Short Talk #5


Greetings. This is Max Freedom Long speaking again.


As you will remember, we started out to discuss the TEN ELEMENTS in the ancient Huna system. These are the three selves or spirits which make up the man; the three grades of mana or vital force used by the three selves; and the three shadowy or aka bodies which are invisible but which play a large part in our lives. Finally, we have the physical body while we are alive on this level of existence. For the moment, let us consider the shadowy bodies. That of the low or subconscious self is a most amazing thing. It is an exact duplicate of every tissue, bone and organ of the body. It seems to be a form of mold, and to be all but indestructible.

The English and American Societies for Psychical Research have run down all the ghost stories. They have reported many psychic experiments on the parts of their members down the years. They have given us excellent evidence of the various kinds of psychical experience, but they have never been able to work out an answer to the problems they have raised. Today the American Society is fifty years behind the times and makes little progress. The Huna explanations are rejected. They will not even consider them, and without them, they have not a single explanation for their findings which will hold water.

Let us see what problems are left unsolved by the SPR in one of the most interesting cases recorded in Nandor Fodor’s Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science. (pages 243 and 244) Carlo Mirabelli was born of Italian parentage in 1889 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. When he first began to show signs of his mediumship, no one near him knew what to make of it. They had hardly heard of Spiritualism. In fact, they decided that he needed to be placed in an asylum by the police and others. But soon he was brought to the attention of more knowledgeable men, and his activities were most carefully studied and reported on in several languages. The things that he did are perhaps the best certified in the history of investigations by the Psychical Researchers.

What got him into the asylum, until a newspaper brought pressure to bear to get him out, was his “levitation” and his “transportation”. He would be standing with his friends, and suddenly would vanish — only to turn up at a railroad station 90 kilometers distant. He would float in the air above the heads of his friends as they walked down the street.

Let us pause to ask how he could become invisible, clothing and all at a moment’s notice, and wire back from the distant railway station only minutes later. What became of his body? When it became changed by what is agreed upon were spirit or other supernormal forces. WHY didn’t the material of his body and clothing just fall apart and never be collected again? Huna gives us the shadowy body as the answer. It is, as I said, a MOLD of every part of the body, and when the body is changed to what is called “invisible ectoplasm” by the spirits, the shadowy bodies are left intact. They then are as light as a thought. They can be transported to a distance, and can there be made solid again — “materialized”. The clothing was also handled in the same way, and we must say that it had an aka or shadowy counterpart that held together and could be dematerialized and then materialized. And, by the way, that is the best explanation yet offered for HOW flying saucers get to earth from very distant planets, and suddenly appear and fly around, as suddenly disappearing. It is the “mat and demat” theory proposed first by Meade Layne of California. So far it is the ONLY explanation that will account for their arrival here and for their activities. To go in the form of a physical saucer from some far planet to planet Earth AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT would take a lifetime — many of them — to get to the nearest probable visiting point. BUT, if they can be, by some use of FORCE by some INTELLIGENT BEINGS made to “demat”, then to go at the speed of THOUGHT, they would get there quickly and could “mat” up to physical solidarity, investigate, do whatever Flying Saucer Beings come to do, [then] “demat” and go home. Light is the fastest thing we know, but consider a distance of a few “light years” and you will see how necessary it would be to get into another level of material, if not of consciousness for such trips.

Well, Carlos Mirabelli was no saucer man, but he could go places and do things on the instant. Incidentally, other mediums were transported from place to place in a moment of time. Apports are thus brought to the séance room. Just because you may not have happened to have heard of these things of Psychical Research, is no reason why you should deny them. Bear with me for the time being, and later on go read up on what I am talking about. Don’t be like my late brother-in-law who died and, as a spirit, was found by a spirit friend of mine and asked to come back to Earth and talk with me as I sat in a séance. He refused to come, saying, “I don’t believe in ghosts.” And if you are one who can’t swallow the ghost or other theories, try to accept them as a possibility and hear me out. In broad daylight, being watched by investigators, Mirabelli often caused dead people to return and materialize so fully that doctors investigated them, took their temperature, listened to their heart and pronounced them to be normal living men in all ways. One of these was Dr. Jose de Carmago Barros, so he said. He had lived some time ago and had lost his life in a shipwreck. He had been a bishop. Dr. Fodor describes it thus:

“A sweet smell of roses filled the room. The medium went into a trance. A fine mist was seen in the circle. The mist, glowing as if of gold, parted and the bishop materialized, with all his robes and insignia of office. He called his own name. Dr. de Sousa stepped to him. He palpitated the body, touched his teeth, tested his saliva, listened to his heartbeat, investigated, the working of the intestines, nails and eyes, without finding anything amiss. The other attending persons convinced themselves of the reality of the apparition. The Bishop smilingly bent over Mirabelli and looked at him silently. Then he slowly dematerialized.”

