Huna Vistas Bulletin #43

HV42-headerMarch, 1963

Dear Max …


I HAVE BEEN TOUCHED AND WARMED by your many letters written in response to my request in the Huna Vistas that you let me feel free to stop sending out the bulletins regularly should the Guidance be that the work should take some other course.  I feel that we of the HRA stand at a place where several paths of action diverge in a “Fan shaped Destiny”, and that it is important that we try to remain free of movement so that the change into a different path can be made if the Light is glimpsed down at the end of it or in that general direction. One good friend asked in her letter why I passed on critical letters and not those which praised me and my efforts. Perhaps I have been too anxious to show both sides of the picture and have stressed the worst side. A letter has just come in from HRA Howard Clark, of Yucca Valley, California. He has been in the work for years and is a philosopher in his own right. Let me pocket any slight modesty I own and give you his letter of understanding and appreciation.

Dear Max:
This envelope has been addressed for weeks and now I’ll make use of it. First, because you will have found it, the small gift for Cigbo is sent in appreciation, with no strings attached whatever as to the number of H.Vs. to be forthcoming, even if stopped at once, or changed in size, yardage, contents. etc. How absurd for anyone to think he has “Paid” by some sort of measurement for ideas, for enlightenment, for “light on the path”, for such intangible values as change or enlarge his being! But people do – a principle that has to do with one’s existence on earth is put on a par with the price of a new shirt. In the case of a great book, we just mislead ourselves in thinking we pay for the book, when all we can ever do is pay for the production and distribution of it. The book is beyond price.

I can reach back and pick up any H.V. and read it as if it were new. I’ve just done this with No. 23, of July, 1961. On the last sheet is your discussion of what we shall call God in one’s personal religion and in our efforts to conceive the Ultimate. I think you achieved a religion which is probably the best and most final one. In all of the questing the arguments have been necessary because we have to go through with it to find that there is no last word answer anyway. If we hadn’t done the worrying, the searching high and low, we might have thought there was an answer and felt guilty of not trying hard enough to find it …

GEORGE AND HELEN SANDWITH have written me a delightful letter which you might all enjoy as it touches on the W.L.C. Reconstruction Letters booklet.

Dear Max:
Thank you, from us both, for a wonderful present. (The W.L.C. booklet.) Since I first wrote to you from Tonga, you have given me so much that, by all the rules, I ought to send you something! Helen says your present is beautiful. I agree. It is something like being in a church and hearing two members of the choir singing in unison; each makes a different contribution, but each contribution gives to the whole. It is a duet sung to the glory of God.

For me, the opening words of the sermon are….”To Become, we must adore; to adore greatly is to Be.”

So much wisdom abides in the Will Levington Comfort “Reconstruction Letters” In the Light of Huna it explains so much I shall use it for meditation and thank the joint authors during the process.

Let us hope that you will be long spared, to obtain more inspiration from the Aumakua now that you are no longer tied to churning out the Bulletins for us HRAs, because it could be vital, for you to be in a position to receive further revelations from na Kahuna of another dimension? Perhaps they want to give you another Key to open a door, still locked? If so, you may be on the edge of your greatest discovery? Something that will give more Meaning to human life on earth. When the moment does come, for you to rejoin ‘The Keepers Of The Secret’ O WHAT AN AWAKENING!
Love from us both, George and Helen.

HRA ERIC BIDDLE, also of England, and a student and writer well known in the field of dowsing and Metaphysics, writes:

Dear Max:
I am preparing some comments on the Group Soul discussion in HV. No. 40, and will also give you a report on some experiments with my pendulum in this connection.

P. 3  ANTS. (including Termites which, though belonging to a different order of insects, have much in common with Ants only more so). Everything seems to indicate that there is some “central intelligence” which controls the action of the individual insects. We seem in any case to be in the presence of a form of intelligence which is as alien as if it came from another planet fascinating yet horrible. I tried Question and Answers with my pendulum, with the following result:

Q. Is there an Oversoul to each ant colony? A. Yes.
Q. In each ant colony are the individual ants equivalent to “cells” in the Oversoul? A. Yes.
Q. Is the individual ant completely unimportant? A. Yes.
Q. Is there a Group Soul for all ants taken collectively? A. No.
Q. Is there a Group Soul for each species of ant? A. No.

