Volume 10 – 1961 (HV Bulletins 17-28)

Volume 10 – 1961

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Huna Vistas Bulletin 17  – January, 1961 – A “Planned” World & Results from the Hudson Experiments
Man’s inhumanity to man … and Nature. Discussion of “THE PRICE WE MUST PAY for a planned civilization for the world …”HOW CAN THE HRA HELP WITH THE PLANNING? Discussion of How and Why TO PLAN A RELIGION. Notes from HRA ERIC BIDDLE, one of the editors of THE PENDULUM magazine on the Hudson Method of healing and REPORTS from other HRAs experimenting with this method. Article by HRA M. McC. tells of a fine effort to learn from her spirit contacts what they know that fits in with Huna and what does not. Book Review: THE ISLAND CIVILIZATIONS OF POLYNESIA by Robert C. Suggs

Huna Vistas Bulletin 18 – February, 1961 – The Huna Teachings of Jesus
The Secret Doctrine (Huna) in the teachings of Jesus. The question of the actuality of the Lord Jesus. Jesus as the Aumakua Father-Mother. Book Reviews: A Space Woman Speaks by Rolf Telano and He Sent Leanness, a Book of Prayers of the Natural Man, by David Head. Round Robin is now The Journal of Borderland Research. Reports on the Hudson Sleep Healing Method tests. Psychometric Analysis.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 19 – March, 1961 – Confirmation of Some Huna Beliefs
Confirmation of some basic Huna beliefs, leading to the “Pearl of Great Price.” Mother Alice Kaholuoluna. 5 Steps of sending mana to the Aumakua for prayer making. Psychometric readings. The Hudson healing method. “Craig” and his Hawaiian Healer. The matter of the Planning Project.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 20 – April, 1961 – The Possible Re-Structuring of Huna
Some revisions to the structure of Huna. Corrections and updates from Charles W. Kenn. A request for scientific information on the Ice Ages and the breaking up of one land mass to create what’s currently floating around. A little about Comfrey plants. Reports on the use of the Hudson Method of healing. Psychometric Analysis. Book Reviews: Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, M.D. and Self-Realization and Psychological Disturbances by Roberto Assagioli, M.D. Planning and constructing a World Religion – preliminary remarks.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 21 – May, 1961 – Creating a World Religion
“Three Guesses” regarding a pending ‘Polar Flip’ and a way to escape the calamity. Communicating with the Aumakua. V.L. Cameron discusses his Aumakua, which he calls his Guardian Angel. Wing Anderson on Oahspe. Constructing a World Religion: MFL will be sending a small book to everyone – The Great Religions by which Men Live. Definitions of “religion” and “dogma.” Reasons for religion: love, fear and the desire for help.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 22 – June, 1961 – HRAs Don’t Want a “New Religion”
A LETTER FROM CIGBO, HRA “KITTY”, using the book The Great Religions by Which Men Live to approach an acceptable God concept. HRA objections to using the word “religion” with discussion of some alternatives. Reports on the use of the Hudson Healing Methods. Book review: BEYOND THE LIGHT by HRA Mr. Fay M. Clark and Thinking and Destiny by Harold W. Percival. Constructing a Personal Religion, Part 2: Possible questions to ask ourselves as we develop our personal God concept.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 23 – July, 1961 – Constructing a Personal Religion

Huna Vistas Bulletin 24 – August, 1961 – A Breakthrough in Psychometric Analysis
A discussion of Obsession by spirits and the use of P.A. to measure the levels of both the person and the obsessing spirit, with the Aunihipili reading each separately. Book Reviews: THE RED SEA Is Your Blood, from the pen of Alvin Boyd Kuhn, PhD; AMERICA – TOO YOUNG TO DIE, by Maj. Alexander P. de Seversky; A NATION OF SHEEP, by Wm. J. Lederer; OBSESSION BY VERY ODD SPIRITS by HRA H.B., a Spiritualist minister and a gifted psychic. A Survey of Religion and Psychology – Part Four.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 25 – September, 1961 – Psychometric Analysis, Religion & Psychology
A VERY SPECIAL OFFER on the book, RELIGION OF THE OCCIDENT, by Dr. Martin A. Larson. Discussion of the search for a personal religion, using MFL’s experiences as examples. New developments in the matter of the new method of making PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS READINGS of the spirit “eating companions” of individuals. Guardian Angels, Free Will, Prophesies and Predictions. A SURVEY OF RELIGION AND PSYCHOLOGY – Part Five.

Huna Vistas Bulletin 26 – October, 1961 – Dual Psychometric Analysis & Survey of Religion – Part 6

Huna Vistas Bulletin 27 – November, 1961 – P.A. Readings of Obsessing Spirits

Huna Vistas Bulletin 28 – December, 1961 – Braiding the Aka Cord & A Huna Prayer Experiment


  1. I am doing a doctorate dissertation on Huna, the Hawaiian religious belief. Would you have any journal that compares Hawaiian theory of huna and beliefs vs. Freud?

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