Preface to the Huna Vistas Bulletins

In 1948 Max Freedom Long began to send out a mimeographed bulletin in order to keep up with his vast correspondence. Readers began to write after the publication of his first book, but when The Secret Science Behind Miracles appeared in 1948, the response increased dramatically. In the first issue of the HRA Bulletin, the purpose was stated on the first page: “We are about to begin putting the ancient Huna System to the test on a large scale.” All researches, experiments, and discussions appeared in the Bulletin before publication in book form. Time had to be found from the press of correspondence and the preparation of the bi-monthly Bulletin in order to write other books. So Max announced the end of the series with No. 124. But he did not stop, for he kept up with his correspondents with an occasional Newsletter in 1958 and 1959. There were five substantial issues, which have been published separately as The Interim Newsletters.

As the new books appeared and interest increased even further, there was need of another device for communicating with his many readers. The new series, called Huna Vistas, began in 1959 and continued through ninety-eight issues. MFL was in his eightieth year! He called a halt to this series, only to start yet another by writing the first of the Huna Vistas Newsletters, a name used with the renewal of the Huna Work in 1972 by the current Director, who was asked by Max Freedom Long to carry on his work. When an issue is devoted to a single research topic, the name Research Bulletin is added.

The two major collections of bulletins by Max Freedom Long make up a prodigious amount of research material (almost 3,000 pages). Max made several lists of contents, as a summary of previous bulletins, but we have added an Index for each series as a special aid in studying the material. The Index for the HRA Bulletins was made by Theo Creadick of Los Angeles; the one for the Huna Vistas was made by Dr. E. Otha Wingo.

The entire collection in reprint form is a valuable source of information on the Huna researches not available anywhere else. Enjoy your journey through these treasures.
In Huna Light, E. Otha Wingo

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