Volume 03 – 1950 (Bulletins 24-45)

Volume 3 – 1950

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Bulletin 24 – January 1, 1950Radiation of the Brain and the Mind
Review of the HRA experiments, accomplishments and activities during the year 1949. Plans for 1950. GROUP and class work discussed. Notes on three books by HRAs. Comment on the MU books written by Churchward. More CHARTS and condensations from Dr. Brunler’s booklet: diagnosis by the use of the pendulum and by finding “tender spots” on lower extremities. Theory that feet and hands act as antennae to pick up radiations of the Earth’s “life force.”

Bulletin 25 – January 15, 1950 – Pendulum Findings, A Miracle Healing, Raising One’s Vibrations
Notes on plans and work. Summary of the pendulum findings, our experiments and the results. Page 5 begins a very important letter from Dr. A. J. P. telling in detail how, some years earlier, he got almost instant healing for a leg that had been crushed and the bones splintered into over a hundred pieces, as shown by X-ray pictures. The leg had healed two inches short and with the foot and knee cap facing almost backward, the knee entirely stiff. (As certified by legal papers, photostats of which were sent for our files.) Some years after the accident, he evolved a method paralleling Huna in the use of the “high magic.” In a matter of ten minutes, on a night which he selected in advance, the miracle of complete restoration to normal took place. (This most important and impressive evidence in support of Huna theories is described in part in a special section of the volume giving instructions for taking part in the TMHG work.) Project assignment: Study of how to “raise one’s vibrations.” The Huna words, nui`nui and ho`o-iha-iha, and their possible significance, also a discussion of ho`o`ano`ano. Report on tests made by HRA T. W. – a “natural healer” – in laying on hands in conjunction with the use of the pendulum and prayer.

Bulletin 26 – February 15, 1950 Cigbo’s Birthday is Coming!
Notes on books: Ether Ships by N. Meade Layne, and The Encyclopedia of Psychic Science, by Dr. Nandor Fodor, both writers HRAs. Report of a very strange spirit communication given in a Polynesian dialect through automatic writing and translated by HRA Charles W. Kenn of Hawaii. Comments. “Food for the Soul” department opened with quotations from HRA Olga Rosmanith’s book, Fixed Stars. Letters and reports. Two pages on the theories behind the use of the pendulum and “Zone Therapy.” The missing links in the theories supplied by the Huna concept of mana and the physical stimulus.

Bulletin 27 – March 1, 1950Using Instruments in Conjunction with the Pendulum
The arrival at the Study of a set of instruments from France for use in conjunction with the pendulum: the Bovis Biometer, Tera Meter, Radiograph, Bioscope, and Dosimeter Jumelle. (These instruments no longer obtainable. Loaned by a HRA, Dr. Hanoka.) Description of the instruments and a discussion of their possibilities in Huna testing and experimentation. A note on the “electronics” instrument used in diagnosis and treatment. The evident use of mana and the aka threads by successful operators. Drawings. Success of mana test with such an instrument by a doctor HRA. News of project results. Letters, reports and comments.

Bulletin 28 – March 15, 1950Testing the Bovis Biometer, the Pathoclast and Other “Medicine” Articles
Testing of the Bovis Biometer begins. And it works. Discussion of how it relates to the use of the pendulum. Discussion of the Pathoclast, amulets and other “medicine” articles as measuring, storage and/or tuning devices for mana and a surcharge of mana. Sound vibration as it is associated with the vibratory rate of THINKING and healing. Book reviews: ADVENTURES IN REALIZATION, and THE ETHER SHIP MYSTERY AND ITS SOLUTION. Letters with comments about the results of Huna. More discussion on karma, and the using up of mana surcharge when sending a prayer.

Bulletin 29 – April 1, 1950The Study of Egypt and Easter Island and Their Use of Glyphs
Recap of the on-going research projects. Discussion of the mystery surrounding the Plathocast that’s been used in the research. Mailbag: Discussion of mummification using “emanations,” also enhancing the germination of seeds. Discussion on the study of Egyptian and related cultures (Easter Island) and their use of glyphs. (Images included) Ritual prayer for the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group.

Bulletin 30 – April 15, 1950Some of the Elements of Easter in the Light of Our Huna Studies
A post-Easter discussion of the Christian faith and the basic question as to whether or not we, as human beings and “children of God,” rise again after death. Discussion of the possible Huna and Egyptian origins of things found in Christianity. Book Review: THE EXPANSION OF PERSONALITY. Comments on flying saucers and a request for donations and common courtesy.

Bulletin 31 – May 1, 1950Letters, TMHG, Articles & Comments
The new prayer-action ritual has been much praised. A typical day at home and at the Study, early morning to midnight. Charles W. Kenn and P.S. have written from Hawaii to give late news of the “Sacred Stones” – also called the “Healing Stones.” Creating a “Letters to the Editor” Department. The first mention of Dianetics, with Hubbard’s book, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, to be released about May 15th. A critique of the book review in the April 5th issue of “Pathfinder,” and an initial comparison with Huna concepts.

Bulletin 32 – May 15, 1950The Importance of Mana in Prayer-Action, Huna in the New Testament
Discussion of the importance of mana in prayer-action. How to keep from being depleted of mana after a prayer. Evidence in the books of the New Testament to show that there had been a knowledge of the fact that there is such a thing as the complex or fixation of modern psychology and of the ancient Huna lore. Book Review: THE SUPREME PLAN The Way to Perfection by HRA Meyer N. Burskovsky. Letters to the Editor.

Bulletin 33 – June 1, 1950Dianetics of L. Ron Hubbard
A long discussion of L. Ron Hubbard’s book and his methods.

