Volume 02 – 1949 (Bulletins 6-23)

Volume 2 – 1949

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Bulletin 6 – January 1, 1949 – How to Send the Prayer – Introduction to TMGH
Methods of removing the small complex. A special prayer found to be of value in Huna.

Bulletin 7 – March 15, 1949 – 3 Selves Working Together in Life and Prayer
The Box Experiment described as a method of learning to project an “aka finger” to contact hidden objects. Prayer for healing: Pule Ho`ola, in Hawaiian and English translation.

Bulletin 8 – May 1, 1949 – Experiment Results from Bulletin #7 – Pendulum Test for Mana
Reports on the Box Experiments by HRAs. Announcing the discovery of a method of testing the strength of a mana surcharge with a pendulum. How to make a pendulum and use it – pendulum theory and practice in brief outline.

Bulletin 9 – May 15, 1949 – Special Bulletin on Mana and How Not To Become Drained While Doing Huna Work
May 15, 1949 – The deep significance of the pendulum test for the mana surcharge in prayer-contact with the Po`e Aumakua. More uses for the pendulum. How to train the Aunihipili. How to get the mana surcharge and to test it. Report on fire handling and healing by modern California Indians after doctors had failed.

Bulletin 10 – June 1, 1949 – Introduction to Fire-Walk Booklet

Bulletin 11 – June 15, 1949 – When is the Best Time to Make Mana?
More Pendulum instructions. More Box Experiments.

Bulletin 12 – July 1, 1949 – The Most Advanced Human in History?
Much about the fire-walking tests in Honolulu, reports and letters. The pendulum as used for diagnosis, water and mineral finding, etc. Long article on the work of Dr. Oscar Brunler, his use of the pendulum and his famous theories and demonstrations in the field of The Radiations of the Brain. The Huna concept of brain and other radiations. Special message to the TMHG members. Significance of roots of Huna words and fresh additions to our knowledge of healing theories and their application. The giving of basic mana to the Aumakua as the great hidden SECRET of “SACRIFICE.” The indispensable part played by mana in “The Word made substance.” The “WATER OF LIFE” (wai`ola). Thought made real (mana`o`ia). Prayer, “realization” and “planting the seed” (ano`ano: to transform; seed).

Bulletin 13 – July 15, 1949Complex Huna Concepts Simplified
More pages on brain radiation and Dr. Brunler. Reports on the TMHG healings. Findings and suggestions.

Bulletin 14 – August 1, 1949An Advanced Understanding of Unity and Harmony
Several reports. Fire-walking announcements. Pendulum experiment with purpose of locating the complex, assignment. Long article comparing Huna findings with the findings of Psychic Science. “The Betty Book,” “Across the Unknown” and “The Road I Know,” by Stewart Edward White, discussed. Inspiration, power, the high mana. Making the thought mold. Article on the use of beamed vital force to adjust articulations of spinal joints. G. P. S. C. Servers and their theories in the light of Huna.

Bulletin 15 – August 15, 1949 Have You Toiled Enough for Your Answered Prayers?
Letters, reports, comments and findings. Review of our new HRA book, FIRE-WALKING FROM THE INSIDE, by Charles W. Kenn. The significance of these late scientific tests and of knowing at last every step of the secret RITES and OBSERVANCES.

Bulletin 16 – September 1, 1949 The Search for the Beloved (aka Soulmates)
Letters and comments on the fire-walking tests and resultant fresh insight. Letter from HRA Kenn. Meaning of “word” from the kahuna point of view – the tongue as the secret symbol. The Oahspe Bible point of view. The “Light.” Jesus as the incarnation of the “word.” The “Lost word of power,” “The prayer takes its flight” – (lele). Book review of The Search for the Beloved, by Dr. Nandor Fodor, “A Clinical Investigation of the Trauma of Birth and Prenatal Conditioning.”

