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January – March, 1977

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Our article on REICH AND ORGONE in H.V. Research Bulletin No. 19 was been well received. It has been described as the clearest and most accurate brief introduction to Orgonomy in print. Here we add three articles by JEROME EDEN on the implications of research in ORGONE ENERGY. The first is an original article sent by Mr. Eden for publication in this Bulletin. The second is reprinted from an article he wrote for general distribution when his first book was published. The third is a reprint from the latest EDEN BULLETIN, bringing the information right to our present world situation.



An original article on the effects of nuclear testing on ORGONE ENERGY BY JEROME EDEN, M.A., O.S.J.*

Nuclear scientists are becoming increasingly uneasy with the prevailing concepts of our physical universe. The theoretical assumptions underlying the technical procedures involved in nuclear experiments and technology are actually the “road maps” of man’s future. If these maps and guidelines are generally accurate (that is, in conformance with truth and fact), then scientific advancement should proceed without any unforeseen roadblocks or major calamities. If, however, these theoretical maps should prove to be erroneous, then a collision course with disaster might very well be in man’s immediate future. There is evidence that such a catastrophic collision course is imminent.

In simple terms, what is at stake here is the present scientific theory regarding the nature of space itself. Is space empty or is it filled with a teeming energy substratum? Do nuclear tests, conducted above or below ground (or in outer space) occur in a “near vacuum,” or is our planet actually immersed in an “ocean of energy” which could conceivably participate in such tests and thus become permanently polluted or irreversibly changed?

Dr. H.C. Dudley, professor of radiation physics at the University of Illinois Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois, is one of a growing number of thoughtful scientists who are currently questioning the validity of contemporary theoretical physics. In his article, “Is There an Ether?” (Industrial Research, November 15, 1974), Dr. Dudley stated: “During the development of any hypothesis or theory, there is implanted unknowingly by the originator, a time bomb, which eventually demolishes every theory. This self-destructive device is the assumption that all physical factors (mass and/or energy) which enter into a reaction are known, that all possible parameters have been defined.”

With specific application to nuclear energy uses in power installations or for military purposes, Dr. Dudley emphasizes that “the safety projections assume an energy-free and mass-free space.” In other words, Dr. Dudley is alerting his fellow-scientists to the real and grave possibility that our hitherto postulated “empty space” may in fact be filled with energy, and that this unknown energy would it­self be interacting with and participating in nuclear reactions. The results of such energy interaction could be extremely dangerous be­cause present laws of physics neither consider nor anticipate the re­actions of such a possibility.

So we return to our basic question: Is space “empty” or is it filled with a subtle, primordial, pre-atomic energy — an energy substrate which, in the nineteenth century, was called “Ether”?

Let us return briefly to that historic period surrounding the development of the first atomic bomb. On December 30, 1940, a little-known physician and scientist residing in Forest Hills, Long Island, New York, wrote a letter to Albert Einstein, who was then working at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. The physician-scientist was Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who was teaching experimental and clinical psychology at the New School for Social Research in New York.

In this brief, important letter Reich expressed his hope that he might interest Einstein in his discovery of a hitherto unknown energy which he had discovered and named “Orgone,” after the words “organismic” and “orgastic.” Reich had been able to scientifically verify the existence of this energy thermically, electroscopically, microscopically, as well as in other ways. He had reached a point in his research, however, where he felt that the magnitude of his discovery, as well as the responsibilities involved, were far too great for his private resources. The discovery of a specific biological and cosmic energy that could be demonstrated as existing everywhere in the atmosphere as cosmic primordial energy demanded far wider research endeavors than Reich could at that time provide.

Would Professor Einstein be interested in discussing some of the basic phenomena which Reich had uncovered? Reich was jubilant when he received a reply from Einstein dated January 6, 1941, and which led to a meeting between the two scientists on January 13, 1941, at Einstein’s residence in Princeton. (Photostats of the letters which were exchanged between Einstein and Reich appeared in the publication The Einstein Affair, Orgone Institute Press, Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine, in 1953.)

On the appointed day, Reich arrived at Einstein’s residence, bringing with him an optical instrument he had invented for magnifying the atmospheric Orgone energy and making it more readily visible. He called this optical invention an “orgonoscope.”