Bulletin 34 – June 15, 1950Faith
More on Dianetics. A discussion of Faith, and how it is presented in the Bible and Old Testament. Meditation, contemplation, reflection and concentration in Huna.

Bulletin 35 – July 1, 1950More About Faith
Report on Dr. Brunler’s efforts to get results in the matter of obtaining oil from the deposits he pointed out with the use of the pendulum. A letter from HRA Meade Layne was reported, giving his promise that all new subscribers to ROUND ROBIN magazine would get a full quota of issues eventually. More copies of Dr. Nandor Fodor’s ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE were found in England and made available here at $7.65 post paid. Charles Kenn and Theodore Kelsey, both HRAs living in Honolulu, found a very old kahuna of a special kind in the island of Hawaii, Kona district. Dianetics came in for more discussion. A number of letters from HRAs were reproduced. Excellent results through the use of Huna methods by individual HRAs and through the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group were detailed.

Bulletin 36 – July 15, 1950No Reply Required
Began with a SPECIAL NOTICE saying that it had become impossible to answer each letter which arrived here at the Study, and that from that time on, only letters of urgency would be answered. This would make it possible for MFL to continue to get out two Bulletins a month as usual and to do some needed bread-winning. More and more he is convinced that Guidance is being given and that ways and means will be given to keep the HRA work going so long as it is part of the Intention. Cigbo wishes to send his very best thanks to all who remembered him since last Bulletin. More on Dianetics, and the description of a new project in which the HRAs would try to see what could be learned about “raising one’s vibrations.” The meaning of the idea of such “vibrations” was discussed.

Bulletin 37 – August 1, 1950The Use of Pendulum or Radionics Instruments in Psychic Diagnosis
News of the HRA work, more information concerning the aged kahuna found in Hawaii, and letters and comments on recent Bulletin materials. Discussion of our prayers for peace and TMHG work. Much news and comment on the matter of Dianetics, with letters from HRAs on the subject and reports on personal experiences with Dianetics. There is an article on the pendulum and radionics machines with a letter from one of the HRAs giving new and valuable findings and speculative material developed by an experimenting doctor in the East. Notes on the psychic diagnosis methods of Los Angeles team of doctors, McInerney & Stalons, in which one of the team is placed in a hypnotic state. Notes on psychic and pendulum diagnostic methods in general. Report on the work done in our experimental project of “Raising the Vibrations,” with more of the matter from a Huna angle.

Bulletin 38 – August 15, 1950 Vibrations
Dedicated almost entirely to the matter of “vibrations,” with fresh materials and discussions, quoted sections from source books, etc. MFL reports the fact that his own personal experiments showed that something or other was “raised” with a biometric reading of 900 degrees registered after performing certain mental-breathing actions. His guess was given that at 1,000 degrees, instant healing might be possible

Bulletin 39 – September 1, 1950 – HRA News & Letters
Discussion of the many very interesting and informative HRA letters. A wide number of subjects were touched upon and an insight given into the thought processes of some exceptionally able students.

Bulletin 40 – September 15, 1950 – Work at the Study, Hawaiian Pronounciation, and a New Project: Prophetic Dreams
News of the work at the Study, a short table to be used in pronouncing Hawaiian words, and a letter from HRA Charles W. Kenn, of Honolulu, showing that many of the elements of Dianetic practice had long been known and used in ancient times as well as fairly recent years in Hawaii by na kahuna. The common people were versed in a system of special care for mother and child before birth – the aim being to prevent the formation of fixations or blocks in the child. A number of important letters were reproduced. A new HRA project was announced, that of combining efforts to get prophetic dreams or other impressions of the future, to the end that an average might be struck and some light thrown on the events of the years just ahead.

Bulletin 41 – October 1, 1950Prophetic Dreams & Symbols
Reports on the new project, with several dreams and the symbols contained in them. A long report was made on Dianetics and the fact that it appeared that a need was evident for a place for the Aumakua in the system. A book on healing through spirit agencies, by Harry Edwards, was reviewed, as was one by Jack Woodford on the difficulties of writers who are prevented from reaching print by editors.

Bulletin 42 – October 15, 1950Quarterly Report, Prophetic Dreams Project
Quarterly report, review of Bulletins 35-41. Discussion of the Prophetic Dreams project, which isn’t going as well as had been hoped. More pendulum tests. Discussion of “Spiritual Progress” and Huna, using the books Witchcraft and Magic of Africa (by F. Kaigh) and The Hidden Teachings Beyond Yoga (by P. Brunton). Some new words in the Hunian Language.

Bulletin 43 – November 1, 1950Dreams of the Future & Communication from a Spirit Friend
Descriptions of prophetic dreams and what they might mean; dialog with a spirit who claims to have been a flier killed in WWI. Over a period of many years he has remained sane and his few predictions have been based on logic more than prophetic ability of a psychic nature. On the whole, he has been correct.

Bulletin 44 – November 15, 1950Spiritual Healing, Cleansing and Purification
The “sacrifice” of mana in prayer-action, ceremonial cleansing and purification when preparing to make a prayer, discussion of the need for the renewal of mana and repeated prayer, testing and measuring of the electrical energy in all living things. Book Review: THE MATURE MIND by H. A. Overstreet

Bulletin 45 – December 1, 1950The Tree of Life & Symbology of the Cross
Discussion of the Tree of Life as it’s depicted through various cultures, including illustrations; remembering that the HRAs are an experimental and research group; discussion of Dr. Albert Churchyard’s book, The Origin and Evolution of the Human Race; discussion of the symbology of the cross; beginning results of the Predictive Dreaming Studies, some of the dreams;

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