Comment: (By E.B.) What is the entity or form of consciousness that presides over an Ant community? Does it thus, so to speak, become “incarnate” on earth? And if so, why? And if the Ant colony is destroyed, does that represent death on the physical plane to the Oversoul? Or is the Oversoul pure imagination? I rather think it is.

Regarding the “voice” which the lady heard, and which seemed to emanate from the Ants, I think it more likely that she became paranormally aware of the existence of the second path and that the “voice” was a method used by her Aunihipili to present its findings to the Auhane. After all, we know that paranormal cognition exists: we do not know that the Ant Oversoul exists.

P. 4 etc. The human Group Soul. In a way this is akin to Jung’s “collective unconscious” but I think that as Jung visualized it, the C. U. covered the whole of Mankind, which seems very reasonable to me and indeed, to be the only type of Group Soul conceivable. But note it is not some kind of superconscious – an important point. Every human has contact with, and is affected by, it to some extent. The idea seems to me to furnish the one and only rational explanation of the idea of ORIGINAL SIN which is by no means as daft as some people think. Read what Renee Haynes writes in her book, The Hidden Springs: London, 1961.

Consider in connection with the human race, Sir Aleister Hardy’s concept of a group mind in every species, ‘building itself up from the unconsciously shared experience of all its members and telepathically operative in them all’ is strikingly like Jung’s concept of the Collective Unconscious of mankind. It may be noted in passing that in human experience, information recognized as being received by psi is found to well up through the individual subconscious, which is believed to interact with the Collective Unconscious as does a tidal river with the sea.

Seen together, these concepts may throw some light on the doctrine of original sin, intellectually so baffling when it is formulated in legal terminology. It is perhaps more comprehensible if it is realized as a taint affecting the whole group mind of humanity, a taint ‘building itself up in the unconsciously shared experience’ of our species and corrupting it; a taint open to and active in every human creature. Given that the ‘morph’ the ‘form and behavior design’ of the race in which we are bred and born and conditioned was once wholly good and harmonious – and still, indeed, retains traces of its former state in the traditions of a golden age, of natural religion and of a natural law intellectually known where that of other creatures is instinctively followed – and given that the experience of its members can alter the group mind of a race, it is not hard to see how the human ‘morph’, once distorted by the chosen activity of Adam, remains powerless to undo this past and ever developing experience of its corporate self, and can only be altered by an outside intervention. It is fascinating to observe in this connection how Paul, formed in the discipline of the law, finds himself using the names of Adam and of Christ not only as those of persons but as collective biological nouns, when he says, for instance, that ‘as in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all be made alive. He is speaking of the two morphs of the human species, the one unable to liberate itself from the distortion of the unit of life on which all its members are patterned, the other in which individual and racial being alike are transmuted in the mystical Body of Christ. An ever accumulating pressure of evil experience and action subconsciously conditions every being born into the first, as to every being reborn into the second there is open the ever  accumulating ‘treasury of merits’.

P. 6. Patterns

Q. Are there beings who, by manipulating the “patterns” cause so called evolution? A. Yes.
Q. But such changes can only be relatively gradual? A. Yes.
Q. For example, it would not have been possible to produce, say, a mammal in Carboniferous times? A. No.
Q. New forms can only develop from already existing types? A. Yes.

Comment: Such beings, supposing they exist, would admittedly control evolutionary changes in forms but, as I  see it, they would not be “group souls” in the sense in which you speak of them, any more than a man who produces an improved version of some machine becomes the “group soul” of all machines of that type made. The analogy is poor, because machines do not reproduce themselves as animals do, but it will suffice to make my point clear.

P. 7. “…with my trusty pendulum”.  Yes, I had to smile here. One gets into a truly amazing tangle I feel the only verdict pro tem is “non proven”, which leaves the matter open. An outstanding issue of the H.V., which opens up so many avenues of thought. I have not finished with it yet, by any means.

I hope the H.V. does not cease until you are ready but in any case you need not worry about any so-say ‘balance of subscription’ where I am concerned. If nothing more at all came from your end I should still consider it a splendid value. Best wishes and my aloha, Eric.