The discussion between Reich and Einstein lasted for nearly five hours! During this time, Reich introduced Einstein to new facts and concepts relating to the existence of a mass-free, pre-atomic, primordial energy — the same energy which operates in the living organism as biological or Life Energy, per se. Reich had much to tell to the elderly Einstein, who was then involved in attempts at interesting President Roosevelt in atomic-bomb research.

The men drew the blinds, turned out the lights, and allowed their eyes to become accustomed to the darkness. Reich handed Einstein the orgonoscope and asked him to look through the instrument and observe the scintillations of the Orgone energy in the room. Einstein was amazed!

Later, Reich discussed his orgone-energy accumulator — another invention of his which accumulated the freely-available, atmospheric Orgone energy and made it available for scientific and medical research. Einstein declared that if Reich’s findings were true, “It would be a bomb in physics!” (Experimental data for Reich’s discovery is given in his book, The Cancer Biopathy, republished in 1973 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York.)

In a second visit to Einstein’s home about two weeks later, Reich brought with him a specially constructed orgone-energy accumulator. This apparatus was placed on a table in Einstein’s basement. One thermometer was placed in a tube just above the accumulator, while a second, control thermometer was hung some three and one-half feet away in the free cellar atmosphere. Einstein then confirmed that the accumulator temperature was higher than that of the ambient temperature. The thermo­meters were then reversed and the same phenomenon occurred. Reich asserted that the accumulated atmospheric energy in his apparatus produced the temperature rise. This finding, too, Einstein confirmed, although it completely contradicted the second law of thermodynamics. This second law (or the law of entropy), expressed simply, says that heat cannot be produced in and by itself in the absence of work.

In a distorted version of this important episode in the history of science, Ronald W. Clark gives the impression in his book, Einstein — the Life and Times (Avon, New York, 1971), that Einstein considered Reich a crackpot “and tried to ignore his involvement with Wilhelm Reich.” If this is so, we are constrained to ask, why did Einstein spend nearly five initial hours with this “crackpot”? Furthermore, why did Einstein invite Reich to return to his home for a second visit? Why, also, did Einstein accept Reich’s orgonoscope and orgone-energy accumulator, retaining these inventions in his home for nearly a year, despite Reich’s repeated requests for their return? Surely, if one wishes to divest himself of a “crackpot,” the best procedure is not to become further involved by inviting him to return to one’s home. And, moreover, one does not accept (and then retain) scientific apparatus from such a “crackpot.” Ronald Clark’s misinterpretation of these events is exposed by Einstein’s initial enthusiasm and actual verification of two of Reich’s important findings.

Nevertheless, Einstein’s later silence regarding Reich’s discovery and his unwillingness to return Reich’s scientific inventions point to a curious ambivalence in his character. If space is indeed filled with a primordial, mass-free energy capable of penetrating all substances, as Reich’s work demonstrates, what would such a discovery do to Einstein’s theory of relativity, to his own assumptions of an “empty” space? How many scientists have the breadth of character and scientific dedication to admit publicly that their life’s work is erroneous?

Let us, however, leave Albert Einstein and his curious behavior, and look instead at the wider and graver implications that the discovery of a ubiquitous cosmic energy has upon nuclear science. We recall Professor Dudley’s important warning regarding the assumption by physicists “that all physical factors (mass and/or energy) which enter into a reaction are known, that all possible parameters have been de­fined.” If space is not empty, but is filled with a type of energy unknown to classical, orthodox physicists, it would indeed — in Einstein’s words — “be a bomb in physics!” What is the evidence for the existence of such a pervasive energy substratum?

In the foreword to my book, Planet in Trouble — the UFO Assault on Earth, Dr. Elsworth F. Baker, who knew and worked with Wilhelm Reich for many years, describes an experiment Reich conducted to see what effect concentrated atmospheric Orgone energy would have on nuclear energy: “On January 5, 1951, Dr. Wilhelm Reich put 1 mg. of radium, still in its lead container, into a 20-fold Orgone energy accumulator in a metal-lined room. He left it there for five hours. This was repeated daily for a week, and, on the last day, it was left in for only one-half hour. The results are described in his The Oranur Experiment — First Report (1947- 1951), an account since burned by the Food and Drug Administration. I know what happened. I was there.”

