Interim Newsletters

Interim Newsletters – 1958-1959

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Introduction – Message from E. Otha Wingo dated March 20, 1973

Interim Newsletter – No. 1 – February 1, 1958 – The Progress of the Huna Work in 1957 ; A Piece of 1957 Unfinished Business is the “Biometer Club”; News Note on the Bug Chasing Instrument; A New Slant on the Nightmare Deaths of the young Filipino men in Hawaii; The New Hawaiian-English Dictionary; BOOK REVIEWS: The Nature of Man by Col. Arthur E. Powell, A Month With the Master, by Archie Matson, Living Magic, by Ronald Rose, Pygmies and Dream Giants, by Kilton Stewart

Interim Newsletter – No. 2 – May 1, 1958 – The Telepathic Mutual Healing Group Work; The Problem of Mental Illness; The Latest Discovery in Studies of Insanity; Reincarnation and Bringing Mental Blocks Over; How the High Self May Be Visualized by the Low Self; The Latest Development in Psychoanalysis; Easter Island

Interim Newsletter – No. 3 – August 1, 1958 – Huna Gets Publicity, now and again: Col. Arthur E. Powell in PATE magazine and in the Psychic Observer Magazine; BOOK REVIEWS: Aku-Aku by Thor Heyerdahl, The Pulse Test, by Arthur F. Coca, M.D, The Lost Years of Jesus Revealed, by Rev. Dr. Charles F. Potter; Continuing with “Subud”; A Similar Easy Salvation; The Tradition of “Salvation Through Grace”; E-Therapy

Interim Newsletter – No. 4 – November, 1958 – YOGA – The Living Bessemer Process

Interim Newsletter – No. 5 – July, 1959 – News Bits; New Wonder Drug for Rejuvenation; Book Review: The Miracle Hunters by HRA George & Mrs. Sandwith; An Interesting Letter from an HRA; The Subject of Being Opened







Special Thanks to the wonderful people at Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections – The Max Freedom Long Library and Museum who are helping us get these Interim Newsletters onto the website.

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