Huna Vistas Bulletin #52

HV52-headerDecember, 1963

More Huna Code – “Graduation” – Blood Transfusions



While this Huna Vista will be reaching you early, it is the last opportunity I will have to send my greetings as I have so many of you to reach that sending out individual cards would be difficult. May you have joy in this season, whether or not you accept the historicity of the account of Jesus. To me the Lord of the Dividing of the Waters of Mana, as the Huna code describes him symbolically, is the Aumakua, and the lower man is the one who is crucified when cut off from contact with the Aumakua.

THE THREE WISE MEN WHO CAME IN MATTHEWS ACCOUNT of the birth of Jesus, are not mentioned by the other three writers of the story, and I was interested to note what was said of the bringing of gifts of gold, incense and myrrh. I read, “… behold there came wise men from the east, and are come to Jerusalem, saying where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him and low, the star which they saw in the east, went before them, until it came and stood over where the child was. They rejoiced with great joy. And when they had come into the house, they saw the young child and fell down and worshiped him and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold and frankincense, and myrrh ….

APPLYING THE HUNA WORD CODE to the incident, we can only conclude that Luke, [who] was also an initiate kahuna, and that in his version of the great Huna mystery drama he first composed in the sacred language of the code, and then translated it into Greek, confident that when the time was ripe for the prophesied “Return of the True Light from the West”, someone would translate his words back into the proper code language and recover the secret lore which he struggled to preserve. The word he selected to describe the Wise Men was the one for a magician or sorcerer, and this, when translated into a Polynesian tongue, could only result in “a kahuna.” So, we are told that three na kahuna saw a star in the east.

THE STAR, in the code language is ho ku, and in addition to meaning “a star”, it means (1) (from root ho) “to carry or transfer”, and (2) from root ku, “something resembling something else; resembling as a memory; to rise and stand in a certain place; to be fitting and proper”. Hoku also means “a word” and can be a word of command. The command would come from high places – as a star is high, and the Aumakua is symbolized as something “up”. In the New Testament we read much about the “word’,’ and the outer meaning is that it was the “Will of the Logos”, entering the world to command it. Here we have the Aumakua, apparently one of the Three Wise Men, arriving to carry or transfer something, in this case the three selves to be incarnated in a new child. It was something resembling something else, or resembling itself as in the incarnation preceding. The place selected for the rebirth was in the family of Mary and Joseph. The place was “fitting and proper” for Jesus. But, as the Aumakua was not to be in the physical body, the mother is said to be a virgin, and Joseph not the actual father. The Aumakua, as an angel, had come to Mary to announce that she had been selected to give birth to Jesus, who was very important because he would be in full working contact with his Aumakua and could teach mankind the outer and inner way of gaining salvation. He would speak as the lesser man or Son of man, or as the Aumakua, Son of God. The root ku, has many significant meanings. One is “to fit, as a garment”, and here we have the intimation that the Aunihipili and Auhane of the baby Jesus would come in the shadowy or aka bodily garments, and be fitted into the outer physical one. The meaning, “to reach or extend from one place to another”, certainly shows us that an aka body for a Aunihipili is involved, as it and its aka cord of shadowy material make the contact with the Aumakua, who is the wisest of the three Wise Men.

THE AUHANE WISE MAN is the noo, or “mind” able to reason, reflect, search and do all the things a Auhane must do. There is quite a different word used to name the Aunihipili as a “mind” – na au, or the “self (au) living in the intestines”. It is the “quiet one” (na) and, (na au), “the mind; the affections (and other emotions); the heart; the seat of moral nature”, according to the dictionary, but the idea that it is the seat of the moral nature is wrong. That is the attribute of the Auhane noo noo.

