Huna Vistas Bulletin #51

HV08-headerNovember, 1963

Healers Arrested & Psychic Photographs



DISTRESSING NEWS ON THE “RADIONICS” FRONT, appeared in the morning papers in Los Angeles, October 10th. As you all know, if you have been an HRA for some time or have had the back issues of the BULLETIN of the HRA (now available only in incomplete sets, and these not for long), we have been greatly interested and not a little plain curious about the “Radionics” instruments used for diagnosing and treating disease. We have studied the various instruments in so far as our limited facilities would permit, and have watched the production of new models, such as those of De la Warr in England, whose model was said to have reached back in time and produced on film a good picture of the maker’s wedding, which had taken place a number of years earlier.

THE BAD NEWS is bad to us because it throws the whole matter of the work with psychometric ability into “the dog house”. As HRAs we have been more and more convinced by our studies that the wires, coils, magnets, dials and everything besides the “rubbing plate” on “radionics instruments” were all but useless. Dr. Oscar Brunler, to whom we are deeply indebted for the PSYCHOMETRIC ANALYSIS system as we now know it and use it, had a box under the tape and plate of his “Biometer” which was said to be filled with electronic gadgets, but which, we eventually learned, was empty. In time we discovered that the tape and metal plate were not necessary. With just the pendulum and a “code” of meanings through which the Aunihipili could make its report after “psychometrizing” a subject, a perfect reading could be made

FEARING TO DENY THE VERITY of the pictures made by De la Warr’s instrument in the hands of a natural psychic operator (his wife), or the rather simpler pictures made and exhibited by Dr. Ruth Drown, of Los Angeles, showing the operation in progress in London at the moment a patient’s blood sample was placed in her electrified box and a film exposed to the “radiations” metal instruments in use and the contour NOT of bones in an x-ray picture, but of “soft tissues”. The pictures were very impressive. I did not see one made, but the claims seemed honest and direct and the instrument in which pictures were made were opened to inspection both in London and Los Angles. What we wanted was confirmation or correction – or even full negation – of the Huna theory that aka threads connect people and their signatures or blood samples (even photographs reprinted in newspapers!) and that through these connecting aka threads the patient might be reached by the Aunihipili and information obtained to report – even across miles, years and after death.

WE WERE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE PICTURES as possibly genuine, but NOT as something made by the mechanical part of the instruments. In the long study of psychic phenomena such pictures have been made repeatedly on photographic films enclosed in black envelopes and held between the palms of a medium’s hands. These “scotographs” have often shown faces and recognizable outlines of things. No “radionics” instrument, so far as we have known, has ever been able to make a picture without the presence of a living person of psychic ability.

We were also willing to accept as possibly correct, the diagnosing of diseases through the aid of the instruments and their “rubbing plate”, the latter taking the place of the pendulum which has often been successfully used in making diagnostic tests when the user of the pendulum was well trained and psychically able.

WHERE WE REFUSED TO ACCEPT THE CLAIMS was in the matter of the use of the instruments to treat the patient. Our contention was that it was the psychic operator of the instrument who could send mana and healing suggestion through the connecting aka threads to heal the patient, NOT the instrument which was set in a way supposed to broadcast healing energies. The dials which were set appeared to us to be simply a “code” for the use of the operator, because no electricity passed through them. (A wire usually runs from a container into which the “sample” blood spot of the patient is placed, to a series of ten dials mounted on the instrument box in rows. The sole action of the dials when they are set is to lengthen or shorten the wire, which passes from the last dial to the small rubber plate or “rubbing plate”, upon which the operator rubs his fingers while changing the dial settings. When he feels that his fingers are sticking to the plate, he concludes that the dials are set for the proper diagnosis, and proceeds to consult a chart which will tell him how to read the dials to determine the nature of the illness he has just diagnosed. The wire is supposed to act as a resisting substance to an electrical current, and the greater the length of wire allowed in the dial settings, the more the resistance. This is all very well in instruments where electricity runs through a wire, but can have no possible significance in terms of electricity when NO electrical current is flowing through the wire. According to Huna, the only possible thing that could pass from the “sample” to the rubbing plate would be an aka thread or even a little mana. But neither will register on the most sensitive measuring device. Mana acts in some ways like an electrical charge but is moved only by an action of the living intelligence. Its apparent actions run contrary to the usual laws which govern the movements or actions of any form of electricity now known.) (The body and brain, as well as tissues, do generate a microscopic amount of electricity, and the tissues of the brain and nerves carry or discharge electricity which can be measured by very delicate instruments such as the electroencephalograph. These discharges, from the brain, form distinctive wave patterns which we are learning to identify and connect with sleeping, waking and various actions or conditions of the brain as a whole or of certain portions of it. However, this electricity is NOT mana, and does not act like it is known to act in telepathy or in actions in seance rooms which can be explained only by the acceptance of the theory of spirits.)

