangle, square, cross, and even dot, had a very definite meaning.” The entire book has important information for the serious student of Huna.


THE KAHUNAS: The Black—and White–Magicians of Hawaii (Branden Press, Publ., 221 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass. 02116. $2.50) is a collection of early articles on Hawaiian antiquities, published in 1969. The editor says (p. 18): A “possibility that by no means should be overlooked is that of the validity of the ancient Hawaiian religious beliefs. There is no known way of proving that people do not have two souls, as the Hawaiians claim… The only sensible thing for us to do is at least to make a serious study of Hawaiian kahuna claims — not for the purpose of disproving them, but merely for finding out what the facts are, a procedure that should be adopted in the examination of any subject of interest and dispute.” That statement is worth the small price of the book, but it also has information that has been difficult to find any place else.

THE KAHUNA: Versatile Mystics of Old Hawaii (The Petroglyph Press, 211 Kinoole St., Hilo, Hawaii 96720. $2.50), published in 1972, is written by L.R. McBride, who has been a student of Hawaiiana all his life and has written several other books on Hawaii. This book is well illustrated and consists of brief studies on various aspects of the kahuna lore. I particularly like the portion on “The Power of Words, ” in which the following is found: “The wisest men in old Hawaii had no doubts concerning the power of prayer. Their spiritual attendant (aumakua) was always with them forming the link between themselves and the infinite. Being thus constantly in touch with an uninhibited strength beyond their own, the deeds, words and gestures of the kahuna were able to cause things to be done. Their prayers were the focus of force emanating from their being, perhaps from the conscious and subconscious mind and properly rendered were as effective for their purpose as a spear thrown in battle.”


Shinn, Florence Scovel, THE GAME OF LIFE AND HOW TO PLAY IT (1941) is especially good on impressing the subconscious mind and following Guidance.  The author did not know of Huna, but her whole approach fits right into the Huna way of thinking. (Paper $1.75; Cloth $2.25).

Weed, Joseph J., PSYCHIC ENERGY (1970) could just as well be called “Mana”. The Parker Publishing Co. edition is $6.95, but it has now appeared in paperback for 95£. The author’s first book is also unusually good: THE WISDOM OF THE MYSTIC MASTERS (1968) at $6.95 and $2.45.

I have been in communication with Books For Libraries Press, Inc., who are publishing a series called “Dictionaries of the World,” in microfiche form (which can be also copied in a print-out form), suggesting the inclusion of the 1865 Andrews HAWAIIAN DICTIONARY and the Tregear MAORI-POLYNESIAN COMPARATIVE DICTIONARY

Westlake, Aubrey T. (M.D.), THE PATTERN OF HEALTH, has been reprinted by Shambala Publications. Paperback, $2.95. Excellent.

HVNewsletterImage02optDR. WILLIAM TUFTS BRIGHAM (1841 – 1926)

“You’d better go up and see Dr. Brigham, ” said Lahilahi Webb, custodian of Hawaiiana in the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, when Max Freedom Long’s “bump of curiosity” brought him to find out whether there was anything at all to the kahuna lore which he had heard so much about. “Dr. Brigham turned away from his desk, where he was studying some botanical material through a glass, to examine me with friendly blue eyes. He was a great scientist, an authority in his chosen field, recognized and respected in the British Museum for the perfection of his studies and printed reports on them. He was eighty-two, huge, bald and bearded. He was heavy with the weight of an incredibly varied mass of scientific knowledge — and he looked like Santa Claus.” Thus Max Freedom Long described his first glimpse of this grand old man (SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES, p. 10). Dr. Brigham’s record in Who’s Who in America 1922-23 outlines some of his many accomplishments in botany, geology, law, anthropology, and particularly in the field of Hawaiian antiquities.

image_cigbo2CIGBO SEZ

“Remember the old cigar box!” (Some have asked who Cigbo is. He is our own HRA “kitty” who has charge of the funds for stamps and envelopes, paper and ink. For all of these operational expenses, Cigbo must keep on trying to scratch up money from the HRA Cigar Box — and so Max called him Cigbo.)

HRA  REPRINT No. 3: “THE INTERIM NEWSLETTERS OF MAX FREEDOM LONG — 1958″ published from the original stencils by Huna Research Associates. Max kept in touch with the hundreds of HRA’s for over twenty years by a mimeographed report, in addition to massive correspondence. The first series of reports consisted of 124 HRA BULLETINS (February, 1948, to Nov­ ember, 1957). After the publication of the BULLETINS was discontinued, contact was maintained by an occasional Newsletter during 1958, with one further issue in the middle of 1959. Regular reports were resumed as HUNA VISTAS in September of 1959 and ended with the 98th issue in 1970. There were only five of these in-between reports, which I have  called “The Interim Newsletters.” They are a natural unit for our HRA REPRINT program. The 43 pages contain an abundance of information, interesting book reviews, and side-lights on the work of HRA and on the life of Max Freedom Long. I have added an introduction, an attractive cover, and a plastic comb binding for this limited edition. Price: $3.00. This book will be a valuable addition to your Huna literature, whether you have any of the HUNA VISTAS issues or not.


HRA Reprint No. 1: “MANA, or Vital Force.” Contains the complete text of “Lesson/Instructions No. Ill, published in 1949, entitled, “Accumulating and Using the Mana Surcharge,” plus other short articles. 20 pp. Offset printing, light green cover, plastic comb binding. $2.50.

HRA Reprint No. 2: “TAROT CARD SYMBOLOGY,” a book of 90 pages containing the complete text of the “Initiatory Units” on Tarot Card Symbolism from the HUNA VISTAS, plus all other articles on the subject, with an introduction and bibliographical notes by the current Research Editor, Dr. E. Otha Wingo. Illustrated with a full set of Tarot cards (b/w) in miniature. Orange cover, plastic comb binding. $6 or 2 for $10.

Limited Edition of HUNA LECTURE NO. 1, “The Need for an Understanding of Huna and for the Use of Huna, ” given by Max Freedom Long in 1957. 10 pp. Loose-leaf. 50 cents.

HUNA VISTAS (Back issues) are available from No. 75 through 98 at 50 cents each. When these are gone, there is no plan to reprint them. Most are 12 pp., loose-leaf.

RECOVERING THE ANCIENT MAGIC (1970 reprint). A few Unbound copies are still available for $15. It is most unlikely that this book will ever be available again. State whether you wish it left uncut (so that you can have it bound), whether you want the edges trimmed, or if you want a plastic comb binding added (for only $1.00 extra).

A few copies of back issues of HUNA VISTAS NEWSLETTER (offset printed, with illustrations) are still available at $1.00 each. Only Nos. 3, 4, and 5 are available. The others are out of print.

The Huna books are now available from HRA.


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