HRAs HAL AND MARY FALVEY often have things to say about the H.V. material. In a recent letter written by Hal, he says, in part:

Dear Max:
H.V. No 42 is great. Have you thought that the vertical and horizontal pendulum swings (made at the time I try to contact the Aumakua, as reported in #42) make the CROSS? And that the following momentary circle makes the nimbus, sometimes shown back of the cross, and associated with having arrived at Higher Knowledge? (He illustrated with a drawing showing the circle like a sun behind the two crossing bars of the cross. It seems to me that this might very well have been the symbol used in ancient times by the Initiates of Huna, Christianity and Gnostic religious orders. Today one sees in churches the cross with Jesus crucified on it, and the halo appears to be around his head. mfl.)

About H.V. 33: Recently I unloaded on you the notion that the first forms of life on earth, from which we inevitably descended, or ascended, were undoubtedly hermaphroditic, and therefore sex was an evolutionary development, for no clear reason, and the closer we came, spiritually, to perfection – such as becoming na Aumakua – the less the need for, or likelihood of, sex. I think it is a neat and logical assumption, that the male/female halves of the total Aumakua might be said to cohabit, or cooperate, in “giving birth” to that for which we pray. I’ll concede that sex may have been needed (in the earlier stages of evolution of the selves) just as were claws and teeth, and still may be, on earth, but not hereafter. Certainly, the characteristics of both have been combined at least once, in Jesus and his unspoken refutation of sex, and of that part of Genesis, may have been one of the many reasons he had enemies among the Jews. Paul, who had little use for women and who set many a Christian sect in the same old Oriental and Roman mold as regards females, at least said that each of us must work out his own salvation, in fear and trembling, etc. I take that to include women. I mean, that their chances are equal, which, by extension, means that sex is immaterial, is merely an earthly distinction or tag or characteristic. Many Hindus who believe in reincarnation agree that one may live as a woman or as a man in different earthly appearances. In attempting to look back on her own history – whose Aunihipili was my present Auhane, and what person had THAT person’s Auhane as a Aunihipili, etc. – Mary got back a few lives, to and including a boy, aged 16, back in the l6th century, if this proves anything.

Incidentally, does reincarnation, as generally understood, mean that the Auhane returns for another life, but with a different Aunihipili, or do the two start off together again? Either way, it does seem to me that the better preparation for the hereafter would be to experience both the male and female life – which would make duality unnecessary on the Aumakua level. In other words, if God wants some sound advice, here I am to give it.

Suggestion: Could that circular part of the pendulum swing mean NOT a “Male/Female cooperation” on the Aumakua level, but that all necessary forces on that level were now marshalled and functioning – the full realization of that Higher Ability or Knowledge I mentioned – indicated already as the halo or nimbus?

(Hal next tells of a time after he had been ill, when during prayer periods, there came explosive or crashing sounds as if something had fallen or broken, but with nothing in the room to indicate the cause. This is a familiar thing in psychical research work at seances. After several such crashing sounds had come over a period of months, Mary was questioned about the matter while in light trance. Hal writes:)

Said Ruth, who is Mary’s Aunihipili, “it’s a sign that you are getting closer and closer, and are now very close to the Power. That is, the power in the power, the primitive, elemental, undirected essence of it.” I asked, “Dare I use it?” She said, “Why, that’s what you’ve always used.” I mean, do I dare, personally, use it? “No! don’t touch it with your bare hands, or bare mind. That’s what Lazarus did. He fooled around with it. It’s the power that was in the Ark of the Covenant, that killed the man who touched it, even though he meant well.” Could I ask the Aumakua for guidance and then use it? “Friend (Hal’s Aunihipili) and the Aumakua will always guide if you ask. Yes, you may call on it, for then it will be like one floodgate opening to irrigate your field, instead of having the dam burst on you. Set it to work on one thing, or one thing at a time, don’t split or divert or change the flow, and be ready to stop it when it has done the work, for it is pure power, and keeps on rushing along in the one direction you set.” I just thought I’d report this.
Hal and Mary

EDITOR MAX COMMENTS: These letters give much food for thought. The idea of the great accumulation of pure power waiting to be put to orderly use, was new to me and suggests that perhaps there is the possibility of building up power and storing it like static electricity, even when we are not intending to do so, or are accumulating mana as a part of the Huna type prayer action. It might be that there is free power all about us, as the Hindus believe in their concept of “prana”. Perhaps there is a reservoir of greater power above the Aumakua level which can be drawn upon.

