HV Newsletters #8 – Fall, 1973

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Dr. E. Otha Wingo, Research Editor
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Dolly Ware, F.H.F., Curator
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To students of HUNA it is no secret that there were secret teachings reserved by Jesus for the private instruction of his “inner circle” of disciples. Studies in the coded Huna meanings in the Bible, reported by Max Freedom Long in numerous HRA Bulletins and Huna Vistas, are epitomized in HUNA CODE IN RELIGIONS (1965).

References to “the mysteries of the kingdom of God” abound in the canonical writings (the “Bible” which remained as a result of careful, partisan selection). E.g., Mark 4:11, “To you the mystery of the kingdom of God HAS BEEN GIVEN, but to those without, everything is in parables, so that they may see, but not perceive, and hear, but NOT understand.”

Yet, strangely, the very existence of an esoteric tradition, or inner teaching, has been vigorously denied by preachers and theologians.

In 1958 an ancient manuscript was discovered by Dr. Morton Smith, now professor of ancient history at Columbia University. The document is part of a letter from Clement of Alexandria dating back to the Second Century. What the letter reveals is that there existed a SECRET GOSPEL, written by Mark, containing teachings not included in the canonical book and only to be revealed to those who “had been given the mysteries of the kingdom of God.” After Peter’s death, Mark went to Alexandria with his own notes and those of Peter, by the aid of which he “composed a more spiritual Gospel for the use of those who were being perfected.” Even so, certain “things not to be uttered” and the “hierophantic teachings of Jesus” were not written down, but key expressions and coded sayings conveyed information that would be recognized and understood only by the initiated.

This Secret Gospel was left by Mark to the Church at Alexandria and was known to Clement, author of the manuscript. It was kept so secret, in fact, that its very existence was to be denied under oath, if necessary.

The fascinating account of the discovery and the research leading to verification of the text and of the interpretation suggested by its discoverer is to be found in Morton Smith’s THE SECRET GOSPEL, The Discovery and Interpretation of the Secret Gospel According to Mark, Harper and Row, New York, 1973; 148 pp., 8 pp. of illustrations; $5.95. This book is well worth the attention of students of Huna.

(MFL’s comments when the manuscript was first made public are to be found in H.V. #18, Feb. 1961.) Prof. Jacob Neusner of Brown University, said of this book: “The discovery itself ranks with Qumran and Nag Hammadi, Masada and the Cairo Geniza, but required more learning and sheer erudition than all of these together, both in the recognition of what had been found, and in the interpretation and explanation of the meaning of the find. All this Smith has done — and he tells us about it in a narrative of exceptional charm and simplicity.” Dr. Smith’s more formal study of the text, mostly for scholars, has been published by Harvard University, CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA AND A SECRET GOSPEL OF MARK (1972).


Wyckoff, James, WILHELM REICH: LIFE FORCE EXPLORER, Fawcett Publications, Greenwich, Conn., 1973; 137pp., index, bibliography; 95.

When the author said on the first page, “EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED,” he caught my attention. That was after seeing the reference to Life Force in the title. This book had to be read. Wilhelm Reich was not “understood.” Geniuses never are. “There were those who, all through his professional life, could not understand why he never stayed in one field. But Reich realized that everything in the world is connected, nothing separate… His moving from one field to another was simply moving within a bigger field. Psychology, sociology, biology, chemistry, all the sciences, as well as all the arts — and everything in life — are all part of one whole. Reich was living, working proof of this. Reich has many very important things to say to us. He made discoveries that are important to our very existence. His discovery of Orgone energy — the Life Force — is significant for students of Huna. He speaks of the four-beat rhythm of energy — that’s enough to make you read further.

Reich himself is not easy reading. But James Wyckoff presents a broad view of Reich’s thinking that is readable and understandable. It’s a good place to start, if you haven’t tackled the Life Force Explorer himself. It will make you want to explore further yourself. And that’s what HRA is all about — research for the Truth.

The ARICA INSTITUTE of Oscar Ichazo will be the subject of a report in a future issue. If you have taken the training, send your impressions to the Editor. Tom Bursik sent me some information and will send a detailed report.



