Volume 04 – 1951 (Bulletins 46-68)

Volume 4 – 1951

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Bulletin 46 – January 1, 1951 – Making Changes & Breaking Habits
The New Beginning, the new year, renewal in the Hawaiian culture and language; the problem of inertia and habit with discussion on breaking habits; some news from Australian HRAs; TMHG workings. Book Reviews: THE MAGIC BAG from BSRA; MUSICAL THERAPY by HRA Marion VerHoven and 1952 THE YEAR OF CRISIS by HRA Wing Anderson.

Bulletin 47 – January 15, 1951 – A Wall of Protection for Our Soldiers
Discussion of the Wall of Protection from numerous angles and perspectives; If You’re Not Using Mana, You’re Working Too Hard; Diet and how it relates to psychic powers.

Bulletin 48 – February 1, 1951 – Temple of an Ancient Truth & Kii Pohaku
Discussion of some pictures that were sent to the HRAs, but are not contained in the Bulletin, Kii Pohaku goddess, Could Huna have been a revealed system?, Review of Hypnosis Theory, Practice and Application by Raphael H. Rhodes, more discussion of Dreams of the Future. Book Review: HYPNOSIS THEORY, PRACTICE AND APPLICATION, Raphael H. Rhodes

Bulletin 49 – February 15, 1951 – Making a God & The Power of Icons
Creating God images in Hawaii, ancient Egypt and Christianity; discussion on the origins and powers of icons and totems throughout the world. Book Review: THINKING AND DESTINY, Harold Waldwin Percival.

Bulletin 50 – March 1, 1951 – The Lord’s Prayer – A Huna Definition
Discussion of the Huna roots in The Lord’s Prayer and The New Testament.

Bulletin 51 – March 15, 1951 – Three Questions
1. How can we tell when we are in contact with the Aumakua?
2. Why does it take so long to get answers to our prayers?
3. Can you suggest the best way to try to get guidance from the Aumakua?

Bulletin 52 – April 1, 1951 – “Letter Bulletin”
Letters about the “Wall of Protection” for the soldiers; discussion of the Kii Pohaku image and others of men, animals and dinosaurs; Book Discussion: RAGNAROK, THE AGE OF FIRE AND GRAVEL by Ignatius Donnelly.

Bulletin 53 – April 15, 1951 – When Huna Prayers Fail
Discussion on sleep suggestion; Guard your Mana; A Study of Failures in Huna Use; A Question About Breath and Spirit

Bulletin 54 – May 1, 1951 – Living in Cooperation on the Earth
Discouragement, failure, and depression; discussion of the book, Masked Gods, by Frank Waters; about the garden and nature spirits; using Huna to get answers to our prayers; discussion of the Aka Thread Connection with the Aumakua; the ancient prayer bowl inscription.

Bulletin 55 – May 15, 1952 – Huna Angles on Psychoanalysis
Discovering your own complexes and fixations and the roots of these using various methods. Also, a discussion on the pitfalls and dangers of doing this type of work on your own. Book Review: PSYCHOANALYZE YOURSELF by E. Pickworth Farrow

Bulletin 56 – June 1, 1951 – Huna and the Nature of the Soul
Discussion of the Hawaiian language describing the Aunihipili and the Auhane, the “Path,” Reincarnation and past lives. Letters from HRAs. The Wall of Protection for American soldiers in the war. Dreams predicting the future.

Bulletin 57 – June 15, 1951 – Working With the Aunihipili
A letter about prayer and weather control. Discussion of the concept of tithing. Experimental work being done by a group in San Francisco regarding the opinions of spirits. More about the Huna found in the Berber culture, and more concerning the work of self-analysis.

Bulletin 58 – July 1, 1951 – The Stone Gods of Polynesia & The Storing of Mana
Discussion of MFL’s numerous writing projects with requests for help in the research. Much information, with pictures, on the ikons found in Polynesia with discussion on the ‘sexing’ of the stones and the storing of mana. A quick presentation of the Huna basic prayer-action practice. Discussion of the making of an ikon for storing mana.

Bulletin 59 – July 15, 1951 – Spirits, Materializations and Using the Pendulum
Reverend Jesse Curl and Hoo`la, the medium-spirit. TMHG healing results. Self-Analysis methods of healing. The anesthesia therapy of Dr. L.J. Meduna of the University of Illinois. Bits, pieces and letters from HRAs. “Electric Sleep” case of premonition. Message to all HRA Radio amateur HAMs. Discussion of the radiation measuring project using the Pendulum.

Bulletin 60 – August 1, 1951 – Measuring the Human Aura
Measuring the shapes and intensities of auras and other radiations. Does everyone have complexes? Cures for the intrusion of unwanted entities. Stand in the grass when you pray. Proof of Huna in Christianity – a discussion of the Nestorian Cross.

Bulletin 61 – August 15, 1951 – The Aumakua Lives Above Us … “Up”
Discussion of the most recent issue of Round Robin: V.L. Cameron’s experiments, aka bodies, the Reeser Case, and more. Speculation on the time lag experienced in the transference of mana (or energy) in some situations. The discovery of “stacked etheric doubles” above the heads of people, and auric wing shapes on their backs. Does a person deserve the help of the Aumakua for himself?

Bulletin 62 – September 1, 1951 – A Bulletin of Letters
Thank you letter from Cigbo. A Hawaiian Ti plant arrives from the islands. A strange pendulum experiment. TMHG healing reports, along with other bits of information and discussion. Book: No More Headaches by HRA Dorothy Thomas.

Bulletin 63 – October 1, 1951 – More On Auras and Fire-Walking
Very important news concerning experiments carried out by HRA V. L. Cameron using the pendulum. Discussion of the auras associated with signatures. Some information on fire-walking by Madras Hindu settlers in Fiji.

Bulletin 64 – October 15, 1951 – Fire-Walking and Faith
The quarterly HRA Report, What Price Fire-Walking, Measuring Akas, etc?, Childhood faith and belief in doctrines, How large can the aka cord or a radiation “ray” become?, Postscript on “Vitic”, Photographing thoughts and scenes connected with the past, Late news of Gregg, “The Future of America”

Bulletin 65 – November 1, 1951 – “Vitic” and the Invisible Bodies
The News at the Study, More About “Vitic”, Test for Invisible Overhead forms, Dr. Nandor Fodor’s new book is out — NEW APPROACHES TO DREAM INTERPRETATION

Bulletin 66 – November 15, 1951 – Using the Magnet & Carbon, Measuring Auras
More about the use of the magnet and carbon with instructions for testing “Vitic” force. Discussion of the Eeman Circuit to re-establish the normal flows of bodily electricity (our mana). HRA Verne Cameron: his Cones for collecting and strengthening radiations and the invisible figures he’s found above the human head. Presentation of Rev. Jessie Curl and her psychic healing ability.

Bulletin 67 – December 1, 1951 – Moods & Prayer
Is there a best time to make the prayer-action? Moods and prayer-action, good days and bad days. Communication from Rev. Jessie Curl’s spirit friend, Hoo`la about rising to the light. More on HRA Cameron’s Aurometer. Book: John Hilliard’s The Metatron Theory.

Bulletin 68 – December 15, 1951 – The Ikon from Ethiopia
About the Ikon, A Christmas Play for HRAs

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