I went into the Bible to see what I could learn of the power in the Ark of the Covenant, and found nothing very enlightening on that subject, although I found that the cherubim faced each other from the two ends of the “mercy seat” placed inside the Ark, and that they extended their wings to meet above it. These seem to represent the Father and Mother halves of the Aumakua. Feathers are the ancient emblem of the Aumakua as “Breath” or as “Holy Spirit”. Feathers were supposed by the temple worship na kahuna to be able to store and convey mana and the very soul substance of the stone or wooden god images which they made with ritual observances to set up on the temple platforms for the commoners to see and be able to understand because the ”gods were made flesh”. They could not grasp even slight abstractions, nor can the masses today who are given images in churches by the priests.) When a new image was made by na kahuna to take to a new temple, some feathers were taken from a hole in the back of an old image and placed in a similar hole in the back of the new one, thus transferring to it the divine power and godhood essence.

The word “cherubim” was borrowed, together (we may suppose) with the concept of the Aumakua and its High Mana Power, from the Chaldeans, particularly those of Babylon. The word “manna” and its concept was also a borrowing, possibly from the same source, and on the table outside the Ark was kept a container of “manna” at all times as a part of the offerings to be made via the Ark. This shows us that the idea of mana being used as a gift to send to the Aumakua was incorporated in the Mosaic version of a small traveling tabernacle or “Holy of Holies” part of a temple such as Solomon built when he came into power. The idea of priming the Aumakua pump to get a working flow of mana is clearly seen in a passage from the work, Chaldean Oracles by  G. R. S. Meade. It was one of the writings contemporary with the Four Gospels, which also were made to contain the basics of Huna in the symbol and word code. I quote:

“Keep silence, thou who art admitted to the secret rites. But, first of all, the priest who doth direct the works of Fire (Light and Fire are the Aumakua and its High Mana in the symbology) must sprinkle with cold wave of the deep sounding brine. The “works of Fire” are the things done with High Mana by the Aumakua, and the sprinkling indicates the smallness of the mana (symbolized by water) in comparison with the greatness of the power it seems to call into action. In another passage we find the “spark” always alive in the Aumakua center ready to be “blown” on and made to burst into a great Flame. The heavy ha breathing of Huna connected with accumulating low mana to send upward along the aka cord, fits the blowing on the smoldering spark. The earth and sea (brine) are the material level of the lesser man.

Meade quotes from a passage, “From Thee (Father) through the Mother, to Thee (Son) For Power is with Him, but Mind from Him.” Meade then comments: “Power always represents the Mother side, the Spouse of Deity – the Mind, the One – and the Son the Result.” The “Son” as Huna sees it, would be the lesser man, the Auhane accompanied and served by the Aunihipili companion – the animal soul self.

Something should be said of the code meaning of the word in Hawaiian for “silence”. The prattle in New Thought and Theosophical circles about “going into the silence” misses the inner meaning. The word for “silence” is ano, which also has the meaning of “seed”, and of “a sacred or hallowed place,” and “fear”. The little code word covers symbolically, and by double talk meanings, the Huna process of prayer in which the thought-forms of the prayer are the “seeds” sent on the flow of mana sent as a gift to the “Hallowed or sacred place”, which is the Aumakua and also the “Kingdom of Heaven”. To “fear the Lord”, as commanded often in the code inserted in the Bible, is to make the Huna type prayer action.

As if that were not enough, na kahuna made doubly sure that the “silence” symbol would be understood by having two words for it. In addition to ano, they had the word ha mau, also meaning “to breathe faster and deeper” plus “to repeat”. Here is the standard Huna symbol of accumulating mana and sending it along the aka cord to the Aumakua as the beginning action of the Huna prayer.

There must have been prophecies foretelling the Dark Ages, and these must have been made in the days just before the opening of the Christian era. The fear that the Huna lore would be lost is evident in the great pains taken by Initiates to produce coded writings of a religious nature to preserve the Secret for generations to come. The Polynesians, under the guidance of their na kahuna, one or more of whom may have given the prophecies which were accepted without question, carried the language of the code off to the isolation of the Pacific, there to keep it free from change for the following centuries. One cannot but wonder whether or not there has been preserved a prophecy which might show what would happen when the lost Secret was once more recovered through  the code and language. There are prophecies of a “Second Coming” which may have coded into them information that might even now guide our uncertain steps as we endeavor to reconstruct the ancient system. The Book of Revelations in the New Testament might contain coded sections. It has not been closely inspected for the prophetic parts that might fit our present activities, and I must make a study of it before long. The opening words speak of “things which shortly must come to pass”, and all through the work the immediacy of the fulfillment of the prophecy is stressed. However, as nothing like fulfillment has come, so far as can be seen, this may have been a blind. In 1:20 the seven stars shown to John are said to be “the angels of the seven churches, and the seven candlesticks are the seven churches.” We are made to wonder whether the present day could be made to fit, what with about seven major churches or religions. We can count them as:

1. Christian
2. Judaism
3. Islam
4. Brahmanism
5. Buddhism
6. Taoism (in its mixed form in China)
7. The mixture of modern cults which are mixtures of the older beliefs

The book closed with seven seals (note the repetition of “7”) was told of in Chapter V, and the “strong angel proclaimed in a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?” By a big stretch of imagination we might say that this opening of the “book” might refer to the present decoding of Huna in the Biblical and Gnostic literatures written at about the same time as Revelations. But enough of that for the moment.

In the matter of the Aunihipili and Auhane reincarnating and perhaps gaining experience by coming back alternately as male or female, my feeling is that when the man got his start, he was split into male and female halves, and that as a Aunihipili, and then as a Auhane, he remains either male or female, until at the last the pair are reunited to make the step up to the Aumakua level. The evidence which is accumulating for reincarnation seems to indicate that it is possible for the Aunihipili pair to get separated and mixed up, perhaps a male Aunihipili drawing a female Auhane or the reverse. In the world around us we see tragic results of some kind of a mix up in the lives of womanly men and manly women. However the final stage should, in my opinion, see a basically male and basically female Auhane join to make a Aumakua, and I like the romantic thought that each has retained its sex all the way up from the bottom of the ladder to the top.

The necessity of reincarnating several or more times is seen in the code when Jesus says, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” In the contemporary Gnostic work, The Pistis Sophia, it is set down in this way: “Preach ye unto the whole world, saying unto men: ‘Strive together that ye may receive the mysteries of light in this time of stress, and enter into the Kingdom of Light. (The implication seems to be that once one is evolved enough to be able to understand Huna and become Utterly Trustworthy, the need to reincarnate passes and the entering of the Kingdom of Light, or the Aumakua stage, is at hand.) Put off not from day to day, and from cycle to cycle, (incarnation to incarnation) in the belief that ye will succeed in obtaining the mysteries when ye return to the world in another cycle.”‘ (From page 502 of Meade’s Fragments of a Faith Forgotten) In passing, it may be interesting to recall the fact that in early Egypt the inner doctrine was misunderstood in outer circles, and it came to be believed that the physical body would be resurrected also. The practice of mummy making resulted, the physical body being preserved as nearly as possible. When Egyptian beliefs moved on into Judaism and thence to Christianity, the same old misconception remained, and it was taught that the body would be restored and raised from the grave on a final Day of Judgment. As only one body was thought to come from the grave, the idea of several incarnations in the flesh was lost except to the inner circle initiates. In India, on the other hand, reincarnation was of the spirit only, and no dogma of raising the body was developed, even while the number of incarnations needed for complete growth-through-experience became stretched to a fabulous length and the karmic burden of sins grew too great to be tolerated. In India we seem to search in vain for a way to shorten the number of incarnations or to get clear of the burden of accumulated karma. In Christianity both in the inner and outer teachings, the matter of the several needed incarnations was not stressed, but the “sin” or karmic burden was removed as a “forgiveness” to be had from the Aumakua after proper reforming and ritual batism or cleansing, called kala in Huna and meaning “to restore the Light”. The Christian teaching was much easier to live with and by than the Indian. When the Auhane is cleansed and ready to become an Aumakua (with the mate half), the Aunihipili should be ready to step up a grade also.


Karin Roon’s New Way to Relax, by Karin Roon, Greystone Hawthorn publishers, price not given on jacket, but should be around $5 to $6 as book prices go these days of inflated costs. (My review copy is on loan from HRA W.H.B., of Los Angeles, who had leg pains which were bothering, and who found the methods in the book a swift cure.) The book gives in great detail the instructions needed to get the benefits of relaxing tensions of body or mind. Nothing in the book is really new, but the way the writer pulls the several methods together to include the exercise, breathing, stretching, tensing  before  relaxing, and such, makes the simple general method seem new and delightful. Well worth trying, and if you know you are suffering from tensed muscles or mind, all the more reason to try out the instructions. A book dealer may have the book, or can get it for you. Libraries might have it also. Good for general tonic use if one is not suffering something marked.