ESTHER HOWARTH, St. Petersburg, Florida, reports on her observations after attending Kathryn Kuhlman’s meeting: “After reading MFL’s explanation of her healing powers, as he supposed them to be, I was particularly anxious to see what happened. The healings, and they were instant, took place constantly, but first she had to bring herself into a high state of emotional fervor. She did this by what she calls her ’sermon.’ Actually, it was very boring and could have been mumbo-jumbo, but she threw herself into her role, playing Lady Macbeth, Hamlet, Billy Graham and all the hell-fire-and-damnation school of preachers. I haven’t the vaguest idea what she said, but there was a great deal of body activity as she strode around the stage doing her soliloquy, throwing her arms around, gesturing extravagantly and talking about Jesus. This went on for a long time and I looked around to find that most people (and there were 7, 000 of them) appeared to be as bored as I was.

But then she calmed down (sometimes joked) and mentioned that a healing was taking place and described the ailment and asked the individual to come forward, and from then on kept mentioning in what part of the auditorium the healings were taking place and what they were — that the individual knew.

Well, there was from then on a steady stream of people going up to the stage, pushing wheelchairs, carrying braces, etc. They went up to her, gave the name and address and described the ailment, how long they had had it (some since birth). She then puts her hand on them and says words to the effect that ’Jesus did it,’ and down they fall and are caught just before they hit the floor. This is the repellent force that she generates. If positive force is masculine, then her low mana is completely feminine and negative in its application.

To impress the low self, she had some of them repeat after her, ‘Jesus cured me.’

They were all instant healings — many cases of polio victims who got up out of wheelchairs and walked, a little girl with crossed eyes, many people who had had hearing only in one ear, back troubles, ruptured discs, cancer, etc. I believe that the one thing I learned was that in order to make the contact with the High Self, more than a surcharge of mana is needed through deep breathing. I believe the real secret is in working oneself up to a HIGH EMOTIONAL STATE, plus the surcharge of mana. Now, she acquired her surcharge of mana through deep breathing because she was orating and speaking to 7,000 people and breathing deeply and vigorously to project her voice! Also, the extravagant gestures and prancing about the stage are body movements which help to stir the emotions and the postures then interact with what she is saying to ’turn her on.’ Because that is exactly what happens. She turns on! And then the healings start.

Before her warm-up, which all told probably takes at least 30 minutes, there is music — a fine pianist who plays highly emotional stuff, a magnificent tenor with a voice like Caruso or Mario Lanza, who sang and acted out ’The Penitent’ and then something in a quiet mood, and a large choir. Also, K. Kuhlman gets all the audience to stand up and sing, generating fervor and mana. There is also organ music.

The whole thing is tremendous to behold, because what she does to a person, in flooring them with a touch and sometimes just a gesture toward them, is the magic that MFL was talking about — the repellent force that the Kahunas knew about.” MFL’s discussion of Kathryn Kuhlman, referred to in Esther’s letter, is in two issues of the Huna Vistas: No. 71 and 81.

P. KAUFMANN, Zurich, Switzerland, sends another report from his group of 25 researchers. First he referred to the healing reported in the last Huna Vistas Newsletter, saying, “the man is in the best of health still. It is well known that many ‘spirit healings’ have only short time results and during my trip to Esoteric Brasil I had occasion to see a lot of such ‘healings’ which would be better designated ’temporary relief effects.’ I can now tell you of a further most interesting experiment we made in our group. I know a lady who has suffered from several diseases for six months, in a very weak condition. She lives about 20 miles from Zurich. I wrote and told her that I intended to make a telepathic experiment with her and asked her to watch for a message that I would send the next evening at 9 p.m. She called to ask that I not send a difficult message, as she was not feeling at all well. I did a ’telepathic experiment,’ to avoid ‘autosuggestion’ and so did not tell her the exact nature of the experiment.

That evening I took with me a part of a letter from this lady. Every member of the group took the piece of paper with her handwriting on it and held it in his hands. Then I asked them to make the ’gymnastic’ for accumulating mana. Some minutes later I gave the signal to pray to our three selves to send mana to this lady, and the mana of 25 persons was sent out at the same time. That was Thursday night.