LEST THE CODED MEANING MIGHT BE UNCLEAR, Kahuna Luke had the Wise Men come from the east. The code word used was hikina, which means “come from the east” and which refers to the rising or coming of the sun (Light is the Aumakua symbol, so it was part of the arriving unit of three.) The sun comes from the east. The dictionary says the word comes from hiki ana, or come plus ing: “A coming”. Hiki, as the prime root, has seven different meanings, and is excellent for code use. These meanings tell us that Jesus was “caused to come; was made able to do a thing or to accomplish a purpose; to affirm the truth of an event (as Luke has his coming wise men do in this root); to call or give a name. (The angel of Aumakua had appeared already to Mary and told her the child would be named “Jesus”. Still more meanings are): to consecrate (and it would seem that Jesus was consecrated to the task or purpose for which he was being made ready); to treat with contempt.” (This last meaning points straight to the contempt suffered by Jesus as the lower man who had failed to keep touch with his Aumakua, and who, for that reason, suffered and died on the cross or “blocked path”. But in dying, he may be said, symbolically, to have saved the world in giving it the teachings which embody kindly and hurtless living. The inner teaching concerned the Aumakua and the way to keep the “path” along the aka cord clear to it, so that the triune man might evolve and learn normally through a limited number of incarnations. The root, ki, in hi ki means to squirt water from the mouth, upward, as a swimmer, and this is the symbol of sending the mana (symbolized by water) up to the Aumakua in prayer. The final meaning of the full word is connected with making a prayer. It signifies “the setting apart” of something as a sacred offering. This is the offering of mana,

LUKE RELATES THAT THE WISE MEN were filled with exceeding joy when they saw the babe. (One feels that joy when at last making contact with the Aumakua.) They prostrated themselves before him and worshipped him. The modern translators of the account into English, used for the word “worshipped”, hoo maikai, which is “to praise and ascribe good to one”. The right word should have been used, and it is hoo mana, or “to cause mana”, that is, to generate a surcharge of mana and present it as a “living” sacrifice (of the very life force) to the Aumakua. In this act of worshipping we see that it was the Aumakua of Jesus that these initiates recognized and worshipped in the secret way.

THE GIVING OF THE GIFTS confirms the facts set forth above, by repeating the essential points. The Wise Men opened their treasures here, wai wai – and gave from them gifts for which there are no words in the code language, showing us that the gifts themselves hold no secret meaning. The word wai is water and water stands for mana. Doubled, as wai wai, the strength of the mana is increased. In other words, as their offering in worship, they gave much mana to the Aumakua represented as that of Jesus. There can be no mistaking what Luke was trying to code into the account for such initiates as would come later. In the other parts of the expanded tale there is no such obvious use of the code, and not until we find Jesus coming to meet John the Baptist in the desert, does the code again appear.

SO, dear friends of the HRA, rejoice in the commemoration of the birth of Jesus as you will. If you believe that he was an historical figure, well and good. If you believe with me that he stands as the embodiment of the ideal man – one in full contact with his own Aumakua, and so able to “Speak for the god”, rejoice that we can know him as our own Aumakua and as a member of the Great Company of na Aumakua, which overlooks our little band of seekers. If you like, consider gold the high mana which returns after prayer to bless you; frankincense as the middle mana used to set the Aunihipili into the act of prayer; and, myrrh the low mana which is the sacrificial gift, and like myrrh, is the very symbol of the Healing we so often ask for ourselves and others. Let us pray often that the Great Company may be made powerful by our mana gifts to use it for the healing of the nations.

IN REGARD TO THE REPORT IN H.V. 51 on the Dr. Ruth Drown case and accusations, there have been a number of letters commenting on the unfortunate matter. Some HRAs were pleased to have action taken to stop the use of “radionics” instruments under questionable circumstances, and two were anxious to assure me that they had been helped by Dr. Drown and had every confidence in her integrity. One HRA wrote:

“While I admire your scientific frame of mind, Mr. Long, in considering the evidence reported recently on the ‘quacks’, and your willingness to discard immediately anything not answering to so called scientific principles, you aren’t really willing to overlook some of the blunders of the F.D.A., the A.M.A and the C.M.A., are you? Think of the well publicized background of the appearance of Thalidomide, for instance, and the reason behind its release here, in the first place – money, as usual. In other words, as you know well, medicine is also big business in this country, and is getting better protection all the time, as the A.M.A. grabs more power and control.

“Big business is not necessarily interested in human welfare, you know …..

“However (the trickery in healing circles may stand), Huna means a lot more to me simply at face value – all the theories, past and present, prove a whole flock of nothing in the teeth of direct prayer experience, such as real relief following prayer etc. For me there is no doubt that something happens with directed thought, though my own experiences, as I’ve written you before, are mostly confined to plants and such things as causing people to turn around and say the exact thing I’d mentally told them to, while staring at the back of their neck, or at about the center of their breast bone. This is not to mention the odd hunches, warnings and even hallucinations that have snatched some of us from absolutely certain death, but steers clear of us in the presence of unpleasant and difficult experiences.” T. S.