How does the SPR explain these things? It does not. It cannot. Huna, however, gives us a logical and direct picture of the mechanism. Forces are used of which we know little, but in the hands of the right intelligences they can FILL the surviving SHADOWY BODIES of people like the Bishop. To do this they must control heat and cold, and in bringing apported objects they do this. But the shadowy bodies are the thing. They are lived in after death, and they survive for a long time. In her book, Winged Pharaoh, Joan Grant goes back to early Egypt and tells of her experience as a woman of that time. She has reincarnated many times, since, but the MEMORY is retained, and the shadowy bodies are passed on from one incarnation to the next. A different body in a different time and place — same shadow body. We are immortal in our shadow bodies and and the bodily substance that fills them is changed, but the SELVES return to make use of the new bodies. We rest between incarnations and absorb the lessons we have learned from each life’s experience.

There is a certain, amount of heat that would be generated in changing matter from the solid form to the invisible form. This is controlled by the spirits or other high entities (we postulate the High Self as the one actually able to handle mat and demat, but there may be similar spirits of a high order who are not human — Nature Spirits if you will.) We see the fire-walkers making their appeal to several different entities, the Polynesian one simply being called “Lady of the Sky”, but the Goddess Mariana is appealed to by the men of India who fire-walk in Fiji, their adopted country.

Apports include all sorts of things in all kinds of condition. Mirabelli brought across apports of human beings, you might say, as well as of many other kinds. In England, at séances, such things as gems and ancient Roman coins were brought. In one séance a pan of frying eggs was brought, sizzling hot. Later a block of ice with a fish frozen in it came. Flowers are frequent apports, and often they arrive wet, the spirits saying that they were wet to protect them from the heat of transit. Growing plants in pots have arrived, and plant growth has been stimulated greatly, as in cases in which seeds were planted, a whole orange tree made to grow in a matter of minutes and to produce fruit.

Healing belongs in this category. Some mediums have spirit friends who work through them, using the same methods to bring about healing. The best of them can mat and demat in treating tumors and growths. Recently there has been a furor over the several Spiritistas in the Philippines who have done this work. Openings have been made in the abdomen and growths taken out, then the opening closed instantly, leaving no scar. An amusing thing happened to one healer. He was arrested for practicing medicine without a license and accused of removing a growth. The man who had been operated upon had been rounded up and put on the stand. He admitted that he had been opened and that a ball of something had been removed. But when asked to show his scar, he could show nothing at all. The judge dismissed the charges. In one séance in England, which was attended by newspaper reporters bent on investigating the reports of the materialization of animals, the spirit seems to have been playful. It did not bring the usual pets to greet their former masters who sat around the table. Instead, they brought a bear, and it was not friendly. The reporters fled in dismay. They had all the investigating they wanted. The shadowy bodies have another strange characteristic. They can be made large or small. Very small materializations of people have been observed, perfect in most respects, but very small, say a foot in height.

It would be unfair to Mirabelli to leave him without recounting some of his other mediumistic feats. When being investigated in Italy under test conditions, he spoke in 26 languages including 7 dialects. He wrote in 28 languages, including Latin and Chaldaic and Hieroglyphics. Of the 63 tests, 40 were made in daylight, 28 in bright artificial light, for, unlike many mediums, he worked openly and without a darkened room. In his writing he did automatic writing, producing messages from many dead celebrities, including 14 pages in Japanese by Muri Ka Ksi on the Japanese-Russian war. Moses wrote through him in Hebrew on slandering. A Catholic priest was so impressed by the things done that he left the Church and wrote a book about it. He is not long gone, and I had a letter recently from a woman who was sitting with a group, hoping to get similar psychic phenomena. I have the book someplace on my shelves. I have forgotten the exact title, but the author is (Ex-father) Graebar as I recall.

There is so much that we do not know. The Egyptians may have understood just how the spirits manipulated substance to make it into its invisible form, or they may not. Whether the later initiates knew or not, or whether the kahunas, when they got to Polynesia, retained a knowledge of the intricate mechanisms of the aka or shadowy bodies, we may never know. For instance, we look at a child and wonder. It may have incarnated in its ancient Egyptian shadowy body, but what have the genes of the Western parents done in filling the aka body? The Egyptians were dark people. This child is light. All we can do is speculate that, with the material furnished by the mother, the body is built, and it may vary from one race to another. I will not worry the question, but it is left wide open. Perhaps some future investigator will find the answer. But one thing we do know, and that is that in certain cases, when memories are brought over from the far past, they belong to something that lasts and lasts and lasts. It may well be that the low self can work and live with bodily materials of various sorts — a mixture of genes from both father and mother — and still retain its INDIVIDUALITY.

