Volume 17 – 1971-1976 (HV Newsletters 1-28)

Volume 17 – 1971-1976

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Dolly Ware Letter

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 1 – May 1, 1971 – Max’s Final Bulletin. About Max and His Hospital Experience. Book review: Experiment In Depth, by P.W. Martin

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 2 – (no date) – Remembering Max Freedom Long; Trio by a Titan; Max’s Obituary; HRA Letters; Announcements

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 3 – (no date) – Introduction of E. Otha Wingo as the new Research Editor for the Newsletter; discussion of how the Three Selves of Huna appear in the language code of the ancients; letter from Brad Steiger

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 4 – Fall, 1972 – Greetings from Dolly Ware. From the Research Editor. Huna, High Play and Lateral Thinking. HRS correspondence. The Max Freedom Long Library & Museum.

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 5 – Winter, 1973 – MAXisms; SOME OCCULT ASPECTS OF REICHIAN PSYCHOLOGY by Serge V. King; The Sandwith Ikons; VISUAL CREATION REPRESENTING THE THREE SELVES by Marge Wein; HRA Correspondence; Silva Mind Control.

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 6 – Spring, 1973 – Dally writes about Hilton Hotema’s book, AWAKEN THE WORLD WITHIN; MAXisms; group activities around the world; HRA correspondence; Book Reviews: Enid Hoffman, Brad Steiger, Leinani Melville; 2 books about the Kahunas and brief notices of other books of interest to HRAs; Dr. William Tufts Brigham; available reprints of MFL’s material. 

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 7 – Summer, 1973 – Bible Sales Would Soar with Huna Understanding; Adan and Eve in the Garden of Eden by Max Freedom Long; HRA Mailbox; MAXisms – Cigbo’s “Grand Scanion” Letter; Huna Secrets in the Lord’s Prayer; Cigbo Says; Summary of the Three Selves in Huna Psychology

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 8 – Fall, 1973 – The Secret Teachings of Jesus; Book Review: Wyckoff, James, Wilhelm Reich – Life Force Explorer; HRA Mailbox; Psychic Surgery in the Philippines; Dolly Says Hello; “Is Huna Spiritual?” by Max Freedom Long; The Mechanism of the Huna Prayer/Action

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 9 – Winter, 1973 – New format for the newsletter; Lecture Trip to Iowa; Book Reviews: Dane, Christopher, THE OCCULT IN THE ORIENT, Eastcott, Michal J., THE SILENT PATH — An Introduction to Meditation; French translation of Huna book nearing completion, and other translation information; “How To Become a Magician”, by MFL; Comments From Students of the Correspondence Course; Items Received in the Study; Huna discussed on the radio; Calling All Astrologers

Huna Vistas Newsletter – Vol. 1 No. 10 – Spring, 1974 – Huna research editors go to the Philippine Islands; PASCALITE, EE-WAH-KEE, THE MUD THAT HEALS, MONTMORILLONITE, B- and D-CELLS, VIS VITAE, MANA, OR VITAL FORCE : What do ALL THESE HAVE IN COMMON?; Many Letters; Book Reviews:
Bonner, Joseph C., NEW LIGHT FROM AN OLD LAMP: An Introduction to THE PRIMITIVE GOSPEL, Kimball, Fred, The Language of ESP in Action; Huna Seminar in Toronto; Conference in Buffalo, NY; A Little Prayer for HRAs








Special Thanks to the wonderful people at Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections – The Max Freedom Long Library and Museum who are helping us get this final volume of Newsletters onto the website.

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