MY COMMENT is that I am painfully aware of the trickery and evil which has crept into the healing arts and the making of medicines, but this applies to business all along the line, and to politics and all walks of life. World religions are in a state of slow change and much confusion, and world morals are at a dangerously low ebb. For this reason I feel that our research work and endeavors to inject truths, facts and sanity into the sick religions and systems of psychology, is urgently important.


as we now use the term in our Huna discussions to mean the graduation at the end of a final incarnation to the next level of consciousness above one. (The Aunihipili graduates to become a Auhane in its next incarnation. The Auhane steps up, joining a self of the opposite sex to make a single “one” and becomes a Aumakua. A new animal self comes up from the animal level to be the Aunihipili of the newly formed triune team.) Here is a most interesting letter bearing on the new theory, and suggesting that our selection of the term, “graduate” is not as accidental as we may think. I quote:

“I have been thinking about graduation and asking my Aumakua for enlightenment on this subject. Somehow the idea of passing on before graduation just doesn’t appeal to me, something about it FEELS wrong.

“Back in the early 1950s my husband and I attended Unity Training School for teachers. In my Lessons In Truth class I had a woman teacher who inspired me so very much that I found after the first two weeks in her class I was literally taking the answers from her. The answers usually came to me by way of feeling the answer. She thought I was a wonderful student and so I lived up to her expectations.

“One afternoon after a very inspirational class I suddenly was aware of a presence within me urging me to meditation and a dedication to the spiritual life. I was dreaming spiritual dreams and knew the meaning while having the dream. I was in an area of extreme light where I was being taught. One morning while coming out of the dream I kept repeating, ‘I must understand, when the soul accomplishes that which it came to do, it passes on.’

“I could write pages of experiences that followed the next six weeks back home. I found the practice of the presence going on within me day and night and I was aware of a love that was beyond explanation. I have not seen the teacher since, but every time I return to Unity for classes I get a partial return of that experience. Also I have discovered that when that teacher speaks to me in a dream, it is my Aumakua speaking.

“Several years after the above experience she came to me in a dream and said, ‘I so wanted you to GRADUATE before I leave, but you inadvertently skipped one question.’ She repeated, ‘I so wanted you to graduate.’ When I spoke up and answered that if she would let me graduate I would agree to take up that ‘question’ after graduation. She agreed and told me to prepare to ‘graduate tomorrow’.

“If I had read of graduation in your books, I wasn’t aware of it (Note: The idea is a very recent one, and not mentioned in my writings until in a recent H.V. mfl.) so that the dream about graduation didn’t have much meaning then. Several months after this dream I did have an experience during meditation that I didn’t understand. Some time later I read the book by Buck, Cosmic Consciousness, and was surprised to find that my spiritual experience was similar to those having an experience in Cosmic Consciousness.” (Signed) H. H.