On Saturday, I telephoned. Her first words were: ’Say, Mr. Kaufmann, what did you do Thursday at 9 o’clock. I suddenly got very hungry, a very strange thing for me. I went into the kitchen and made a sandwich and ate it with great appetite. Then I went to work and began to read the letters that had accumulated while I was sick.’ She confirmed later that this feeling of well being lasted for some days. You see from these experiments that a well working group of Huna people can make some experiments of top interest.”

A MEDICAL DOCTOR from a large, American city sent me a report of his observations after witnessing PSYCHIC SURGERY in Manila. The Doctor is a member of HRA, but asked that his name not be used “since this type of phenomenon is received by many in my profession with an extraordinary degree of irrational behavior, bordering on violence.” His request will be honored. Here is the report:


My wife and I went to Manila expressly to see Dr. Antonio Agpaoa, the faith healer who had received some publicity in the U.S. Guides at the hotel informed us that he had gone to Baguio. We decided to contact a woman who knew of a faith healer and in due time we were taken to a house with an open front to the street, with benches in the large front waiting room. The healing was carried out in a smaller back room. Thelma, the healer, was a youngish woman who seemed in no way extraordinary, except for a rather exuberant pleasantness. Only after sensing that we had a genuine interest in faith healing, and that I was a doctor, did she drop the aloof air which she seemed to have assumed on our arrival. She mentioned some of the criticism the faith healers had received from visitors, accusing the healers of being phonies and charlatans. A teenage girl who assisted Thelma and several barefoot neighborhood children were also present.

We arrived between cases, and the next patient was a young man who removed his shirt and reclined on his right side on a bench. Thelma washed her hands in the washbasin and dried them. Cotton soaked in alcohol was used to clean the man’s side. Then looking intently at the man’s left flank, she manipulated her fingers over this area and blood began to run down his back. I glanced at my wife who looked a bit pale, and from the way I felt, I must have also. Next I remember Thelma and her assistant wiping away the blood with cotton swabs, then seeing a threadlike line of blood along a flank incision. The line of blood was wiped away, and the man sat up, stretched, put on his shirt and left. She later informed us that this procedure had drained a renal abscess.

(A number of additional surgical procedures are described in the doctor’s report. They will be omitted here.)

We spent some time that afternoon discussing things in general with her and she said that her ability was ‘The Holy Spirit’ working through her, and that she was not always aware of what exactly was being done in these operations, but she did seem to be able to recall at least the organ involved. Meditation, concentration, and projection were the three steps which she said were necessary to perform psychic surgery, and further that she thought her incisions were made by enlarging skin pores, or going through pre-existing spaces, but of this she was admittedly uncertain. Her surgical skills followed the cure of a serious disorder by a faith healer almost ten years ago, after the medical doctors had declared her doomed. She was studying medicine at the time. She has doctors among her clientele, including those in her family, but she would prefer to treat disorders which are not accessible to routine medical care, or are incurable. There are, of course, no charges for her services, but the patients bring gifts, usually quite humble such as a bit of fruit. I have been as factual as possible, attempting to record my observations, excluding my own opinions as much as feasible. My impressions were recorded in quite lengthy detail directly after these experiences, and the photographs we took (unfortunately few, as it was difficult to concentrate on the camera and flash unit) did verify what we had seen, in fact, revealed more. The patient who had the blood vessel removed (omitted here) from his neck was seen to be in a glassy-eyed trance (or so he appeared) during his surgery, an appearance I don’t recall from my own observations.”

H.R. READ, Southport, England: There is a Radionic Association in this country which uses a fuller development of Dr. Abram’s “Black Box.” They also publish a Quarterly and, in the June issue there is an article entitled “THE INCREDIBLE HIERONYMOUS MACHINE” by Joseph F. Goodavage. Reprinted from Saga Magazine. By inserting a photograph in the box of, say, a cherry tree heavily infested with caterpillars and turning a dial all the caterpillars fall off the tree dead within a week even though the machine may be 300 miles from the tree. Fifty thousand acres of citrus orchards were completely cleared of all pests even to the nematodes 14′ down in the soil. I suggest that you get the relevant copy of the Saga issue and study it. No one understands how the business works.