The count on the Geiger counter went up alarmingly and finally jammed. The building and atmosphere around it glowed at night. One physician went into shock and nearly lost her life when she put her head into a metal cabinet in the laboratory. The mice which were used in this experiment died. A peculiar, sickening, acrid odor pervaded the atmosphere, while clouds hung over the area constantly. Reich fell ill and hovered between life and death for weeks. The whole area became uninhabitable.

Several fully accredited physicians and scientists, besides Reich and Baker, participated in and witnessed these events. According to the classical laws (road-maps) of present-day physics, such a reaction is totally “impossible.” But it did happen! Reich sent more than six hundred copies of this experiment to various government agencies and scientists throughout the United States and the world. For the most part, this crucially important “Oranur Experiment” brought stunned silence and disbelief. Nonetheless, this experiment has far-reaching implications with respect to nuclear physics and our present-day conception of “empty space.”

Since space is, in reality, not empty, as Reich’s thirty years of published work indicates, then nuclear physicists are changing — and thereby endangering — the very “primordial, Life-Energy Ocean” which supports, maintains and creates all life on the planet Earth. Continued misuse of nuclear-energy devices, be they for military or “peaceful pursuits,” must occur in the darkness of ignorance concerning the discovery of Orgone energy.

Wilhelm Reich gave his life to bring these facts —- and more -— to the attention of the world. No one can predict at what point the cosmic Orgone energy, constantly being “goaded” and contaminated by nuclear infestations, will itself become totally “triggered” into a critical and deadly killer, as Reich’s Oranur Experiment indicates.

Today, some twenty years after Reich’s death in a federal penitentiary**, scientists throughout the world are beginning to re-examine his scientific findings and what they portend for man and the planet Earth. For example, since 1967, Dr. Elsworth Baker has been editing a scientific and medical journal which carries articles by scientists currently working with the cosmic and biological Orgone energy. (See The Journal of Orgonomy, Box 565, Ansonia Station, New York, New York 10023. The subscription is $10.00 per year for two book-sized issues.)

Reich’s important scientific and sociological books are being reprinted and studied throughout the world. To paraphrase H.G. Wells, mankind is truly running a race between education and nuclear disaster. We can only hope that responsible scientists everywhere will assume responsibility for Reich’s important findings. To do less invites global disaster.

*Jerome Eden is author of two books on cosmic energy: Orgone Energy — the Answer to Atomic Suicide and Planet in Trouble— the UFO Assault on Earth (both published by Exposition Press, Hicksville, N.Y., in 1972 and 1973 respectively). Mr. Eden also publishes EDEN Bulletin, Box 34, Careywood, Idaho 83809; four issues for $6.00.

**Reich was sentenced to two years in federal prison for failure to obey an FDA injunction which prohibited further research and writing on Orgone energy. He was found dead in his cell on November 3, 1957, just one week before he was to be released.

TopGraphicLove, Work, and Knowledge are the wellsprings of our life.
They should also govern it. — Wilhelm Reich, MD


Is There A “Life Energy”?

By Jerome Eden


On March 19, 1954 Judge John D. Clifford, Jr., U.S. District Judge for the District of Maine, signed an injunction written by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which claimed that the Life Energy of the living organism (named “Orgone” energy by its discoverer, Wilhelm Reich, M.D.) “did not exist.” The injunction prohibited Dr. Reich from disseminating any further findings on this Life Energy, banned and burned all of his thirty years of published material on this energy, and led to the imprisonment of Dr. Reich in Lewisburg Penitentiary where he died on November 3, 1957.

The FDA injunction implied that Dr. Reich’s “Orgone Energy Accumulator” was a fraudulent device, and that such devices constituted “misrepresentation” to the public at large. The FDA injunction also stated that any such devices constituted mis-branding… “by reason of any photographic representation or suggestion with a caption or otherwise, which conveys the impression that such is an actual photograph de­picting the alleged Orgone energy or an alleged Orgone energy field.”

All during the FDA prosecution, Dr. Reich claimed that Soviet agents, in league with commercial and political hoodlums in the U.S.A., were behind a plot to destroy his research in this country while simultaneously stealing his secrets for the U.S.S.R. Reich supplied the courts with massive evidence to back up his claims for this conspiracy. He also supplied the courts with copies of his thirty years of published work de­scribing his experimental verification for the existence of a specific biological energy which operates in the atmosphere as pre-atomic, primordial, mass-free Cosmic Energy. Dr. Reich had demonstrated the existence of the Life Energy visually, thermically, electroscopically, microscopically, photographically, by GM counter, and with his inventions of the Orgonoscope and the Orgone Energy Field Meter. This latter invention demonstrated the Life Energy fields of living organisms, and showed the decrease in this Life Energy field as the living organism (plant or animal) weakened or died.