THE DISTURBING NEWS IN THE PAPERS, was that Dr. Ruth Drown, D.C., who was arrested and fined $1,000 a few years ago for selling one of her instruments to be transported across a state line, after being ordered by a court not to do so (if I recall the incident correctly) had again been arrested, with her five assistants. Her Hollywood office had been raided and about 50 of the radionics instruments seized for use as evidence. Most of these, I take it, were the ones used to treat patients by direct contact, or by sending the treatment out over a distance.

Behind the raid were investigators from the office of the District Attorney and from the California Food and Drug Administration. Claiming that several patients had complained, the authorities employed a former patient and had her go back with an undercover agent for treatments, which they could, together, certify legally. The P.A. reading taken from the pictures of these two young women show both to be of good intentions, clockwise and constructive. One had a degree reading of 291, the other, of the regular investigating staff, 321. From the reading one must conclude that both thought they were acting for the good of the public.

On the other hand, Dr. Drown, now age 72, from her picture in the Times, gave a reading of the same nature, fully constructive and normal and with a degree reading of 333. From the reading, and from personal contact with Dr. Drown, I am of the opinion that she is convinced that her instruments are good and beneficial and that she has been doing a great service by using them in her practice. (It is interesting to note that during his last, lingering illness, afflicted with what medical men diagnosed as blood cancer, Dr. Oscar Brunler found that the only relief he could obtain was from the treatments given by the Drown instruments which she personally set into action for him.) She has treated a very large number of patients near at hand or at a distance, and can, undoubtedly, show many letters telling of cures. But results will not be considered in court. She and her helpers, among them her daughter, also a chiropractor, are accused of using valueless instruments to make a diagnosis and give treatment, and that because the instruments have no value, they have swindled the patients.

The report of the agents, was given In the news story as follows:

“Among other things, they reported that:

  1. The operators claimed they could treat patients wherever they might be in the world, merely by exposing samples of their blood to the mysterious radio waves of the machines.
  2. Mood samples ostensibly from three children but actually from a turkey, a sheep and a pig were submitted for testing. All three were diagnosed as having chicken pox – and one of them mumps as well.
  3. Photographs of astronauts and dogs in orbiting space capsules were represented as havin been obtained by ‘chance’ when the diagnostic machines picked up 9 energy waves from the cosmos.
  4. The founder of the center and inventor of the machines boasted of having treated about 35,000 patients since 1935. Investigators estimated this meant a take of more than $500,000.”

In the newspaper article it was related that the former patient employed by the investigators had first been examined by medical doctors and certified to be in good health. She was examined again, after the visits to Dr. Drown’s offices, and again found to be in the best of health. Dr. Drown’s group had diagnosed her with the use of one of the instruments, and although she had said she was having stomach trouble, the machine said it was aluminum poisoning of the stomach and gall bladder, with indications of trouble in the right ovary and left kidney. She was told to stop using aluminum cooking utensils and to return for treatments. She returned and was treated with the use of a small black box with nine dials, two foot pads and a piece of metal which was placed on her stomach. After the treatment she purchased one of the treatment instruments for $572. Her children, who had been diagnosed from the blood of turkey, sheep and pig as having chicken pox and one the mumps, had none of those diseases.

The other undercover agent told the Drown staff she had been said by a doctor to have cancer. The instrument diagnosis, however, showed no cancer, but cysts and her “salt-sugar ratio out of balance”, caused by malfunction of the liver and thymus gland. The diagnosis charge was $50, and she was offered treatments at either $50 a month on a month-to-month basis or for $35 a month on a six-month contract. She said that Dr. Drown had told her that she had 100 in-patients and 200 out-patients a month, plus 80 patients a month at her San Luis Obispo office.

In addition to the “radionics” instruments, the investigators reported that in a rear room there was what appeared to be a very large magnetic coil with a cot placed in the center of it. The “coil” was made of plywood. She said she was told that “it balances your magnetic forces through induction.”