HRA Eric Biddle recently told me to watch out for a very important article in PENDULUM magazine (A mimeographed monthly, Egerton Sykes, Editor. Markham House Press, Ltd., 31 King’s Road, London, S.W. 3., England. $4 the year or 28/ British.) The issue of December, 1962, which reached me February 14th, is almost entirely given over to an article by an Italian, Dr. Leonello Boni, and is titled, “Human Radiations”. The article is copyrighted, so I cannot copy all 16 pages of it for you as I would dearly love to do. HRA Biddle considers it one of the finest articles yet written to give us proof of reincarnation, or, perhaps he may have meant, a possible proof through the use of the method of locating the place of the spirit when outside the body. But let me brief the article for you.

Cesare Bardeloni, General of the Italian Army’s Engineering Corps, some years back, seems to have become interested in the problem of measuring and studying the radiations given off by living organisms, particularly human beings. He, like Dr.Oscar Brunler, found that the writing of a person in ink captured his radiation pattern in some way so that it could be measured. While the instrument used is not described, it must have been something similar to the Brunler “Biometer”, and the pendulum may have been used as it is in our HRA method of making a Psychometric Analysis reading. Where, we measure the Aunihipili and Auhane separately and together (as well as the ingredient of the Aumakua or of “eating companion” spirits), Bardeloni measured, so he concluded, radiations in wave form from the physical man and from his spirit. He spoke of them as “biological waves” and “psychical waves” and by measuring the wave lengths, found that the two had a standard relative length. The relative length (I think that is what was being measured) of the waves varied in sickness and as death approached or old age came on, the “biological wave” weakened about half. In studies via the handwriting of many people, he was able to predict coming illness or already present disease by comparing the relative wave lengths. He experimented with the writing of several men belonging to the General Nobile group that attempted to fly over the North Pole and came to grief. From the drop in the biological reading he was able to tell who was hurt and what the general state of health of individuals might be at a given day. His findings were later proven correct.

An effort was made to find some way to correct the out-of-balance condition in cases of illness and where there was cancer. Lhakowski had been trying out wire coils of various diameters placed around plants to cause an oscillation of magnetic currents, and efforts were made by the Italian to learn to measure patients to see what diameter their best coil should be. Coils were put around the body or affected parts and fastened with the ends of the coil not quite touching. Others joined in the studies but the healing system was not perfected.

Bardeloni then discovered that through the living he could contact and measure dead relatives, as in the case of a young woman who was psychic and who knew that the spirit of her dead brother had taken over control of her hand as she was writing her name. The part of the signature which she first wrote, gave her own usual reading with both biological and psychical radiations, but the part written under control gave radiation readings which were later checked against writing done by the brother while still alive, and found to be the same. (The article does not say whether or not the dead man gave “biological” radiations from his signature written through the sister or not.)

As a part of the series of experiments, a method was worked out (which, sad to say, is not given in sufficient detail to be used by us) for finding the place in space of the writer of a signature, be he alive or dead. The method seems to be one based on triangulation and is spoken of as “localized goniometrically.” In any event, the soul part of the one out of the body could be measured and located. A Father Trione appears to have been involved in the studies, but may not have taken part in a most exciting set of tests run on  women. These showed pregnancy at any time after the moment of conception by giving two biological wave length readings. The radiations from the embryo were stronger than those of the mother. Sex of the unborn showed in the measurements, as with the usual pendulum tests on humans or eggs. During all the 280 days of pregnancy, the center from which the child’s radiation came (he called it the “quid” or spirit essence or radiation center) remains out in space, but as the time of birth approaches, it moves slowly closer until it is vertically over the head of the mother. It gets closer and closer, and on the third day enters the body of the newborn child. In a somewhat similar way, the “quid” of a person departs at death and remains in space where it can be found and read and its location determined. Plans were made to try to keep track of the “quid” of the dead brother of the writer of the article to see how long it might take for it to be drawn to earth for another incarnation, but the death of Bardeloni cut short the experiment. However, the successful measurement of the descending “quid” of a baby before birth gives a very important piece of information and may point strongly to the truth of reincarnation, even without the time between lives being known,