SOVIET ESPIONAGE Before and during the trial of Wilhelm Reich, several interesting events took place. First, the Soviet Union ordered ALL of Reich’s books and published information. Second, one of Reich’s assistants, William Washington, disappeared and was later reported behind the Iron Curtain, taking with him two motors which Reich had hook­ed up to run on the freely available Cosmic Life Energy — the same Life Energy which the FDA said “Doesn’t exist!” Third, some 200 FDA agents were dismissed as “security risks” during this period!! And finally, an associate of Dr. Reich reported that Reich’s invention — the Orgone Energy Accumulator — was being used in several SOVIET HOSPITALS! Still, according to the FDA, the Life Energy “Doesn’t exist!”

So Dr. Wilhelm Reich was handed a two-year jail sentence, fined $10,000 and imprisoned in a Federal penitentiary. He was found dead in his cell eight months later — just one week before he was to be released! And all because, according to the FDA, the Life Energy “Doesn’t exist!”

In 1970 a very significant book titled, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, by Ostrander and Schroeder, was published by Prentice-Hall. This book by two American journalists covers the entire range of the Soviet attempt to grasp and utilize the Life Energy of the human body, which the FDA said “Doesn’t exist!” At a lecture given by the two women authors, they were asked if the Russians know about the work of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Their reply was that the Russians know everything about his work! (Everything about a man’s work that “Doesn’t exist”?)

LIFE ENERGY PHOTOGRAPHS In the Jan. 28, 1973 issue of the “National Enquirer” (America’s leading weekly newspaper with a circulation of more than two million readers) there is a feature article (pages 16 & 17) detailing the invention of a device that actually takes photographs of the Life Energy of living organisms. The subject of this article is a re­search engineer named Henry Monteith, a graduate of the Milwaukee School of Engineering and a PhD candidate, affiliated with the Sandia Corporation of the Atomic Energy Commission.

The Enquirer article, by editorial staff writer Edward B. Camlin, states that Mr. Monteith has invented a $50 machine that can photograph the “life energy” surrounding all living things. Cam­lin states, “So significant are Monteith’s pictures that he has been authorized to conduct a major research program” in such photography at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. Mr. Monteith’s work in photographing the Life Energy has brought him worldwide publicity and a two-year research grant! (For working with an energy that “Doesn’t exist!’’???) We recall that Dr. Reich’s THIRTY YEARS OF WORK AND PUBLISHED VERIFICATION brought him a $10,000 fine and a TWO-YEAR JAIL SENTENCE which led to his death! (For working with an energy that “Doesn’t exist!”)

One more major point needs to be clarified. In August 1968, I (Jerome Eden) met Mr. Henry Monteith at the Idaho Falls, Idaho airport and drove him to my home where he was a guest in my house for THREE DAYS! Mr. Monteith had read some information I had published on Dr. Reich’s work, and he had requested that he be permitted to come to my home for the expressed purpose of reading, copying from, and making photostats of the banned and burned literature of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, because this literature had been banned and burned on FDA orders, since the Life Energy “Doesn’t exist!” Accepting Mr. Monteith as a bonafide research scientist, I gave him permission to read and copy and photograph Dr. Reich’s banned and burned literature, and Monteith and I had many long hours of discussion concerning the Life Energy which “Doesn’t exist!”*

Before Mr. Monteith left my home, I asked him to sign a statement to the effect that he had come, at his own request, to my home to “read and copy” from my full library of Dr. Reich’s work. Mr. Monteith signed this statement — and copies of it are in my possession and also deposited with various persons through­ out the USA. Subsequently, Mr. Monteith published an article in “The Astral Projection” (issue No. 14, Box 4383, Albuquerque, N. M. ). The article was titled, “The Kirlian Effect,” and though it refer­red time and again to the work being done by Russian Scientists on the Life Energy (which “Doesn’t exist!”) it failed to mention the work done by the American scientist, Dr. Wilhelm Reich! I therefore wrote Mr. Monteith questioning this obvious lapse in his memory. He replied to me in a letter dated October 16, 1972, stating, in part:

I thank you very much for bringing it to my attention the fact that I did not mention Dr. Reich in my article on the Kirlian Effect. I assure you that it was not intentional on my part to leave his name out of the article. It is just that I was so involved in the Russian work at the time that the contributions of Reich completely skipped my mind… You can be certain that from this point on I will never again forget about the great contributions of Dr. Reich. /s/ Henry Monteith

Unfortunately, the “National Enquirer” article of Jan. 28, 1973 again fails to mention the work of Wilhelm Reich. A query to Monteith brought the response that the “National Enquirer” had deleted all mention of Dr. Reich and Orgone energy from its published story! Monteith’s efforts to gain acknowledgement for Reich and his discovery of the Life Energy had been rebuffed.


Now — either there IS a Life Energy or there is NOT a Life Energy! The FDA, the Russian scientists, and Mr. Henry Monteith cannot have it BOTH WAYS! Either Wilhelm Reich, M.D., was a fraud and a quack who deserved to be thrown into a Federal jail and left to die, or he was THE GREATEST AMERICAN SCIENTIST of this or any other Century!

Either the FDA did a superb job of prosecuting a fraudulent quack, or the FDA is guilty of perpetrating the most heinous offenses against the most important American scientist who ever lived! Either the Life Energy is a fraud and Dr. Reich was a fraud — and the Russian scientists are frauds, and Mr. Henry Monteith is a fraud — or the FRAUD must rebound at the feet of the FDA agents who prosecuted Dr. Wilhelm Reich!

Either the American people have been duped and swindled out of the most important single discovery in the history of mankind, or they have not! Either the Life Energy EXISTS or it does NOT EXIST!

The authors of Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain have already warned the American people that the discovery of the Life Energy will be used for Mind Control in a TOTAL POLICE STATE WORLD! But the discovery of this energy is even more significant than that. It means, among other things (as Dr. Reich’s work points out) WEATHER CONTROL, A MEANS OF NULLIFYING NUCLEAR ENERGY, AND A FREE SOURCE OF COSMIC POWER CAPABLE OF RUNNING MOTORS WITHOUT POLLUTION! Reich’s published work also proved that his discovery of the Life Energy is the PROPUL­SIVE POWER behind UFOs!!!


[The following article is] reprinted from: EDEN BULLETIN: 4,2 “THE DEATH OF PLANET EARTH” — by Jerome Eden

“The principle of Life itself is threatened.” Wilhelm Reich

Introduction: Nov. 18,1976, the Red Chinese announced their largest above-ground nuclear bomb explosion.* Nuclear energy (DOR) is the deadly antithesis of our planetary Life Energy. Many students of Orgonomy cannot comprehend the relationship of the two energies, of how and why nuclear energy interacts so dangerously with the Life Energy in atmosphere & living organism. What follows are some personal thoughts and conclusions that might help clarify & explain, in simple, non-technical language, some of the dynamics involved which may have led Reich to make the statement quoted above. It is my firm belief that un­less nuclear energy “tests” and “uses” are completely stopped, not just in the USA, but throughout the entire planet, Life on Planet Earth cannot continue to exist. It is up to every single individual to make a supreme effort at calling our planetary DOR-suffocation to the attention of everyone. Nothing can or will be done unless enough “ordinary people” demand it.

*By Dec. 1976, the USA had detonated at least 14 underground A-tests for that year, and probably more. Ed.


The Life Energy (LE) in Nature and Man pulsates. As WR’s work demonstrates, pulsation of the LE is, in fact, the Principle of Life itself.

(See The Cancer Biopathy.) Death occurs when pulsation ceases. But long before the final pulsatory expressions cease to occur in a cell, an organ, or the organism as a whole, there is generally a history of chronic interference or disruption of pulsation which precedes the final, irreversible “moment” of death.

Reich discovered and gave us the Life Formula (the orgasm formula) which expresses itself as

Mechanical Tension → Charge → Discharge → Relaxation

In the undisturbed, unarmored organism, the energetic pulsation motivates & regulates the pulsatory functions of the organs — heart, bladder, liver, brain, etc.

As I understand it, pulsation occurs both in the living and the non­-living realms, that is, pulsation occurs both in matter and in the atmosphere. When the LE is encapsulated within matter (a membrane), and when such matter participates in phase with the LE pulsations, we then say of such matter that “It is alive.”

