Volume 09 – 1959-60 (HV Bulletins 1-16)

Volume 9 – 1959-1960

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Preface to the Huna Vistas Bulletins

Huna Vistas Bulletin 1 / New Horizons – September, 1959 – Tarot Cards

Huna Vistas Bulletin 2 – October, 1959 – Present Project: Tarot Cards

Huna Vistas Bulletin 3 – November, 1959 – Present Study: Taro Cards

Huna Vistas Bulletin 4 – December, 1959 – New Books & Taro Cards

Huna Vistas Bulletin 5 – January, 1960 – Psychometric Analysis & Taro Readings

Huna Vistas Bulletin 6 – February, 1960 – More on Tarot & Tarot Readings

Huna Vistas Bulletin 7 – March, 1960 – Psychometric Analysis & Instant Healing

Huna Vistas Bulletin 8 – April, 1960 – Psychometric Analysis & Taro Card Meanings

Huna Vistas Bulletin 9 – May, 1960 – Instant Healing & More Taro & P.A. Readings

Huna Vistas Bulletin 10 – June, 1960 – Spirit Na Kahuna
Lengthy discussion of Spirits. What will the next project be: more Taro? Use of the Pendulum? Psychometric Analysis? Auras? Jesus? Oahaspe? Mormons? Psychometric Analysis: Margaret Foos, Khruschev, and Russian Defense Minister Malinovsky. Taro Card reading for the Democratic candidates in the presidential election.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 11 – July, 1060 – Spirits, Seances, P.A. & Taro
News from the Spirit Front. Seances. Psychometric Analysis: Adolf Eichmann and Fidel Castro. Taro Card reading for Cuba. The Symbolic Taro – final unit. The Cabala and its possible relation to Huna.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 12 – August, 1960 – Healing Research
Introduction of the next Research Project: Experiments following the work of Thomson Jay Hudson, Ph.D., LL.D. Discussion of the work of the TMHG – “ALL PRAYER IS TELEPATHIC.”  The Fine Art of Huna type prayer, connecting telepathically. About the Healing Painting done by HRA Mrs. Kingsley Tarpey and the IKON of George Sandwith. A successful use of Huna.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 13 – September, 1960 –  Making Amends & Radionics
Making Prayers that work. Amends for a Race and a Nation. The war between Light and Darkness. News of the George de la Warr case. The use of Radionics for Psychometric Analysis. Book discussion: The Gospel According to Thomas.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 14 – October, 1960 – “Moving a Mountain” & A New Research Project
Discussion of the word “bless” as used by Hawaiian na kahuna. Report on the Telepathic Color Sending experiments. At last, we “move a mountain.” Short discussion on Subud. Camp Chesterfield. Discussion of  The Law of Psychic Phenomena, by Thompson Jay Hudson, Ph.D., LL. D. and the new research project.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 15 – November 1960 – Testing of the Thomson Jay Hudson Healing Method
Testing of the Thomson Jay Hudson healing method. Discussion of “good” and “evil.” How to send Therapeutic Suggestion. The Paths of Huna and Zen — A Brief Comparison by W. J. Gabb, HRA. Book: Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 16 – Hawaiian Healers & American Indians
Hawaiian Healers and American Indians: Shine Smith helping the Hopi, Discussion of the Hawaiian Healer who healed many American Indians, healing with the aid of spirits. The new research project. Huna code in The New Testament. Does the Aunihipili control bodily functions?

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