Volume 17 – 1971-1976 (HV Newsletters 1-30)

Volume 17 – 1971-1976

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Dolly Ware Letter

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 1 – May 1, 1971 – Max’s Final Bulletin. About Max and His Hospital Experience. Book review: Experiment In Depth, by P.W. Martin

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 2 – (no date) – Remembering Max Freedom Long; Trio by a Titan; Max’s Obituary; HRA Letters; Announcements

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 3 – (no date) – Introduction of E. Otha Wingo as the new Research Editor for the Newsletter; discussion of how the Three Selves of Huna appear in the language code of the ancients; letter from Brad Steiger

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 4 – Fall, 1972 – Greetings from Dolly Ware. From the Research Editor. Huna, High Play and Lateral Thinking. HRS correspondence. The Max Freedom Long Library & Museum.

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 5 – Winter, 1973 – MAXisms; SOME OCCULT ASPECTS OF REICHIAN PSYCHOLOGY by Serge V. King; The Sandwith Ikons; VISUAL CREATION REPRESENTING THE THREE SELVES by Marge Wein; HRA Correspondence; Silva Mind Control.

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 6 – Spring, 1973 – Dally writes about Hilton Hotema’s book, AWAKEN THE WORLD WITHIN; MAXisms; group activities around the world; HRA correspondence; Book Reviews: Enid Hoffman, Brad Steiger, Leinani Melville; 2 books about the Kahunas and brief notices of other books of interest to HRAs; Dr. William Tufts Brigham; available reprints of MFL’s material. 

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 7 – Summer, 1973 – Bible Sales Would Soar with Huna Understanding; Adan and Eve in the Garden of Eden by Max Freedom Long; HRA Mailbox; MAXisms – Cigbo’s “Grand Scanion” Letter; Huna Secrets in the Lord’s Prayer; Cigbo Says; Summary of the Three Selves in Huna Psychology

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 8 – Fall, 1973 – The Secret Teachings of Jesus; Book Review: Wyckoff, James, Wilhelm Reich – Life Force Explorer; HRA Mailbox; Psychic Surgery in the Philippines; Dolly Says Hello; “Is Huna Spiritual?” by Max Freedom Long; The Mechanism of the Huna Prayer/Action

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 9 – Winter, 1974 – New format for the newsletter; Lecture Trip to Iowa; Book Reviews: Dane, Christopher, THE OCCULT IN THE ORIENT, Eastcott, Michal J., THE SILENT PATH — An Introduction to Meditation; French translation of Huna book nearing completion, and other translation information; “How To Become a Magician”, by MFL; Comments From Students of the Correspondence Course; Items Received in the Study; Huna discussed on the radio; Calling All Astrologers

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 10 – Spring, 1974 – Huna research editors go to the Philippine Islands; PASCALITE, EE-WAH-KEE, THE MUD THAT HEALS, MONTMORILLONITE, B- and D-CELLS, VIS VITAE, MANA, OR VITAL FORCE : What do ALL THESE HAVE IN COMMON?; Many Letters; Book Reviews:
Bonner, Joseph C., NEW LIGHT FROM AN OLD LAMP: An Introduction to THE PRIMITIVE GOSPEL, Kimball, Fred, The Language of ESP in Action; Huna Seminar in Toronto; Conference in Buffalo, NY; A Little Prayer for HRAs

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 11 – Summer, 1974 – The Jewel of the Orient – Manila, Philippines; About Edward L. Schultz; The Huna Seminar in Toronto; “Psychic Surgery” is Very Like an Elephant!; “Our Trek to the Philippines”; Announcements

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 12 – Fall, 1974 – Special Holiday greetings; Huna Leaves No Stone Unturned; Book Review: Eden, Jerome, Animal Magnetism and the Life Energy; more on “Psychic Surgery”: the testimony of three witnesses; Announcements

Huna Vistas Newsletter – No. 13 – Winter, 1975 – “Love – A Huna Concept” by Kathryn Conway-Marmo; Book Review by J. Will McClure: Ott, John N., Health and Light; Correspondence

(No HVN #14)

Huna Vista Research Bulletin – No. 15 – Summer, 1975 – HUNA PHILOSOPHY AS DIANOIA-DIALECTIC by James F. Marsfelder; COLOR THERAPY by Will McClure

Huna Vista Research Bulletin – No. 16 – Fall, 1975 – BIOMETRICS, PART I. In this issue the sources of magnetic field theory are summarized and excerpted, with some of the historical attempts to apply magnetic fields to living beings.

Huna Vista Research Bulletin – No. 17 – Winter, 1976 – BIOMETRICS, PART II. This bulletin explores the researches and discoveries of ALBERT ROY DAVIS and WALTER RAWLS, JR. concerning the effects of separate polarities on living systems.