Let me see if I can illustrate here what I mean. Figure 1 illustrates pulsation occurring in the atmosphere:


Figure 1

Here we see the unimpeded, mass-free atmospheric OR expressing itself through the natural sequences of pulsation. Mechanical Tension occurs at “A”; Charge occurs at “B”; Discharge at “C”; and Relaxation at “D.” This gentle, curving wave of pulsation underlies the formation of material formations in Nature — e.g., rolling hills & mountain crests, wave formations in ocean & clouds, as well as seasonal changes.

Now, before we go any further, it is important to point out that non-living matter does not pulsate. (Ibid, p.50, Noonday edition.)

Non-­living matter expands and contracts (as from the influence of heat & cold) but it does not pulsate. This purely mechanical expansion & contraction of non-living matter is graphically expressed in Figure 2:


Figure 2

Here expansion is shown as a period of time (A) and contraction occurs at (B).

In a natural environment, the pulsatory functions of the mass-free, atmospheric OR regularly precede and regulate the mechanical expansion-contraction of non-living material structures. Thus, the natural pulsations of the atmospheric OR are in step, so to speak, with the mechanic­al movements (expansion-contraction) of non-living matter. This “phase” relationship is shown in Figure 3.


Figure 3

In Fig. 3, A is our atmospheric, mass-free pulsation, and B is the mechanical movement of expansion-contraction in non-living matter. Atmospheric OR charge (A1) occurs in step with material expansion (B1); and atmospheric OR discharge (A2) occurs in step with material contraction (B2).

Figure 4 depicts planet Earth with its cosmic OR envelope in which our globe is immersed. (See WR’s Cosmic Superimposition.) It is this OR envelope moving west to east that rotates our planet like a ball rolling upon ocean waves.


Figure 4

Fresh cosmic Orgone energy reaches our planet by way of this OR envelope; and, I assume, “used” OR energy from our planet is “freshened” or carried off through this same cosmic-energy medium, just as fresh water flowing into a pond interacts with the stale pond water and freshens it continuously.

Whenever man explodes a nuclear device anywhere on our planet, the natural OR pulsations are severely disturbed. Furthermore, the atmospheric OR is drastically changed into a highly excited (irritated) form of energy that Reich termed Oranur. Thus, the formerly “peaceful” & benign OR (Fig. 5A) is converted into the highly irritated, life-inimical Oranur (Fig. 5B). This Oranur-chain-reaction continues throughout the OR-energy continuum. Adding to the seriousness of this problem is the fact that whereas nuclear energy can be shielded, nothing can be shielded against the effects of Oranur! Like OR itself, Oranur penetrates all matter — steel, water, earth, & flesh.


Figure 5 – Area “A” depicts the benign, natural OR; “B” is the point where the Nuclear interaction occurs; and “C” depicts the “frantic” Oranur

Digressing for a moment: If we look at the quality of the Oranur depicted in Fig. 5, we can better understand the wild & chaotic behavior that is flooding our planet, especially our younger generations who are literally being “driven wild” by a high excited atmospheric energy which functions within their bodies as their very Life Energy! Hence the wild & chaotic “music,” the jabbing, pushing, angularity of what passes for “dancing,” the increase of violent crimes, particularly rape. Atmospheric reactions are functionally identical: The atmospheric energy goes berserk; tremendous & widespread energy discharges (lightning strikes) occur, with high winds to hurricane force, sudden violent storms, etc.

The student of Orgonomy also knows that it is not necessary to actual­ly explode a nuclear device in order to produce the Oranur reaction. Nuclear material (and waste products) are stored in metal containers, safes, and metal “shielding” structures, often surrounded by organic outer structures of concrete, wood, or earth — thereby yielding, in effect, the Oranur reaction.

Taking these matters one step further: If there is sufficient fresh OR at the disposal of atmosphere or organism, the Oranur reaction can be “overcome.” This is similar to the situation in which a boxer fights furiously and then is permitted to rest sufficiently to regain his strength (energy). However, if the “fight” is too prolonged, or if there is insufficient OR at the disposal of atmosphere or organism, the Oranur reaction can result in the death of the OR itself. This dead, used-up, “exhausted” energy Reich called DOR; and the conversion from Oranur into DOR is depicted in Fig. 6.


