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The quality of some of these audios is quite low, although once you’ve listened for a few minutes it becomes easier to understand what’s being said. And what’s being said is very valuable information for anyone interested in Huna and how it can help one create a better life and world.

Huna Training & Clearing Call – April 18, 2009

Huna Training with Rev. Jaymes V. Alexander of Huna Life Church


Question: Jaymes, what is the single most-asked question about HUNA other than what HUNA is?

Answer: What I hear repeatedly is: “I read all of Max Freedom Long’s books but I still don’t know how to do it.” Simply put, they have read his books and often many others and have no success in getting HUNA to work for them.

Question: What will participants get from the one-hour conference call?

Answer: As we discussed earlier, I am to understand that most of the people who will be attending this training will have read Max or other books on HUNA which would have described the principles of the “Three Selves” and their relationship and energies. The purpose of this call will be to inform and clarify the Three Selves principles and to demystify them and then give specific techniques to overcome the most common difficulties:

  1. How to heal oneself and others
  2. How to pray effectively to get what is wanted for self and others (usually money or change in circumstance)
  3. How to use Ho`oponopono to have the above two benefits

Further, what needs to be stated is that one of the most important purposes of learning HUNA is to be able to gain a more definite and certain communication with your Aunihipili and Aumakua. This is done by removing blocks that are within the individual. Much of this clearing can be accomplished quickly if the individual understands and knows how to use “Intentions.” I will be sharing how to do this in the training. We will also do this together. When you suggested this call, I had to ask myself what can I communicate in an hour or less that would be of paramount value to the participant? Learning how to clear yourself and open your own personal gateway is the greatest gift of HUNA. What I will share in this call and do with the participants will go a long way to establishing that connection within them so that they will be able to continue working long after the call is over.

Manawanui: Thanks
James: Mahalo Nui Loa

Huna Pendulum and Self Integration Call – April 29, 2009

Overview of 3-Part Self and How to Use a Pendulum

(Call was 92 min)

The biggest question people have right now is how to communicate better with themselves. Additionally, we want people to DO the work rather than talk about it.

  • The goal of this call is that you learn how to clear yourselves and to introduce yourself to yourself.
  • To establish clear communication and to ask for and get assistance from your Aumakua.
  • Also to create a Mana reservoir for instant use in connection to create manifestation.


Where is the Magic? Call – June 10, 2009

Deeper understanding of the 3-Part Self and how to leverage this understanding to get results.

The content of this call will focused on “Why HUNA” and what it really means to practice HUNA and our sacred relationship of the three selves to the Ke Akua or the Divine Force. How, by understanding this relationship, you can clear your communication paths, which as Manawanui said, creates “Get’er Done!”


Call It Into Existence Call – Sept. 27, 2009

Download (skip to 4:00 minutes into audio for start of call) MP3

Assistance in your practice to reshape your life and be able to “call things into existence.”

There is a lack of understanding about how to tie all the parts of HUNA together into a workable way of life. There is NO unity so to speak and here is where we, as HUNA people, need to learn how to embrace the HUNA way by learning how to call into existence that which did not exists before! This technique will not only assist you greatly in your practice but will reshape your life, assuming that is what you want, to not only be able to use your HUNA techniques but to also merge them into a way of living your life the HUNA WAY.

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