Letter From Dolly Ware

Dear HRA:

Isn’t this first newsletter a tremendous surprise? Max’s fantastic mind works overtime. He should be 25 years old and live a thousand years. With the help of capable HRA Alice Madden, his bookkeeper, secretary, good friend and No. I Girl Friday, we put his home in top-top order and turned his comfortable room in the Golden Age into a Huna Haven and Mini-Business. His funny artery keeps popping up and he and Cigbo threaten to write next concerning “Life on a Hospital Bed Raft in Company with Other Castaways”.

Bar none, he has the most beautifully integrated three selves of anyone I have ever known or met. As a gentleman and scholar, he lives Huna without ceasing — with kindness, great patience, gentleness and understanding not only in the big things of life but in the little things as well.

We rejoice over two new honors:

1. The first issue of the book Who’s Who in the Psychic World, published by Wm. J. Finch, The Psychic Register International, Box 11288, Phoenix, Ariz 85017 is dedicated to Max. Along with his picture is the following:

In recognition of many years of devotion to a study of the Polynesian Religion of Huna,
and to the dissemination of that information to the benefit of all mankind throughout the world,
this publication is respectfully dedicated to:
now retired for a well earned rest.

2. Brad Steiger writes his book, Kahuna Magic, will be out in May or June. Watch for it.

Twenty years ago my life changed when a friend gave me SSBM. I am a practicing HRA, a professional speaker with an outstanding husband, five children, 2 1/2 grandchildren and a home large enough to house the rare 2500 book library, many of the volumes given by you HRAs. Stop by for a visit when you are in Texas.

Pictures don’t catch the vibrant warmth and feeling of the library filled with treasured icons, oil paintings and Oriental furnishing from the Long home. Upper right, second shelf from bottom contains all of Max’s published works, bulletins and tapes with appropriate brass plate engraved, “Published works of Max Freedom Long”. Prayer and meditation icons are in corner illuminated glass shelves. Max’s picture sits on a ten foot, ornately carved teak wood altar table. At top left is an engraved plaque reading, “The Max Freedom Long Library and Museum”. Next is the Hawaiian painting done on a board showing God walking in His garden. The seascape was also used for meditation. Upper right oil with portrait light is the famous Tarpy THMG meditation painting with a lovely Oriental still life done by Max in 1935.

We all agree our Kahuna Max is a truly great man. He seemed so sure his work was finished, his face was clean as he aptly put it, and he was ready to cross over. But Higher Guidance felt otherwise. Let him hear from you. Tell him the news.

If I personally may be of help to any of you, please don’t hesitate to write me here at my home.

With every good wish for your continued successful life growing with and in Huna …

Dolly Ware, HRA, for MFL

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