Figure 6

As atmospheric DOR builds up around our planet, the DOR acts functionally as a layer of armor. (See Dr. E.F. Baker’s Man in the Trap.) This stale, noxious DOR armor in the atmosphere further impedes the pulsations of the cosmic planetary OR, quenching the orgonotic pulsations, preventing fresh OR from reaching the planet, and eventually sequestering it! The atmospheric OR can no longer create the required ”carriers” of the Life Energy (oxygen, hydrogen, etc.). And atmospheric violence goes hand-in-hand with global desert development. Cloud formation is sharply curtailed, then ceases altogether as humidity is extinguished. Thus — the ultimate DOR-death of our Mother Earth (Fig. 7).


Figure 7

EB DISCUSSION: The “quenching” of the pulsation of our cosmic Life Energy by global DORization is already severely affecting global weather patterns & climate as noted by Dr. R. A. Blasband in his important articles in The Journal of Orgonomy. The shift from gentle seasonal pulsations to hard, mechanical expansion-contraction underlies the extremes in weather phenomena we are now witnessing, and which can be expected to worsen. Record dry spells will be followed by torrential precipitation in the form of rain or snow. All sorts of extremes in temperatures are being recorded throughout the world, while climatologists & geologists try to explain it away as “just this or just that.” Also, “normal” meteorological weather predictions are becoming more difficult, if not impossible, to make. In addition, air stagnation & “smog” problems are gravely increasing.

By late November 1976, the Northwestern section of the USA was having a critical snow shortage. As noted by the AP (11/26/76) many ski areas had to shut down for lack of snow, including areas in California, Montana, Colorado, Washington. Other ski areas throughout the US were similarly hard hit.

On Dec. 2/76, a Seattle (AP) story asked: “Where’s Seattle’s Rain?” Famous for its near-continuous drizzly weather, downtown Seattle had an all-time record low for November rainfall with only .5 in., whereas the November “normal” rainfall is nearly 6 in. At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport a record low for November (.74 in.) was the lowest in the airport’s 22 year history. According to the meteorologists: “The oddball aridity is the result of a freak movement of high-altitude westerly winds that ring North America. High-altitude winds that usually fling storms across the Pacific Northwest missed their usual mark & unloaded on northern British Columbia & parts of Alaska instead.”

Meanwhile, the frigid weather that usually hits the NW in November, struck the Midwest & East Coast instead, clobbering several of those areas with record-breaking snowfalls! As reported by the AP (12/2/76) unseasonably cold weather caused major crop damage: to the sugar-cane crop in Louisiana; to the wheat crop in Kansas; to the wheat crop in Montana. Record low temperatures were noted in Virginia & Cincinnati, OH, noted its coldest November on record.

Scientists are now predicting “a long-term trend toward cooler climate in the future” (AP, 11/30/76). Scientists from Columbia, Brown & Cam­bridge said they determined with certainty that cyclical changes in the shape & tilt of the Earth’s orbit were “the fundamental cause” of the ice age. Dr. James D. Hays of Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory reported on his research, along with Dr. John Imbrie, oceanographer at Brown U., & Dr. Nicholas Shackelton of Cambridge — all of whom agreed that the Earth’s orbital tilting is bringing us into another prolonged “cooling period.”

We must disagree that “the fundamental cause” in climatic changes is a shift in the earth’s orbit. WHAT CAUSED THE SHIFT? If (as mechanistic science assumes) space is empty, then the Earth just “shifts”, every million or so years — it simply shifts in empty space! But if our universe is filled with a constantly moving cosmic Orgone energy that rolls the Earth along like a ball upon the ocean, then changes in our cosmic orgone-energy ocean are the fundamental cause of planetary shifts. Again, it is the atmospheric orgone-energy ocean that is the fundamental cause of weather phenomena.

Again — if space is empty, then our global nuclear energy explosions can only have “minimal” or little-to-no effect upon Earth’s revolutions & orbital movements; and little-to-no effect upon living organisms. But, since ALL “space” (in both the living & the non-living) is in fact filled with the Life Energy, the alterations caused by nuclear energy (DOR) interacting with Orgone Energy (Oranur) is the fundamental cause of our worsening emotional, social & atmospheric chaos! This is the very heart of the matter — the Blind Spot of those who refuse to touch WR’s facts.

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