Interim Newsletter #5 – July, 1959

Dear Friends:

The last News Letter, No. IV, was to have been the last. It was partly subsidized by one of the good HRAs and he supplied the fine long article on his experiences with Yoga for most of the copy. (The response was excellent.)

I have missed contact with you all and it gives me much pleasure to be getting out a fresh Letter. May I express my warm thanks for the expressions of interest in what I may be doing, reading and studying, also for the gifts to fatten “Cigbo”, the old HRA cigar box “kitty) and to assist me in my personal research work through funds for the purchase of needed books.

I have spent a very busy Spring here at the little ranch at Vista, with not too much accomplished, I fear. However, I did get the material whipped into shape for the new book on the Biometer system after working it all over in terms of Huna theory, and with changes in the plate from metal to paper. I sent all of you of the Biometer Club samples of the semi-clock-face plate a time back, so you will know what that has turned out to be. The new book will be a companion book in size and everything to SELF- SUGGESTION, and in order to get a Biometer tape to the reader of it, there is to be a set of nine reproductions made from photographs of the measuring stick of the original Bovis Biometer — this instrument having been sent to me several years ago by good friend, Dr. Hanoka. (It is still in my possession.) The sheet with the nine reproductions will be sent with the book so that, with the clock face charts, also included, one will need only a pendulum to begin practicing in order to learn the system of Biometric reading. The new book has been titled, PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS, as, when one has practiced and learned the way to make a reading with the tape and clock face, both can be discarded and the pendulum used alone.

Please do not order the book yet. It has just gone to the printers and I will be sending you advertising and an order blank when small printing is ready in late September.

Now for the news:

THE ROUND ROBIN, published so long by our good friend, Meade Layne, has come under the editorship of former HRA, Riley Crabb, and the first issue under the new arrangement was recently sent out. As many of you know, Meade has been in failing health, and the work strain has been most difficult for him, what ’’with the financing of the magazine always a problem, and with inadequate office help.”

For the past few months it looked very much as though the ROBIN and B.S.R.A. releases might have to discontinue. But, when it came to the critical point, an appeal was made to Mr. Crabb and he left his own line of work to take over.

Mr. Crabb is an experienced editor and radio man as well as a lecturer. He has been much interested in Huna and at one time produced dramatizations of early events in the history of the kahunas on the radio in Honolulu. Of late he has traveled and given many lectures on the Flying Saucers and related mysteries.

A swift return to health, for you, Meade. And the best of success to you, Riley. (Subscription to ROUND ROBIN is $5 per year. The address remains, 3524 Adams Ave., San Diego 16, Calif.)


or could it be that this is IT and not just another flash in the pan? The kahunas in yesterday’s Hawaii, when confronted by the illness of King Kamehameha at the end of his days, were all quick to admit that death from old age was beyond their powers to stop. And now, while this is rather out of the line with Huna healing, a very intriguing flow of news for the older ones among us is beginning to come in. Of course, for those of you who plan not to become older than thirty, this will not be of interest.

REPORTS OF A “REJUVENATION” MEDICINE had been coming in from the city of Bucharest in Rumania for some time. The London Daily Mail sent Olga Franklin to investigate. She went to Bucharest and to the Institute of Geriatrics where she found the discoverer of the new method of treatment, Professor Anna Aslan. She got the story and saw many elderly patients who were being treated. They were recovering from many of the ills laid to age and the slowing down of the glands. Professor Aslan explained her theory that the new medicine, which she has named “H3″, stimulates the part of the nervous system which can and does, in turn, stimulate the action of the various glands…. thus restoring normal health.

THE CHEMICAL, “H3″ is made from Novocain by a process in which it is treated with hydrochloric acid. The exact formula was not given. The substance is administered by hypodermic injections three times a week for as long as is needed, much depending on the age and condition of the patient. The dose is 5 c.c. of a 2% solution, and the drug is packed in ampules, each containing enough for one dose. Doctors in London and elsewhere feel that no possible good could come from such a treatment, and some think that anything derived from Novocain would have a 50-50 chance of making an addict of the patient. (No such trouble has been reported.)