Shortly after the raid and the grand jury indictment, they were ordered to return October 29th to plead to charges of grand theft and attempted grand theft. They were accused of diagnosing and treating patients for non-existent diseases with worthless electrical devices. Dr. Drown and her daughter, Dr. Cynthia Chatfield Friden, both chiropractors, were released on $10,000 bail and the four assistants on their own recognizance except for one whose bond was set at $2,500.

In the newspaper accounts it was not stated whether or not Dr. Drown had been the one to make the various tests with the instruments. It may have been that one of the other workers in the center had done the diagnosing, but I fear that she did it herself, as the investigators probably insisted that she do it in person so they could accuse her directly.

So there we have it. Not long ago De la Warr, in England, sold one of his instruments to a doctor for over $700, and when it did not work as promised, she brought suit against him, and won very heavy damage payments. In court one cannot prove that such instruments use any recognized form of energy or have any value. The matter of the psychic ability of the operator, of course, is left entirely out of the picture, and results obtained by the instruments are refused as evidence. It is like trying a case to prove that there is a ghost haunting a house. As no court will admit that there could be such a thing as a ghost, it is obvious that there can be no haunting.

ALL OF THIS BRINGS TO MIND another slightly similar matter, that of the great plywood edifice being built without nails at Giant Rock, in the desert south of Los Angeles by a group headed by George Van Tassel, a medium, and after plans and specifications furnished by a spirit. Some thousands of dollars have been spent on the building, but at last report it was not completed and funds had been used up. It was said to be so constructed that it automatically generated certain powerful forces, and there was the spirit promise that once completed, one would walk in at one door a physical wreck and out of the opposite door rejuvenated – or something like that.

Another form of psychism was used some years ago in Los Angeles by two osteopathic doctors, both women. One would hypnotize the other and ask her to examine the patient psychically and make a diagnosis, then decide on the proper treatment. They did a thriving business for a time, but soon the patients were all diagnosed as having a tubercular condition of the superrenals, and as it was certain that all patients could not be so afflicted, the method was given up. Oddly enough, the doctor who was hypnotized soon became ill, and it turned out that she was suffering from the very condition which she diagnosed in others.

Diagnosis is often done by spirits through mediums, and some very accurate work has been reported in psychical research circles, but more than one medium has been hauled before a judge for using the method with the results never at all taken into consideration. Mrs. Jessie Curl, who is now in New Zealand establishing Spiritualistic Church centers and doing much successful healing work, according to her recent letters to me, was subjected to undercover investigators’ trickery in New York a decade back, and when she agreed that the investigator had heart disease and that she would try to heal her, she was taken to court and accused of practicing medicine without a license. After much trouble, she was allowed to go free if she would leave the city and not return.

Rev. Verne Cameron, well known for his water dowsing and explorations and inventions in that field, can make an excellent diagnosis of one’s spine to see where a joint needs adjusting. For this he used to use his “Aurameter.” As he had learned to make simple neck and upper back adjustments, he at times obliged his friends by adjusting joints which he found to need it. The medical doctors got wind of this and ran in a pair of undercover agents, with the result that he was taken to court and fined.

There can be no doubt that the field of things psychic offers a splendid chance for investigation with the promise of giving us much new and strange information. But with the “radionics” instruments proving so uncertain, even in psychically skilled hands, and what with the temptation to use the machines wrongly, I fear that the progress in this direction has been set back years and years. If there is any hope at all, it is to be found in continuing psychical research and in the availability of the Huna theories to explain what happens in various actions related to psychic ability on the parts of the living alone, or in conjunction with the spirits of the dead.


The matter of psychic photographs may be divided roughly into three parts for consideration.

  1. Photographic film which is exposed in a light tight envelope or box such as a “radionics” instrument box, without the aid of electrical current and which may give a negative demanding a positive print or may itself carry the positive image as does an ordinary print. Or an x-ray effect may be obtained.
  2. The film in its black envelope is exposed by being held by a person with psychic ability and may, upon being developed, give either a positive or negative picture.
  3. Films or plates exposed in the usual manner to photograph a person or scene and, upon development, show faces or items not in the original scene or background of the portrait. (A fourth class may be ruled out because they consist of light struck spots on the film caused by holes in camera bellows or defective equipment.)