I COMMENT. We still do not know whether or not the Aumakua arranges at times to appear as a person in a physical body to speak to one, or whether the appearance may be part of a dream and the thing said a direct statement about something, or something said which must be considered as a symbol of something else. The annals of Psychic Research are filled with the appearances of spirits in various stages of manifestation, all the way from a misty face in a cloudy or ectoplasmic background, to full physical materialization in apparently living and breathing flesh. The living, on the other hand, seem at times to have words put into their mouths by their na Aumakua in the way the na kahuna termed, “Speaking for the god”. Then there are the spirits who speak through the mouths of mediums in the seances, and who appear to be the spirits of those who have died rather than na Aumakua. The things which are said allow us to assess the nature of the speaker. Most seance communications from spirits are lacking the bit of superior something which would mark the speaker as a Aumakua knowing ever so much more than the living Auhane. I cannot recall anything given through a medium which has in it evidence of the superior Aumakua knowledge. The libraries are filled with books dictated by spirits, some claiming to speak as divine beings. But in every case, one of us could have thought up and presented a similar statement. I am thinking of the Biblical prophets and what they have said, also of the communicators in Oahspe and similar spirit dictated books. I still keep coming back to the argument that only when such spirits can come to agree on what they say of life and survival and even the past history of mankind (check Oahspe against the Book of Morman or The Urantia Book, for instance and see the nearly complete disagreement) should their words be taken at face value. It looks to me that there is a possibility that the Aumakua may at times put ideas instead of words into the mind of the Aunihipili, and that these ideas are put into words for the Auhane to hear as from an apparition or from a dream personage. However, we know that the Aunihipili is given to coloring such matters to fit its fixed beliefs or to making something symbolic out of the items given to it to pass on, leaving the Auhane to try to learn what the symbol might mean. There is still another possibility: that good spirits acting as friends or guardians may be given information by the na Aumakua concerning events about to take place, and where there is danger, may seem to speak a voiced warning in the ear. Of course, it is all but impossible for a Auhane to imagine what a Aumakua could possibly say, even if it spoke from the blue, which would be marked by superior mental power. The one thing on which we seem so far to be able to depend is the accurate prediction of a future event. Na kahuna believed that only the na Aumakua could see into the future, and then only to a limited distance except for certain set events which would effect more people in a large way. To me the accuracy of a given prediction seems a fairly reliable test for the Aumakua identity of the originator of the prediction, no matter whether it is given through a medium or in a dream or just through a strong intuition or “hunch”.

HERE IS A MOST INTERESTING REPORT on the use of suggestion, telepathically administered during waking hours, but inspired by the reading of the discussions in the back issues of the bulletins of the Hudson method of healing through the use of suggestion sent telepathically when both operator and patient slept. HRA Ann Ober has sent in the report. I quote:


Friend Eve: a mighty wonderful woman a dear friend from away back, beautiful blond with china blue eyes, and an ornery weight problem that is a decided threat to her health. She (being acquainted with Huna) had had talks with her “George” many times about this business of gaining when she already ate practically nothing. She felt, somehow, that “G” was just chuckling at her, not taking Eve’s Auhane very seriously. I asked, “How about our setting up an experiment whereby I use direct telepathic suggestion to your George about losing weight?” She asked, “What can I do for you?”

As of August 13th, we went to work: I pictured Eve as slender as a wand, with none of her clothes fitting her anymore, and she pictured me as having more vitality and strength. The results reported are those obtained up to September 30th, which is the last date she communicated as she lives a hectic life. I will go to see her soon and find out more. (They live some distance apart.)

  1. Eve knew when I was thinking of her. I told her I would try to get through to her at 8:00 A.M. However, I often could not make it at that time, and I came in as late as 10:00 P.M. I remembered the days that I had not been able to “suggest” to her on time. Sure enough, she found herself thinking of me at the late and odd times when I could make it on those very days.
  2. At first, August 13 to 27th, approximately, nothing happened; she stubbornly persisted in gaining weight. Then, quite suddenly, she began to lose weight and had to remember to eat enough to “keep a bird alive”. By the last of September she had lost eight pounds; not too impressive except when one realizes that she has a glandular trouble, with a certain gland cutting a caper and working just opposite to what it should, aggravating the weight problem. I can’t wait to find out how she has fared since! The suggestion is given once daily. Nothing but direct suggestion used, no prayer. We want to find out how effective this simple method will be over the long run.
  3. And then there was poor ol’ Annie, with just not so much of the old “vigah”. Eve pictured me as strong and energetic, the same kind of a direct telepathic arrangement. I do not sense just when she is thinking of me, though I do think of her often, always at odd times. I have noted one striking thing,  no more “limp rag” feeling in the mornings that had plagued me, and I seem to get along quite well on relatively less sleep than I used to.
  4. “Waggs”, Eve’s dog, is improving too. We have both been working on him. He was under threat of being put to sleep for a time, but that was delayed, and it looks as if we were winning out. (End quote.)

COMMENT: I am delighted to see such an experiment being carried out. It makes me begin to wonder whether or not we have overlooked the element of telepathic suggestion in our efforts to concentrate on prayer.