ONE PATIENT WAS 106 YEARS OLD when brought to the clinic, the reporter relates. He was a Russian dockworker, and when he arrived at the clinic he was senile, helpless, depressed, slow to concentrate, [and] could remember nothing. Hair completely white, hands trembling, skin darkened, body stiff, unable to move without help.

Olga Franklin wrote, “That was his condition five years ago. I met Mr. Margosian recently. He walked into the room where I was sitting. He was tall and lithe, a rather handsome old man of, say, 75. He bent to kiss my hand, then playfully crushed it in his strong, unwrinkled fingers.

“Mr. Margosian lifted his white beard to show me his neck. It was smooth like that of a young man. At the roots of his beard new black hairs had sprouted. At the nape of his neck more strongly black hair was mixed with the white.

“He said to me in Russian, ‘Take your choice. I can speak five languages now that my memory has returned.'”

She saw dozens of people in the midst of being made over to recover the health of their prime and many more who had finished treatment. Elderly husbands and wives had resumed sex life. Cases in which premature aging had been successfully treated were also seen. So impressed was the reporter with what she observed that she asked if she might try the treatment. She was past fifty and had been feeling all worn out and her digestion had been a problem. Dr. Aslan gave her a small test shot to see that she was not allergic to H3, and as she was not, began daily injections. Almost at once the results were electrifying. Stomach back to normal, and energy level back to that of her best days. When she returned to England she took with her a three months supply of the medicine.

After her series of articles appeared in the London Daily News, she was swamped by a flood of letters, everyone asking how to go about getting the treatment in England. In the paper she replied to them all, calling for patience.

There was not yet more than a small fraction of the needed amount of H3 being manufactured. Moreover, doctors in several lands were just beginning tests to see whether they approved the treatment before taking it on.

The “Red Dean” of Canterbury, who is 85, however, had been in Russia, and on the way home stopped to hunt up Dr. Aslan and take some treatments. A June 22nd U.P.I. dispatch from London (which appeared in our U.S.A. papers) quoted him as saying, “I entered on a simple course of treatments which had an extraordinarily happy effect… of restoring power I had lost, and making me feel and act as if several years had been taken off my age. It is an indefinite treatment. If we decide to continue after three months, we shall obtain fresh supplies from Dr. Aslan.” He had brought with him enough H3 to last three months, with injections daily. Apparently there are no restrictions on importing H3 into England.

(In Vista it was soon discovered that the pharmacists had never heard of H3 or “Novocaine T”, which is its technical name, but supposed that, as a chemical derived from Novocaine, it would be classed as a narcotic and its importation would be under the usual restrictions, if allowed at all before the American Medical Association got around to make tests and pass an official opinion on it. Local medical doctors all were entirely certain, without hearing the details of the treatment, that it was utterly no good. It just couldn’t be, and so far as they were concerned, that was final.)

Let me give next a number of quotes from copies of the articles which were kindly sent to me from a good friend in Canada who is a doctor and who is doing all he can to find ways and means of getting H3 and giving it a try.

Dr. Aslan often said: “I would like all of the doctors and gerontologists, especially from England, to come here to see that I have not exaggerated the results in anything I have published. I believe that what I have said so far about the results of H3 is an understatement.”

She went on: “We don’t believe we can prevent ALL processes of aging in every single case and FOREVER. Because that would mean that man never dies. Each case is different. Some react strongly to the treatment and make a quick, complete recovery; but others react less strongly.”

Professor Aslan insisted that this method of using Novocaine was, however, not HER discovery. “I have only rediscovered it,” she said. It was in 1903 that a German professor named Gustav Speiss found out by accident that Novocaine was not only a pain killer…. it was also a valuable cure.

He found that it could inhibit inflammation by blocking sensitive nerves. Where nerves were already inflamed it caused improvement and even very quick healing. Professor Speiss was laughed at; his discovery ignored. Later on, during the 1920’s, experiments were revived, but never found general acceptance by the medical profession. Speiss died in 1948, almost unknown. But the story of his life was told in a medical journal translated into Rumanian. It fell into the hands of Dr. Aslan, then a university lecturer in medicine and a heart specialist. Problems of old age fascinated her.

