The Short Talks : 1969


It was learned from hard experience that a 45-minute tape lecture is too long and that people grow restless after about 20 minutes and start talking. They want to discuss things. So, in 1969, at the suggestion of a long-time HRA, Max put together three 20-minute “talks”, each followed by a few questions & answers. This ultimately evolved to be 9 short talks that were shared by HRAs around the globe.

THESE SHORT TALKS are intended to tell people about the recently rediscovered Huna system of Psychology. The system was developed in early Egypt, or may have come from some earlier and all but lost civilization. It contains all that we modem people know of the semi-science of PSYCHOLOGY, and about a third more, that we still have not discovered. It is this additional third that we will discuss at length, for it is of great value.

 Short Talk #1 : FIRST OF THE TEN ELEMENTS OF MAN ACCORDING TO HUNA – The Three Spirit Selves: low, middle and High Selves


Short Talk #3 : Reginald Stewart and the Berber shepherd people in North Africa; Using Mana to heal

Short Talk #4 : Max Discovers Huna; Huna in Egypt

Short Talk #5 : About the Shadowy Bodies

Short Talk #6 : Reincarnation, Past Lives & Memories

Short Talk #7 : The High Self

Short Talk #8 : More on Huna Prayer Action

Short Talk #9 : Magnetism, Mesmerism and Mana


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