While we are on the subject, and because photographs are material things admissible as evidence in a court of law, let us consider the reports on the subject which are to be found in Fodor’s Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, starting on page 312. The article heading is “Psychic Photographs”. I quote:

“Psychic photographs furnish proof of a variety of supernormal manifestations. Numerous experiments have been conducted to register on sensitive plates emanations of the human body, a phenomenon on the borderline of the normal and supernormal and to prove the existence of N. rays, digital effluvium, ectoplasmic flow, aura, astral body and thought waves. On rare occasions phantoms were photographed in haunted houses or, without light, in the darkness of the seance room; the objectivity of clairvoyant visions was proved and pictures in the crystal were said to have been caught by the camera. The majority of psychic photographs consist of flashlight records of psychic structures, psychic lights, materialized figures, and of spirit forms or representations invisible to the eye but obtained in daylight by so called spirit photographers.

“No group shows so many facets of mystery as this last. Spirit photography was accidentally discovered by William Mumler, an American engraver in 1861. To obtain the picture of a dead relative on an exposed plate is a strange experience in itself, but still more mysterious occurrences were witnessed and, paradoxical as it may sound, nothing caused greater bewilderment than the first spirit photograph which turned out to be the portrait of a living man. Those who suspected fraud from the first believed they had clinched their case. But no hue and cry stopped the fact from recurring.

“Master Harrod, of No. Bridgewater, Mass., accompanied by his father, went to Mumler. Some months previously he was controlled in trance and a spirit told him that if he went to Mumler’s studio three spirits would show themselves, representing Europe, Africa and America. After Mumler developed the plate which he had exposed, the face of a European, a Negro and an Indian confronted the sitter. ‘It then occurred to me,’ writes Mumler of a later sitting, ‘to take his picture while entranced, to see if I could get the controlling power, and to that end I asked if there was any spirit present would he please entrance the medium. In a few moments he threw back his head, apparently in a deep trance. I then adjusted the focus and exposed the plate, and took the picture as represented. The spirit seen here is undoubtedly his double as it is unmistakably a true likeness of himself.’

“Another American spirit photographer, Evans, was taking pictures in 1875 in the studio of Mr. A.C. Maxwell in New York. While he was busy with a customer, named Demarest, Mr. Maxwell was sitting asleep by the stove, some ten feet in the rear of where the camera stood. When the plate was developed Mr. Maxwell’s face and full figure was discovered beside the sitter. The resemblance was unmistakable.

…. In England in 1872, Hudson photographed the double of Frank Herne while the medium was in trance. His contemporaries, John Beattie and Thomas Slater, were satisfied with psychic marks or with features of the dead, while F.M. Parkes and Reeves obtained curious symbolic pictures on their plates. In France, E. Buguet was ascending in fame. Comte de Bullet testified … to having obtained on a plate in Paris the double of his sister who lived in Baltimore. He wrote … ‘On New Year’s Day I went to Buguet and said, mentally: “You read my thoughts, my dear sister, and it would be a grand New Year’s gift for me if you would come to me with all your children.” When the operation was done she appeared on the plate with her three daughters. I sat a second time, and she came with her two boys, making all five of her children – all perfect likenesses. On the plate with her daughters she appears holding a card on which is written: “Your desire is realized, receive the felicitations of my children,: signed with her name. Here I would observe the M. Buguet did not know whether she had any children, now how many, nor how they were divided – three girls and two boys.’

“Encouraged by these marvelous occurrences, Stainton Moses (London medium used by the Imperator Group) made arrangements that he would appear in spirit in Buguet’s studio in Paris on January 31, 1875 while his body remained in London. On the first plate there was a faint image of Stainton Moses, on the second a perfect likeness. He wrote, ‘There is no doubt whatever as to the fact that the spirit of a person whose body was lying asleep in London was photographed by M. Buguet in Paris. (Buguet seems to have made such a good thing of his sudden fame as a spirit photographer that he started cheating. He was soon arrested and confessed to making double exposures of people whose pictures he could obtain, and was jailed and fined. When he got free, he said he had been tricked into the confession on the promise that he would be set free. There is much evidence that some of his spirit photographs were genuine, especially in cases where he had no knowledge of the dead who appeared and were recognized by sitters scarcely known to him. Other photographers came along to duplicate his work and give additional evidence of verity.)