She was offered the job of running a new Experimental Institute, called the Institututul de Geriatrie of Professor C.I. Parhon the world-famous endocrinologist. (He is the man who succeeded ex-King Michael as head of the Rumanian State in 1948. He became Chairman of the Presidium of the New Republic.)

Her first experiment was on a young medical student at the Clinic who complained of acute arthritis in his right knee. Within a few days his pain vanished. It never returned.

It was the first sign. Encouraged, Professor Aslan began experiments, first on 50 old patients. Tests on animals were also begun. Artificial arthritis was created in mice. At the Institute the excitement ran high. For 85% of the mice recovered completely after treatment.

Professor Aslan considers that Novocain is a vitamin, though so far it has not been recognized as such. Vitamins are not readily absorbed in the usual way by old people. Vitamin C is destroyed in the stomach.

Dr. Aslan began her experiments in 1949. Soon 15 doctors were experimenting at different places under her direction and were reporting similar results. Later on, doctors in several other countries were experimenting. The Russians and East Germans are now opening large clinics for the use of H5. Several doctors in France are reporting excellent results.

The greatest success story in “rejuvenating YOUNG patients comes from Mexico City. Professor Antonio Deman Duran, a Spanish surgeon who has studied in Berlin and Madrid, has visited the Bucharest Clinic three times in the past 19 months. He sought a cure for the symptoms of “precocious aging” which attacked some 200,000 workers in the sugar industry. They work at very high altitudes and the climate causes them to age many years before their time. They suffer from arterial-sclerosis, rheumatism and fatigue, all of which are “symptoms of aging”, said Professor Duran. So successful have been his tests that he has opened three clinics in Mexico City in the name of Professor Anna Aslan. (8 clinics now in Mexico, I learn from a friend down there who has taken the treatment for over a year and finds it restored his normal health. He takes three injections a week, and stops them for a month at a time while on business trips to U.S.A., finding no discomfort or ill effects at all — no trace of habit formation. He happened to be a close friend of a doctor down there who was Interested in the work of Prof. Duran. Ampules cost $1.60 for 5 and, I am told, one can own a hypodermic outfit in Mexico and use it oneself. M.F.L.)

A California businessman is reported to have wired that his group wanted to invest thousands of dollars promoting H3 over in U.S.A. (The article gave no information as to what reply had been made to the offer.)

Well, that’s the story as it stands just now. I’ll keep both ears to the ground and if I learn of plans to make H3 available to us in U.S.A., I’ll report the instant Cigbo can provide “stuff” for another Meows Letter. (He corrects me. It is “Mews Letter”.) He also wishes to announce that he is in the market for a little rejuvenating himself, and that there was no dinner caught in the traps this evening, so he went in aka to dine with Suzie, who lives next door and who is fed nightly from a can. He also warns us all against having too high hopes of being made younger. He quotes his wise friend Suzie as putting it in a nutshell. She says, “Never count your kittens until after you know how many are sure of being adopted by someone.” One of the reasons why Novocaine was dropped as a possible remedy was because Cortisone and ACTH were discovered and hailed as the cure for many of the ills which H3 seems to cure. Like the sulphas and other wonder drugs, the side effects were soon found to be so bad that the use of the new remedies was greatly restricted. “Let’s hold our Charlie horses for a time,” urges Cigbo.

Book Review

A DELIGHTFUL NEW BOOK by HRA George Sandwith and his wife, Helen, bears the title of THE MIRACLE HUNTERS. It may be had, postpaid, for $3 from the publisher in England, Rider & Company, 178-202 Gt. Portland St., London W 1. (Please order it direct, not through me.) Some years ago George Sandwith was often mentioned in the Bulletins and his research into native lore in Tonga and Fiji reported. He made an especially fine study of the fire-walkers in Fiji, these being Hindus from India, and at the time sent me a fine set of pictures of the preparations, the native temple where the patron goddess was worshiped, of the actual fire-walking, and of other things connected with the rite. Unfortunately, I had no way at the time to reproduce the photos in the Bulletin. Later on, Mr. Sandwith married, and he and Mrs. Sandwith continued research work together. This book covers all their work and findings and is illustrated with the photos mentioned. All through the book the strange things they encountered are explained in terms of Huna in a very able way.