Perhaps we have been neglecting our full part in the healing mechanism we try to employ in the TMHG sittings at 3 and 7 P.M. daily (California time). The Aunihipili must make the telepathic contacts with those who request help or healing, and the Auhane, with the help of the Aunihipili and its memory, must recall for each one the picture (made earlier) of the needed condition as if already realized. The picture is sent to na Aumakua presiding over the sittings, to be worked with and the mana is sent by us all as best we can manage it, along the connecting aka threads. What may be missing is the use of the hypnotic will power of the Auhane to send out to each one as treated the suggestion that the desired condition has been brought about. I will begin at once to see what I can do as center in the TMHG work to send out the healing suggestions. HRA Ann Ober has demonstrated rather well that the suggestion all by itself is potent. If added to the parts played by the Aunihipili and Aumakua, we may have a missing link in the action chain. If you can set up a test project such as Ann reports, do see what you can accomplish and let me know if you get definite results. (We found sometime back that the Hudson method of sending suggestion during sleep was often very effective. I continually use it to try to get help for those in the TMHG who have urgent health needs.)


This question needs an answer, and I would like to have the signatures of any of you who have had blood transfusions, so that I can make a P.A. reading and try to gain more information for our common fund. The question was raised by one of the HRAs and I now quote from her letter.

“I have a seed of an idea which I think may interest you. Back in July you made a reading from my signature with the notation that an ‘eating companion’ spirit showed, and that from pendulum talk you concluded that it was a non-relative male.

“Do you give any credence to the idea that such a thing could be picked up with a blood transfusion?

“At Christmas, while in the hospital, they gave me a quart of blood. Less than a month after this I developed eczema. I’ve never in my life before had an allergy. After smoking since I was 15, I gave up smoking with little or no effort though I’d wanted to and tried in vain for years. I’ve always been a tea drinker, keeping a pot handy all evening, and I’ve never enjoyed coffee. Suddenly, after leaving the hospital, tea was repugnant to me and I craved coffee and still do, though I don’t enjoy the taste of it. I’ve also developed odd aches and pains and suffer from insomnia. I’ve always prided myself on my agility and on my  ability to sleep any place, on the floor as well as in the grandest bed. Also, I’ve suddenly started to have a lot of trouble with my eyesight, going from strong to stronger glasses. The doctor says no cataract or anything like that. Also, I can’t seem to shake this anemia though I take iron pills and try to choke down meat – which I loathe. Don’t I sound like a regular hypochondriac though? But that’s not the point: it is this complete and radical change which has come.

“I don’t know what your opinion is of Max Heindel, but note this from his Mysteries of the Great Operas. In speaking of ‘Faust’, he says Lucifer requests Faust to sign with a drop of blood. And when asked the reason, he says cunningly, ‘Mood is a most peculiar essence’. The Bible says it is the seat of the soul….

“When blood is extracted from the human body it coagulates, every particle is of a peculiar form not duplicated by the particles of any other human being. Therefore, the one who has the blood of a certain person has a connecting link with the Spirit that built the blood particles He has power over that person if he knows how to use this knowledge. That is why Lucifer required the signature in Faust’s blood, for with the name of the victim thus written in blood, he could hold the soul in bondage according to the laws involved.

“It’s funny, but every time I get to thinking along a certain line, things pertaining to it fall right into my hands. Yesterday I had to see a young couple who had applied to run a foster home. For no reason they handed me a pamphlet on ‘Blood, Medicine and the Law of God.’ Their church is absolutely against transfusions of blood, and they have been ridiculed in the press for this stand many times.

“Quoting from the Book of Genesis 9:3 4. ‘Only flesh with its soul … its blood…. you must not eat, God admonished Noah, following the Flood. And Leviticus 3:17. ‘You must not eat any fat or any blood at all …..’

“If  ‘eating companions’ can be picked up this way through blood transfusions, might there not be a relationship between the marked increase in mental disorders and the increase in transfusions in the last decade? I’ve not been able to buy the theory that the increase in mental illness is due to the stepped up tempo of our times, Think how much more ‘stepped up’ it must have been back in the time of the early Christians when you had to work incessantly and mighty fast too in order just to get the barest sustenance for yourself and family and then risk being trampled in the streets by chariot horses besides. It has been reported that the number of blood transfusions given has increased tenfold in the last decade, over fiftyfold since 1938. According to the president of the American Association of Blood Banks, in the U.S.A. alone there are five million blood transfusions in a year.

“What would you think of taking a reading of a spot of blood on a card instead of a signature? If you are interested I’ll send one along. It might be interesting to see how the pendulum would react – or have you tried it?”