Bulletin 17 – September 15, 1949 Direct Contact to the Aumakua
Detailed report on the work of the Los Angeles HRA Experimental and Research Group up to October, 1949. “Cigbo the Kitty has things to say to his HRA friends about his trip.

Bulletin 18 – October 1, 1949 Quarterly Review and How to Make A Pendulum Stand
Letter reports on experiments. Notes on use of the pendulum, with drawings. Long article on the nature of FAITH and what Huna tells us about it – the new light on the subject as furnished by Huna, and the mechanics of faith in our prayer-actions. Faith and OAHSPE. Faith and the fire-walking tests in Honolulu.

Bulletin 19 – October 15, 1949Introduction to the Kala Cleansing Rite
Article on making the prayer-action for financial aid. Discussion of problems and activities of HRAs. The importance of the cleansing KALA rite and its use in Huna. How it differs from Christian and other cleansing rites, and why. The lost lore of the “WATER” of cleansing. Baptism and “washing” with water or blood. The KEY to the lost mechanism lies in Huna concepts of the kala. Note on the use of ti leaves. HRA Bateman gives a second letter with purported statements via pendulum, direct from his Aumakua. Comments. Other reports on contacts obtained with the Aumakua. The similarity of some Theosophical and Huna concepts. Huna the key to real meanings.

Bulletin 20 – November 1, 1949 Advanced Mana Techniques
Probable cause of “runs of bad luck.” The concept of “laws” as found in modern occultism: how Huna challenges it. Building the future. “Realization” in Zen and its explanation by Huna. Do the “wicked flourish as the green bay tree. Mana as the best tool for our experimentation and healing tests and the physical aspects of such tests. The light thrown by Huna, by Psychic Science. What auto-suggestion offers. Report on the successful use of mana alone to correct sacroiliac slippage. The problem of the use of mana in treating the mentally ill. Our efforts and the results in the TMHG up to November, 1949.

Bulletin 21 – November 15, 1949Measuring Brain Vibration and Raising Consciousness
Hilliard’s The Theory of the Metatron, reviewed. Notes on ROUND ROBIN magazine and Borderland Sciences Research Associates, N. Meade Layne, M. A., F. H. A., founder-director. Special assignment discussed: the telepathic treatment of the mentally ill young man, “Gregg.” Instructions for the test. The flying saucers and the “flying gods” (Akua lele) of na Kahuna. Are there any “Masters?” Letters, reports and comments. Letter from Dr. Brunler on “brain radiations” and measuring with the Brunler-Bovis Biometer. Notes on his findings.

Bulletin 22 – December 1, 1949The Radiation of the Brain
Illustrated notes on making a pendulum. The pendulum used by Dr. Brunler. Two pages of letters reporting success through Huna in many different matters. Letters reporting failures. Comments. On page 3, a short report on an important method for finding the hidden meanings in dreams, especially those relating to the future. Four pages given to a condensation of a booklet on BRAIN RADIATIONS by Dr. Brunler, with comments and charts. How Huna explains what Dr. Brunler has discovered and put to use in testing types of mentality. Testing brain radiations of famous artists from their signatures on old paintings, and of famous persons from manuscripts, letters and signatures. The conclusions reached.

Bulletin 23 – December 15, 1949Measuring Biometric Level and What That Means for Huna
“CIGBO,” the HRA cigar box kitty, having by this time become quite a personality, sends his Christmas letter to his friends. E. Dudley Haskell, head of the American Society of Radiesthesists (pendulum users and dowsers), tells in detail how to use a pendulum – what to do and what not to do. Experiment assigned with special help requested for a search through ancient EGYPTIAN sources for more light on Huna concepts as held in those times. Illustrations of some significant GLYPHS with their symbolic and hidden meanings as revealed by Huna. Report on the special test treatments for “Gregg” – much helped, but no complete cure yet. Three more pages on Dr. Brunler’s work and important findings – the Huna point of view regarding them.

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