This new book is very well written and the stories move along at a rapid pace. It should do much to introduce to general readers the subject of South Sea magic and Huna as well as to explain a number of other strange things and strange forces encountered in England and Holland. The study of Druid stones is well handled.

At the end of this 208-page book, the Sandwiths tell of their discovery of Subud, the new religion evolved by the brown man from Java, Pak Subud, whose beliefs were described in News Letter No.4. They had the opportunity in Australia to meet a group and to sit with them in the prescribed way until “opened” to the “Universal Power” or “Universal Life” which acts as if alive and directed by some form of intelligence. The experience is something which cannot be described in words, being like Zen “Realization”, but it is an inner emotional experience which seems to impress all those who have known it. After being “opened” one does nothing but spend from thirty minutes to two hours daily with others who have been “opened” in what is known as the “Latihan”, in which one stands silently with the others and lets the “Power” do its work of making over anything which is not perfect in the man. This is described as a cleansing process by the Sandwiths, and they say it is often painful at first, but soon leads to great betterment inwardly and outwardly so that one feels at peace with the world and one with all Nature. There is supposed to come, as a result of the practice, the healing of physical ills and the straightening out of such things as enmity between man and wife, social tangles, even financial troubles. Habits are broken painlessly if the “Power” sees fit to remove them, but the individual has nothing to do but wait to have things given or taken from him or to have changes made for his benefit. The Sandwiths wrote, “What we have seen and experienced during the Hindu fire-walking festivals in Fiji had shown us that Shakta-ism had much in common with Huna put into practice. But, it was obvious that vital information was lacking from what Max Freedom Long had salvaged from the ancient Huna system, because there were no modern kahunas among the Huna Research Associates. The fire-walkers had put such emphasis on Purification that we suspected the missing key lay in that direction, though we, ourselves, had failed to find it!” (in the fire-walking repeated five times in Honolulu and described in the HRA book we published covering the preparation for the fire-walking, there was no purification needed. Only the correct chants had to be said in the right way by the kahuna in charge. Over 500 people followed him across the fire-walk and none of them had been purified in any way. The purification which the Sandwiths have in mind seems to be concerned with the religion of the Hindu fire-walkers rather than with the occult mechanics of obtaining or producing heat immunity.)

On the last page of the book, the Sandwiths again mention Huna, saying, “… John Bennett showed that the Soul is something unique and extraordinary and that it grows under Subud so that one becomes aware of it… God is inaccessible to human consciousness, whereas the awareness of the Soul is a possibility. Pure Huna!” (I was a little surprised because Huna has three souls and three mana levels of “powers” none of which contain a bit of the consciousness which uses the force. However, Subud, as explained by Mr. Bennett, appeared to them to be Huna in its corrected form, and they went happily on into it.)

The book ends with a quotation from a Sikh teacher which seems to sum up their feelings at the present time concerning the Subud which is “Pure Huna” and which, one supposes, will eventually produce the kahunas which we of the HRA failed to produce. I quote:

“There is no holier sanctuary than a purified mind, no more sacred place than the region of peace into which the mind enters when it becomes fixed on the Great Name… Purity arose through humility, and the emergence of the self with the lowly. The humblest was nearest Divinity.”

From the enthusiastic use of Huna in all the early part of the book to explain the many strange things which were observed or which happened to them, one would suspect that when the book was ready to go to the printer, the contact with Subud was made and the last chapter added, otherwise the two simple Subud basics, “Power” and “Soul” would have been used to explain everything instead of the more complicated ten-unit basic system of Huna with its three selves, three manas and three shadowy bodies. In any case, it is a delightful and informative book which all of you should have and enjoy. I especially liked the account of the making of the two ivory statuettes into genuine icons for our Telepathic Mutual Healing Group work. I still use them hopefully.