The shadowy body of the middle self seems to have evolved a step from the animal world to which the low self belongs. It is said to be of a finer texture, and to house the middle self spirit of the man as he uses his reason — which is his great gift, along with SPEECH.

The shadowy body of the High Self is of still finer material. It is a step from being nothing at all, one might say. It seems to be able to glow with light with great ease, and may be of the nature of light, which is its symbol.

This lovely symbol got into the practices of the churches in some way. The Hebrews had a candlestick made of gold as part of the sacred furniture of the Ark of the Covenant, so we read. In the Four Gospels, which was written as a drama to be played and used in initiating the kahunas of that day, the symbol is stressed. The lead character in the drama says, “I am the Light of the world; he who walketh after my way will not walk in darkness.” Jesus was playing the part of the High Self. And later, still as the High Self, he said, “I am the way, and the Life”, which codes for us the High Self. In China we find the candle in the temples where almost all of the original Huna lore has been lost, and in the Catholic churches around the world we find candles lighting the altars, and being burned to the further glory of Mary or a favorite saint.

In daytime the Sun was the symbol. It was “Ra” in Egypt, and became changed to “La” in Hawaii for they had no letter ”r” as the Missionaries wrote the language to fit the sounds. By night there was the candle, and in some rites the candle or fire is kept constantly burning as a reminder of the greatness and glory of the Aumakua or “Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirit”. This self, by the way, has a great lore surrounding it. In passing let me say only that in it the male and female, who were separated and are symbolized by Adam and Eve, are once more united. Their powers are thus doubled. But they remain the loving parents watching over the low and middle selves as they live and learn and evolve upward. The prayers we make are best when done after the Huna fashion, sending the thought-forms of the perfect state or condition on a flow of mana across the shadowy cord. We consciously generate that extra mana to send, asking the low self to help us. There are Laws of which we want not in this universe, and we pray right to be right under the Law that governs our intercourse with the High Self.


Questions and Answers, with Discussions


Q. Did Mirabelli see into the future as one of his accomplishments?
A. In the recorded accounts of his work there is no mention of pre-vision on his part. This seems to be a gift that comes by itself as a rule, seldom with other mediumistic talents.

The Huna theory is that the High Self is the only one able to see what is being made for the future, and events are said to be built first into the aka or shadowy bodies which match them. As the time arrives, the event in its physical form is materialized. For each of us the High Self is said to grow shadowy bodies of our future, building into it the things we send it. All day we hope and fear and even if we do not know it, the thoughts are taken by the High Selves and used to build into our FUTURE.

To change the future which we have helped build hit-and-miss in this way, from a mixed and muddled set of arriving events to those which we desire, we have to begin to send daily, or hourly in cases of emergency, the mental pictures of the desired conditions, be these of health, or corrected relations with friends, finances, inner awakening to spiritual truths — our needs are many.

Phineus P. Quimby, the forerunner of New Thought, was a mesmerist in New England in the past century. He was also a healer, and he discovered that when he made the healing pictures for a person, they often had two or three days in which they were decidedly worse. But if they kept expecting the improvement which he promised them, in a few days they began to get better.

In putting Huna to work we have noticed the same thing. It is as if the High Self had to break up the shadowy body of the bad things already created for us, and then to replace them with the new picture. Often it seems as if the worst was about the befall, but the “Storm is tempered to the lamb”, and if we hold the faith and keep sending the correct pictures to the High Self, things begin to improve. In the Old Testament, Job is the classic example of a man who learned this lesson. He came to the point where he said that even if God slew him, still would he trust. It is a good example for us. If we will give up hating — clean house as best we can, and do a few things to make our low self feel that we DESERVE being helped, then make and send the pictures of what we desire to the High Self, we will, within reason, get them. Often we find that if we have two or three friends who will join us in making the Huna prayers for the desired condition, it helps. Jesus, speaking as the High Self, said, “When two or three are gathered in my name… ” The additional mana that is sent helps greatly, and the friends can make a picture less apt to be tainted by the realization of the bad or present conditions. Generate all the EMOTION you can in DESIRING the changed condition. The low self is the one who makes the emotions, and if you can desire greatly and fervently, you will know the low self is helping with the prayer. A “cold” prayer is a middle self reasoning action, but add the work of the low self and it becomes a “warm” and living prayer.

Q. What is an “unreasonable” prayer — a request for too much?
A. One must use common sense and not ask for the moon, but above all do not ask the High Self to take something away from the other fellow and give it to you. It won’t “rob Peter to pay Paul” for you, and it won’t force anyone to do something against his will. Ask for help in getting something, and leave it to the High Self to find,that help for you. It may take time, if what you ask is difficult. Keep asking… And again my aloha.

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