MY COMMENT: The blood sample has not been sent as yet, so I do not know how a reading from one would go. A spot of saliva and a blood spot have been used in the various radionics instruments for contact, and I suppose that any intimate part of the body would furnish the needed aka thread of connection to put one into contact with the owner. One also can read from a thumbprint or photo reproduced in a printed magazine or paper, so a blood spot should be excellent, even if not necessary, when an inked signature is so much easier to obtain.

The thought that one might pick up eating companion spirits through a blood transfusion is rather frightening. For research work in this part of the field one would need readings made of a number of persons both before and after a transfusion. An old signature or photo might allow a separate reading to compare with the one made after the transfusion. In theory, the spirits which obsess the living are those of the dead. Blood transfusions are made with blood donated by living persons and it is quite possible that several donors would have their blood mixed in filling the containers to be frozen and stored away, or to be used soon. Undoubtedly the Huna theory would hold that the patient would have aka threads attached to each one who gave blood. But a handshake or even a sight of a person can also establish such a connecting thread – and this we may say happens daily without any obsessing influence coming back over the thread as a result. On the other hand we know that blood from a person harboring the virus of liver infection has caused others to suffer through transfusions. Most significant, of course, is the recent research in which protein of some kind has been extracted from the blood of those suffering from schizophrenia,. then injected into normal people, producing for a time the symptoms of obsession. One cannot help wondering whether the chemical in the blood causes the symptoms, or whether the obsessing entities of the patients come temporarily to take over, but are driven out by na Aunihipili of the normal people when the small amount of chemical is gone. If we read the code correctly as found in the stories of how Jesus cast out evil spirits, we get the information that when there are some evil inclinations in a person, these tend to attract spirits of an evil nature. The ones who were helped were admonished to mend their ways lest the house, all newly swept and garnished, be left unguarded and the evil spirits return and bring others with them.

It seems to me that there might be a remote chance that the living who donated the blood might, through this implanted aka thread contact, share in some way their unrecognized obsessive spirits, or might even exert a distant suggestive effect to implant their own ills, although donors are supposedly tested for good health. Some latent disease tendency might be there, or some poor persons bent on earning a bit by selling blood, might be about their Ills. The final speculation is far fetched, indeed, but just could be connected with the answer. We have much evidence to show that some of us bring over subliminal memories of the ills suffered in a past incarnation, even the death pangs, and when these memories are acted upon secretly by the Aunihipili, the old symptoms are reestablished in the present body. If one such should be a donor, and should share the submerged memories through some unconscious act of telepathic exchange on the part of the Aunihipili, this could explain the variety of strange symptoms which may come after the transfusions. We walk on very thin ice at this point, and still, we must turn over every stone if we are to be sure that we have missed nothing of vital importance.

SOME “RADIONICS” INSTRUMENTS DO USE ELECTRIC CURRENT, I am reminded by letters that have arrived recently. I have been told that the blood spot sample is placed in a chamber which is activated by electricity. I know that many experiments have been made in this respect. The DE LA WARR Laboratories in England, before legal trouble came, were the scene of endless experiments. Samples were placed in magnetic fields of many kinds, and there were efforts to use instruments of the very sensitive type to magnify radiations coming from the sample, the idea being that if this could be done as with brain waves, and the various diseases identified by a constant pattern, the diagnostic angle would be solved. So far as I know, the radiations were not strong enough to be made to register. The electrical currents and magnetic fields were also hooked up from sample chamber or direct contact to the rubbing plate (which seems never to have been replaced by anything mechanical), and elaborate charges were arranged and made to play on the sample with the idea that it would be activated and broadcast a corrected and healing radiation to the near or distant patient. Much very interesting work was done and reported on in the MIND AND MATTER quarterly magazine put out for a short time by this English group working at Oxford, and, presumably, having access to the best minds in the University as speculation and testing was carried on. If the work could have been supported by a foundation and the necessity for selling instruments or charging for diagnosis and treatment obviated, all legal difficulties might have been easily avoided and the promising project continued without break. I have had no news of the situation for some time. If any of you know what is happening, I would much appreciate being brought up to date. I am also badly behind in news of the experimental work being done by HRA Dr. Westlake and his small group.

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