HOW DID HUNA GET CODED INTO DOUBLE-TALK and hidden in parts of the Bible, especially in some of the books of the New Testament? That is a question which has been uppermost in my mind for the past few months, and the answer is not yet more than speculative. However, much fine new light is being thrown for me on the subject by books which have been given to me, loaned to me and which I have purchased. If you happen to be deeply interested in the subject and wish to have the best in formation on the source of materials for the New Testament, there are two books I can heartily recommend.

  • JESUS by Charles Guignebert, the classic on the subject, is now available in a good translation from the original French. It is a thick book and sells for $6.00 You can order it from University Books, 101 West 31 St., New York 1, N.Y. Add 19 cents for the postage. I am still in the reading of this book at this writing and find it fascinating.
  • THE FIRST CHRISTIAN, by A Powell Davies, should be read first to give one the latest slants and general picture, including good comments on the literature of Gnosticism and the Dead Sea Scrolls. If you can’t read both, get this one. It is to be had for 55 cents including postage from The New American Library of World Literature, 501 Madison Ave., New York 22, N.Y. It is a paperback and you may be able to find a copy at your newsstand. Its number is “MD 252″ and it is a “Mentor Book”. In it the author tells us how Paul invented most of the dogmas of Christianity and became the “First Christian”. “Here shaped the faith of the early Messianic believers into a gospel of salvation for the Gentiles,” a note on the cover explains. It is very interesting to me to see how he missed the coded Huna which appears in the Four Gospels almost completely, with the slightest similar beliefs apparently drawn by him from some other source.

G.R.S. MEAD and his books are still my best source of information on the Gnosis. C.A. Baynes gives the best I have found in his book on the Bruce MS 96 Coptic version of part of the Gnostic lore. (Some of their books are out of print. Check with your book dealer to be sure.)

Related in some mysterious way to the puzzle of the coded Huna in Biblical and Gnostic writings are the TARO CARDS and the Huna hidden in the symbols of the major Arcanum through the use of a simple numerical variety of blind. Perhaps I can eventually get what I find into some short writings to point the way for those who may one day wish to go more deeply into the matter.

HRA Letter

AN INTERESTING LETTER came recently from a stranger reporting the way Huna had helped. I quote:

“… My husband is associated with the Riverside Builders in a sales capacity. Less than a year ago he was dragged 6 feet upward into the four-inch space that separates the shaft and platform of a freight elevator. The mangled sight that met my eyes when I got to the hospital, and the doctor’s predictions that he could not live more than another hour were negative forces. Huna was the positive alternate… If you see a handsome, healthy-looking man of about 44 whizzing past your grove some morning, animatedly talking to a prospective home-builder, you will be witnessing a miracle that at least parallels those that inspired your early interest In Huna. For that interest, and your development of it, I shall be eternally grateful.

“As a child, being raised in an agnostic environment, I met spiritual needs by inventing my own religion. Very colorful and full of childish imagination, of course, but strangely enough based on the mana principle and involving three separate entities that were ME. The three selves were almost identical in character to those you introduced in your books. (Years later) you can well imagine my excitement in reading, THE SECRET SCIENCE BEHIND MIRACLES! Here was the ‘old religion’ of my childhood, intelligently and daringly presented, but based on research rather than my own fantasies… (At the time of seeing her husband near death she began using Huna to treat him.) The charge of force that ran through my hand as I laid it on my husband’s forehead was a palpable thing. A thought was never more surely a thing. Mana was something so overpowering and real that it could be felt by everyone in the corridor. They hadn’t taken him to a room because it seemed pointless; he was, in medical eyes, a dead man.

“When I left him, I assured the hospital staff that he would not only live but would recover without being crippled. They were convinced that I was mad… But the perfect Huna prayer leaves you completely positive… At the end of 20 days, Gale came home from the hospital, first to a hospital bed, then a wheelchair, then crutches. Every nurse at the hospital agreed that never had anyone arrived in such horrible condition and left alive.”