A little light is thrown on the nature of the radiations from the dead. We are told in the article that the writing of the dead will show “not one but two radiation centres. The one of these corresponds to the place where the dead body is found in the burial place. The second radiation – which usually is localized somewhere in the direction of outer space – originates from the “QUID” which, surviving the body, continues radiation of the same wave length as that of the same person while he was alive. During the day interval from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m., it (the “quid”) is localized by gonimeter as a single and constant centre. During the night period, ….. other polarization centres also manifest themselves in the direction of the dead person’s close relatives, as if the QUID, during the night hours, wishes to be near to those relatives or other persons, who have been attached to the deceased by strong feelings.” (This is very interesting, for we guess, after studying Huna, that the spirits of the dead come nightly to draw a bit of mana from living loved ones to keep them “alive” on the non-physical planes of being. Na Aumakua are supposed to contact the sleeping Aunihipili and Auhane and the body to take a share of mana, even if conscious contact is not made by the lesser members of the triune team.)

HRA Biddle says that he has written to the author of the article, and it is to be hoped that he will take  up the matter of just how the readings and measurements were or are being made, perhaps giving in turn information as to what we of the HRA have been doing in P.A. readings. It would be most exciting to be able to run a test and find out from time to time where one’s Aumakua was located.


As you know from the last Huna Vistas, I decided to go back to what once seemed Guidance (via Aunihipili to the Aumakua through pendulum talk) but which was rejected because the publication of all books and materials for the presentation of the Huna in Bible findings seemed an impossibility. It was decided to make a token move toward obeying the Guidance, and to this end work was started on putting together a very simple part of the material to go into a 64 page pamphlet.

It is too early to be certain, but it begins to look very much as though I am on the right track. The pendulum talk still gives no ready help, but as I get once more into the decoding of the passages in the Bible and in Gnostic literature, the very things needed at the moment seem to stare up at me when I open one of the reference books which I feel impressed to take up, be it a dictionary of a Polynesian dialect or the New Testament or the “Chaldean Oracles”. This method of getting Guidance is as old as the hills, and I have seen my paternal grandfather open his worn Bible to look for something that would suggest the right thing to do when he was uncertain about his actions. Incidentally, he came up nearly always with something that gave him the right guidance. Superstition? Perhaps. At any rate, I am often startled at the line of thought suggested by the  words or sentences to which I turn. It gives me much the same feeling of being overshadowed as does the running of the Tarot cards when they “are running true”.

Vivid dreams are also impressing me, and some may be prophetic to some extent. If so, the day is not too far ahead when I will be getting a hearing before small groups so that I can begin explaining what Jesus taught in secret, and where the teachings originated – with Huna. In one dream I was with a large number of Theosophists, and after the general meeting, a dozen of them went with me to a small anteroom and we moved chairs into a group and sat down. Slowly I began to tell them how I had found Huna, mentioning (hopeful of making my approach more welcome) the fact that as a young man I had been given a great push forward by a chance friend, Walter X. Osborn, who taught me Theosophy. As I spoke his name there came a rustle of excitement and I was turned around, to find myself actually face to face with my long dead old mentor. It was a wonderful reunion and we clasped hands and beamed and beamed on each other – then the dream faded, leaving me deeply moved and wondering whether my wise old friend was back in spirit at this turning point in the Huna recovery work to help from behind the scenes.

I am becoming a little breathless with growing expectation. It is as if the lost key to understanding and miracles had been dimly glimpsed and was sure to turn up if enough pages were turned and passages examined in the light of the Huna code.

If I am not greatly mistaken, I have been Guided to grasp the significance of the inner teachings of Jesus in relation to the complete “salvation” that, if we can grasp it, will make it possible for a number of us who know Huna and fully accept it, to graduate at the end of this present life into the Aumakua level.

For some the desire to keep coming back to this level of life is strong, and they will come back until they have finished their schooling, it is to be supposed. But for me it is a dazzling prospect, that of not having to return in the flesh but to take the next upward step. I cannot help believing that there must be many others who are ready to graduate if the Secret knowledge can in some way be gotten to them. I am thinking of the many who might be found in church circles, or the many who have outgrown dogmas but do not know where to turn.

I know that all this, as I try to tell it, has an even greater air of unreality about it for you than for me. But bear with me, I beg you. I am gambling on a tiny bit of the once rejected Guidance. The gamble may pay off well. Stand by … MFL

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