“The most convincing demonstrations were made by Edward Wyllie in California and later in England. His powers were singular and showed a blending between psychometry and spirit photography, as he often found it possible to obtain a psychic ‘extra’ by having an article of the departed sent to him and exposed to the camera. His extras were not restricted to human faces. Once he obtained the portrait of a large dog which was recognized by the sitter. In a sitting in Manchester, England, on March 22, 1910, the extra of a boy appeared on the plate beside the picture of Mr. A.W. Orr, who was for many years president of the Manchester Psychic Research Society. James Coats discovered that the boy was a child of a friend of his. He did not then know whether the boy had passed over, but found in due time that he was very much alive. Wyllie, the medium, was unacquainted with his existence, never saw him and could not explain the occurrence.

(After his death on the steamer Titanic, W.T. Stead, well known in research circles, and who had been working with the Crewe Circle, promising a man, Wakler, to keep him posted on findings, appeared on a plate under strict test conditions. “Surrounded by a nebulous white mass, a very clear photograph of W.T. Stead was obtained with a circular inscription: ‘Dear Mr. Walker, (conducting the test with his own plates) I will try to keep you posted, W.T. Stead.’ The message was in Stead’s handwriting which was recognized as certainly genuine by his secretary, Miss Harper.

“The case introduces the problem of psychographs or psychical text printing on sensitive plates. One of its most curious instances as it occurred in Hope’s mediumship is recorded in detail… To the members of the Crewe Circle the spirit offered to produce a Greek text on a chosen plate. The fifth plate in an unopened packet was held in the sitter’s hands. The result was found, as indicated: a passage from St. Luke’s Gospel as contained in a unique book, given by Cyril Lucar, of Constantinople, to Charles I, and preserved in the British Museum. Comparison revealed that the psychograph was not a facsimile, but a copy, inexact in formation of the letters. The manuscript in the British Museum is inaccessible to near approach as the glass case is railed around.

“To the question of how all these miracles are done, no satisfactory answer can be returned. Charges of trickery are often based on surmise and not  on evidence. … What is certain is that the methods vary. The first thing that should be made clear is that the appearance of a portrait on an exposed plate is in itself no proof of the actual presence of a spirit. The portrait may not be more than an image to convey the message of continued existence. It may be the duplicate of an exisiting portrait or it may be one which was never taken, or it may be of people who have never been photographed. To furnish proof that the picture is meant as a representation only sometimes the invisible operators show the departed in various periods of his earth life. So far, everything is plain. But complications arise when evidence is furnished that the image is not independent of the subconscious influence of the sitter. The Society for the Study of Supernormal Pictures has a case on record where the psychic picture  of  the  deceased son of a sitter was found to be an exact but reversed duplicate of a photograph the sitter was wearing tucked away in her blouse in a locket. Even the rim of the locket could be seen.

“The lens and the camera appear to be of little importance. William Hope obtained psychic pictures on unexposed plates if he held them in a carrier (as did some others). In a similar manner, Madge Donohoe produces a bewildering variety of “scototographs”. If several cameras are focused and exposed simultaneously, it often happens that only one registers the picture… There are many cases in which something extraneous appears to be presented to the camera: a materialized form, a simulacrum built on a psychic screen, or a text written in patches of ectoplasm ….. identical markings were found on spirit photographs from different parts of the world. As a rule the spirit photographs are more animated and lifelike than the original photographs. They differ in expression and are often accompanied by writing, sometimes very minute, or reversed, resembling mirror writing and often exhibiting the identical character which the deceased used in his life. A series of slides which Conan Doyle took with Hope give a glimpse of this process. The first photograph shows a sort of cocoon of thinly veined, filmy material, tenuous as a soap bubble, nothing within. The second shows a face inside the cocoon and an opening down the centre. The opening becomes larger and finally the face looks out with the cocoon festooned back and forming an arch over the face, and a hanging veil on either side of it.

“The actinic (or light) action of the spirit forms is peculiar. The extras appear the moment the developing fluid touches the plate, while the figures of the sitters develop much later. With some mediums the exposure is supernormally long. Mrs. Deane sometimes takes 15 minutes to half an hour. Hope took less. Myers takes about seven minutes. No photographer has yet explained why such overexposure of the plates does not bum up the image. Nor does the mystery stop there. The plates may show the background and the extra, but not a trace of the sitter. Sometimes even the background will be invisible or it will show through the body of the sitter, which has been rendered transparent. The extra may have a different tone and color from the normal picture. In freakish cases it appears as a positive or, in still more extraordinary instances, the sitter’s picture is positive and the extra negative. ….. Trail Taylor concluded that the picture (he had made) was not formed through the lens but was impressed within the camera. (Stereoscopic pictures sometimes failed to show the usual effect of standing out in relief perspective of the extras.) (Some of the spirits told the mediums that ectoplasmic models or molds were made of mental pictures, then impressed on the sensitive plates in some way.)