More “News”

THE HIGH COST OF APPORTS has been met in part, reports a friend. At a séance which she attended the spirits produced jewels as apports for the customers. “Susie”, the spirit in charge, told her that the jewel she was receiving came from her grandmother’s ring. She comments, “Poor Granny, she died long before plastic gems were invented.”

THE SUBJECT OF BEING OPENED has been discussed with me by letter with several good friends since my mention of the Subud beliefs and methods in News Letter IV. To put together the several opinions and average them, my own included, I think we might come to the following conclusions.

  1. The thing to which we are to be opened is our own High Self, and through it, perhaps, the Great Company of High Selves, the Po`e Aumakua, to which our own Aumakua belongs. Such “Power” or “Life Force” as there may be, is the High Mana used by the High Selves, but made from the low mana which is supplied as an act of loving by the low self.
  2. Such help, guidance and healing as is to be derived from being “opened” and from spending time daily to invite the participation of the High Self in perfecting our lives, comes only from the High Self.
  3. While the low self may be directed and helped to make the contact, consciously, with the High Self, by the services of someone already opened and acting as an “opener”, such help is a convenience, not a necessity. No one stands between a man and his own inner part of being, his High Self. All that is necessary is to bring oneself to the decision that the High Self will be asked to take over the normal part which it should play in the life, and to be asked and permitted daily to give guidance and to impress the middle and low selves so to act that the life and the general situation will be made over and corrected. One does not give up doing one’s share of the work of living. One simply moves over to give the Aumakua its own place.

THE CONSENSUS OF OPINION is that the Huna idea of the High Self is so much more definite than the vague one of the “Power”, and that it is, therefore, much easier under this concept to open oneself than it would be where the opening is to be to something so vague as to be difficult to picture clearly. The low self needs something definite as a goal when directed to open itself to it. One assumes that to many the “Power” becomes only a less fearsome aspect of God.

The Subud system seems to show weakness in the need to meet daily with others of like mind to stand inviting the “Power” for a rather lengthy period of time. The implication would be that the man has closed during the rest of the day to at least some extent, and that the opening must be renewed, always with the help of the companionship of others.

Huna called the High Self, “The god which dwells with us”, the Akua Noho. There should be no need to perform a ritual each day to renew contact and to open oneself to the ministrations of one’s Utterly Trustworthy Parental Pair. Instead, what is needed is the morning and evening prayer to express love and offer the gift of mana which is the just share of the Aumakua. During the day the High Self should be as a “PRESENCE” backgrounding our lives and thoughts, always there, unobtrusively working behind the scenes to do the parts of the actions which the lower pair of selves cannot do either so well, or not at all. The High Self mans the watchtower and looks ahead and afar to decide upon the best road to take to move ahead, and to watch for possible dangers.

The Aumakua was also called “the god who inspires one”, and it is from this inner prompting or inspiration that guidance comes. The time to have guidance is when one needs it. Not at one single time of the day, but all through the day and night, whenever there is need recognized, or the High Self sees that it should be given.

IN ADDITION TO PHYSICAL CONTACT as an opening aid, one friend found a mental help which was good to keep the intentions strong in entering the new life in which one pulls out all the stops and sets about living in complete cooperation with the High Self. He mentioned starting with the book, LIGHTED PASSAGE, by Howell Vincent and the Technique of Light methods described in the book of that title by Olive Pixley. He writes, “I am not making pictures for the low and High Selves to act on. I am acting as though my High Self had been maneuvering me all along, except when I grab the controls — which was most of the time… I have no physical reactions, but I do know that I’ve gone through a door I’ll never go BACK through. I am dead to many old points of view.”

THE HARMONY METHOD is also recommended. One thinks of the Great Company of High Selves as always singing the most wonderful song, and as inaudible perfect harmony. One can join in the song and be as a part of the perfection by first becoming entirely harmonious – by stopping all the nagging worry thoughts, etc. One listens and begins inwardly to try to catch the tune and rhythm. One begins to get it, and suddenly one is entering and becoming one with the perfect but inaudible harmony — the “Music of the Spheres” which always is singing in the heart of Being. All disharmony goes and one feels the joy of contact… which is like the joy of service, but not so long lasting. Try?  MFL

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