I was in correspondence with the Secretary of the Radionic Association and happened to mention you and SSBM and I find that he is interested and may join to get the Newsletter for their library. I expect that he will write to you. I should think that SSAW would interest all the members of the Radionic Association.

(Thanks to Mr. Read for putting us in contact. I did receive a very nice letter from Mr. John Wilcox, Field House, Peaslake, Nr Guildford, Surrey, GU5 9SS, England, in which he did express keen interest in Huna and offered to exchange publications. This will be done. I have already received the latest issue of the RADIONIC QUARTERLY. Subscriptions are £2.)

PHYLLIS HUFFMAN, Boise, Idaho, who with her husband, Jack, directs INNER-FORUM (Metaphysical Clearing House) in a very active program, is helping to spread news of Huna to their members. In the September, 1973 issues of INNER-FORUM a full page spread about HRA appear, with photographs of Max Freedom Long and me presented side-by-side. A flyer with more information will be enclosed with this Huna Vistas Newsletter. I asked for the story of the organization and here is what I received, in part: “INNER FORUM was born, lives and breathes from its own energy source. The need in our area for such a service and education-geared organization was voiced in two phone calls to me over a year ago — just ordinary phone calls. Then the heavy, special voice I’ve known since my childhood spoke — naming the organization, and spelling out in detail how it must be run, how much to charge for services, every­thing — and I went along with it for one meeting. Namely because I was curious about the whole thing (not really believing anything would ever come of it). Much to my surprise, the whole thing was like an idea whose time had come. It just happened, and it grew — like topsy. I try my best to guide the thing along, and am to the point where a board of some kind must be formed, the whole thing is just too much for me. A good lesson for ‘I can do it all myself’ Virgo. I can’t. I’m just a channel in this thing, for what­ever that’s worth.

“Someday INNER FORUM’s story will be told — like it should be in proper language. Right now, it’s a little difficult. If you must say something, say it’s run by ‘the other side.’ Because it is.”

RACHEL WELCH, Washington, D.C.: “In view of what seems to me to be a fact, namely that we know of no more complicated and successful undertaking by any level of our ‘selves’ than that which results in control of our body functions, we have no reason to honor either uhane or Aumakua above the ‘lower’ self who does the job! The successes of the middle and Higher Self are conspicuous by their absence in history. Would that the genius of the ‘Low Self’ take over the ‘Body Politic’ from the uhane eggheads!”

Well put, Rachel, and this reminds us of the tremendous importance of the unihipili and the difficulty of settling on the precisely appropriate way to express the meaning of unihipili in English. “Low” self is often inadequate for the important function unihipili performs. Some use “Little” self, which has a certain significance — but BIG SELF would better indicate its wide scope of everyday activities. What HUNA gives us is THE THREE SELVES, each with an important place in the trinity of harmoniously functioning parts. The successes in life are really a result of this harmony. ANY emphasis on either of the three, to the exclusion of the others, is out of balance, inharmonious, and thus unsuccessful to some extent. The truly effective person (the whole person) is the one whose three selves work as one. Thus in the equilateral triangle which symbolizes this relationship, there is no high, middle, or low. No levels. All are unified, working as one. Like three notes, sounding a single chord. — EOW


Dolly Ware



Our HUNA work grows and progresses as Dr. Wingo resumes the “digging” begun by Max Freedom Long. The new twelve-lesson correspondence course, entitled THE FUNDAMENTALS OF HUNA PSYCHOLOGY is testimony to Otha’s vast under­standing of Huna principles. He continues to amaze me with his great ability to simplify the hardest teachings, making them usable in everyday life. This is the mark of a great teacher. We are blessed to have him and shout our joy from the very rooftop of the MFL Library. Congratulations, New/Boss and High Mana and praise from all of your grateful HRAs for continued guidance and growth during the coming year.

The Holidays are upon us. Let’s endeavor to make them Holy Days (Whole Days) not hollow days and above all not to go through them in Holly Daze!

As HRAs, let us each be mindful of the fact that, although we have put men on the moon itself, it avails nothing (no-thing) if we fail to light the candle of prayerful Thanksgiving in each of our hearts as we celebrate the Harvest Moon here on Earth. Number us in the ranks of those who go forth with courage, and stand tall for the tried and true values in life. Someone has said, “Give thanks for the little things, the kettle that gently sings. Thankful for friends who share our mirth And the warm, sweet fragrance of our earth. For love, for peace and kindly firelight, For these I pray with all my might.”