ANOTHER RAID IS REPORTED AS I WRITE, this time taking in a West Los Angeles man named Dietemann and a woman in a health foods store who had sent him patients. He has an “electronic rod” according to the article in the papers, which he uses after the manner of a water dowser over 20 vials said to contain “human tissues”. The vial or vials selected by the rod indicate the needed mixture of “mud and minerals” for the cure. He is said to have made no charge for his efforts, but to have accepted donations. The undercover agents in the case report that he explained “that there are 20 genetic chains in the body and each  chain has 20 links. ” He used his rod to learn which link was broken and then set about preparing “clay and minerals as medicine appropriate to that part of the body. ” From his picture in the paper I get a P.A. reading (which, of course, being based on psychometry, may or may not be right or valid) showing him to be clockwise and constructive as to will and personality, and of 319 degrees. The degree is not very high, but I would say from the reading that Dietemann thinks he is doing good for those who come to him. Knowing the frequent cures obtained by medical doctors with nothing but dough pills, we will be safe in guessing that many of his patients have found themselves much benefitted by his work.

AT TO OUR GROUP WORK TEST OF GUIDANCE I have very little as yet to report. I had hoped to have members of the HRA all classified as to place of residence and P. A. reading by now and to have begun to introduce likely members to others in their neck of the woods. HRA Thomas Langan, as happily reported recently, came to live in Vista and give me a hand in that work and in addressing, folding and stuffing the Huna Vistas. He made up a new set of file cards and sorted them for similarity of residence, and the work was progressing in putting on the cards the marks to tell who would meet others willingly and what P.A. they had by my reading. Then HRA Langan suddenly moved away, and has not been heard of since. I greatly fear that in being unable to repay him for his help with my time and the use of my car – or whatever – I offended him deeply. The plan for introductions has not been given up. I have managed to introduce a few and will continue to check and introduce as time allows. In the past few weeks there have been no end of interruptions and unexpected additional tasks to perform, so bear with me.

THE TMHG SITTING TIMES were supposed by me to change at the end of September to normal from daylight saving, as I wrote in the last issue of the H.V. After it had been mailed, I was reminded that it had been voted in California that the change should come at the end of October. Shame on me for that blunder. I have been doubling up on sittings to catch both hours and covering part of the prayer list each time, along with “specials” where the need is pressing.

A NICE LETTER WAS RECEIVED from a non member who had asked for TMHG help for a heart condition. it read, “After two months of treatments I am able to report the condition of my heart has improved to the point where you may discontinue the treatments. You have given me a new lease on life. Thanks very much for your efforts.” Daily I have good news and give thanks for the Help which has been given. It is wonderful to know that we can pray for each other without being jailed for it, and I feel grateful to the Catholic Church, which has successfully defended the right to pray for various benefits, and even to charge for the service. I understand that the cost of praying sinners like myself through Purgatory is nothing to be sneezed at. Not that we of the TMHG ask anything more than a note each month to report on results, and a readied envelope if a reply is desired.


Many of us in the HRA have studied the various books written by Dr. Kuhn, and so I note here his passing in late September at the age of 82. He was a teacher and linguist with a Ph.D. from Columbia University, a Theosophist of sorts, and a constant advocate of his theory, drawn from his study of the religious beliefs of ancient Egypt, that “Amenta” was not a place reached after death, but was life on earth in the body. He saw, with Gerald Massey, eye to eye in almost everything other than this matter of inversion, so to speak, of our inherited idea of heaven and hell. In his three books dealing with the origins and significance of Egyptian beliefs as fathering Christian theology in part, he ranged far and wide, presenting a mass of valuable reference material. His books which are best known are, The Lost Light, The Shadow of the Third Century and Who Is the King of Glory. In his later years he came to know Huna, and while he did not go overboard for it, he was most tolerant and friendly. His P.A. degree was, as I read it, 353 degrees – not high enough to allow him to do outstanding work in producing new theories which would hold water, but ideal for assembling and comparing data on every imaginable angle of religious beliefs. His last work was a booklet, The Red Sea, in which he argued that the Red Sea of the Bible was symbolic and stood for the human blood stream.