Huna Vista Research Bulletin – No. 18 – Spring, 1976 – BIOMETRICS, PART III. An excellent overview of the entire scope of the work in which ALBERT ROY DAVIS and WALTER C. RAWLS, JR. have been involved for many years is provided by a paper presented by Dr. Rawls in January of this year before a group in Michigan. We acknowledge the cooperation of Dr. Rawls in allowing us to print the paper.

Huna Vista Research Bulletin – No. 19 – Summer, 1976 – WILHELM REICH and ORGONE. In the 1930’s a single man finally elevated the existence of the Life Energy to its rightful place in the scientific realm. What distinguished this man’s discoveries from previous attempts was his approach. Grounded in natural science and psychology, he ferreted out the essence behind the different life manifestations and devised physical means of objectifying this energy in a laboratory and of uncovering some of its basic new laws.

Huna Vista Research Bulletin – No. 20 – Fall, 1976 – THE STORY OF THE HUNA WORK. MFL has written widely about various aspects of Huna history. What the author wishes to do here is to sketch the essentials of the development of “The Huna Work” and of the Huna Research Associates during the last 100 years.

Huna Vista Research Bulletin – No. 21 – Winter, 1977 – ORGONE ENERGY. Three articles by JEROME EDEN on the implications of research in ORGONE ENERGY.

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 22 – Spring, 1977 – New Bond copier expands HRA printing capabilities – Saves Space, Time, and Money! Some Experimental Changes in Format and Procedures; Latest Information on the “Huna Seminar”; Huna Books for Libraries; Project Bluebird

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 23 – Summer, 1977 – 1978 Huna Seminar; Training Program for Huna Teachers; Translations of the Huna Course Now Available in German, Spanish, & Portuguese; Book Review: Sugar Blues by William Dufty; ‘Everything Is Related’ By Colleen Cliffe; The HA RITE; HRA Membership Notes; Reprint: Bulletin No. 1. First Step in the Experimental Use of HUNA

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 24 – Fall, 1977 – Taking the Mystique Out of Meditation; Book Review: Puharich, Andrija, Beyond Telepathy; “SPEAKING FOR THE GOD” in Healing – A Notable Reprint from Max Freedom Long; Christmas Letter from Cigbo

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 25 – Winter, 1978 – An Energizing and Centering Technique; Using Your Tape Recorder as an Aid in Programming Your Low Self; Dolly Says “Hello”; The Prayer of the “I”; Letters to the Editor: On Healing, Etc. – Visualizing Rainbows – On “Marriage in Heaven,” Graduation, and Soul-Mates – Texas HRA Visits Members in Australia and New Zealand; Book Reviews: Larson, Martin A. THE STORY OF CHRISTIAN ORIGINS: THE SOURCE AND ESTABLISHMENT OF WESTERN RELIGION – ISIS; Introducing the Staff for the 1978 Huna Seminar in Ottawa; A Magician’s Introduction to Huna

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 26 – Spring, 1978 – Recovering The Ancient Magic – A New Reprint of MFL’s First Book on Huna; The Huna Seminar

Huna Vista Research Bulletin – No. 26 – Spring, 1978 – The Indian, the Vision, and Nature – by Will McClure; Getting What We Pray For – The Paiute Indian View (MFL reprint from HV #42)

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 27 – Summer, 1978 – Report on the 1978 Huna Seminar; We Need to “Huna Harder”; Letters to the Editor: Sharing Huna Experiences; Calling All High Selves; Bits From Here and There

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 28 – Fall, 1978 – Poem by Stevan Varro; Potpourri from a Non-Pundit; The Huna Energizing and Centering Technique; Psychologist Uncovers “Hidden Observer”; Bits and Pieces From Here and There; A new book on step-by-step self-help guide to overcoming cancer; Calling All High Selves; Poem by Dianne Haydon; How To Be Happy; Alpha Awareness Training; Announcements; A Letter From Our New Houston HRA; The Kokua Project; The Spirit of Aloha

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 29 – Winter, 1979 – No Hurt — No Sin; Making Peace with Your Low Self; More on the Low Self; Bits From Here and There; Potpourri From a Non-Pundit; Update on the Huna Seminar

Huna Vista Newsletter – No. 30 – Spring, 1979 – Jung & Huna; My Pledge to Myself; Reviews: PSYCHIC OBSERVER/CHIMES (October-December 1978) is a special issue devoted to articles on Huna / Huna – the ancient religion of positive thinking by William R. Glover / Davis, Albert Roy, and Walter C. Rawls, Jr., THE MAGNETIC BLUEPRINT OF LIFE / The Kahuna Sorcerers of Hawaii, Past and Present – With a Glossary of Ancient Religious Terms and the Book of the Royal Hawaiian Dead. Julius Scammon Rodman; Spiritual Progress & Huna; Homeopathy; Sharing Huna Experiences: Letters from HRAs; Update on the Huna Seminar.



Special Thanks to the wonderful people at Valdosta State University Archives and Special Collections – The Max Freedom Long Library and Museum who are helping us get this final volume of Newsletters onto the website.

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