It is the “little things” that make a lot of difference, isn’t it? Turn Thanksgiving into Thanks – Living and celebrate with a golden aura of spiritual vitality, renewing our faith and deep convictions.

The airplane is a stark reminder that our world has shrunk to the size of a man’s pocket handkerchief. Our younger generation is already realizing that many of our care­fully preserved world pictures and nationalistic feelings must make way for a broader viewpoint. How can we possibly span the gap of the 2,976 languages spoken on the earth?

May I suggest that HUNA and its teaching of “NO HURT — NO SIN” and “SERVE TO DESERVE ” not only gives us a clue but the actual solution. LOVE is the only bridge. HUNA spans the gap and builds this bridge of LOVE for all man­kind.

At this special season we are privileged to give expression to our thoughts to you whose friendship and good will we cherish. Our Max would have been eighty-three on October 26. He left us a fine heritage. Let us, the advanced thinkers, carry our Huna teaching into every highway and byway, as we continue to braid together the Aka Cord of Love, Peace, and Good Will to be shared and enjoyed by all the peoples of the world. — Dolly Ware

MFL BIOGRAPHY MATERIAL has been sent by several HRAs, including some of the tinned letters, with person notes added in the margin, some full-size letters, and a Cigbo letter or two. I am especially grateful to CURTIS STEWART for letters and pictures.


Curtis Stewart, Max, and Russell Bailey (order unknown)

On this page is a picture sent by Curtis. It was taken August 30, 1917, just after Curtis and Max arrived in Honolulu. Curtis tells the fascinating story of how he persuaded Max to go to Hawaii to teach. He had already signed up for the teaching, but on learning that he would not be in Honolulu, told them he would not accept the assignment. He was required to find a substitute. It seemed that no one could be found.

“One afternoon, still hoping that something might happen to help me out in this dilemma, all of a sudden ‘something’ seemed to be talking to me, clearly, but not exactly a human voice. It said ‘Take a Whittier car and go into L.A. and walk around to 6th St. and turn off at Spring & there you will find the man who will take that job for you.’ This was the first time anything of this sort had ever happened to me. I was told to be there on Spring St. at 6:30. Of course it never occurred to me just who the man of mystery would be. I could hardly wait for the plot of this story (so it seemed to me) to take place. As the voice had requested, I arrived on Spring St. and was I surprised to see dear old Max right there — looking into a shop window. He too had had a feeling that he should be around there. (In another place, Max tells about the strange urge to go for a walk in that particular area of town.) I was almost speechless for I began to see at once what this was shaping into.

I said, ‘Max, I have something to tell you & you have got to agree with me.’ He looked bewildered and I told him that he was going to Hawaii to teach. Max in later years said to me: ‘Curtis, you surely turned into someone else that evening, voice, features & all. You surely were one of those wise & great old Kahunas. Right then, that made me agree to go to Hawaii.” Curtis says the other chap in the picture is Russell Bailey, who also went with them. Max had gone over ahead of the others, managing the trip free on a transport. So he met the others when they arrived on the day this picture was taken. Max was placed away out on a big plantation, some­ where in Hawaii, all very primitive. He seemed to like it, however, and I daresay he profited by it too.” Many thanks, Curtis. –E.O.W.


Max Freedom Long



by Max Freedom Long

(In addition to 227 HRA Bulletins and Huna Vistas, Max Freedom Long wrote a number of articles in answer to questions sent in by Huna students. These were usually mailed out with the bulletin and were not numbered, but were sometimes dated. The article which is reprinted here was the first of several “Miscellaneous Papers” written in answer to such questions. It was issued May 30, 1949.)

The question frequently is asked, “Is Huna spiritual?” And, as this is a matter of some importance, I have thought it well to give my slant on it.

The difficult thing in answering this question is to find out what we mean when we say “spiritual”. I asked one of my friends what she meant by that word and she turned out to have almost as vague an idea as I had. So I began to think about it, and here are some of my thoughts.