Typical of his reversed Amenta-Earth theory, are these passages from page 542 of his The Lost Light. “Though a spirit and no longer a mortal, Jesus came forth from the grave in human form. As Massey well says, the resurrected Manes (spirit) appears in the figure of, but not as, the mummy or earth body. The soul steps forth in a garment that has the form but not the substance of physical man. Why? Because the outer physical form was in the first place shaped over the mold of that inner invisible body. When the latter has divested itself of the former, it appears in its original characteristic shape.

“The Manes asserts that he rises as ‘a god amongst men’, which must be on earth. The resurrecting entity was styled ‘he who cometh forth from the dusk and whose birth is in the house of death’  which is the physical body. Chapter 65 (Book of the Dead is being quoted) bears further succinct testimony: ‘Behold me, I am born and I come forth in the form of a living Khu (described by Dr. Kuhn as the Egyptian for a divine or spiritual body) and the human beings who are upon the earth ascribe praise unto me.’ He must be where human beings perceive him to render him this praise.

Going back to page 541 where Massey’s terms of “nether and upper earth” are being discussed, we read, “Nether and upper earth are the two realms of man’s nature, and surely in this resurrection he rises out of or from the lower and ascends into the upper. If Amenta is this life and not some semi-ghostly existence after demise, then the resurrection must be from Amenta into heaven. But if a prisoner is released from a cell, his release at least starts in the cell. So our resurrection from Aments is also in Amenta, and to a kingdom above. In the Ritual, Ruberic Chapter 18, directions are given: ‘Now if this chapter be recited over him, he shall come forth upon earth and shall escape from every fire.’ What could be more explicit? … Again the definiteness is seen in the title of chapter 188: ‘Chapter of the coming in of the soul to build an abode and to come forth by day in human form.’ This might, at first glance, seem to be a denial of the resurrection in a spiritual body, yet it is not. Massey says: ‘But the individual is shown to persist after demise in human form. He comes forth by day and is living after death in the figure, but not as the mummy, that he wore on earth.’… ‘The ka image (aka body?) of man the immortal is portrayed in the likeness of man the mortal.'” Dr. Kuhn will be missed much by many. MFL

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Boss and ME will go out and gnaw down the largest catnip tree we can find in the garden and I will stand by to trim it.

Which brinks me up to a point I wana make. I trim my tree with those fine stamps you send me. They come in all colors and make a wunnerful showing on a tree. Being a pratical Kat, I take the stamps off after Shist must! and put them in my STAMP BOX to use …. then I eat the tree a little at a time and make it last until it comes to be Maki Hiki Cow! (Which all you Aunties and Uncles who live in Hawaii will know what is the meaning. Anyway, between me and the “cow” part, the catnip tree gets cow cowed wickie wickie and soon is pau loa. (Mahowllo! I take a bow.)

The pitcher of me which I have in the corner is not the real ME. You will see some slight differunces in my  marking and the set of my eyes   which is not quite so beautiful. This pitcher is of MY ALTER EGO. I got three egos, just like boss, but haven’t located only two so far. The frist is my regular Cigbo one and when I make a pitcher of it, I am showed with my fine cigar box open and ready to have put in anything from a Froundashion or a check or a bill to a scent or a dime.

My ALTER EGO pitcher, like here, does not have a cigar box, but instead has MY STAMP BOX. See the little slot? It is for dropping a stamp through into the inside.

The point of this all to that this year instead of spending all that good money on a Shish must! card, if you happen to be one of the wunnerful Aunties or Uncles that sends ME or boss a card each year well, if you would write Merry Shist must! on the enelope and then just buy a stamp and put it inside instead of a card, your EVER LOVING AND GREEDY will meow for you like anything. And, as my duty as a pup lick (Hai hra Pupa!) benefactor I got a wunnerful suggestion. You know all them stamps sent in wads to you every year to donation for, and then you don’t know what to be did with them? Yep, you guessed it. If you send one Uncle Sam kind of stamp, you are entitled to encrose as many sick stamps as you wish – tubercular, cerebralpalsied and such. And Boys’ Town and all the healthy ones. You can save at least 5¢ for more Happy New Year. And just IMMAGERINE ME!


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