By SPIRITUAL we all seem to mean non-animal or of Spirit. We follow the old classification of spirit or soul as distinct and apart from the physical body. The part of us that survives is not particularly “spiritual” as we are accustomed to use the word, so we look to the Holy Spirit or God or at least some entity higher than the human level, seeing in It a criterion of “spirituality”, or of holiness and attainment. In our criterion we see the highest and most ideal form of GOODNESS.

So, if we say that spirituality is GOODness, then we must decide the nature and relationship of GOODness with us as human beings and with our lives, our condition after death, also our evolutionary growth and ultimate relation to our fellows and with High Beings.

The matter resolves itself into a question of what is good and what is bad, especially in the matter of our conduct. And this at once brings up the old question of whether ordinary living is bad or sinful because we must live in bodies of flesh even while we attempt to be “spiritual”.

The entire concept is such that It embodies a state of war between the urges of the body and those of the aspiring “spirit’1 in man. In early Christian teachings we find Paul wishing that all fellow Christians might live as he did – giving up the normal life with wife and family, with the daily bread winning tasks, so that all the time and effort of the individual might be expended in preaching the gospel and ministering to the converts.

In India the same attitude toward normal living is found, but in a more extended form. There one gives up all DESIRE, even the desire to preach and to convert others to a set religious, moral or physical code of beliefs, conformances and daily acts.

Sometimes we can get to the truer views by extending concepts to their logical or ultimate end. So, shall we say that to be spiritual demands being entirely non-physical, to give up all things having to do with life in the physical body, to give up all normal bio­logical and animal activities that make life possible in the flesh? At once we see that this latter view leads us into absurdity. It presupposes the fact that the Creative Intelligence behind our very being does not know what is normal and best for created beings.

As the ideal of a life of retirement has been realized in the cloisters, we have but to ask what great GOOD ever came from such efforts to become greatly SPIRITUAL. No great religious leader has ever come out of the hermit’s cave or monk’s cell to teach the people how to live more efficiently — to work helpfully with their neighbors, and to rear their children more wisely.

Furthermore, the great teachers who have caught the hearts and minds of men down the centuries have been one with them — lived with them and shared their problems. Only the “Masters”, vaguely limned on hidden pages of rare books, are supposed to live in their high and secret solitudes and still send out to their chosen few the instructions for perfect living — living devoid of normal ways.

The modern play on words which is found in all our religious literature makes the “spiritual” something mysterious and very wonderful. It becomes our mirage in the humdrum desert of living. It becomes a strange ingredient in a stranger escape mechanism. The escape is from reality and obligations. If the urge to escape is sufficient, the asylum often becomes the safe haven.

From a practical angle, we have but to turn to the stories of Jesus and Gautama to see that out of a great number, only a few were instructed to leave off their daily work and help with the teaching. I cannot recall that any of these were asked to leave their families. And, if these teachers and their disciples are not to be classed as “spiritual” among men, where can we turn to find the really spiritual? Must a man become God? Fie on us all for so much childish thinking and blind aspiring to unproven and patently impractical idealism.

Then what is the aim and end of living? If it is not to be “spiritual” what is it?

That brings us back to our original question as to whether Huna is a spiritual teaching or not. When one listens to this anxious question, the impression is gained that should Huna NOT be spiritual, it must be some secretly black and devilish teaching that will lead straight to the hell of the most evil of all beings.

In Huna everything must be considered, as it has to do with the three levels of consciousness which make up the man. We must ask whether Huna teaches three kinds of GOODness, one for the level of the low self and the physical body in which we live, one for the level of the middle self and the mental world in which it functions, and one for the level of the High Self and its unseen world.

Huna teaches NORMAL LIVING on every level. It teaches us that we neglect the physical body and the low self at our peril. To neglect the middle self and its education and exercise is equally out of the question. However, we seem to have less of a command to give the High Self its proper share of attention and care. Or, perhaps we have overlooked the importance of this. Perhaps this is where we must become SPIRITUAL. In any event, the ideal is to live the normal, helpful, kindly and progressive life. There is nothing in the lore of the kahunas to teach us to live otherwise.

From a practical point of view, the most spiritual thing we can do is to come to recognize the fact that the High Self is a verity, and to try to learn to work with It for our own good and for our own growth on the physical and mental levels of our being. To do our best means that we must also learn to work well with our fellow men – failing which, we find “spirituality” a very empty dream.

With aloha, Max Freedom Long


All prayer is telepathic. The necessity of sending prayer requests through the low self in order to communicate with the High Self bothers some students who have had pounded into them the idea that they can “approach directly to the throne of grace.” It should be emphasized that in all successful prayer/actions, all three selves are working together. But in order to analyze the procedure and discuss the various functions of each of the three selves, they must be separated into three individual entities. Some religions regularly teach the use of an intermediary, whether a priest or a divine son.


Direct Dialing?


Or Telephone Operator?

An analogy, completely apart from any emotionally charged religious connotations, may suggest how this works. I will use telephone communications as an illustration of this. Prayer may be analogous to a telephone system. In order to make a telephone call from my home to another town some ten miles away, it is necessary to go through the telephone “exchange” located thirty miles away. Presumably this is typical of the intricate connections throughout the telephone system. Why can’t I call “directly” to the nearby town? Why do I have to go through the more distant city? The telephone company ads emphasize “direct dialing.” Because the telephone connections are so arranged that this is the only way to call that town! With the modern electronic equipment, it is possible to dial “directly,” but the call goes through (no matter how swiftly) via the distant exchange. No need to question the arrangement of connecting wires. And the call is completed just as quickly as if the wires went directly to my destination, instead of in the roundabout way.

Prayer directed to the High Self is routed via the low self. That’s the way we are “wired.” When the three selves are working harmoniously together, we can in effect use “direct dialing” — so that we apparently contact the High Self “directly” and instantaneously. However, the “wiring” is still the same and functions automatically. Without “direct dialing” we must first call the operator, obtain our number and have the operator connect us with our party. When we “know the number” and have the facilities for “direct dialing,” we can contact the High Self  “at once and automatically.” What the kahunas called the “rain of blessings” from the High Self (return flow of mana-loa) indicates that there is a three-way hook-up, like the ancient symbol of the triangle. After connections have been made with the High Self there is a return flow of mana, changed to more powerful mana-loa, and this is felt and recognized, as a welling up of love (emotion) by the low self, and as a knowing by the middle self that the contact has been made. And so the kahunas ended their prayers with the words, “Let the rain of blessings fall.”

But what about the transmission via satellite relay? TV programs from all over the world now reach us – – but they are first sent to the satellite, then relayed to our TV receiver, perhaps going through other relay stations on the way before reaching our homes. We consider this as the most amazingly “direct” TV transmission and even call it “live” reception. But in actual technology, it is more indirect than regular TV broadcasting.

To say that prayers must go first to the low self (the telephone operator or satellite relay transmitter), who must then communicate with the High Self doesn’t make the low self a “god,” more important in function than the High Self.

It is incorrectly thought that the low self decides whether to send the prayer on to the High Self. This is not the case. The mistake is based on the fact that the low self sometimes does not send the prayer/picture — but only because the path is blocked by fixations or guilt complexes so that it cannot relay the prayer. The low self obeys the middle self command — but it must receive the command clearly and not be confused by contradictory commands. If a telephone line is broken by a storm, the call will not go through. “Storms” are the emotions of anger and fear and have the same effect on the line of communication to the High Self. Fixations and guilt complexes are the “standing orders” that have authoritative force. When a command is given in contradiction to a “standing order” (fixed idea) the more forceful command is obeyed. The problem may be such a confusion of commands that the low self finds it impossible to act.

The low self — by another analogy — is the servant or slave of the middle self. He must obey — but what if the master commands something that the servant is incapable of doing? He may be lacking the skill required to carry out the order (untrained low self) or he may be physically unable to do it (failure to strengthen the low self with a supply of mana). Again, the low self may be willing and able, but may find the path blocked by conflicting commands from previous injunctions from the middle self, or from physical stimuli which act as strong and powerful commands, resulting in fixations and complexes.

The low self does not decide — but the telephone line may be broken or jammed with a multitude of calls and the communication is thereby blocked. The line, in effect, is “busy.”

The perfect UNITY of the THREE SELVES working harmoniously together is our goal. Then, prayer/actions get results. — E.O.W.

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